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Mixers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Among all the appliances designed for cooking, mixers are still one of the most necessary, especially when we have a baby and we are going to start complementary feeding. And it is that with a blender it is much easier to prepare healthy baby food and porridge for our little one, homemade meals with fresh and natural ingredients. To choose the right blender you must check that it has a good power to be able to crush soft foods and other harder ones, as well as verify the capacity it has and the functionality of its design, to be able to use it in different recipes and supply the entire family. family. When conducting a search, we highlight the Bosch ErgoMixx MSM67170that has a power of 750W that is regulated in 12 speeds, and a glass with a capacity of 1 liter for different recipes. On the other hand, we have the Braun Multiquick MQ5000WH, an electric hand mixer with 21 adjustable speeds and a compact size, ideal for easy storage and use at any time to prepare our little one’s jars.


Opinions on the best blenders

With the feedback from users, we have made a selection of the blenders that currently stand out on the market, thanks to their power and functional designs. Below we invite you to learn a little more about them and thus help you make an intelligent purchase.

Bosch ErgoMixx MSM67170

With an ergonomic handle, this Bosch mixer stands out for being versatile and is considered the best mixer by many customers. This hand model has a power of 750 W that will allow you to use it for different foods with 12 speeds through a selector and its turbo function to obtain better results in less time.

Also, this blender includes various accessories that are 2 lids, an ice crusher blade, a mixing and measuring cup, a stainless steel mixing rod, a universal grinder and a whisk. The mixer also includes a spiral cable so that it does not get tangled when using it, making it easier to handle, in addition to the fact that its buttons located on the non-slip handle are easily accessible to make your task easier.

For many customers, this model is the best blender of the moment, as it has different characteristics that make it a good investment, some of which are summarized below.


Comfort: For your comfort, the handle of the mixer is ergonomic and non-slip, facilitating access to the buttons located there. In addition, its coiled cable does not get tangled.

Accessories: Includes a universal grinder, mixing rod, whisk, ice crusher blade, a mixing and measuring glass, accessories that will help you prepare all kinds of recipes.

Speeds: The mixer has 12 different speeds that will help you grind food, whip cream or mix drinks. It also has a turbo function for maximum power.

Glass: The glass that includes the blender has a capacity of one liter. In addition, it has the graduation printed on it to make it easier to measure the ingredients, and it also includes a lid.


Noise: A user claims that when using the turbo function, the mixer emits a noise that makes it seem that the internal mechanism is forced. However, this does not affect the performance of the device.

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Braun Multiquick MQ5000WH

Among the best mixers of 2022 we find this Braun model that shares the design of an electric hand mixer with the previous team. However, it stands out for being light and compact, weighing 700 grams and 30% thinner than other models of its type. For this reason, many parents who do not have a lot of space in their kitchen prefer this device, as it is easy to store and handle.

Its handle is ergonomic to make its use easier and more comfortable, and it is also compatible with all the brand’s EasyClick accessories so you can make the most of the blender. This model includes a 600 ml measuring cup that is calibrated in millimeters and ounces. In terms of power, the mixer has 750 W and has 21 different speeds that can be selected with one hand.

With almost 100 years of experience standing out for its functional and aesthetic design products, Braun is recognized as the best blender brand according to many users, and the Miniquimer Soup model is one of the most outstanding, that is why we summarize some of its pros and cons in the next section.


Anti-splash: The blender has an anti-splash hood patented by the brand on its blade, with which you will avoid making a mess while preparing a mixture or grinding food.

Speeds: This model allows you to choose between its 21 speeds, in this way you can use it with the appropriate speed for each food or the function you need, be it crushing, beating or mixing.

Compatibility: This blender is compatible with various Braun EasyClick accessories, so you can purchase different rods, blades, among others so that you get the most out of your equipment.


Power: Some users affirm that the power of the blender does not correspond to that indicated, since they must use it at its maximum speed or in its turbo function to be able to crush some foods.

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Cecotec 650 Fresh&Go

Cecotec is a renowned manufacturer in the world of household appliances, which this time brings to the market a 650-watt mixer with two transparent glasses, a couple of cooling tubes and an extra accessory for other preparations.

With this product you will be able to prepare smoothies and juices, thanks to the combination of its workforce and the four-blade stainless steel blade system, with an exclusive titanium coating. In fact, said cutting pieces retain their sharpness for a long time and are non-deformable.

You will be interested to know that the glasses are made of BPA-free polymer and each one of them offers an ergonomic design with independent lids and easy-grip handles, which is convenient for safely transporting your drinks. In addition, you will be able to keep the preparations cold due to the cooling tubes, which you can fill with water, seal them and incorporate them into the container.

