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Baby Strollers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The arrival of a new baby requires having some products on hand to make your stay, and that of the parents, more pleasant. One of them is the stroller and that is why today we will talk about some of the models that are standing out in this category. First of all, the Hauck Shopper SLX Trio Set that includes three pieces: stroller, car seat and carrycot, elements that allow the baby to be comfortable in every situation. We also have the Bugaboo Ant, a recommended stroller for traveling, as it offers a compact size, 4-wheel suspension, easy folding and excellent maneuverability.

Opinions on the best baby strollers

To get to know each product in detail, it is best to review all of its most relevant characteristics and we want to help you in this task, offering precise data on the most important aspects of the products that we select for you below.

3 pieces baby strollers

Hauck Shopper SLX Trio Set

If you want to know the best baby stroller, a walk through the characteristics of this model could be useful. One of the basic reasons is that it is made up of three useful pieces from birth: the carrycot, the stroller and the car seat.

As for the structure, the chassis is made of aluminum. This is a material of very good resistance for this use and that is also light, making it easy to transport and that, in addition to its price, stands out for being a cheap baby stroller.

On the other hand, the stroller is suitable for use with children up to 5 years old, while the car seat can accept up to 13 Kg of weight. As for the design, it is useful for any gender, as it is available in a gray and light blue version. These are some of the characteristics for which this model can be considered the best baby stroller of the moment.

And, for the folding system, this can be easily achieved by simply activating the lever provided for this purpose. By doing so, the stroller will be very comfortable, both for a trip and to have it in the trunk of the car.

All these data make it an alternative that is highly valued by users among the 3-piece baby strollers.

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Baby Sportive Kamil

Another alternative to 3-piece baby strollers is this model from Baby Sportive. The stroller is designed in such a way that it is pleasant for the baby, providing comfort on the way with the static wheels and a suspension system that keeps them stable. Likewise, it incorporates a brake mechanism that acts on both the rear and front wheels, so that adults feel safe that the little ones will not be able to move without their consent.

In addition, it is among the most outstanding baby strollers of 2022 for having a variable position handlebar, a reclining backrest and an adjustable footrest to provide comfort as the child grows. And as for fastening, the stroller is regulated with a 5-point harness and in the car with a 3-point harness.

To complement this set, the manufacturer includes different accessories that have a well-founded utility: a mosquito net, a bag to store things, a bottle holder that is removable, a raincoat and a small bag.

On the other hand, the car seat can be adapted to a cradle function and also has a removable hood depending on the use that is going to be given to it.

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bugaboo baby stroller

Bugaboo Ant

The Bugaboo Ant baby stroller is an ideal model to go on a trip, given its folding design and ease of driving. It is a robust and approved pushchair that is equipped with everything you need so that you can walk comfortably with your child, regardless of whether it is a newborn or a 4-year-old child; since its capacity supports up to 22 kilos.

Its compact size and sturdy wheels offer a smooth and safe ride; so it is easy to maneuver in busy environments and its design allows you to use the elevators without any problem. In addition, for extra storage, it has a lower compartment that carries a weight of 8 kilos.

It has a chassis made of high quality aluminum, light and stable; It also has a height-adjustable handlebar and thanks to its folding system, you can carry it in the trunk without taking up much space.

If you are one of the active parents who leaves the house frequently with your little one, this stroller could meet all your expectations. Learn a little more about this model.

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Lightweight and easy to fold baby stroller

Kinderkraft Pilot

Space limitations are felt in our homes, elevator doors, airports, sidewalks and many more places, which is why it is increasingly imperative to use compact baby strollers, without compromising the comfort of the small user. 

For this reason, Kinderkraft has introduced the new lightweight and easy-folding baby stroller called Pilot, which has an automatic folding system and whose dimensions when closed are like those of a briefcase, making it easier to store and transport, even on airplanes.. 

