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Baby Wipes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Having all the necessary elements for the care of your baby is essential. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the options that best suit your needs and that will make your life easier, such as baby wipes, since they are elements that you can take anywhere to change the diaper and clean the baby completely, without depending on the water and soap. In this sense, a product that has managed to stand out for its formula free of alcohol, aromas and preservatives is Dodot Aqua Pure. These are hypoallergenic baby wipes with a pleasant soft touch, thanks to their manufacture in a 100% cotton fabric of organic origin. There are also the WaterWipes 4 Sensitive skin, which are hypoallergenic and contain 99.9% water and the remaining percentage of fruit extract to facilitate cleaning.


Opinions on the best baby wipes

As easy as it may seem, choosing the wipes to clean our baby is a decision that we cannot take lightly, because there are so many options on the market that make our choice difficult. For this reason we have designed the following list with the most recommended products by customers, so that you can choose one of the best baby wipes of 2022.

Dodot Aqua Pure

Part of caring for babies’ skin depends on providing them with a good cleanliness, especially in their private parts, since the accumulation of feces and urine can cause infections and irritation. In this sense, wet towels are a very practical tool, which will help you clean the delicate skin of the little one every time you change the diaper, without having to resort to the bathtub, water and soap.

With Dodot baby wipes you will achieve this goal of cleanliness, freshness and protection for your baby, since they have been made of a 100% organic cotton fabric. In addition, said fiber was treated with 1% dermatologically approved ingredients to maintain the pH balance in the skin, as well as 99.9% water. Best of all, this product is free of preservatives, alcohol, and flavorings that can cause an allergic reaction.

If you are a follower of the Dodot brand, you will like to know that these alcohol-free and preservative-free wet wipes are well positioned among its purchase catalogue. Next, we present some of its pros and cons.


Content: When you purchase this product, you will have a set of nine packages of 48 wet towels, for a total of 432 units, which is a large supply.

Composition: These are moist towels with 99.9 % water, while the remaining 1% corresponds to ingredients dermatologically tested to preserve the natural pH of the skin.

Textile: To make these towels, high-end organic cotton was used, which is quite soft when in contact with the skin.

Aroma: These are moist towels free of aromas or preservatives such as parabens.


Stiff: The texture of the towels may be a bit stiff compared to other brands. In any case, it will depend on each person.

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WaterWipes 4 Sensitive Skin

Named as the best baby wipes according to users, this product has specifications that can attract the attention of anyone, maintaining a good image at all times. This is how its composition of 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract is an aspect that makes it stand out from other competing brands. In addition, because they are free of harmful chemicals, these wipes are ideal for use on newborn babies, which fully favors their acquisition.

It also has considerable humidity so that cleaning is much easier, even in cases of diaper changes with abundant poop. Also, it is very versatile, allowing you to use it to clean other areas of your baby such as his hands or face, facilitating the process in places without water intakes.

Similarly, this pack of 3 packages brings a total of 210 units, keeping 70 wet wipes in each wrapper so that you always have a package at your fingertips. However, it is available in different presentations so you can choose the amount that best suits you.

WaterWipes has positioned itself as the best brand of baby wipes thanks to the approval by users and its characteristics, which we will detail below.


Cleaning: Thanks to their humidity, these wipes can carry out the cleaning work properly, avoiding the constant use of soap and water.

Ingredients: Being a product for babies, its manufacture is carried out without alcohol or other chemicals that can irritate or cause damage to the skin of infants.

Size: Its size is neither too big nor too small, being adequate to maintain a balance between your hand and the baby’s body, and fulfill its function efficiently.


Usage: Some user feedback has noted that this product may have problems when removing wipes, with more than one coming out at a time or requiring you to reach into the package to remove them.

Temperature: Because they are very humid, they tend to have a low temperature, which can be uncomfortable for the infant when you are going to clean it.

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Huggies Pure

To prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality, we present these Huggies Pure baby wipes, which, in addition to being one of the cheapest on the market, allow you to protect your baby’s skin against irritation and other discomforts.

For this they have been manufactured with 65% natural fibers, which makes them ecological and appropriate for any type of dermis. They are also free of additives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol, added aromas and alcohols that can dry out and damage your little one’s sensitive skin.

Similarly, they come in a set of 18 packages of 56 wipes each, which will allow you to have them for a long time. That is why its plastic container is suitable for its conservation, so it will not be necessary to use another accessory for its protection, as happens with other types of wipes.

Among the cheapest options you can find on the market are these Huggies baby wipes. However, it is not only because of their low cost that they are positioned as an excellent choice, but also because of their characteristics, which we will describe below.


Packaging: To properly protect the moisture from the wipes, their packaging includes a hard plastic barrier, suitable for preserving them.

Transfer: The package is not very voluptuous, which helps you to take them with you anywhere without problems.

Odor: They are suitable for use with babies or people sensitive to odors, since they do not have an added aroma that can irritate or cause allergies.


