The best bath toys for babies

Baby Bath Toys – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Bath time is a time that babies tend to enjoy a lot, as they quite like to splash around. But, for this to be the case, you have to make sure that the water is at an appropriate temperature so that they do not feel too cold or too hot. It is also good to complement them with bath toys that cause them fun and that must be made of suitable material to resist contact with this liquid. As for varieties, there are all kinds, and they can be linked to marine animals, so it is also possible to strengthen a learning relationship that will be useful. To review some models, we will see the Tomy happy octopuses that brings 10 pieces for enjoyment, it is of varied colors and with different entertainment functions. Likewise, the Ludi 2174which is a quite varied version with representation of animals and other marine forms, in different colors and with resistant materials.



Opinions on the best baby bath toys

With so many options on the market, it may not be very easy to choose those toys that will accompany our baby during bath time to make the day more fun. For this reason, we bring you a comparison of products rated as the best bath toys for babies of 2022 that will serve as a reference to define your search and acquire the one you prefer for your child.

Tomy Cheerful octopuses

It is a very original toy that can help children develop different skills while having fun. For this reason, many users are recommending it as the best bath toy for babies.

One of the most curious facts is that the material on the bottom of the octopuses is adherent, thanks to the suction cups, allowing children to stick them to the walls and create fun stories with them.

To stimulate the recognition of numbers, each octopus has a digit drawn that indicates its assigned place on the base of the toy. Helping, in addition, that when the babies are older they can follow the pattern.

On the other hand, each of the toys is capable of expelling water. In the case of the mother octopus, she has holes in the top of her head, so she is able to turn into a watering can. While baby octopuses have an outlet in the lower part that is in the form of a jet.

Before making a decision, however, we leave you a list with more details that you can consider so that you can decide for yourself and indicate if it really is the best bath toy for babies at the moment.


Base: A green base is included to keep all the octopuses in order after the bath.

Cleaning: You can clean the interior with bleach diluted in water from time to time and rinse very well afterwards.

Material: They are made of soft plastic that allows babies to squeeze them easily and without damaging them.

Safe: Due to the correct size of the pieces and that there are none that are movable or very small, they do not represent any danger to babies.


Adherence: Although they do tend to adhere well, they may not adhere as long as some customers would like.

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Ludi 2174

This time, it is a set of marine dolls whose versatility in shapes and figures make it stand out as one of the best bath toys for babies of 2022. In it you can find a total of 12 units, so the baby you will have enough distraction for each of your hygiene days, in addition to being able to use them on a daily basis.

Another important fact is that they are very resistant. It is well known that babies like to put everything in their path in their mouths and bite them too. In this aspect there is no problem because the material has a good thickness to avoid being affected.

If you still haven’t decided on which baby bath toy to buy, don’t miss out on reviewing the list of pros and cons that we present below because they are relevant data.


Height: Each piece is 7 cm high, which is suitable for the baby’s hands.

Cleaning: It can be done through the front hole, since it has a good size.

Continuity: Its use can be started with babies and continue until they are children up to 3 years old.


Colors: Some consumers state that some dolls are very colorful, while others are quite opaque.

Finish: A user refers that some paint details do not have the most polished finishes.

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Munchkin MN12335U

These types of toys are very useful for keeping babies distracted during their bath time thanks to the fact that they have the water jet function available. This addition, which users consider to be very worthwhile, has earned it recognition as the best value for money baby bath toy.

On the other hand, they float, which makes it easy for babies to have them at hand whenever they need them. This same aspect facilitates the creativity process, devising thousands of marine adventures.

It also highlights its educational aspect. With this class of toys, children are introduced to the field of learning about the different types of animals and also about some colors, also making relationships between them. Even making them participants in the functions performed by each species in the marine world.

To clearly determine if this is the exact product you are looking for, be sure to review the pros and cons that we leave you below and that have been taken, fundamentally, from the opinions of other users.


Sets: The manufacturer presents two types of sets: one with 4 pieces and another with 8 to choose the one you prefer.

Packaging: All the dolls are arranged in a tube that can be used as a gift.

Age: They can be used from 9 months until the child is a little older.


Floating action: This only occurs while the dolls are empty of water inside, so you have to be careful.

Paint: The parts that are painted can start to fade after a good amount of use.

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Bubbles Whale Vetch

Without a doubt, users consider this to be one of the best options to answer the question of which is the best bath toy for babies. One of the aspects that influence this decision is that it includes buttons that, when pressed, produce soap bubbles that will make them have a lot of fun. In addition, it emits up to 30 different types of sounds that are distributed in melodies, sounds and phrases, which will surely increase the joy of using it.

The whale is the main doll, but it also has five extra marine figures, with which the baby can play and learn their names and some colours.

Obviously, for the electronic part to work, the toy needs 4 AA batteries that can last for a long time due to the few times of use during the day.

With this product, some consumers are rating Vtech as the best brand for baby bath toys. Therefore, the wisest thing to do will be to complete the characterization of the product with its respective pros and cons.


Suction cups: It has included suction cups to fix on the wall when necessary.

Age: To take advantage of it for a longer time, the toy can be used by children from 1 to 5 years old.

Learning: This product reinforces the learning of colors, instruments, names of animals and the development of fine motor skills.


Do not submerge: Although it is waterproof, the manufacturer recommends not submerging the product.

Price: Due to its functionalities, this is the most expensive product in this comparison.

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Gowi GW55943

This is a toy that breaks with tradition by presenting itself as an hourglass with different levels and, maintaining this entertaining format, has surprised many users to see that it is the cheapest toy presented so far.

It is made of strong plastic material that is suitable for allowing children to play without fear of breaking or damaging it.

In the upper part there is a funnel that can be filled with sand so that the children can see how the turtle falls through and is grouped in the two boxes placed below. Obviously, this same function can be fulfilled with water without problems.

The size is appropriate so that they can access each function with their little hands. In addition, it is very intuitive, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time explaining how to use it.

To complete this study, we propose below a summary of pros and cons that can help you decide or not on this product, taking into account that it is one of the cheapest.


Design: It is quite colorful, so it can attract any child’s attention.

Stability: The toy stands up without major problems, making it easy to use.

Paint: Although it is maintained with frequent use in water, the paint does not become dull.


Size: A person considers that the dimensions are too large to be used in the bathtub.

Without suction cups: It does not include suction cups to fix to the floor or the wall, it is only placed.

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