To achieve this compact and lightweight design, the chassis has been made of aluminum, so it is also resistant, having a maximum weight capacity of 15 kg. For its part, the safety of the seat is determined by a 5-point harness and a central barrier that is also removable. 

With regard to the comfort of the baby, we can mention that the back of the seat is fully adjustable and can lie down, so that the little one can take a nap. This adjustment mechanism is through a strap, easily accessible to the driver. Additionally, the footrest can also be adjusted to make the baby more comfortable. 

On the slide, this model has front swivel wheels that facilitate the maneuverability of the stroller, while the central brake allows the stroller to be quickly locked to avoid accidents.

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Jané baby stroller

Jane 2309 T34

If what you are looking for is to have the best light and easy to transport baby stroller, this Jané baby stroller could be an excellent option when leaving home with your little one.

It is a model that has a folding design and a weight of only 5 kilos; so it is comfortable when traveling by car or public transport. In addition, it is a model accepted by most airlines as hand luggage.

Likewise, it is an approved stroller that adjusts to the size and growth of the child, for which it offers an adjustable backrest and footrest.

This is why it is recommended for babies from birth and, given its resistant structure, it is capable of supporting a maximum weight of up to 22 kg. Similarly, it has a lower basket that favors extra storage to carry what the baby needs by hand.

When it comes to portability and practicality, this model deserves your consideration. Here’s a look at its pros and cons.

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Inglesina baby stroller

Inglesina AG40H0ABL

For this occasion, we will review what many consumers consider to be the best value for money baby stroller. One of its main advantages is the seat, which is firm as well as comfortable and has a good space for the child to move easily.

On the other hand, it has the necessary structure and ergonomics to support babies from newborns until they are three years old. Aspects that are related to the good price of the product, are key to classify it as a good cheap baby stroller.

In relation to the handlebar, it has a complete structure, from end to end, which provides enough space to place the changing bag when it is necessary to carry it. This is complemented by a basket arranged in the lower part of the seat that is also suitable for carrying what is needed, especially when it is shopping day.

Likewise, it is easy to fold, leaving a narrow structure that helps with its storage. Also, the handling is smooth and without excessive friction, allowing babies to be comfortable in their Inglesina baby stroller. And, to facilitate the choice, the seller offers 5 different colors. You should evaluate all these aspects well before deciding which baby stroller to buy.

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Maclaren Stroller

maclaren quest

For those who like urban style, this Maclaren baby stroller can be a great ally. Its simple and light structure make it a good companion for day to day when outings with the baby are mandatory.

A relevant fact is that its hood is fully extendable, but not only that, because it is also waterproof to protect the baby on rainy days and has UPF 50+ sun protection that will do the same with the sun.

For those who are still wondering which is the best baby stroller, it will be interesting to know that this model can be used with babies from the very day of their birth and continue until they reach 25 kg of weight.

On the other hand, the back of the seat is fully reclining to provide maximum comfort at each stage, and the footrest also extends as the baby needs it.

To maximize cleanliness, the seat is removable and can be included in a washing cycle, making it easier for the caregiver. And, in case any part fails, there are replaceable ones, of the own brand, always available.

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Comfort baby stroller

Baby Comfort Zelia

This beautiful Comfort baby stroller stands out for having a hammock that can be transformed into a carrycot for use with babies up to 12 months and then into a stroller version up to 3 and a half years old, thus increasing comfort at each stage.

To better characterize the product, which is also one of the cheapest, we can say that its light and sophisticated design is designed for life in the city, so it can be a good tool for families who live in small flats and need to take advantage of make the most of your spaces. Added to this is the ease of folding that can be operated with one hand, leaving it very compact.

Another aspect that helps to complement the busy city life is that it has a very large basket so that when shopping there are no problems between the amount of things and the addition of the stroller, since it will serve as a complement. Likewise, the handlebar is adjustable in height and can be varied in position depending on what is needed for each moment.