Size: From the comment of a user we can indicate that these wipes have a slightly smaller size than the wipes of other brands.

Extraction: When extracting the wipes from their packaging, you must be careful, since more than one may come out, making it uncomfortable to put them back inside the container.

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Naty by Nature Babycare Eco

Wet wipes are an important element when you have a baby, so you should invest a lot of money in their acquisition, at least in the first two years of your child. That is why we present this option from Naty by Nature Babycare, so that you can compare them with the others and establish which are the best baby wipes.

A feature that makes them a good choice is their manufacture with the new “green” technology, allowing them to be 100% biodegradable and ecological, without detracting from a “traditional” wet wipe. Likewise, the lack of chlorine and alcohol in its composition allows your baby’s skin to remain fresh and soft.

On the other hand, it has a package designed to conveniently preserve the moisture of the wipes, so you can trust them for a long time. Also, they are thick and of an appropriate size so you can save as much money as wipes, improving your experience of use.

If you are one of those people who keep thinking about how to help reduce pollution on the planet and save at the same time, these Naty by Nature Babycare wipes are an ideal option for you and the environment. Next, we will tell you about some of its main characteristics.


Dimensions: This product has the right size to perform a good cleaning, which allows you to save wipes most of the time, because with one you can do the complete cleaning.

Texture: It has a very smooth and pleasant texture, which can be used regularly even on the most sensitive skin.

Humidity: Its packaging is convenient, since it allows to maintain the humidity of the wipes for much longer without running the risk of drying them out.


Smell: Some users have commented that the scent that accompanies the wipes could be more pleasant.

Output: Controlling the output of the wipes one by one is a bit complex, given the case that several come out at the same time. After all, this look is very common to most.

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Mustela Baby dermo-softeners

As part of this comparison, this Mustela product is among the best baby wipes of 2022, as it has managed to maintain a good opinion among users for its quality and characteristics. This is how its main function is to properly clean your baby, thanks to its extract of saponaria leaves and roots.

In the same way, it promotes the softness of the skin, due to the aloe vera and glycerin that make it up, giving you better results and preventing the appearance of irritations.

Furthermore, these small wipes are convenient to take anywhere, as they come in a flexible and easy-to-handle package, which properly protects the integrity of the product. Also, they will allow you to change your child’s diaper without the need to use soap and water, making the process very quick and easy and leaving a delicate aroma on the skin.

Among the options offered by the market, you must decide which baby wipes to buy, so it is recommended that you analyze products like this one, with striking features and good user comments.


Softness: Its surface is very delicate and manageable to leave the skin clean, moisturised and soft, favoring the care of your baby at all times.

Price: This pack of wet wipes has a well-established price, according to some users, so it is convenient to purchase them.

Closure: It has a hard plastic closure, suitable for handling the wipes without running the risk of them drying out.


Perfume: One user states that these wipes have a somewhat strong scent. However, the rest of the clients have not endorsed this opinion.

Thickness: They are noticeably thinner than other wipes of the same type, which may bias some people towards their use.

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Dodot Sensitive

Para ti es importante mantener la piel de tu bebé cuidada y seca, contando con productos que te ayuden a prevenir irritaciones. Es así que las toallitas húmedas Dodot Sensitive son una opción que debes analizar con detenimiento. Comenzado por la presentación del producto con 9 paquetes individuales de toallitas, donde 2 de ellos son gratuitos, obteniendo en total 486 toallitas húmedas. De esta forma, este producto se posiciona como las mejores toallitas para bebé de relación calidad precio, gracias a los comentarios de los usuarios.

Otra característica interesante es que debido a que no contienen alcohol, ni químicos, estas toallitas ayudan a que se recupere el pH natural de la piel, fomentando su buena salud y suavidad, evitando la aparición de molestias o algún tipo de dermatitis.

De igual manera, debes saber que están diseñadas para limpiar convenientemente y sin mucho esfuerzo, ya que combina su textura gruesa con grabados que favorecen el proceso.

Catalogada por los usuarios como las mejores toallitas para bebé del momento, este pack cuenta con un conjunto de características y especificaciones que favorecen su adquisición, las cuales te mostramos a continuación.


Inodoro: Estas toallitas no incorporan aroma, lo que las hace adecuadas para pieles sensibles y zonas íntimas.

Componentes: Este producto no contiene alcohol ni químicos, permitiendo su uso sin preocupaciones por futuras irritaciones.

Resistencia: Son toallitas muy gruesas y resistentes, por lo que no se rompen con facilidad, logrando realizar su trabajo sin inconvenientes aún cuando hay presencia de caquita líquida o blanda.

Cuidado: Gracias a su superficie suave y a que están libre de químicos, estas toallitas son apropiadas para el cuidado de la piel tanto de grandes como de pequeños.


Presentación: La apertura del empaque es una pegatina que, con el uso constante, pierde el pegamento y corre el riesgo de escapar la humedad. Por ello, varios clientes cambian las toallitas a un estuche rígido con tapa plástica.

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