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Bottle Warmer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When you have a baby, you should take into account that their feeding is much more frequent than normal. They usually eat every 3 or 4 hours, making this a permanent job during the day and night. Bottle warmers are a way to make life easier for parents, allowing them to feed their little ones without delay and without the annoying inconvenience of having to make constant trips to the kitchen. As a way to help you choose the right bottle warmer for you, we present some good options, taken into account by the comments made by users. Such is the case of the Chicco Digital, which is convenient since it has a very comfortable support, incorporates a timer and an automatic shutdown system. There is also the Philips Avent SCF256/00, which keeps the water hot for a long time, allowing you to have it at hand to prepare the bottle quickly and at any time.

Opinions on the best bottle warmers

Knowing the characteristics of a product is very useful to make a successful purchase, for this reason we present you the summary description of the products that are the favorites of our customers in the category of bottle warmers.

Chicco bottle warmer


Being one of the best bottle warmers of 2022, according to user comments, this equipment has the ease of being able to be used comfortably due to its adequate functional support, which holds bottles and jars in a simple and convenient way during heating.

The functionality of this Chicco bottle warmer allows you to carry out other activities at the same time, since it incorporates the use of a timer that emits an alarm when the process is finished.

It is suitable for use with all Chicco brand bottles and jars, although it is also compatible with other types of bottles and containers.

Likewise, the sound made by the Chicco bottle warmer when pressing its keys or at the end of its heating process is not unpleasant or noisy, and it can be used at night without problems. You should know that this model does not include the car connector, so you must purchase it separately.

This model belongs to what can be considered by users as the best bottle warmer brand, since its features, functions and design are of quality and good taste.


Weight: The equipment is quite light so that it can be carried from one place to another without problems, facilitating transportation and storage.

Programming: Thanks to its digital screen, heating can be programmed by setting the timer and the sound signal.

Automatic: It turns off automatically at the end of the process, so the equipment should not be monitored to avoid overheating.


Instructions: The instruction manual that accompanies the product can be confusing for some users, causing problems when using it.

Heating: Due to general comments from users, we can indicate that this equipment can take an approximate time of up to 5 minutes to heat up, so its use must be scheduled in advance.

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Avent bottle warmer

Philips Avent SCF256/00

This portable Avent bottle warmer has several advantages, in addition to being one of the cheapest in this comparison. On this occasion Philips presents a very good quality product, capable of heating a 180 ml bottle in approximately 2 and a half minutes.

It has a double function lid. Firstly, thanks to its easy pouring system, it avoids liquid spillage when the device is transported; secondly, it is intended to keep the bottle in place, allowing it to heat up more quickly and safely. It is also very easy to clean, so cleaning will not be a problem.

In this sense, and to facilitate its use, this equipment incorporates a heating reference guide that helps you better understand the time that bottles need according to the size and temperature of the milk. Similarly, and as an extra bonus, this bottle warmer is compatible with a wide variety of bottles of the same brand.

This model is a team of very good quality and convenient price, being one of the cheapest in our comparison.


Portable: It is suitable to be carried anywhere and anytime without movement damage or lack of stability.

Time: This device keeps the water hot for a long time, offering a suitable temperature to prepare the bottle at any time.

Materials: It is made of polypropylene and stainless steel, which gives it a fairly long useful life.


Size: According to users, this product can be a bit wide and difficult to store, so if you are looking for something that takes up little space, it is not the best alternative.

Closing system: According to a customer, you may have problems with the lid that prevents the water from coming out, so care must be taken when handling it, especially if the water is hot.

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Jané bottle warmer

Jane 010344C01

The Jané bottle warmer version incorporates different functionalities that will make the use of adults a comfortable job and where it will be necessary to invest very little time.

In the first instance, it should be mentioned that it includes a reducing ring, which allows better adaptability to all types of bottles, whether they have a wide neck or a little narrower, so it will give you versatility.