And, if what you are looking for is to complement this stroller with the car seat, we inform you that both elements can be integrated, allowing greater comfort and enjoyment with the same brand.

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baby stroller accessories

baby stroller bag

BTR 122

For parents who want to be comfortable and have all the things their babies need in one place, this baby stroller bag may be the solution.

Its design is based on a good number of zippered pockets, to promote organization and safe access to what is needed.

On the other hand, it has different accessories to give it versatility, such as hooks for the stroller, velcro straps and a handle in case you want to carry it on your shoulder.

It is also worth noting that the outer fabric is waterproof, which is useful in case of rain; and the interior is washable to always have everything clean.

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baby stroller footmuff

Interbaby 10024-00

On winter days there is no better option to protect your little one from low temperatures than a baby stroller footmuff.

In this case, the Interbaby model that we present to you is versatile, as it is compatible with all types of strollers.

It should also be mentioned that the fabrics used in its manufacture are appropriate for each case.

The exteriors are made of waterproof polyester, with an anti-slip inclusion in the part that meets the back of the seat to prevent the baby from slipping. As for the interior, it is made of microfiber to make it very warm on contact with the skin.

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baby stroller sheets

Stela Cambrass

When you go out for a walk with your child, it is essential that you have baby stroller sheets that provide the child with maximum comfort, such as this model presented by Cambrass.

It is a set of sheets belonging to the Stela collection, made in Spain with high quality cotton, and it is very useful to use in the stroller, although you can also use the set in the bassinet.

It is presented in a set that offers three pieces: a pillowcase, a top sheet and a bottom sheet and its dimensions are 120 x 80 cm. In addition, you can choose between light blue, pink and gray tones.

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baby blankets for stroller

ByBoom ​​Boom-30

Another way to keep babies protected during the winter is with ByBoom ​​baby stroller blankets.

This model is made of a double fleece fabric that allows them to maintain a good body temperature, making babies comfortable at all times.

On the other hand, its measurements are suitable for use with any pushchair, pushchair or car seat, thus giving it the versatility that parents so often lack.

It also has pressure buttons that are very easy to use and that avoid having to wake the baby in case you want to open the blanket in a certain place.

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How to choose the best baby stroller?

When buying any product, it is convenient to know what the basic characteristics are that you have to look at to get it right. This can be resolved through a detailed study and, in this case, is summarized in this guide to buying the best baby stroller. Therefore, if it is in your interest to have all the first-line information, do not miss a single detail.

Shopping guide

The chassis

It is the structure of the stroller and, therefore, the material in which it is made will greatly influence how much it costs. Currently, most of them are made of aluminum, which makes it resistant and light.

The wheels and the suspension system applied to the stroller are also arranged in it, both elements are very important to ensure that the structure is firm throughout the entire trajectory, without vibrations.

Towards the top, the handlebar is installed and the whole set forms the base where the rest of the elements will rest.

the hood

It consists of the upper part that allows the baby to be protected, mainly from the sun. It should be sought that it has the ease of extension and collection to apply in each case and that it can be held in the appropriate position depending on the time of day when it is necessary to use it.

When comparing baby strollers, users tend to assess whether it is a waterproof hood to ensure that their little one will be protected during the rain, but also whether it has sun protection so that the sun cannot generate a very negative impact..

The wheels

An inexpensive stroller can have very good functionality on its wheels. Within the points in which people feel greater doubts, the amount that is adequate is counted. It is enough to know that whether it has 3 or 4 wheels, the stroller is capable of offering a good level of stability.

You also have to know what material they are made of. Generally, they can be made of plastic because it is a material that tends to roll very easily on all types of terrain, making handling very smooth. In addition, it is necessary to verify how these are arranged after folding for a matter of safety and comfort.


It is the part in which the baby will sit and, therefore, the first thing to determine is that it must be spacious and comfortable. The backrest and the ability to recline should also be evaluated, since babies who cannot yet sit must lie down all the time, while older ones can already enjoy other angles.

