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Baskets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The use of carrycots today continues to be widespread due to the tradition of having these portable mini-cribs for the baby’s first months, since some innovative designs are made in such a way that they can be adapted to a stroller or car seat, and others they retain the more conservative Moses designs for use at home or in the hospital. If you are thinking of buying a carrycot for your baby, it is best that you stop to analyze the options on the market, identify the manufacturing materials, the level of sun protection it offers, if any, and of course, the portability of the product.. As a way to help you, we can recommend products such as the Baby Jogger Deluxe, very striking due to its large hood with UPF 50+ sun protection, favoring the care of your little one’s skin and eyes. And also the Clair de Lune CL5810GY, made of natural wicker and suitable for newborns, thanks to its 100% cotton fabric.



Opinions about the best carrycots

To buy the best carrycot for your baby, we recommend you review the following products, recommended by users taking into account their characteristics, materials and usefulness.

baby carrycot

Baby Jogger Deluxe

This Baby Jogger baby carrycot has a set of positive opinions from users, which could well make it the best carrycot. Among its features we can find that it incorporates a 4 cm thick mattress, made to keep your baby comfortable at all times. In addition, its inner cover is padded, improving softness and having a geometric design that makes it look pretty.

Similarly, it has a lower ventilation panel that facilitates the passage of air, so that you can keep the mattress cool in summer or warmer during the colder season. It comes with enough space to place a winter carrycot bag for added protection.

As for its hood, it is large and has UPF 50+ sun protection, to keep the little one protected. Also, it integrates an appropriate visor to cover part of the hood, preventing the passage of strong winds or direct sunlight.

This model could well be the best carrycot of the moment thanks to the good opinions of the users. Taking this into account, we present some of its most outstanding features below.


Ventilation: The fabric of the carrycot is very breathable, so the entry and exit of air allows a pleasant internal temperature to be maintained, so that the baby does not get uncomfortable at any time .

Comfort: It is very padded inside, to maintain the comfort and protection of the infant while he is inside it .

Transport: The hood of the carrycot has an upper handle, suitable for not having to use both hands when transporting it.

Instructions: This product incorporates its instructions for use in a clear and detailed way to improve your user experience.



Price: This product has a high cost, making it an important and difficult investment for some users, taking into account the little time of use that the baby will give it.

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wicker basket

Clair de Lune CL5810GY

Being designed and manufactured in the UK, this product could very well be the best value for money carrycot, due to the positive comments left by users who have been interested in the brand. Its wicker base allows it to look very resistant and light, while its fabric made of 100% cotton gives it the softness and comfort necessary to properly accommodate the baby.

Likewise, it has handles designed to improve the grip of the product, facilitating the transfer without complications. It also has a mattress and a quilt to promote the comfort of the child while using it, since for safety it is recommended not to place the infant inside after he learns to sit alone. This is due to the risk of falling out of the bassinet.

Similarly, it has an adjustable hood to protect the little one from the light while he sleeps.

Clair de Lune may well be the best carrycot brand based on user feedback. This wicker carrycot with a traditional design has some very striking features that we will see in detail below.


Practical: It is a very practical bassinet to move with the baby to any part of the house, without hindering the passage or weighing too much.

Fabric: The fabric that incorporates this carrycot model is 100% cotton, designed to take care of your child and prevent you from worrying about allergies or rosettes.

Handles: The design maintains a set of handles on each side of the basket, suitable for carrying the little one safely.



Hood: Compared to the hoods of other models, the one on this carrycot can be a bit loose, causing a problem as it is not fastened correctly.

Mattress: The mattress included with this product may be a bit thin, based on some reviews. Adding a universal carrycot may be necessary to make the baby more padded.

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Maclaren carrycot

Maclaren Techno XLR

Among the best carrycots of 2022 we can find this Maclaren carrycot, a complement that adapts to the different Maclaren strollers to carry your newborn baby in a horizontal position, recommended by experts and pediatricians for its correct development in its first months of life. lifetime.