On the other hand, the way to heat is through the use of water vapor, an aspect that is very valuable because the milk progressively acquires the appropriate temperature, making it possible to better preserve the nutrients and to offer the baby the most suitable.

As for the time it takes to do the job, this can take around a minute depending on the type of bottle and its capacity, since it is clear that the greater the amount of liquid, the longer it will take to heat.

This could be one of the best bottle warmers, based on user experience. Based on these same comments, it is that they have been able to extract the following pros and cons that are useful to know.


Alarm: It has a subtle alarm to indicate that the heating process has finished.

Cleaning: Since it does not come into direct contact with an element other than water, its cleaning is carried out very easily.

Design: A clean white color is presented that gives balance in any environment.


Warm-up time in the car: Although it includes this function, it runs more slowly.

Meter: The graduation of the water meter does not have a contrasting color, making it difficult to see the numbering.

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Bottle warmer and sterilizer

TopCom KF-4301

This model has a 3-in-1 function: it heats the bottle at mealtime; facilitates temperature maintenance thanks to its thermostat; and sterilize bottles before use.

Additionally, it has a functionality to squeeze fruit, with a juice meter and a glass to serve it, being a convenient option to offer other foods to your baby during his growth.

The TopCom KF-4301 is a very well designed bottle warmer and sterilizer to be used at any time, since it is light and can be moved from one place to another. In general, it is considered by users as the best price-quality bottle warmer, its main benefit being its multifunctionality.

For some users, it is an advantage that it does not have an automatic shutdown, since its system is very useful for keeping the bottle warm during the night and that it is at the right temperature for the next feeding.

Although it is true that you can find products with quite competitive prices on the market, it is also true that this product has an efficient cost-benefit ratio, offering you very good characteristics that we describe below.


Temperature: It is convenient to maintain the temperature of the bottle once it has been heated, making it easier to have it ready at mealtime.

Use: The simplicity of use makes it the right companion for any night when you don’t want to get up and go to the kitchen.

Configuration: Unlike other products, this one has the ability for the user to choose between the 3 temperature levels it offers.


Power: Some users consider that the equipment lacks power so that the heating is faster. However, most customers believe that it does its job.

Automatic power off: This model does not have an automatic power off, so care must be taken during use.

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Beaba bottle warmer

Béaba Bib Expresso

The Béaba Bib Expresso bottle warmer is an option for parents who get nervous when their babies start crying from hunger and they have to quickly prepare the bottle, as it offers water at the right temperature in less than a minute.

For many customers, it is the best bottle warmer if you have the child loaded, since you do not need the use of both hands, because just by pressing a button it will start up. In addition, its heating system allows the water to warm evenly and without problems, improving the user experience.

Its bain-marie function favors the heating of already prepared bottles so you don’t have to wait a long time using the stove. It also has a light and sound signal when the operating cycle ends, so you know the exact moment when you should remove it.

Bottle warmers are a way to make life easier for parents when it comes to feeding their babies. In general, there are many models suitable for this task, this being the best bottle warmer of the moment according to user opinions.


Time: It only takes 30 seconds to heat up properly, making it convenient to use in times of emergency.

Timer: It allows you to carry out several activities at the same time, thanks to its warning system when the bottle or water is ready.

Self-cleaning: This equipment has a self-cleaning system that allows you, through the use of steam, to keep the device properly clean at all times.

Convenience: It can be operated with one hand, which is convenient if you are carrying your baby or are aware of something else.


Plug: Based on comments from some users, we can say that the equipment has an English plug, so it is necessary to purchase an adapter for its correct operation.

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portable bottle warmer

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

A portable bottle warmer can be very useful for needs that arise outside the home, whether on a daily or occasional basis. This Tommee Tippee model is very practical, since unlike those for home use, it does not need electricity or batteries to work.

The work process focuses on a thermos that is responsible for keeping the hot water that you have prepared at home, so that it can be incorporated into the container intended for this when using and immersing the bottle there, achieving that by an action of contact, it reaches the precise temperature.

