The best bathtubs for babies

Baby Bathtubs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

With a baby at home, bath time becomes a special moment, so it must be carried out in the most comfortable and fun way possible. In this sense, an option to cover these needs could be with a baby bathtub. If you find yourself looking for some alternatives that can be adjusted to your tastes and needs, we recommend that you pay attention to the products that we will describe below, pointing out models such as the Danielastore 113 BA002 first. It is a bathtub with a capacity for 30 liters of water and a design designed to enjoy more comfort and space when bathing your baby. It is a striking pink color and has legs that raise it from the ground. Second, you could consider the Locisne Piscina bathtub, since it is fully inflatable and designed with non-slip material both outside and inside for greater safety.

Opinions on the best baby bathtubs

To bathe your baby safely, we recommend you choose one of the products that we describe below, summarizing its positive and negative characteristics and some accessories that could be useful to you.

Folding baby bathtub

Danielastore Baby Folding Bathtub

If you are looking for a robust and reliable baby bathtub, we invite you to take a look at the Danielastore 113 BA002 model.

This option has dimensions of 86 x 48 x 23 centimeters, can hold up to 30 liters of water to bathe your baby and weighs just 2.8 kilograms, allowing you to hang it on the wall after the bath so that it dries faster. Its structure is foldable and in this way it will be possible for you to store the bathtub under the bed, if you wish, so that it does not take up space in the bathroom.

In addition, the folding baby bathtub is located on a support with 4 legs that raise it from the ground, making it more comfortable to use on tables or countertops, for example. In addition to this, it offers space so that you can accommodate the products that you will use during the bath, so that you have everything you need for your little one at hand.

This Danielastore product can be a good bathtub if you are looking for a comfortable space for your baby:


Handling: The bathtub has a light weight that will facilitate its transport within the house.

Space: Offer special spaces to place the soap or shampoo that your baby is going to use.

Non- slip: The legs have a non-slip coating on the tips to prevent slipping in the water.

Safety: It complies with European regulations that guarantee the use of safe materials for children.



Folding: The folding mechanism is activated by pressing 2 buttons at the same time, which is a bit complex.

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Inflatable baby bath

Locisne Pool

Positioned by users as one of the most popular baby bathtubs, this inflatable tub has adequate dimensions so that it can be used in places with little space, maintaining an internal size of 78 x 45 x 28 cm, being suitable for children from birth and until approximately 3 years of age. In addition, the non-slip bottom design on the inside and outside of the inflatable baby bathtub makes it very safe even for little ones who do not know how to sit.

In this sense, it is also important to mention that it maintains a raised inflatable section that allows the child to be supported around the legs, preventing slipping. Also, this area can be deflated over time, so that the infant can freely use the space of the bathtub. It is worth mentioning that this bathtub is practical to take on trips and vacations, always having a safe space to bathe the baby.

As a result of our research and comparison, we suggest you consider this model if you want a beautiful and functional bathtub, due to its striking features set out below.


Installation: It only needs to be inflated to function as a normal bathtub, allowing you to bathe your child without problems.

Space: It does not take up much space, being suitable for small places or for places where it is not used constantly.

Transfer: When deflated it can be folded and compact, so you can store it in a bag and take it wherever you want.


Smell: This product can keep the factory plastic smell for a long time.

Strength: Due to the lack of stable supports, this tub may not have the strength to hold up under weight.

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Jané baby bath

Jane 40529-T24

Jané is a manufacturer with a history of 88 years in the market, enough time to become a brand synonymous with quality, because its products are developed with the purpose of satisfying the specific needs of children from birth.

In the catalogue, this Jané baby bathtub stands out, made of flexible polymer with high resistance and a pleasant soft touch. In addition, it is a material free of toxic agents, so it is completely safe to be in direct contact with the baby’s delicate skin.

Also, it should be mentioned that the product is inflatable, which saves space when storing it, since the air inside can be released, fold the bathtub and place it in any cupboard. On the other hand, the built-in separator can be used as a headrest in the middle of the bathtub, to prevent slipping or remove it completely, to take advantage of the interior space.

This is a product with pros and cons that could be attractive as a purchase option.


Separator: You can vary the position of the baby, thanks to the built-in separator.

Materials: You will not have to worry about allergies, since the plastic used is free of toxic agents.

Format: It is possible to use the bathtub from birth to three years old, because its format has a capacity of 30 litres.

Storage: The structure can be folded and stored in any closet, so it will not take up much space.


Inflation: Because the product does not include a pump, you will have to inflate it manually or purchase one separately.