This is a blender with an ergonomic and attractive design, whose manufacture involves a series of features that highlight its level of quality. More product details below.


Blade: The blades have been made of steel with titanium treatment, so the edge will last longer despite constant use.

Glass: You will not have to worry about the release of toxic particles from the glass in your drink, since it has been made of BPA-free polymer.  

Cleaning: You can incorporate the glasses and lids inside the dishwasher without fear of damaging them. 

Grinder: A grinder is attached so you can carry out other preparations with spices, coffee or any other ingredient.


Noise: After starting up this blender, a slightly annoying noise level could be generated for some people.

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Oster BVLV07-ES

Oster is an American brand of household appliances with a global presence for approximately 96 years, whose products are characterized by high quality standards. Therefore, the positioning of this mixer is not surprising. In its design it has a chrome base inside which there is a powerful 600-watt motor adjustable at three speeds, according to the needs of each user.

The glass is made of glass, has an ergonomic handle for a secure grip and has an internal volume of up to 1.25 litres. The lid is plastic and has a transparent filler cap so you can add ingredients while the product is running. 

In addition, the blades have been made of robust stainless steel and are suitable for crushing ice without fear of warping or dullness. The best thing is that you can disassemble said cutting piece to improve the cleaning process.

If you are looking for an efficient, quiet and resistant mixer, consider reviewing the characteristics of this model from Oster.


Capacity: The glass of this blender offers a maximum holding capacity of 1.25 liters, so you can prepare drinks for up to four people.

Blades: Its stainless steel blades are resistant enough to crush ice without suffering any damage.

Speeds: You can use the power level that suits you best to beat the ingredients, since on the front you have a practical button for selection.

Cleaning: You will not have problems cleaning the blender, since you can remove the lid and disassemble the blades for greater practicality.


Adjustment: When placing the glass on the base of the product, it is important that you verify the correct adjustment between both parts. Otherwise, an annoying instability effect could be generated.

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Jata BT199

Jata has once again managed to surprise its followers with a product with elegant aesthetics and intuitive operation, which aims to help you in the preparation of a large number of sweet and savory recipes. It is a rod mixer with 1000 watt power adjustable by means of an easily accessible top button. 

The casing provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the blades made of titanium give the equipment a durable edge and great resistance to crush and beat any type of ingredient. In addition, they are easily disassembled so that you can wash them under the tap without inconvenience.

It is important to mention that with the purchase other very useful tools are attached. In this sense, we refer to a small-format blender, a measuring cup with a capacity of 600 milliliters and a BPA-free polymer chopper, non-slip base and corrosion-resistant steel blades.

This is a rod whisk with an elegant and ergonomic design that will help you in the preparation of different recipes. You can read more details here.


Indicator: The mixer has a convenient light indicator on the front area that alerts us to the operating status of the device.

Blades: You will be able to grind any type of food without inconvenience thanks to the resistance and sharpness provided by its titanium blades.

Power: The device has a high-end power corresponding to 1000 watts, which you can easily regulate by simply turning the button on the top of the structure.

Accessories: You will have some accessories to improve your user experience such as a measuring cup, chopper and a smaller whisk.


Weight: Although the product has a comfortable grip, the weight of the structure could be a bit high for those who perform long mixing tasks.

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Cecotec Power Titanium 1250

Entre las batidoras de vaso más baratas de este resumen está el modelo Power Titanium 1250 de Cecotec, una batidora de estilo americano y una potencia de 1250W para lograr mejores resultados al triturar alimentos o usarla como picadora de hielo.

Esta batidora incluye una cuchilla con 6 hojas de acero inoxidable con recubrimiento de titanio, lo que la hace resistente y duradera. Asimismo, su vaso está fabricado en cristal fundido para que soporte las diferentes temperaturas. También podemos destacar de este modelo que su cuchilla es desmontable y así podrás limpiarla de manera óptima y es apta para el lavavajillas. Además, incorpora un filtro para licuados libres de pulpa.

Por su parte, el diseño elegante de este modelo podrá combinar con el resto de electrodomésticos en tu cocina. Adicionalmente, tiene una base antideslizante que ofrece mayor control sobre la encimera o superficie donde se coloque.

Aunque esta es una de las batidoras de vaso más baratas de esta lista es muy recomendada por varios usuarios gracias a su diseño robusto y versátil, por eso resumimos sus aspectos positivos y negativos para ayudarte en tu decisión.


Cuchilla: Esta batidora incluye una cuchilla formada por 6 hojas de acero inoxidable recubiertas con titanio, de esta forma mantendrá su afilado por mucho tiempo. Además, es resistente a diferentes ingredientes.