Although it has a design designed for the bottle of the same line, its use is not exclusive to it, so it can be useful for the model of your choice.

It is also necessary to mention that the thermos is capable of keeping the temperature hot for 12 hours and somewhat warmer if it reaches 20.

Baby products must be chosen very carefully, as it must be ensured that they meet all the necessary characteristics to offer good performance. Therefore, we leave you the pros and cons of this bottle warmer.


Size: The dimensions make it easy for it to be transported inside the baby’s bag of things.

Lid: The lid of the thermos is hermetic, which prevents water bottles from being generated if it is not vertical.

Versatility: Due to its shape and type of heating, it can be useful for milk or other types of food.


Only for a bottle: The water storage capacity of the thermos is only good for a bottle, so it is not useful for long outings.

Time: Because there is no power source, it may take a while to do the job.

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Other products

Nuk Thermo Express

With so many options, it is not easy to recognize which is the best bottle warmer, but the characteristics of this model deserve our attention. It is the Nuk Thermo Express, a compact device that allows you to use any type of commercial bottles or jars with a maximum diameter of 7.2 cm.

Its operation is very simple. You just have to place the bottle inside the heating unit and pour water, leaving a cm of space. Then, turn on the appliance and wait for the indicator light to turn off automatically and the food will already be hot. 

It takes approximately 90 seconds for the Thermo Express to heat the bottles. After this time, the water must be removed from the unit and wait up to 15 minutes to use the heater again, according to the opinions of the users. These features, added to the water dispenser, improve the user experience of this device.

Now we show you some of its qualities separated into pros and cons. This information will help you decide which bottle warmer to buy and spend your money wisely. 


Speed: This equipment can take up to 90 seconds to efficiently heat a bottle with 120 ml of liquid.

Compatibility: The size of the bottle warmer is compatible with conventional bottles and jars that do not exceed 7 cm in diameter, which is a standard measure. 

Indicator: The light signal turns off automatically when the bottle has already been heated.


Connection for the car: An adapter is missing to connect it in the car and use it anywhere. 

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How to choose the best bottle warmer?

The search for the best bottle warmer can be complicated when it is not well known which elements should be observed in greater detail. Beyond the fact that it is a system that uses hot water to heat bottles, it is a complete mechanism that can help make working with babies much more comfortable. That is why having a guide to buy the best bottle warmer is useful, and in some cases mandatory, before venturing to make product comparisons.

Shopping guide

heating time

One of the main aspects to look at before deciding to buy a bottle warmer is its heating capacity. The way of carrying out daily life forces us to have everything ready relatively quickly and, above all, when it comes to feeding babies, who do not know the time but rather their immediate needs.

The time it takes for a bottle warmer to carry out its process will have a clear influence on how much it costs, since it is clear that the faster it is, the better it will work and, therefore, the cost could be higher than other similar models.


Regarding this point, the type of bottle warmer has an influence, since one that works autonomously is not the same as one that works with an electrical connection, since the latter will have a built-in power level that will get them to do the job. more quickly.

In this way, an electric bottle warmer will have the possibility of fulfilling the objective in a period of between 1 and 5 minutes, while autonomous models may need approximately 15 minutes (or even more), which makes the advance planning is essential to not have the babies waiting for a long time.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the levels of water that the product can store in order to comply with the process. This can be related to the capacity of the bottles and the type of food contained in them, since the effort to heat milk will not be the same as that of porridge, for example.


In relation to the type of bottle warmer, you can find different functionalities that can help work to be carried out more comfortably. These are especially available in the electric type as they have a built-in work panel with which to access their programming.

In general terms, they can include some indication, alarm style, that informs the moment in which the bottle is ready to be used. It is also possible that it turns on a light that changes color when the work is finished.

Another possibility is that the product has a timer and automatic shutdown system that have a good influence on safety. First of all, the timer allows you to define how long the bottle warmer should work, depending on the experience you already have with its use or the manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, it will prevent evaporation of the liquid and the bottles end up burning.