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Baby Clawfoot Bathtub

Chicco Cuddle&Bubble Collection 2022

Chicco is always looking to offer the best products for the care of the little ones, and this bathtub with legs for babies from the 2022 collection is an example of this.

The Cuddle&Bubble is a 2-in-1 product that allows you to have everything you need for bath time and changing the baby’s diaper in a single piece of furniture. 

This model, with a folding metal structure, has non-slip feet that favor its safety when it is open, this structure also determines its transport and storage. Also, the base is adjusted in three different heights to offer greater comfort to the caregiver. 

It should be noted that the bathtub is ergonomic, since its design allows newborns to be semi-lying down during the bath, while older ones can sit in total comfort. 

Another attractive feature is that the transition from bathtub to changing table is made by placing the cushion on top of the tray, giving you a soft and padded space to change your baby.

For many users Chicco may be the best brand of baby bathtubs and if you agree, it will be useful to read the summary of the pros and cons of this product.


Structure: The metal base is robust and light, with a non-slip coating for greater safety.

Functionality: The 2-in-1 function increases the versatility of this bathtub as it is also a changing table.

Drainage: The drain in the bathtub allows it to be easily emptied over the sink or a bidet.

Accessories: A sponge holder, soap and a jug are included to bathe the baby more comfortably.


Space: You will need a space to store the bathtub bucket when you are not using it because it is not collapsible.

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Baby bath for shower

Jane 040309C01

Jané is a specialist brand in bathtubs and adapter seats so that babies can enjoy bath time without problems. That is why, when you want to know which is the best bathtub, you should closely analyze models like the one we are talking about now. First of all, its square shape makes it compact and comfortable to seat your child and let him enjoy the water.

In addition, it has legs made of hard plastic and foldable, which can save space when storing it. In this sense, it is important to remember that the storage of the product must be done when it is completely dry, so as not to cause damage to its integrity.

Likewise, this baby bathtub for shower incorporates an efficient drainage system, which allows you to dispose of the bathtub without the problems caused by having to empty it manually, being of quality and improving bath time.

Jané is recognized as an excellent puerperium brand thanks to the support of users and the quality of its functional products, so we present this option to you by summarizing the pros and cons that characterize this model.


Use: This product can be used to bathe small and large children up to 2 years of age.

Storage: Because its legs fold it is very easy to store the bathtub.

Placement: You will be able to place this bathtub inside the shower tray without problems, since it is not very big.


Design: Compared to other models, the design of this bathtub is simple and maintains a slightly dull color for baby products.

Opinions: This tub holds very few user opinions, making it difficult to give a verdict.

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Other products

Stokke Flexi Bath Foldable Baby Bath for Shower

If what you are looking for is a bathtub that you can use even when you are away from home, we invite you to take into account the option that Stokke offers you.

Your baby bathtub is also considered a portable pool, since it has a size of 66 x 24 x 30 centimeters with a weight of 4.54 kilograms so you can move it easily. In addition, when folded, its dimensions decrease to 63 x 24 x 10 centimeters, making it easy to store under the bed, in the trunk of the car or the closet, for example.

It is made of BPA-free plastics so that you can use it with your baby without risks and it has a special bottom cap. This is responsible for indicating the approximate temperature of the water thanks to its thermosensitive qualities. The cap is black and will stay that way if the water is cold, while if it is lukewarm it will turn purple and if it is too hot it will turn red.

Stokke offers you a baby bath with qualities that make it easy to transport, so here are more details about it:


Structure: The bathtub has a folding structure that gives it a thickness of just 10 centimeters to store it easily.

Base: It has a non-slip base that will help your little one better maintain his balance in the soapy water.

Materials: The entire bathtub is made with chemical-free and BPA-free plastics to be safer to use.

Cap: The cap is thermosensitive and has 3 indicator levels so you know how hot the water is.



Care: You should try to clean and dry it very well after use, to avoid the appearance of stains and mold.

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Shnuggle Bum Bump

With a good appreciation from users who have used it, this Shnuggle bathtub could be classified as the best baby bathtub, as it is available in two models, one white with pink and the other white with gray, giving you the option to choose the that you like the most and has several features that are worth highlighting.

First of all, it has a design designed to make bath time much safer, more comfortable and more fun, both for you and your baby, thanks to its surface with a seat, which allows the infant to be kept in an inclined position, preventing it from slipping and favoring the reduction of colic common in infants.

As if that were not enough, it allows you to adapt long folding legs, suitable so that you do not have to bend down or lean to reach your child. In this sense, you should consider that they do not come with the product, so it would be an additional purchase.

Considering the opinions made by users, we can affirm that this model could well be the best baby bathtub of the moment, being able to point out the following positive and negative aspects.


