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Baby seats – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When babies acquire enough strength in their spine and can sit up, it will be very comfortable to have a chair designed especially for them. These can have multiple purposes, although the most common is that they are for eating, allowing them greater independence when carrying out this activity by themselves, discovering flavors and textures; but they also help parents to be freer and to do other things around the baby. There are different models on the market that can be adapted to chairs for the dining room or they can be an entire set in themselves, however, it is important to verify the resistance of the materials, the comfort of the seat and the safety system that will hold the baby. And in this category the Bumbo B11114A stands out, a chair of good dimensions, suitable for children up to 3 years old, beautiful and comfortable to use. In this same order of ideas, we will analyze the characteristics of the Safety 1st Timba, a chair made of wood, with the function of adjusting the height both at the seat and footrest level.



Opinions on the best baby seats

With so many options on the market, we know that it is not easy to decide on a specific model and that is why we present the following summary with the products valued by users as the best baby seats of 2022, so you can make an intelligent purchase based on the information and experience of other people.

Bumbo B11114A

This chair is positioned as the best chair for babies according to several users, due to the positive characteristics that have been placed in its structure. First of all, it has a solid and strong base that supports the weight of children from their first use as babies until they reach approximately 3 years of age.

If the chair wants to be adjusted to another one of greater height, such as the one normally used in the dining room, it will be done through the set of straps arranged for that purpose and which consists of a piece that runs along the back and another strap towards the lower part, achieving firmness and stability. In both cases, the strap is adjustable to accommodate different widths.

On the other hand, the front part includes a bar that fulfills double function. In the first instance, it is the support where the removable tray fits. And, secondly, it serves as a support to prevent children from getting out of it, by slipping or when they no longer want to be sitting there, increasing safety.

To define more accurately if this is the best baby seat of the moment, we invite you to review a set of pros and cons that we have selected in order to better support this categorization.


Front strap: To keep the baby well protected during the use of the seat, a strap that fits around your waist is included.

Comfortable seat: A seat on the chair base made of foam is included for added comfort.

Cleaning: The entire structure can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The foam seat is removable to facilitate this activity.

Stability: The entire base of the chair is able to remain very stable on any smooth surface.


Colour: Although the structure is white, the seat is fuchsia, so it does not allow you to choose the color of your choice.

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Safety 1st Timba

High chairs made of wood are another good option for children. These have a solid structure that is suitable for this function. In this case, it is a model that has the property of being evolutionary, meaning that it adapts to the child’s height as she grows.

This adjustment is supported in two zones, the first is in the seat and the second in the footrest. Both have several levels to place the support table as the change is necessary. This condition means that the chair can be used by children up to 10 years old.

Another very important aspect is that its tray is completely removable. Due to its height, the chair can be placed normally under the dining table so that the child can share their food with the rest of the family.

All these characteristics have made it worthy of the title as the best value for money baby chair, according to the opinions given by a significant number of users.

With the number of positive aspects that this product presents, it is not strange to read that users recommend Safety 1st as the best brand of baby seats. But, to support this, it will be better to review the pros and cons of this model.


Unisex: Due to the colors with which their designs are presented, these chairs can be used by children of either sex.

Tray: It is easily placed, it will only be necessary to insert the two bars in the plastic handles provided for this purpose.

Instructions: The manufacturer includes a manual that greatly facilitates the assembly of the product.


Without cushion: The seat is made up of a single wooden board, so it will be necessary to purchase the cushion separately.

Small tray: Users say that the tray is too small to place the baby’s dishes.

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homcom 3 in 1

This is a model that has been included among the best baby seats of 2022 for its multifunctional work system that allows it to be used in various ways as the child grows.

On a first level, it is a dining chair with adjustable height to adapt to any type of dining table. In addition, this includes the tray so that the baby can have food from it.

Later, it can be converted into a rocking chair that will help you relax through gentle movements. It can be very useful to keep him calm while enjoying a colorful book, for example.

The third phase is to use it as a chair and a table separately. This stage is for when the child is already a little older and this level of independence is manageable.

All these functionalities assume that the product is made of resistant materials and has a relatively long durability period.

When you have doubts about which baby chair to buy, our recommendation is to carry out an exhaustive review of all its characteristics, as well as the summary of the pros and cons of the product, as presented below.


Design: It has 3 versions that combine white with blue, pink or brown.

Padded: Both the seat and the backrest are covered with a padded fabric that offers much more comfort.

Support: It can support up to a weight of 50 Kg, offering a fairly wide margin of resistance.


Screws: To assemble the product, some plastic screws are needed that, according to some customers, do not hold with the expected force.

Tie- downs: The safety straps on the back of the chair are not removable, so they should be kept there even when not in use.

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Piku Twit-Twoo

Considering that this type of baby chair has a specific function for mealtimes, it is essential that it be comfortable and that children feel confident in its use. For this reason, this model with fun images and a lot of color can be quite successful.

Many aspects must be taken into account to determine which is the best chair for babies. One of them is the possibility of adjusting as the baby grows, an element that is covered with this model, since it has 6 height levels in the seat, together with an adjustable footrest. Also, the backrest is reclining up to six positions.

As for safety, it has a 5-point harness system that allows a better fit to the child’s body, preventing it from slipping out at any time without care. It also includes a leg spreader bar that helps keep it always on the chair.

A good way to discover the positive and negative characteristics of any product is to go through the list of pros and cons. Therefore, we present this summary below.


Tray: This includes enough space to place the plate and a support in the shape of the glass that will prevent accidents.

Over tray: It has an over tray that is very easy to remove to remove any remaining food.

Folding: It can be folded and becomes very compact, taking up little space.


Stability: The chair can move a little with use, without this becoming excessive.

Instruction manual: Although it is included and the chair can be assembled well, some users mention that it would be more useful if the information were more precise.

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Chicco Pocket Snack

This baby chair stands out for multiple qualities, and one of them is being among the cheapest on our list. Its adjustment system is made directly to a chair for normal use in the dining room, so the child will feel his condition very similar to that of the rest of the family. This is achieved through a complete tie-down of straps that go in two directions: to the back and to the bottom of the support chair.

Additionally, in the lower part of the seat there is a leg mechanism that is in charge of regulating the height of the chair, allowing it to occupy up to 3 levels, as necessary.

On the other hand, include a tray to place food or some toys that can keep the child distracted. This is removable, which offers greater comfort when putting the baby in and out, and cleaning.

If you want to know the pros and cons of this beautiful model, all you have to do is review carefully all the features presented below. Highlighting, in the first instance, that it is one of the cheapest chairs that are available on the market.


Folding: The chair can be easily folded, reaching the appropriate dimensions to take it anywhere.

Versatility: It is not only suitable for use on chairs, it can also be placed directly on the floor without any problem.

Material: It is made of plastic that not only offers good resistance to the structure, but also allows easy cleaning.


Height button: A user states that to adjust the height it is necessary to press a button that, apparently, is very hard.

Does not recline: The backrest is completely firm, so some users indicate that babies may feel somewhat tired after spending a long time sitting.

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