If you would like the model to be purchased to have all these characteristics, do not hesitate to check out a comparison of bottle warmers like this one, where there are options for all tastes and which, in addition, may be the most appropriate window to choose, with property, the most suitable for you.


The safety of these utensils is of vital importance for efficient handling. Being a product that works with hot water, you have to be very careful how you handle it to avoid accidents, both in the case of adults and babies. It is best to always check the temperature of the liquid in the bottle before giving it to children.

Another point is to check that the hot water is handled with care during the process and discard it when it is finished, especially when there are older children at home to whom anything catches their attention.


On the other hand, a cheap bottle warmer can have a very sophisticated and elegant design that also serves as a complement to your kitchen. Most of the time they are presented in neutral colors that are useful with any decoration.

Dimensions are also relevant, especially in the case of portable bottle warmers, since comfort will depend on that when moving them. For the homemade, you have to look at the place where they could be stored after each use.

Frequently asked questions

1: When to use the bottle warmer?

This product must be used at the time of feeding the child, and that his milk does not have an inappropriately low temperature. Giving him his cold milk food is inappropriate and even dangerous for the vast majority of babies.

That is, if at the time the child has to take his bottle the milk does not have the appropriate temperature for him, that is when you can use the bottle warmer.

These devices are also used to thaw milk, and even to heat solid foods. Also, these are safer than microwave ovens.

2: How to clean a bottle warmer?

First it will be necessary to cut off the power source; unplug it if it’s electric or remove the battery if using this charging method. You must let it cool for a few minutes and extract all the water contained within. Then remove the compartment or basket and with a damp kitchen towel proceed to clean.

The use of very strong cleaning products with abrasive characteristics is not recommended.

You should also keep in mind that the best way to avoid the appearance of lime deposits is to use water at a low temperature, and that it be filtered or previously boiled.

3: Are bottle warmers useful?

Of course. These devices provide us with great peace of mind, comfort and free time, since they allow us to give our babies food in excellent condition, preserving the best properties of milk and with the ideal temperature without spending a lot of time.

In this regard, it should also be considered that with bottle warmers you can even defrost milk, without using the microwave oven, as well as heat solid foods.

4: How does a bottle warmer work?

The bottle warmer works by placing the bottle with the milk inside the compartment or basket that the device has for this purpose. Then, the amount of water indicated for the size of the bottle to be heated must be supplied. In most cases this information is provided by the manufacturer.

If you have an electric model, we advise you to unplug it before putting the bottle and water. Then, with the appliance already plugged in, you must select the temperature at which you prefer the milk and activate it to start heating.

If it is autonomous, all that remains is to pour the hot water and have the bottle inside while waiting for it to do its job.

5: Can I use a bottle warmer to warm breast milk?

If possible. The bottle warmer is a very safe way to heat breast milk for the baby, since unlike the microwave oven, it does not harm or alter the natural properties of your milk.

The bottle warmer works more or less the same as the traditional bain-marie technique, but in a much faster, more comfortable, easier and safer way, so that a good temperature for breast milk is reached without major complications.

6: How do keep-warm bottle warmers work?

The bottle warmers that keep warm are very useful, since, in addition to their way of using them similar to that of other bottle warmers, they have the function that allows the bottle to be kept at an optimal temperature for up to one hour after its heating cycle has finished. hour.

This, without a doubt, is very important, since in the event that mom or dad are late for some reason, it will not be necessary to reheat the milk, because it will have the desired heat without problems and safely.

7: Are battery-powered bottle warmers recommended?

Yes. These models of battery-powered bottle warmers manage to bring the milk to the desired temperature, almost in the same way as the electric ones.

In the event of a problem with electricity at home, these battery-powered bottle warmers can solve the emergency, if right at that moment you need to heat the baby’s milk.

8: Which option is better, bottle warmer or microwave?