Design: This model has a very nice and practical design, which facilitates the bathing process by giving your baby greater freedom of movement.

Non- slip: This product has a non-slip surface designed to prevent the baby from slipping, thus improving the bathing experience.

Seat: The bathtub incorporates a seat with the appropriate shape to seat the baby and make him comfortable while you wash him.

Comfortable: The shape of the bathtub makes its use very comfortable and without problems, favoring bath time for the enjoyment of the little one and the tranquility of the parents.


Storage: Due to its spacious size, this product can have some drawbacks when it comes to storage, so it can be a problem in places with little space.

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Babify Folding Baby Bath With Reducer Cushion

Using a special bathtub for the baby when cleaning it is recommended because this way you can have greater control for both the safety of the child and the parent, and the Babify brand has an option that might interest you.

It is a folding bathtub with the capacity to be used by children between 0 and 8 years old thanks to its size of 80 x 56 x 47 centimeters and an approximate weight of 5.18 kilograms, so you can place it on the bathroom floor No problem.

Evaluating its manufacture, it is made of polypropylene, a plastic derivative that offers durability and resistance to wear, so that you can use the bathtub for a long time. In addition to this, the purchase includes a reducing cushion that will be able to raise the child above the water if she still does not know how to sit up on her own.

Having a bathtub like Babify’s at home could increase the child’s safety and comfort during grooming sessions:


Design: The design of the bathtub is practical, easy to use and offers enough space to bathe the child without problems.

Materials: The entire structure is made of polypropylene to offer resistance and easy maintenance of the bathtub.

Cushion: A reducing cushion is included designed to “hug” the baby while lying on it and thus prevent it from submerging.

Base: The base of the bathtub is insulated, so it is capable of maintaining the temperature of the water for longer than others.



Drainage: The installation of the drainage system can be a bit confusing if the instructions for use are not followed properly.

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Bebe-Jou 626037

Among the best baby bathtubs of 2022 according to users, we can find this Bébé-Jou model, suitable for having your baby’s bath ready in less time, since this model incorporates a thermometer designed to measure the appropriate temperature to immerse your baby. your little. In addition, it includes two appropriate dispensers to have soap and shampoo at hand at all times, without running the risk of leaving the infant alone.

Similarly, it has a hose to drain easily and comfortably, without having to move the bathtub from one side to another, because it is large and can be a complex process. It also has 4 stops on the inside, which adds stability, as well as the non-slip surface. On the other hand, it also has a step, which gives the infant double height so that you can accommodate him as you find most comfortable and convenient.

The function of a good bathtub is to facilitate the process of bathing the baby, which makes it practical and convenient, especially if you do not have experience in these jobs. That is why we present this Bébé-jou model with some very striking features that we will see below.


Thermometer: To help you improve the temperature of the water, this bathtub includes a thermometer, allowing you to conveniently control the freshness of the bath for the little one.

Appearance: It has a very nice presentation, consistent with a baby bathtub, maintaining a suitable color for both sexes.

Accessories: As a way to make bathing easier, this product includes two appropriate dispensers to keep shampoo and soap close at hand during the process.


Price: This product has a fairly high price compared to similar products, which can be a problem for its acquisition.

Support: This bathtub does not include the necessary support to place it at a convenient height that favors comfort during use.

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Accessories for baby baths

baby bath seat

Thermobaby Aquababy bath ring

Thermobaby presents this baby bath seat, which helps you keep your child sitting comfortably during the bath, so you can use both hands in the process. In the same way, it is not a hindrance for the infant, so he can have freedom of movement to play and investigate the surroundings all the time. This is due to its fixing system, which uses strong suction cups that provide security and stability to the seat so you don’t have to worry.

Also, it should be noted that this seat has a unisex design in different colors, allowing you to choose the one you like best.

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Baby bathtub adapter

Belupai Foldable Newborn Baby Bath Mat

If you would like to try a baby bathtub adapter, you can evaluate the Belupai brand product as it has a clever design available in various colors.

It is a seat designed to lay the baby down in the bathtub, since it can float thanks to its polystyrene microbead filling, which also provides support and comfort to the child.

It is easy to use, it measures 34 x 54.1 x 5.3 centimeters and you can buy it in pink, blue or with an animal design, in case you want to add a fun touch to bath time.

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baby bath chair

Safety 1st Swivel Toilet Seat

With a baby bathtub chair it will be much more comfortable and safer to bathe your little one and from the Safety 1st brand we present you the model 32110010.

It is a chair with a round base equipped with 4 suction cups to adhere to the ground and thus prevent any accidental slipping. This will keep the child safe while you search for the towel or soap, for example.