Also, it must be considered that babies are very prone to spilling liquids, so having a seat with removable fabric is very positive so that it can be washed more easily.


The structure of the handlebar will largely define how easy it is to handle the stroller. There are basically two forms: the full structure and the double bar. In the first case, it is useful when you want to carry the changing bag, while in the second it is more comfortable in the hands.

You also have to know if it is possible to vary its position to carry the baby in front or in reverse and, finally, if it includes the option to adjust the height.


Two main elements must be evaluated in this regard. The first is the fastening that can be done from the baby to the stroller. For this, it is common to use a 3 or 5-point harness that is usually adjustable in size and that does not greatly limit the mobility of the baby, making them always comfortable.

Second, there is the issue of brakes. The best thing is that they have these on each wheel, although there are models that are safe enough with the brakes placed only on the rear wheels. On the other hand, you have to look at the comfort to activate them, finding models in which activation can be achieved with just one foot.

age or weight

The durability of the stroller is linked to its resistance, but also to its ability to cope with the growth of the baby. A model that is used from birth is appropriate so that parents can save on its use, as long as they offer good support capacity as time goes by.

To do this, manufacturers report this in relation to the weight or maximum age of use and, based on this, users can determine if that limit is capable of meeting their expectations or not.


A good baby stroller should offer babies adequate space to move around without inconvenience, but also the structural dimensions to ensure that parents can move around with it freely.

Related to the above, there is the issue of folding, because what is most useful is that this can be done and ensure that the stroller occupies as little space as possible, either inside the house or in the trunk of the car.


The carrycot is an element that is closely linked to the use of the stroller and is usually used when the baby is still very small. When chosen from the same brand as the stroller or purchased as a set, the carrycot can be adjusted to the chassis, clearly improving mobility.

They are very practical because they allow the baby to lie down in a place that resembles a crib, so they are usually very comfortable.


Finally, you have to look at the number of accessories that the stroller has. These usually include, in general terms, a waterproof fabric for rain that usually complements the work of the hood when it has this function. Likewise, most include a basket under the seat that can be useful on shopping days or to carry any implement that is considered necessary.

Versions with mosquito nets, bags to carry baby things, removable bottle holders, etc. are also usually available.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to recycle a baby stroller?

Reusing the childcare implements that your older children have left is always a good plan, since it not only generates savings, but also avoids the overwhelming consumerism in which the world is currently involved.

Therefore, a good way is to reuse the old stroller. You can achieve this by thoroughly cleaning the entire structure and, if the textile part is worn by time or smells of damp, you can change it for a new one, as there are already many brands that sell these sets separately.

Q2: What is a baby stroller with big wheels for?

The usefulness of large wheels is seen in the need that exists to travel on uneven floors, dirt roads or when they will be used on very long journeys. These have a better level of cushioning, so they are suitable for use in unpaved areas, going up and down many stairs, traveling long paths, among others.

There are strollers with wheels of different sizes, making those in the back larger because they tend to group the greatest amount of work.

Q3: Which is better, a 3-wheel stroller or a regular stroller?

3-wheel strollers generally have the same stability as a 4-wheel stroller. The difference lies a bit in the additions that are related to them.

For example, those with 4 wheels usually take up much less space than those with 3, because their structure is more square and regular.

In the case of 3-wheelers, these are a little easier to push and their damping and brake systems, being simpler, become much more practical to use.

Q4: How to clean a baby stroller?

Cleaning a baby stroller is simple, as long as key points are taken into account at the time of purchase. In the first instance, that all the textile material is removable to allow it to be wet washed, this means including it in a washing machine cycle or by hand.

As for the chassis, it can be cleaned using a specific product for this purpose and with the help of a damp cloth. It is also a good idea to clean the wheels.

Q5: How should a baby stroller be for small trunks?

