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Breast Pumps – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Mothers have the wonderful opportunity to feed their babies through the very milk that their body is capable of producing. However, sometimes it can be complicated to do it directly with the nipple for matters as varied as work, an outing to resolve issues, a trip, among others. In these cases, having a breast pump can be quite practical, as this will allow you to collect and store the food that the baby needs without having to resort to other forms of feeding. If you still have not decided on one, in this comparison we offer you to review the Medela Swing, which is electrically operated, quite intuitive to use and versatile in providing energy. On the other hand, there is the Nekan XNQ, another electric model that has two main functions: suction and massage, the latter very convenient to cope with ailments during the breastfeeding process.

Opinions on the best breast pumps

Many mothers relieve the pain of breastfeeding by using breast pumps to remove excess milk they produce, or to reserve food for their babies until they are gone. Here we have selected several of the most popular products from customers in this category to help you in your purchase.

Medela breast pump

Medela Swing

This Medela breast pump model works with the 7-piece set: a funnel, a connector, a valve head, two membranes, a bottle and a bottle holder; all of these connected to a motor that has the possibility of being plugged in or used with batteries for greater versatility.

In addition to the bottle, you can also work with the storage bags that Medela makes available to make it easy for you to store or freeze breast milk and use it at the most appropriate time. Thanks to these characteristics, users who have used this product previously highlight it as the best breast pump to have food for your baby within reach.

Its weight of 998 g and dimensions of 25 x 17 x 15 cm make this a product suitable for being moved from one place to another, as needed, because the most important thing is not to deprive your baby of consuming the best food for him.

If you want to buy this product and support your investment, we recommend reviewing the following list of its positive and negative aspects, with which you can learn more about the model that is cataloged by users as the best breast pump of the moment.


Easy to use: Just by activating its powerful motor, the breast pump will start its work without having to alter your routine much.

Simulates the baby’s suction: Thanks to the 2-Phase technology, the suction mechanism does not harm the mother’s nipple at all because it is as soft as if the baby did it.

Autonomy: If batteries are installed, instead of using it electrically, it can last approximately one hour.

Silent: You have the opportunity to use it while the baby sleeps without disturbing his tranquility.


Slow: Some users mention that the process takes too long, it can take more than 40 minutes, which they consider excessive.

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Medela Harmony

Being considered by users as a good quality product, this model of Medela breast pump is manual and works for occasional extractions during lactation, since it allows it to be carried out anywhere.

Its design is discreet and comfortable, as well as light, to make it a good alternative when traveling. Likewise, its quick and easy assembly favors that you have it ready in just seconds, which also happens when cleaning it, since the proper cleaning can be carried out effortlessly.

On the other hand, it incorporates some storage bags, designed for mothers who usually have a milk bank, being possible to install them directly to the extractor. Also, it is important to point out that it performs the work in two phases, the first of stimulation to promote the production of breast milk and the second of extraction of the liquid, without major delays for the satisfaction of the mother.

As a recognized brand of baby products, Medela presents this model with striking features that we leave below.


Extraction: The milk extraction process is very simple and you will not get tired, so it can be done at any time without problems.

Phases: This product includes two phases, one for stimulation and the other for extraction to help you produce more milk.

Bags: Additionally, it incorporates some bags called pump and save, useful when you want to store or freeze the expressed milk.


Size: Some users have indicated that the cup of the product is very large, even in the smallest size, so an adapter must be purchased separately.

Nipple: The bottle of this product does not include a nipple.

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electric breast pump

Nekan XNQ

This is a model of electric breast pump, whose functionalities allow its users to qualify it as the best value for money breast pump. This is because it has nine work levels and allows two modes of use: massage and suction.

It has an LED screen in the space where the motor is housed, which is very useful for measuring data such as the battery, the working time and the suction patterns used at other times.

In the same way, it has an anti-return mechanism that prevents, whatever position the mother chooses to carry out the extraction process, the fluid from going back or spilling, thus avoiding involuntary contamination by contact with the skin.

For its part, the manufacturer of this electric breast pump assumes a reliable system of work and quality of materials, for which it offers a warranty period of 18 months.

When you wonder what breast pump to buy, this may be one of the best alternatives. But before you venture into the unknown, it’s best to carefully evaluate all the positives and negatives of this product.


USB charging: The included battery can be charged via a simple USB connection.

Little noise: Although it is electric, the equipment does not emit annoying noises that could affect the tranquility of the baby or the people around him.

Work time: The equipment is programmed to cover a cycle of 30 minutes, which is the probable work time that you will need. After this, it will turn off.


Battery life: Although the manufacturer indicates that it can work for 5 hours, the reality is that it only reaches an hour and a half, according to a user.

Instructions: The instructions are not translated into Spanish.

