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Blenders – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Many parents look for alternatives that allow healthy food intake to offer the best nutrition to their children. Blenders are one of those appliances that favor this task, because with their power and functionality to prepare juices and smoothies, it is possible to combine vegetables and fruits to give them to children with a more pleasant presentation. To make a good purchase it is necessary that the blender has an efficient power, as well as a filter capable of retaining all the pulp and seeds. In addition, the design is also important, since it will be part of your kitchen and the most used appliances, therefore it must be related to your decoration or, at least, have a manageable size and an intuitive design for its use. In this category, the Moulinex Vitae JU200045 stands out, a blender with 200 W of power and a design that prioritizes user safety, since it does not turn on until the lid is properly placed. On the other hand, we have the Aicok Slow Juicer, a model that automatically separates the pulp from the juice, and that is easy to clean due to its removable parts.



Opinions on the best blenders

Using the evaluations of other users is a good reference to know the most outstanding products in a category, that is why we have selected the most popular and recognized models as the best blenders of 2022, functional devices and with an intuitive design so you can choose the one you like best and prepare nutritious juices for the whole family.

Moulinex Vitae JU200045

With a compact design, this 200W blender is powerful enough to extract the largest amount of juice from fruits, vegetables, greens and vegetables with a speed of 12800 rpm, which will help you prepare juices quickly and safely at any time. time of day, for this reason some users consider it the best blender.

This device stands out for its safe operation, which does not allow its activation until the lid is in the correct position, avoiding accidents. In addition, it has a stainless steel filter that retains the seeds, shells and pulp of the food. Additionally, you will be able to see the entire extraction process through the transparent lid and container, so children can participate in the preparation of their nutritious drinks while they learn how the blender works and wait.

For its part, the compact size of the JU200045 and its aesthetic white color favor its placement in any space in the kitchen or countertop, since it only measures 18.5 x 16.5 x 26.3 cm and weighs less than two kilograms.

The Moulinex Vitae JU200045 has positioned itself among many users as the best blender of the moment, so we invite you to learn about its positive and negative aspects so that you form your own judgment about this appliance.


Performance: The blender uses 200W of power to extract as much juice as possible from fruits and vegetables with a single speed of 12800rpm, meaning a quick and easy process.

Filter: The stainless steel filter keeps the shells and seeds to prevent their passage into the juice. In addition, in the transparent container you can see the amount of fiber retained to make the corresponding emptying.

Storage: Due to its compact size, this blender is easy to store and has a space inside to store the cable.

Cleaning: The removable parts can be safely washed in the dishwasher.


Opening: A user points out that the mouth of the blender is a bit small, but if it is very large fruits or vegetables, they can be cut into pieces and good results will be obtained.

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Aicok Slow Juicer

Among the best blenders of 2022 is the Aicok Slow Juicer, a device with a modern and innovative design that has 150 W of power and automatically separates the juice from the fruit.

As for its opening, it stands out for having a diameter of 75 mm, enough space to introduce fruits and vegetables with this measure. In addition, its operation with cold press technology uses pressure at low speeds to process whole foods, obtaining all the juice for your drinks, while the upper filter compresses all the pulp and extracts it into a separate container.

As a safety system, this equipment does not turn on until the juicer cover is placed to secure the locking arm in the detection position, so you will not risk accidents during use.

Aicok offers users a wide range of blenders and juice extractors to adapt to the needs of each client, which is why many users consider it the best brand of blenders. Below we summarize the pros and cons of the Slow Juicer model.


Technology: The cold pressing of this blender slowly extracts the liquid from fruits, vegetables and vegetables to offer 10% more juice than similar ones, obtaining more nutrients and vitamins from food.

Capacity: The pulp and juice containers offer a maximum capacity of 1 liter each.

Benefits: The wide opening of the extractor prevents the fruit from having to be cut, reducing the risk of oxidation and loss of nutrients, as well as saving time.


Pieces: For some users, the number of pieces can make assembly messy, however, as they are removable, they can be washed individually.

Space: There is no doubt that the mounted blender is a bit cumbersome and takes up a lot of space, so if your kitchen is very small you can look for other more compact options.