To choose this type of strollers, it is best to look at those that are ready for travel, since folding is quite easy to do and they tend to take up very little space.

In addition, it is worth noting that this issue is not directly linked to loss of benefits, as long as the selection is made carefully enough. Likewise, knowing the measurements of the trunk of your car will serve as a reference to more easily identify the size of the stroller once folded.

Q6: Can you take a baby stroller with Ryanair?

The shortest answer is yes. Ryanair admits that babies can take, free of charge, two implements that are needed for their use, such as a stroller and carrycot, for example.

However, when they exceed 2 years, the matter is modified since it is assumed that they will already travel in their own seat and, therefore, their free resources will consist of a suitcase and a handbag. But, you can always check the vehicle as special luggage to take it on your trips.

Q7: Is a used baby stroller worth it?

Contrary to what many might think, used baby strollers are not a bad idea from the beginning, as long as their structure is strong enough to support the new weight that will be added.

A good reason to value this type of option is that they usually have a much lower price than a new one, which will always be attractive when there are not enough resources, or they are not expected to be used much throughout the day., so it is not planned to make a large investment.

However, the most important thing will always be to check that everything is working properly, that nothing is damaged and that it is totally safe to transport the baby.

Q8: How to close the baby stroller?

The closure of the baby stroller, or also known as folding, must be carried out according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. In most cases, it is possible to activate it through a lever that is easy for an adult to handle, but it becomes quite complex for a child.

Also, you have to check if you have any insurance that helps keep the stroller fixed in that position, because in addition to being a matter of comfort for storage, it is closely linked to safety.

Q9: Why should we look for approved baby strollers?

Approved baby strollers are able to offer parents the security of using a certified product that meets the mandatory requirements of the competent bodies to carry the baby in the car. You will be able to know if the product you want is approved if it has an orange label with the acronym ECE R44/04 that ensures that said stroller has passed certain impact tests, as well as the study of functional designs and their level of safety in terms of safety. subjection.

Q10: What should a baby stroller have for a small lift?

What matters most here are the dimensions. They should be little wide strollers that are very light to give you easier mobility when entering and exiting the elevator. In addition, if its folding is very simple, it will also be very useful because it will allow you to activate this option seconds before entering the elevator.

How to use a baby stroller

When new parents find it overwhelming to learn how to use the many things they need for their babies, in addition to the time-consuming care of the little one itself. For this reason, it is convenient to have a guide that shows you step by step to learn how to use them.

The montage

Depending on where you buy the stroller, it can come in a package with all the elements of its structure. Likewise, the manufacturer should provide the necessary instructions to carry out the assembly.

Strollers are made up of several pieces that fit together. Its base is a chassis where the wheels, the hood, the seat and, in some cases, the handlebar are inserted.

It is essential to make sure that the entire structure has been made secure to avoid inconveniences when using it with the baby and also to check that elements such as the brakes and the folding lever are working as they should.

The operation of the stroller

Before using it with the baby, it is best to look at the way each part of the stroller works. That is, the ability to recline that the backrest has since it will depend a lot on whether it is suitable for newborns or not.

You also have to review the extension that is possible to make to the hood and the best angles for each season.

Although the most common thing is that the stroller begins to be used with newborn babies, looking at the position in which the footrest is and if it is removable or not, will help a lot to organize yourself to know when it is appropriate to use it.

On the other hand, it is necessary to check if the handlebar is adjustable in height and if it is possible to move it to carry the baby forward or backward, as this can provide comfort and tranquility to both.

How to position the baby

Closely related to the previous point is this one. If the baby is newborn, it is better to start using the carrycot (if the stroller is convertible or includes it), otherwise you have to make sure that it is fully reclined.

As safety measures, strollers incorporate a method of fastening with harnesses. These should be tight enough to prevent accidents but without preventing the baby from having the mobility he needs.

In case the baby can sit alone, the backrest can be adjusted acco

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