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manual breast pump

Anself Snug

This breast pump is in the group of the cheapest of those selected in this article. It is a manual breast pump whose nozzle is made of soft gel that will not cause damage to the breast. In addition, it allows a more comfortable, firm and moldable grip.

It is also a good product for its ease of transport from one place to another, without major inconveniences and without being excessively heavy, since it barely reaches 281 g.

The pressure that needs to be applied to the lever of this manual breast pump is very little, so you will get the milk you need to feed your baby without making great efforts. In addition, since it has a reduced number of parts, cleaning is carried out quickly and safely.

On the other hand, the material with which the product has been manufactured is resistant and of good quality, according to users who have used it. It is also BPA free.

If you are looking for a breast pump model that stands out among the cheapest on the market, this is a highly recommended review. However, you can not stop studying the pros and cons it has.


Handle: The handle is totally ergonomic to make it easier for the mother to carry out the work without causing discomfort to her hands.

Assembly: The pieces fit together easily without you having to make complicated movements, allowing you to carry out the process more quickly.

Savings: As it is manual, you will not need to spend electricity or have to buy batteries for it to work.


It does not have a bottle spout: The function of the bottle itself is only for storage, it does not come with a built-in nipple as in other models.

One-size-fits-all suction cup: The suction cup is only available in the size included by the manufacturer, so for very large breasts, its use may need to be supplemented with some massages.

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Avent breast pump

Phillips Avent SCF332

Avent has designed this electric breast pump with a working mechanism that is very simple and practical to give peace of mind and comfort to all mothers.

One of the normal situations that breast pumps subject women to is leaning forward. This is on purpose to ensure that the effect of gravity provides one more element of support, however, this model of Avent breast pump makes it possible to perform it with your back fully supported, without major problems.

Several users have also given it a place among the best breast pumps of 2022 for the possibilities of assembling the parts intuitively, without the need to resort to a very explanatory manual.

On the other hand, the work motor allows you to adapt according to the extraction position you prefer. In addition, to start its use, it is convenient to use the gentle stimulation method that allows the channels that transport breast milk to cause the fluid to descend little by little.

For many users Avent is the best brand of breast pump. For this reason, we detail the positive and negative aspects that characterize this model so that you can make a successful purchase.


Compact: It makes it easy for you to take it from one place to another, according to the needs you have at all times.

Cleaning: It is very easy to keep the equipment ready for each new use, since all the parts can withstand the dishwasher, except the motor.

Includes bottle: It comes with a 125 ml bottle with a natural teat that works properly to alternate between breast and stored milk.


Noise: Some users state that the equipment makes a lot of noise while it is carrying out the milk extraction process.

Thread: You have to be very careful that the thread of the extractor with the bottle fits well, since in some cases it has come to detach.

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Suavinex breast pump

Suavinex 302467

With an innovative design and suitable extraction smoothness, this Suavinex breast pump facilitates the process of creating a milk bank or giving other people the opportunity to feed the baby, promoting rest for the mother. It is also a compact and lightweight device, so you can take it anywhere without problems.

It is also widely adjustable, since it not only allows you to adjust the intensity of the extraction, but you can also determine the frequency, so that the entire process is carried out in the best possible way.

In addition, the product includes some accessories that could help you a lot during the feeding of your baby, such as the bags for breast milk, or the 150 ml bottle with an anti-colic teat and with three silicone positions. Similarly, it incorporates a transport bag, specially designed to protect the product and improve its ease of transport.

Before making a purchase, it is appropriate to know the characteristics of the product. That is why we leave you the pros and cons of this model below.


Regulation: The intensity of the product is adjustable, making it much easier for women to get used to the process.

Gentle: The extraction is done gently, avoiding the presence of pain.

Installation: Its assembly and disassembly process is fast and comfortable, improving the user experience.


Support: This product is not kept tight to the mother’s breast, so it must be fastened at all times.

Drip: When removing the product you must be very careful, because it can drip milk.

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Nuk breast pump

Nuk Maternity 10252071

Designed to meet the needs of mothers with sensitive breasts, the Nuk Maternité breast pump has all the characteristics of a high-quality manual equipment, since it allows control during the extraction process, improving the release of the ducts and stimulating the production of milk, especially in women who have a low proportion of it.

Its silicone cup is soft, adjusting to the breast perfectly, which avoids discomfort or chafing. In addition, you can regulate the extraction force, thanks to the handle included in the product.

Likewise, when it is expressed, the milk is stored directly in a bottle of approximately 150 ml, which includes its teat and protector, so that you can feed your little one without changing the container.

Similarly, the entire product is duly free of any compound harmful to health, so its use provides peace of mind.

If this product catches your attention, it is best not to miss its pros and cons, which we summarize below for your analysis.


Use: This product can be used with one hand, allowing you to have greater freedom of movement.

