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Bottle Drainer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Bottles are some of the items that are most often used when you have a baby, so it is necessary to wash them after each use. One way to keep them clean and dry for their next use is to have a bottle drainer, a practical accessory where you can place them and take them when you need them. If you find yourself thinking of acquiring one of these useful products, it is best that you take into account the main characteristics that it must have, such as design, capacity, and size, which are elements that provide good ventilation and hygienic drying. Currently, you can find many options on the market, so, to help you, we present some of the best, such as the Munchkin 011048 model.where you can place all your little one’s feeding utensils without space problems. Or the Philips Avent SCF149/00, whose striking tree-shaped design promotes air circulation to effectively evaporate water.



Opinions on the best bottle drainers

Drying trays have been used for many years due to the need to have an exclusive space for baby items, prioritizing their hygiene and access to them every time you need to feed the little one. Here we have a selection with the 5 best bottle drainers of 2022, according to the opinion of users, so we invite you to learn more about them.

Munchkins 011048

Among the cheap bottle drainers you can find this Munchkin model that has a total of 16 supports, 8 high and 8 low, as well as an area to place other types of utensils. Likewise, the tips of their supports have a round protection to prevent them from scratching the bottles or being dangerous for handling. Also, it has a suitable size so that you can use it as a drainer for other baby utensils such as teats and anti-spill cups.

On the other hand, this product is completely foldable so that you can easily store it and take it out when you need it, keeping it clean for longer and making drying your bottles much more hygienic.

In addition to this, you will be able to place the drainer inside the dishwasher without problems, so that it is always properly cleaned after each use.

Being one of the cheapest bottle drainers, this model has several features that deserve to be evaluated, so we summarize them below.


Design: This bottle drainer is foldable, so you can easily store it when you don’t need it.

Washing: This product is suitable for putting it in the dishwasher, so you can carry out its cleaning without problems and the necessary anti-bacterial care.

Price: Compared to other products of the same type, it has a fairly low market cost, which helps you to acquire it without a large investment.

Uses: In addition to being able to drain your baby’s bottles, you can also place other utensils such as teats, cups, glasses and other accessories.


Accumulation: Due to the fact that this product does not have a tray to store the water released by the utensils, it can accumulate in the lower part of it.

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Philips Avent SCF149/00

Being the best bottle drainer, according to users, this Philips Avent product maintains an open design that allows air to circulate freely, making it easy to dry bottles and accessories quickly, maintaining the hygiene you need. In addition, it includes supports for up to 8 bottles of various sizes, so you can use it without problems. Also, it facilitates the placement of teats, cups, pacifiers and even extractors, being a useful element.

Another aspect to take into account is that you can detach the supports whenever you need it, giving you more space and giving you flexibility so that cleaning is much easier.

On the other hand, its anti-drip tray stores the water that comes out of bottles and other utensils so you can conveniently keep your countertop dry.

This could be the best bottle drainer of the moment according to the evaluation of the users, due to the fact that it presents some convenient specifications that we summarize below.


Capacity: It has a good capacity for you to place up to 8 bottles, without being stacked.

Adaptation: You can uninstall the bottle supports so that you can adapt the product of different dimensions, offering exactly the space you need.

Design: It maintains a tree design, where the supports for the bottles are branches, making it beautiful and striking.


Space: A user commented that this drainer is not the most spacious to place the teats or lids, being a personal opinion.

Drip: It is possible that there may be drips outside the product tray, especially if bottles with water are placed on the outside.

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Suavinex 400284

Taking into account the opinions of the users, this could be the best value for money bottle drainer, being highly recommended in their comments.

To begin with, this Suavinex product is made of BPA-free polypropylene material, so that its use is totally safe for you and your child. In addition, it includes supports of two sizes: long for bottles and short for lids, pacifiers and teats, this gives you plenty of space to place all of your baby’s feeding utensils, always keeping them clean and tidy.

On the other hand, it will be a beautiful element that will not clash with your kitchen, giving it a special touch, without taking up a lot of space for it. Also, you should consider that for proper cleaning you will have to disassemble the product, thus avoiding spaces that moisture can directly affect.

From the comments of the users we can tell you that it could well be the best brand of bottle drainer, maintaining very positive characteristics. Consequently, we summarize the aspects that stand out in this product, both good and not so good.


Appearance: The colors of this product make it a striking and very nice element to keep in your kitchen.

Tray: To avoid water overflows, this drainer has a tray that collects all the liquid.

Transfer: You can disassemble this product whenever you need to move it, to make it easier and take up less space.


Cleaning: Cleaning this product can be a bit cumbersome, since its supports are placed individually in the tray.

Pills: A user indicates that the pills to place the bottle caps usually do not grip well, which means that these elements fall.

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Sankoo JES-BD90

This Sankoo model is among the best bottle drainers of 2022, obtaining very good acceptance by users who have used it. One of its most important characteristics is that it is free of BPA, phthalates and PVC, promoting the well-being of your baby as it is not toxic in any way. In addition, you can use it safely, since it maintains antibacterial properties so you can rest easy.

Likewise, it is recommended that the washings be carried out thoroughly and periodically, doing the first cleaning before using the product for the first time to ensure its hygiene. Also, per the manufacturer’s instructions, it should not be microwaved, boiled or sterilized at any time.

On the other hand, this model has a design designed to adapt to any kitchen style, available in pink and green, which allows the product to be given a distinctive touch.

Closely studying different options is the assertive way that you can decide which bottle drainer to buy, so we leave you the characteristics of this model for your analysis.


Cleaning: The cleaning of this product must be done periodically, so that the product is kept clean and cared for.

Storage: This drainer is foldable, so it will take up very little space if you want to store it or take it anywhere.

Practical: It is very practical to keep your baby’s feeding utensils tidy, clean and hygienically dry at every opportunity.


Dimensions: This product may be a bit small for people who have many bottles or parents of twins.

Supports: It is possible that when using all the supports, the bottles are a bit crowded, which makes their handling complex.

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Beaba 911616

You might think it’s a big deal trying to figure out which is the best bottle drainer. However, if you take into account some basic characteristics, you will be able to do it without problems. To begin with, this Béaba model allows you to dry bottles and their accessories (teats, rings, protectors and caps) without any complexity. In addition, it has a water retention system, designed to prevent bottle spills from bothering you while they dry.

Likewise, it maintains a large capacity, since it has space for 6 bottles and their parts, keeping everything in one place, tidy and hygienic. Also, its branch shape helps air circulate freely, making drying much faster and more effective.

In the same way, its cleanliness will not be a problem, because it is a dishwasher-safe product.

So that you can analyze this product closely, here are some of its most relevant characteristics.


Presentation: It is a beautiful product that is easy to install, since it does not take up much space and can be easily moved.

Air: Its branch format allows air to circulate efficiently, helping your utensils to dry more quickly.

Hygiene: It is a drainer suitable for the dishwasher and manual washing, so you can decide how to clean it.


Cost: This product has a high market price, which a user comments is due to the brand.

Proportions: The distance between the supports can be a problem for those parents who use wide bottles, since the space can be a bit small.

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