In addition, it keeps it in the opposite orientation to the direction of travel, so you can have a complete view of the infant. In the same way, it incorporates some handles that improve the transport process, so that you can move freely.

In terms of protection, this carrycot has a hood with UPF 50+ protection, designed to prevent damage from sunlight, and an appropriate carrycot cover to promote safety against the elements. Its wide surface gives space to add a summer carrycot, if you wish, for the warmer days.

In terms of comfort, Maclaren has included a waterproof mattress that provides a stable and soft base, giving comfort to the child, and a fabric lining that can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

We know that the comfort and protection of your baby is the most important thing for you, that is why we recommend you analyze this Maclaren carrycot model, for which we will leave you some of its characteristics below.


Position: This product promotes the proper horizontal position for the baby to develop correctly.

Protection: Its hood has two positions for use with protection against UPF 50+ sun rays, improving the care of your baby with a cover that will keep it sheltered from the elements.

Softness: All the components of this carrycot are very soft so that your baby is comfortable whenever you use it.


Cost: This product has a high market price compared to other models, making it a bit difficult to acquire.

Colours: Currently, the range of colors for this carrycot is very limited. However, taking into account that Maclaren strollers come in solid colours, the available color can easily be adapted to the stroller you have.

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Other products

Cambrass Denim 38741

In order to know which is the best carrycot, it is necessary to pay attention to both the opinions of the users and the specific characteristics of the product. The latter can give you a panoramic view, allowing you to know if it meets your expectations or not.

In the case of this Cambrass model we have a classic wicker design, designed to preserve the shape of a carrycot at all times. In addition, the fine wood bed base favors your child’s stability, while its padded base and sides can give them important comfort for their correct rest.

On the other hand, the multi-position hood allows you to find the exact adjustment point every time to protect your little one from the light. Likewise, it can be regulated according to the intensity of the lighting, improving the baby’s rest,

It also consists of the following accessories: mattress, bedspread, cushion and clothing, which can be combined with the room.

When carrying out a correct analysis to know which carrycot to buy, you should consider products of different designs. That is why, below, we present the specifications of this convenient soft model to keep your child safe and comfortable.


Regulation: As part of the adequate protection for your baby, this carrycot has an adjustable hood, which helps prevent sunlight or lighting from sneaking in.

Safety: It is made of natural wicker, treated to eliminate any presence of larvae in this material.

Bed base: It has a 5 mm wooden bed base, convenient to give it greater solidity and support for the correct position of the child during rest.


Proportion: This product maintains a somewhat high weight compared to other products in the same category, which can make it difficult to move when the baby is inside.

Elevation: Due to the depth of the carrycot and the thickness of its padding, the child may be a little higher than expected, so care must be taken with infants who move a lot.

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Phil and Teds Cocoon

If you are looking for some options among the cheapest models, it is important that you carefully study this carrycot from Phil and Teds, since its main purpose is to protect and give comfort to your baby, while it is in a horizontal position, so that you can move with him without problems, and paying little money.

In this sense, we must indicate that it only weighs 1.2 kilograms, which makes it very easy to move from one place to another. In addition, it has two soft and long handles, designed to comfortably rock and carry the child.

In the same way, it is made up of padded sides and a firm base, so that the rest takes place in the best position and with the necessary comfort so that your child can develop without problems. Also, you can adjust the foot cover, so that it stays more or less covered, depending on the place, the weather and your preferences.

Among the cheapest carrycots you can find this model from Phil and Teds. However, it is important that you remember that quality does not always depend on cost, so we leave you, below, some of the main specifications of the product.


Weight: This product has a light weight, which facilitates its transfer even when the baby is inside.

Base: It incorporates a rigid and padded base that maintains the structure of the carrycot and favors the child’s posture.

Foot cover: It has an adaptable foot cover by means of zippers that allows you to adjust it to the height you want to protect the baby.


Size: This carrycot has somewhat fair measurements, directly affecting the time of use of the product.

Handles: A customer comments that the handles of this model are a bit weak, so he is afraid to use them when the baby is inside.