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Clatronic AE 3532

If you are looking for the best blender and one of the most powerful, you should review the characteristics of the semi-professional model AE 3532 offered by Clatronic. With 1000 W of adjustable power in two speeds, this appliance is capable of extracting the juice from large fruits or vegetables that are inserted into the 7.5 cm diameter opening, while the skin and food remains remain in the 2 liter container.

The Clatronic blender has a compact and functional design, it is made of stainless steel with plastic parts and a transparent lid that allows you to observe the blending process.

For its part, cleaning the product is very simple, since it can be quickly disassembled into 3 parts to wash each element and keep the blender ready for the next use.

With this Clatronic equipment we confirm that quality is not directly related to high prices, since this blender is one of the cheapest in our comparison and has been positively valued by the users who purchased it. Therefore, we list its pros and cons in the following section.


Capacity: The container for fruit and food remains has a capacity of 2 liters, so you can prepare various juices without having to empty it quickly.

Anti-drip: It has an anti-drip system to avoid wasting the juice when the blender has finished.

Filling mouth: The 7.5 cm diameter opening allows you to introduce food of this size without cutting it, and if it gets stuck you can use the included pusher to continue the process.


Pitcher: A pitcher compatible with the blender is missing to deposit the extracted juice, so you should look for a container whose height matches the juice outlet.

Appearance: A user states that with daily use, and although he cleans by hand, the plastic part has gradually become dull and this affects the appearance of the product.

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Philips Viva Collection HR1855/70

Considered the best value for money blender, the Philips HR1855/70 stands out for its compact size and functional design that allows you to obtain up to two liters of juice in a short time, thanks to its 700 W power and spin technology.

The blender’s casing is made of ABS, a resistant plastic material; It also has a 75 mm diameter hole to insert foods with this size or that need to be roughly chopped for blending, avoiding accelerated oxidation of fruits and vegetables.

For its cleaning, it incorporates the QuickClean technology that presents a sieve with soft surfaces and smooth walls of the device for faster washing. In addition, with the pre-cleaning option you can add water to the pusher to clean the sieve faster and loosen the pulp.

If you still don’t know which blender to buy, you can review the different features of this model, among which its 2-liter container for fruit remains stands out, which allows you to extract more juice without cleaning the tank.


Jug: This model includes an 800 ml jug in which you can place the extracted juice to serve it.

Assembly: The pieces have a manageable and comfortable size, which favors the assembly of the blender.

Visor: The transparent container for the fruit pulp serves as a viewer to know when it is time to empty it.


Instructions: A user states that more complete instructions are needed on the operation of the blender. However, on the web there are numerous videos and recipes that explain how to use the equipment and what juices you can prepare.

Soft foods: Another user does not recommend the use of this equipment for blending soft fruits such as bananas. However, he recognizes its power for hard foods such as beets, apples and the like.

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Braun J300 Multiquick Juicer

Many cheap blenders offer efficient performance, meeting the demands of users, and one of them is this model from Braun, which is well accepted among its users, since it has a power of 800 W and a two-speed setting.

Thus, this machine stands out for being fast, a feature favored by the wide entry hole that allows large fruits or vegetables to be inserted without wasting time cutting them.

For its part, the waste container has a capacity of two liters and a jug of 1.25 liters for juice is also included. In addition, the blender has an anti-splash spout that keeps the space clean and a very efficient anti-drip system that prevents the loss of juice. On the other hand, and for its firm fixation on the worktop, the base of this equipment is covered with a non-slip surface.

With the support of the Braun brand, this J300 blender is positively valued by users and the following pros and cons are distinguished.


Security: It has a mechanism that automatically stops the blender in 3 seconds if the security requirements are not met.

Cleaning: The anti-drip system works correctly with a button and avoids dirtying the countertop. For its part, the removable parts are dishwasher safe. In addition, it includes a cleaning brush to facilitate this task.

Speed: The power of the motor allows the rapid extraction of the juice to have a nutritious drink in less than a minute.


Space: You should know that this blender is large and even cumbersome, according to several customers, so you should check if you have enough space in your kitchen to place it.

Surface: A user states that the waste container has many nooks and crannies where it is difficult to remove the fruit remains, even with the brush.

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