Also, considering safety, this chair has a bar that completely surrounds it, supported by pedestals that, in turn, are arranged in such a way that the child’s legs are separated in between and thus prevent him from easily getting out.

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Baby bathtub support

HBselect 20180528

It is a convenient baby bathtub support to bathe the little one more safely. For its manufacture, a resistant polyester net has been used, being a durable material, so it is given a long useful life. In the same way, it is a breathable and non-slip element, so you can fix it in any bathtub without problems, keeping your baby comfortable throughout the bath.

Also, it is important to note that the support has a length of 98 cm and a width of 58 cm, and can be rolled up to adapt its dimensions to those of the bathtub to be used.

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Baby bath hammock

Badabulle B016303

As a hammock for a baby bath, we have this Badabulle model that is not only spacious to comfortably place your child, but also has a striking and very beautiful design that makes it a good product. Similarly, it is an ergonomic and comfortable complement, maintaining a soft, smooth and breathable fabric, which allows it to be delicate with the infant’s skin at all times.

Likewise, it is a product that dries quickly and is easy to maintain, since it can be easily removed from its support and machine washed at 30º, favoring hygiene and the proper functioning of the product.

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Baby bathtub reducer

4EverHope Baby Infant Bath Cushion Rug

With a baby bath reducer it will be possible to keep your baby lying down and floating above the water when you wash him.

The 4EverHope product can be used with babies between 0 and 6 months and has measurements that reach 54 x 34 x 7 centimeters with a weight of 240 grams, so that it can be used ergonomically by both the parents and the child.

It can support weights that do not exceed 10 kilograms and its buoyancy is due to the filling of micro granules of polystyrene foam. In addition to this, it has a lycra fabric that is pleasant to the touch and is easy to dry, which is combined with a fabric hook on the upper part that will allow you to hang the reducer after use.

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How to choose the best baby bathtub?

To buy products for the care of your baby, you need precise information on the aspects that you should look for so that the investment is a success, for this reason we have designed this guide to buy the best bathtub for babies in which you will have specific data on what the bathtub should have. suitable bathtub for your little one.

Shopping guide


When buying a baby bathtub, the main thing you should check is that it does not have chemical components that could be harmful to your baby. That is why you should study which of the market options is most useful to you by making a comparison of baby bathtubs. In it you can include hard plastic or inflatable tubs that you can easily store and are appropriate for your little one.

In this sense, you can prefer those that include support for the crotch or to place the child’s butt, which are suitable to prevent accidents and falls.

Edges and supports

On the other hand, you should consider the type of edge that the bathtub has, since it should be smooth and soft, preferably rounded to prevent any damage to the child’s skin or your own.

In addition, you must establish if you want a bathtub that includes supports or if you prefer one that can be adapted to your shower tray or bathtub. If you are very tall, we advise you to choose one with an adjustable height support, so that you can be much more comfortable during bath time.

resistance and comfort

Products of this type are expected to last a long time, since most are made of hard plastic or another material that remains stable for a long time, so you can enjoy the bathtub for several years. In the same way, it is important that it can be comfortable for you and your child, since it will be a place of fun and relaxation for both the little one.

On the other hand, if you see that the material of the bathtub is not very comfortable but you find other aspects of it favorable, you can purchase an adapter or a hammock for bathtubs that allow you to provide the child with adequate comfort.


This is a fundamental point when referring to baby products, since they must follow a set of standardized safety regulations so that you can use them with confidence.

To begin with, the incorporation of non-slip surfaces both inside and outside the design of a baby bathtub is essential, because it prevents the child from falling or hitting himself due to having a surface that is too smooth. On the other hand, stability is also very important, especially if you use it with children who already know how to sit, who tend to be very restless and can unbalance the tub.


The price can be an important point, since it must adapt to your budget. We recommend that you establish the amount that you are willing to pay for a baby bathtub and then carry out your search based on how much the product costs, in this way you will not want to opt for a bathtub outside your budget. Another thing you should consider is the possibility of finding a bathtub that is good and cheap, and for this you just have to know how to look in the right places using our information.


In this case, you need to be able to maintain your balance, since not all baby bathtubs have the same size, capacity, and ease of storage. That is why you should analyze your options closely.

It is not recommended that you buy a bathtub that is too big that can end up being more of a problem than a help tool or a very small one that you have to change quickly. In this sense, you must establish a size that allows you to bathe your child easily and that is consistent with your space at home.

For this reason, if you have space problems, it is best that you decide on folding or inflatable bathtubs, which you can use and store easily and without inconvenience. In addition, you must take into account its dimensions when folded, so that you can store it correctly

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