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Accessories for carrycot

carrycot bag

Danielstore 114 17100

This beautiful universal carrycot comes in a unisex design with colors that match any carrycot, regardless of model or brand. The gray contrasts with the white, while the stars give a cute detail. Made of fleece fabric, your baby will always be protected from the cold and well padded for comfort.

The double zipper facilitates its opening to place the baby without complications, while the cotton exterior offers softness to the little one. Handmade, this product has been made with great attention to detail. Its measurements of 75 x 40 centimeters are suitable for children.

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Carrycot sheets

Cambrass 10737

These carrycot sheets are ideal for those who enjoy versatility and comfort of use. This product has measures of 35 to 80 centimeters to adapt to carrycots and pushchairs alike. The model is made of Egyptian cotton to give your child all the comfort he needs, while the Sanitized treatment keeps the little one safe with its antimicrobial protection.

The elastic band makes the adjustment easier and you do not waste time putting it in the place where you need it. The model comes in beige and also in white, as you prefer, to combine with any decoration of the carrycot or stroller.

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Bugaboo carrycot cover

Tititnins TIT-F396-1

The Bugaboo brand carrycots are one of the most famous on the market, therefore many people have them. This Bugaboo carrycot cover is designed to adapt properly to this type of product, specifically the Fox model, and give you an ideal fit to carry the carrycot without problems.

It is made of 100% cotton for softness and respect for your little one’s skin. In addition, the fabric is breathable to give better ventilation.

This white model is suitable for machine washing, while using cold water and short wash cycles.

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carrycot bag

Lois 09605

A carrycot is not only an item for babies, it can also be a product to keep mom in fashion. This tote bag is exactly that, a product that will allow you to store all the things you need, no matter where you go.

It is made of printed canvas, making it ideal to take to the pool or the beach, without risk. It is resistant to wear and tear due to the quality of its materials and the inner part is made of fabric of the same durability.

Its double handle makes transport easy while its large capacity, together with the internal zippered pocket, will give you space for all your essentials and those of your baby.

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Jane carrycot bag

Jané 080489 S58

It does not matter what carrycot you have, because this product, being universal, will adapt to all the models that are currently on the market. The Jane carrycot has all the characteristics of the brand’s products, a soft fabric, great quality and an incredible design. The stars on the white provide a lovely contrast and the pleasant feel of the fabric will keep your child relaxed in this bag.

It can be used as a blanket, quilt and even as a mattress. Its fleece lining makes it ideal for winter and its breathable fabric will take care of helping when summer arrives.

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carrycot mattress

Alvi TENCEL & Dry

A carrycot mattress should be comfortable enough for your child to use throughout the night and during the day without question. He deserves the best and the Alvi brand has created what your child needs. This mattress fits carrycots, bassinets and strollers alike. Its TENCEL cover regulates humidity and gives adequate ventilation to the little one.

His posture when resting will be correct, as this model adapts to the child’s spine with its viscoelastic core. The mattress is completely hypoallergenic to avoid inconveniences and has also been tested and certified as a product free of toxic substances for babies.

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Quilt for carrycot

Bimbi Class 83140814

This lightweight pink and white bassinet quilt is ideal for keeping your baby comfortable without feeling overheated. It is made of piqué fabric and comes with various details on the front to give it a decorative touch that stands out.

The polyester fill offers comfortable padding and is removable for easy quilt cleaning. Made of cotton, your baby will be safe and will enjoy a soft and quality texture. It is a summer quilt, so it is suitable to use it on the hottest days, since it is made of fine fabric.

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How to choose the best carrycot?

The carrycot should give the best to your child and also give the best to you. Check the characteristics to take into account and make a choice that benefits both of you equally to enjoy the walks and the breaks.

Shopping guide


When buying baby products, one of the things we notice most often is the design they have. In this case, when you make the comparison of carrycots, this should not be missing, since the design encompasses several details that are worth taking into account when choosing the best product for your baby.

The carrycots are intended to offer great mobility to parents to take their child comfortably everywhere, as well as providing a space to sleep no matter where they are. For that reason, the grips are quite important, because if they are not ergonomic and comfortable, you will have difficulties with transport. Your support must be optimal so that there is no possibility of an accident, and the material must be soft so as not to wear out your hands.