Warranty: For your peace of mind, this breast pump maintains a 24-month warranty.

Transport: It is light and comfortable to take anywhere, as it does not take up much space and you can install it without problems.


Packaging: This product includes a bottle that may fall short in terms of capacity.

Price: To be a manual breast pump, it has a somewhat high price.

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Other products

Chicco Naturally Me

If you are looking for the best breast pump, users who have used this Chicco model could tell you that this is one of their favorites. This is due to the multiple functions that it incorporates in its electrical design to facilitate the work of the mother.

The extractor works with two phases in which you can apply 10 different speed levels, adjustable through a control with display. The product packaging includes 1 bottle of 150 ml, the power adapter necessary to start the motor, 1 lid to keep the milk well preserved and, as a gift, a sample of absorbent discs to prevent moisture on clothing from the outlet. milk.

Another important detail is that it is a very compact device, with a silicone cup and reduced accessories, which makes it easy to load it without tiring your hands and, also, it can be taken to the places you prefer.

Every time we want to purchase a product we must look at its general characteristics. For that reason, we present a summary of the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Two phases of work: It can be used in stimulation mode to help a better milk output and then switch to extraction to collect all the fluid.

Silicone cup: The extraction funnel made of silicone facilitates a better adaptation to the mother’s breast, avoiding discomfort or liquid spilling over the edges.

Speed: Depending on the production of breast milk and the comfort of the mother, you can adjust the intensity of suction at different speed levels.


No use of batteries: It is only possible to use with an electrical connection or 1.5 V batteries, which requires finding a place near a plug or making a greater expense in purchasing batteries.

Without case: Some users state that it would be very useful to include a case or bag to have everything well stored and facilitate transport.

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How to choose the best breast pump?

Breastfeeding can be a difficult period for many women, so help is absolutely necessary. In these cases, it is best to have a breast pump that is comfortable, useful and easy to use, so that you can use it without help when you need it. That is why, if you are thinking of purchasing one of these utensils, we recommend you read our guide to buying the best breast pump.

Shopping guide

manual or electric

Electric breast pumps have a host of benefits for mothers who have a high milk supply, are short on time, or trying to stimulate production. However, you should keep in mind that not all women need an electric breast pump.

It is recommended that you use a manual one if the extractions will be sporadic, if you are far from the electric breast pump or if you want to stimulate your production more consecutively.


Breast pumps, like bras, should have the right cup size for each woman. This is because its correct fit will help avoid discomfort, pain and reduce the time of each expression, making it much easier to express breast milk.

It is appropriate that you acquire a breast pump that gives you a good fit on the nipple. However, you can also decide to buy adapters, which will help you use any type of cup without worry.


The breasts are quite delicate areas, so they must be treated with care. That is why we advise you to opt for a breast pump with a soft and anatomical cup, which can adapt completely to the nipple to protect, to a great extent, the integrity and good shape of the female breast.

In this case, carrying out a comparison of breast pumps can help you make a better decision, according to your needs.

suction power

The best thing is that if you decide on an electric breast pump, check that it has a suction power regulator. This is important, since high power can make the process faster and more painful, while lower intensity can lead to longer use and failure to empty the breasts.

Extraction phases

Manual breast pumps can include these kinds of features, which help encourage milk production naturally. In general, you can see equipment with two main phases: stimulation and extraction.

Keep in mind that both phases are carried out when you breastfeed your baby, so this technology seeks to emulate the effectiveness of this natural process without the intervention of the infant being necessary.


Baby products must have an accessible design for cleaning at all times. This is essential in a breast pump, since it will be in direct contact with the child’s food and must be free of any foreign organisms.

To achieve this, it is best that you opt for equipment that facilitates cleaning, being mostly removable and with materials that can be sterilized without causing damage to the product.

Also, prefer extractors with easy handling, which you can assemble and disassemble instantly. This is favorable so that you can spend as little time as possible on setting up and expressing milk.


One thing you cannot ignore is your budget. Certainly, having a baby can bring you big expenses, so you’d like to be able to save as much as possible on equipment that won’t affect your way of life. However, it is not recommended that you choose a cheap breast pump just to get a cheap product.

The best thing is that, if you worry about how much a breast pump costs, you make a budget with the maximum you are willing to pay, reviewing the prices and determining an average between them that can favor you.

Remember that you should worry about the quality, as well as the price, so as not to suffer later from bad decisions.

Spare parts and opinions of other users

Another outstanding aspect is that, in the event of breakdowns, breakages or failures, you can find the necessary spare parts so that your product can continue to function regularly. This is helpful after the product warranty is over, so you don’t have to give it up.

Additionally, take the time to consider the opinions of a few people who have purchased the product. Read carefully and carefully study what they indicate, as this will let you know if the breast pump is what you need and are looking for or, on the contrary, if it does not meet your standards.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which breast pump is better, Medela or Avent?