Resistencia: El vaso de la batidora es de cristal fundido, por esta razón soporta los contrastes de temperaturas y los impactos de diversos ingredientes, como lo es el hielo al usarla como picadora.

Filtro: La batidora incluye un filtro que te permite hacer licuados sin necesidad de tener que usar coladores para retirar la pulpa, pues este lo hace de una vez.


Soporte: El soporte de la batidora tiene un engranaje de plástico que se gira y no encaja con la base del vaso en algunos casos, por lo que los usuarios recomiendan girar manualmente hasta que encaje.

Peso: Esta batidora pesa 3,2 kilogramos, lo que para algunos cliente resulta un poco excesivo, además consideran que ocupa mucho espacio dentro de la cocina.

Aicok TB13

Si estás buscando cuál es la mejor batidora de vaso, muchos usuarios recomiendan este modelo de Aicok, una batidora multifuncional que incluye tres vasos, uno para picar de 1,2 litros, uno para batir de 570 ml y otro para moler de 200 ml.

Asimismo, este modelo destaca por ser resistente, duradero y libre de elementos tóxicos debido a que sus 4 cuchillas están fabricadas en acero inoxidable y el resto de sus componentes de plástico están libres de BPA.

Esta batidora tiene una potencia de 700W y trabaja con un voltaje de 220 a 240, permitiéndote así obtener verduras trituradas en menos tiempo. Además, es de fácil limpieza pues todas sus piezas son desmontables.

Si aún no sabes qué batidora comprar, te recomendamos leer los aspectos positivos y negativos de este modelo que te describimos a continuación para que lo conozcas más y corrobores si es el adecuado para ti.


Materiales: Las cuchillas de esta batidora están hechas en acero inoxidable que ofrece más tiempo de uso y de afilado. Asimismo, los vasos y demás elementos del equipo están fabricados con plástico libre de BPA, por lo que no son dañinos para tu salud ni la de tu familia.

Componentes: Esta batidora incluye tres vasos diferentes, uno para moler de 200 ml, uno para batir o licuar de 570 ml y uno para picar o triturar grandes ingredientes de 1,2 litros.

Limpieza: Todos los elementos de la batidora se desmontan para una mejor limpieza. Asimismo, su vaso de 570 ml incluye una tapa que no permite goteos.


Una velocidad: La batidora solo funciona con una potencia y velocidad, por lo que los usuarios echan en falta poder seleccionar entre varias.

Botón: Este modelo no posee la opción de darle al botón y dejarlo funcionando, sino que debes estar pulsando durante toda la preparación.

Taurus Bapi Unic 900 Plus Inox

Muchos usuarios consideran que esta es la mejor batidora de relación calidad precio, pues es un aparato de mano con 900W de potencia y 20 velocidades, más una función turbo que puedes seleccionar en la parte superior de su mango para aprovechar al máximo la fuerza del motor en tus preparaciones.

Este modelo también incorpora un diseño ergonómico con acabado Soft-Touch en su mango, fabricado totalmente en goma para ofrecerte comodidad y seguridad en el agarre. Asimismo, esta batidora tiene un brazo y cuchillas de acero inoxidable de doble efecto, mientras las laterales baten, las verticales pican los alimentos, levantándolos y expulsándolos por sus aberturas para que vuelvan al interior del vaso. Esta batidora incluye un vaso batidor, un accesorio picador con capacidad de 1 litro y un vaso medidor.

El modelo Bapi Unic 900 Plus Inox es recomendado por muchos usuarios por ser una batidora de mano multifuncional, además de tener otras propiedades que hemos enumerado a continuación.


Potencia: Es una de las batidoras con más potencia de este resumen, pues tiene 900 W y funciona con un voltaje de 220 a 240. Asimismo, puedes seleccionar entre 20 velocidades diferentes y una función turbo.

Ergonomía: Este modelo prioriza el confort, debido a que su mango está fabricado en goma y tiene un acabado Soft-Touch para un agarre seguro y cómodo al momento de usarlo.

Turbo Rotation System: Esta batidora incorpora una función turbo que permite a las cuchillas laterales batir los alimentos y a las verticales picarlos, mientras los elevan y expulsan por sus aberturas con un movimiento de rotación.


Ajuste: Varios usuarios expresan que no les agrada que el acoplamiento de los accesorios sea mediante un sistema de rosca y no por medio de un botón de fácil extracción.

Velocidad baja: Otros clientes señalan que la velocidad más baja de la batidora continúa siendo muy potente y puede ser incómodo en ocasiones.

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