The best car seats for children: an analysis of the 9 most appropriate models

Choosing a car seat with a Child Restraint System, also called CRS, is one of the most important decisions you will have to make to protect the life of your baby when traveling on the road. In addition, it is necessary that you also consider the level of comfort and rest that it can offer you to avoid stress or some type of discomfort. In this sense, in this article we present an analysis of 10 models that are among the most outstanding in the market.

It is worth mentioning the effort that manufacturers and designers of car seats for children have been making, as they seek to obtain the best results based on safety. For this reason, they try to offer convenient solutions for each aspect that could be involved when a collision occurs, thus preventing the child from suffering the least amount of damage possible.

Comfort is also an aspect of great importance for users of child restraint systems, since children often spend long periods of time on car seats, which could cause injuries due to poor posture, especially all in their first months of life. For all these reasons, it is convenient to review the following list with some of the most outstanding models.

1. Cybex Pallas 2 Fix 

It is a fairly comfortable chair for being reclining and it is also reliable against side impacts, since it is capable of distributing forces, thanks to its high-quality padded cushions. It is suitable for children between 9 months and 12 years, or between 9 and 36 kg. In addition, it is very easy to install and, like most of the safest seats, it has a double fixing system, the Isofix system and the seat belt., so it complies with the ECE R44/04 homologation standard. 

2. Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix

It is designed with the comfort of babies in group 0+ in mind, weighing up to 13 kg. In addition, it is one of the lightest seats on the market and has the Click&Go system for easy installation, because it is the base that is adjusted to the car using Isofix. It is also compatible with the ECE R44/04 approval standard and has a 3-point safety harness. On the other hand, once disassembled you can use it as a bassinet or baby carrier.

3. Foppapedretti Isodinamik

One of the most complete car seats today is the Foppapedretti Isodinamik, as it is suitable for groups 1, 2 and 3, that is, for children between 9 and 36 kg. It reclines for greater comfort and has the Isofix safety anchoring system, which has the side impact protection system, according to the ECE R44/04 approval standard, which is why it is considered by some users to be one of the best chairs. 2022 car kit (If you click here, you will find several products to choose from).

4. Britax Romer Multi-Tech III 

Its main characteristic is that it can be placed in both directions, forward or rearward facing, although it is recommended to use rearward facing up to 6 years of age. Likewise, it covers groups 1 and 2, which range from 9 to 25 kg of weight. Also, it has the Side Impact Absorption System and has a thick and soft padding for greater safety, which is why it has the approval of the ECE R44/04 standard.

5. Cybex Solution X2-Fix

This chair belongs to groups 2 and 3, capable of supporting children from 15 to 36 kg. Its versatility lies in the fact that, although it includes the Isofix adjustment system, it could be hidden to use the seat in cars that do not have this system. It also has a reclining headrest, capable of balancing the child’s head, to promote good posture during the journey and prevent them from leaning forward in the event of an impact. Also, it has the SLP Plus lateral protection system for shoulders and head.

6. Star iBaby Isofix Travel

This chair can be adapted to all age and weight groups of children, ranging from the zero month to the first 3 months, so it will accompany you throughout your baby’s growth. It is reliable and safe, because in addition to the Isofix attachment system that includes Top Tether to improve support, it can also be used with the car’s seat belt. It also has a protection system against side impacts and 360º rotation.

7. Baby Comfort Rodifix Airprotect

This chair model is one of the safest, because it has the new Airprotect technology, which protects the head and neck, cushioning the blow and then recovering the air until the movement stops, in this way, it provides a protection system side that prevents kickbacks, in addition, it adds other layers of high-density foam to absorb the energy of the impact. Likewise, it is indicated for groups 2 and 3, so it is equipped with the Isofix system and has ECE R44/04 approval.

8. Cybex Solution-M-Fix

It is versatile, reliable and safe, because it is approved by the ECE R44/04 standard and has the LSP protection system, capable of absorbing lateral impacts that can be regulated on both sides. In addition, it includes an adjustable and reclining headrest in 12 positions, to adapt it to the child’s height. As if that were not enough, it is appropriate for groups 2 and 3, which include a weight between 15 and 36 kg.

9. Piku NI20.6136 

It is designed for groups 1, 2 and 3, that is, it is suitable for children weighing between 9 and 36 kg, in this sense, it has an adjustable mounting system that you can adapt to the growth of the child. It has an adjustable headrest that offers comfort and safety, as well as a 5-point seat belt adjustment system. It has ECE R44/04 approval and weighs only 4 kg.

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