Defining which brand of breast pump is better depends a lot on the tastes of each user, since not all products work the same for everyone. However, there are key details of each brand that make them stand out. For example, Medela uses a two-stage process that encourages increased production and allows for successful milk removal.

On the other hand, Avent integrates comfort, safety and ease of use, allowing you to have a useful and reliable tool at home.

Q2: When to sterilize a breast pump?

Depending on the type of breast pump and its manufacturer’s recommendations, sterilization can be carried out successfully. However, there is a method that you can use in a general way if you pay attention to the brand (although it is important that you check that the materials are suitable for it).

The first thing is that you completely disassemble the equipment, making a group with the washable elements and leaving aside those that are not. Place a pot filled with water on the stove and give it time to boil. Clean each of the washable parts with water and neutral soap to remove any type of residue they may contain.

Add them to the pot when the water begins to boil and leave them for a minute. Remove the items from the breast pump and place them on a clean towel to dry naturally. Reassemble the product and it is ready to use.

Q3: Can the breast pump be used to prevent mastitis?

Yes. The breast pump prevents mastitis from occurring, as well as breast engorgement and discomfort so you can live as normal a life as possible while breastfeeding.

Q4: How to preserve the milk from the breast pump?

Preserving milk can be a very simple thing if you know how to do it. The main thing is that you have the right bags or glass bottles for this task. At this point you should consider that some breast pumps incorporate bags of this type to store the extracted liquid, facilitating its acquisition.

In addition, it is also important that you take into account that breast milk can last 8 hours at room temperature, 2 days at a temperature of -5 degrees in the fridge and weeks in the freezer.

Q5: How to use the breast pump to increase production?

Some electric breast pumps include stimulation within their functions, promoting milk production and improving fluid. However, you can also use a manual breast pump to increase your production naturally thanks to the stimulation it provides to the breast, which allows the amount of milk to increase considerably with frequent use of the pump.

Q6: Are manual breast pumps effective?

Yes, they are extremely effective. It all depends on how much milk you want to pump, how often you pump, and where you pump. Keep in mind that manual breast pumps are not as fast as electric ones, so time is also a determining factor when pumping.

Q7: When to pump, before or after feeding?

In general, there is no standard pattern for all mothers, so the timing of pumping can vary, as can the result. Many women choose to pump on one breast while breastfeeding on the other, to take advantage of two key things, time and the stimulation offered by the infant’s suckling (which is much more effective than pumping). On the other hand, there are mothers who prefer to wait until the child is finished feeding to use the breast pump or do it just before a possible feed.

That is why we must tell you that it is necessary for you to try different ways and stay with the one that best suits you, so that you can enjoy the process.

Q8: When to change the breast pump membrane?

This part of the breast pump is important to change when the product has not been used for a long time or when it is inherited by another baby, since it is a way of maintaining hygiene. However, there are some situations that can lead you to do so without meeting these conditions and that is if the product is not working correctly, so you should test if it is due to the membrane or the valves it includes.

Q9: Can the cracked breast pump be used?

It is not recommended to use the product with cracks because microorganisms can enter through them. However, if proper hygiene is maintained and if the product does not have leaks that could cause problems, it can be used for a while.

At this point comes the way of seeing things of each person and the availability of money to acquire a new computer that does not have these flaws.

Q10: Which is the best breast pump, manual or electric?

Both are good options. Despite this, they work in different circumstances. To begin with, the manual breast pump can become a great ally for women who do not use this equipment much, when traveling or when they are in an area with electrical service problems. Its operation can be efficient, although a little slower.

As for electric breast pumps, we can tell you that their extraction time is agile, they provide comfort and favor the creation of a milk bank so that the mother can rest or do her things while the father or another person helps her with feeding the baby. small.

Q11: How to sterilize the Medela breast pump?

Medela breast pumps allow you to choose from several options so you can use the one that works best for you. First of all, it makes things easier for you by allowing you to clean it in a dishwasher, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You can also use a sterilizer, if you have it at hand, or have the traditional way of boiling water to achieve the correct sanitization of the equipment for later use without worrying about microorganisms that could affect you or your baby.

How to use a breast pump

Having a breast pump can help make your life easier if you know how to use it conveniently. Certainly, it can take a while to learn what is right and wrong for you, so we invite you to experiment and not just go by what people tell you. To provide you with some tools, here are some tips that will facilitate the process of adapting and using this equipment.

inspect the product

After the purchase and delivery of the product, you need to take the time to critically inspect it. Take out all the contents of the package and place it on a table where everything is tidy.

Then proceed to read the instructions and check the parts of the product that it indicates as opposed to those that you keep on your table. If there is no problem, you can continue using it, otherwise, we recommend contacting your provider.


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