The ideal temperature to supply milk to a baby is between 36 and 37º C, as this is the level at which breast milk would be if it were being taken from the mother’s breast.

The ideal method to achieve this temperature is a bottle warmer. This cannot be substituted for a microwave, due to the following reasons:

First, the way of heating in the microwave means that certain types of plastic bottles can release substances that could poison the child’s body.

In addition, the microwave achieves heat in an inhomogeneous way, that is, the bottle could be cool on the outside but excessively hot on the inside, this could cause burns in the baby’s mouth.

Microwaves can affect the nutritional properties of milk, a situation that will not occur when using a bottle warmer.

Q9: Are there any bottle warmers without electricity?

They do exist and there are various types. Among the most frequent are those that use thermos as a method of heat conservation. These are filled with hot water, which is then poured into a container and the bottle is inserted, so that it reaches the correct temperature after a while.

The others are a kind of isothermal bag where the bottle is placed, and which, through a special pad, makes the temperature rise.


Q10: When to charge a battery-powered bottle warmer?

For our appliances to have a longer useful life, it is necessary to give them the best care. And battery-powered bottle warmers are no exception to this rule.

Therefore, when you see that your battery-powered bottle warmer tells you that it needs charging, it is logically advisable to put it on charge.

A less friendly and unwelcome way of knowing that it needs to be charged is when its performance becomes poor, so you fix it by charging it.

The problem is that when you charge it for this reason very often, it is because we are careless with the good treatment of the device, and therefore it will have a shorter useful life.

11: What is a twin bottle warmer for?

Twin bottle warmers are used to heat two bottles at the same time. These are very useful when you have twin babies, who must be fed at the same time.

It’s a bit of a hassle to heat one bottle and then the other; since by the end of the second, the first will probably have lost its heat.

How to use a bottle warmer

Our babies are the most valuable thing in our life. Therefore, every aspect of their existence is of great importance to us. And one of those vital elements is your proper diet. And, perhaps, the most delicate process that occurs around this, is that of heating your milk and, for that, there is nothing more appropriate and hygienic than a bottle warmer.

When you start to know

When you unpack the bottle warmer at home, the first thing you should do is check the equipment. Make sure that its structure is intact and that the power supply cable (if it is of this type) is not broken or deformed in any way.

Likewise, it is necessary to worry about reading the guarantee that should come with the purchase; this way you will be more sure of where to go or call in case of any inconvenience.

Use with bottle and milk before use

When using the bottle warmer, it is prudent to check and make sure that the device is clean. It is very important to know at what temperature we want the milk for our baby, so we will use the equipment more profitably and quickly.

After the bottle is filled with milk, it is placed inside the bottle warmer and the necessary water is added according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer or our own experience of use. If it is electric or battery powered, it must be turned on and follow the steps for it to do its job. If it is autonomous, the bottle will be placed and it will be necessary to wait for it to complete the process.

It is necessary to explain that this equipment, due to safety regulations, does not reach high temperatures, however, the electric and battery-powered ones come with the options of several temperature scales to select, as well as other options such as a timer.

The heating process

Once the temperature has been selected and after the bottle warmer starts its heating cycle, all you have to do is wait for the bottle and its contents to heat up. In general, this process lasts from one to five minutes in electric or battery models and can exceed 15 minutes in autonomous models.

Some electric bottle warmers have a built-in auto-off function, when they reach the selected temperature. Likewise, there are other bottle warmers on the market, which use an alarm to warn that the temperature has been reached and must be turned off manually.

Finishing the procedure

Then, carefully remove the bottle from the bottle warmer. Before giving the milk to the child, it is recommended to check the temperature by dropping a little on our wrist. This is a procedure that is best done always to avoid accidents.

If the liquid is very hot, let the bottle cool for a few minutes, knowing that on another occasion, it will be time to select a lower temperature.

If, on the contrary, it has remained cold, it will be necessary to restart a heating cycle in the appliance, then choosing a higher temperature.

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