A unisex design can make it more versatile, as it can be used with any baby or given away when it is out of use as well. Additionally, the dimensions are an important part of the design, they change from one model to another. Ideally, the carrycot can accompany your baby from her birth until she has already completed her first months. A size that fits them will allow them to move around more freely and will also make it much easier to get it out and put it there, or just interact with it.

Cleanliness and security

Acquiring a detachable model should be a more important priority than finding the cheapest product, because a carrycot that makes cleaning comfortable and easy will save you a lot of time and will make keeping your child in a hygienic environment easy. Taking it down gives you access to whatever blankets, sheets, and pillowcases you have in there. In addition to that, the hood will be much easier to clean and this is a relief, since it is the part most exposed to the environment.

To make cleaning even easier, try to buy products that have dark colors, because the lighter the shades, the easier it will be to get dirty and the more difficult it will be to remove the dirt. A good and economical alternative is the one that offers practicality, versatility and comfort of use.

The safety of your child is quite important and, in this case, what stands out most about these products is the hood, as it protects children from the elements. A carrycot is not measured by how much it costs, but by the security it provides. For that reason, a hood that protects them from UV rays, in addition to rain or dust, is one of the best models you could buy.

In addition to this, buying a carrycot made of soft hypoallergenic material will take care of your baby’s immune system, which is still developing, and will also protect his delicate skin, which can be easily irritated, causing discomfort and, in some cases, pain.


The comfort will make your little one enjoy being in his carrycot and be happy staying there. This gives comfort to him and well-being with freedom to you, so writing this feature down in your guide to buying the best carrycot may be what you need to choose correctly.

Buying a model that has an adequate ventilation system will prevent your child from feeling suffocated when inside the carrycot. This, in addition to providing comfort, will prevent excess sweat in the little one, which, by accumulating in the folds, can also cause irritation.

A mattress several centimeters thick provides a soft resting surface for the baby and if the entire interior lining has this, the little one will be much more protected and comfortable. For very hot but sunless days, folding down the top can be liberating. Therefore, look for this quality in your model to choose.

For a better experience, acquire carrycots in which toys or products such as gum scrapers can be adapted or, failing that, there is space for them. So your child can relax or have fun from his comfort zone.

Finally, comfort for you is also valid. For that reason, lightweight carrycots can help make moving easier. Remember that you already carry the weight of your baby and also carrying a very heavy product can be uncomfortable.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to go from the carrycot to the seat?

It depends on the development of the child, because the carrycot is ideal until babies manage to sit up. From that moment on, they need a chair. This can happen from 5 to 7 months, depending on the child.

Q2: How to dress a carrycot?

Dressing a carrycot is as simple as changing the sheets on the bed. The pieces are removable, so just remove them until the bed is left. Acquire or make a carrycot cover that will serve as the bottom and sides, and place it.

Proceed to accommodate the cover on the hood and install it back on the carrycot. He proceeds to do the same with the cover, and voila. This is completely up to your creativity, you can use different designs and colors.

Q3: How to make a baby bag for carrycot?

The first thing you should do is take the measurements of the carrycot mattress. Mark these measurements on the fabric you chose to make the bag and proceed to cut two equal pieces of the same dimensions.

To protect from the cold it is necessary to have a fleece fabric. Place this fabric or lining between the two previously cut pieces of fabric. Mark the center of the piece of fabric to mark the middle. Proceed to sew and baste the bottom of the bag. Sew, with the machine, each large piece of fabric to a fleece.

Join both sides, folding the upper part to the outside so as not to cover that area. And proceed to sew the entire side and the bottom, so that the baby’s entry is easier and that his face is not covered. Attach a zipper to the open side. And you already have your bag ready.

Q4: How to dress a carrycot in winter?

In winter, the biggest concern as parents is to protect the baby from the temperatures, so changing the way the carrycot is dressed to make this protection easier is a very good idea.

You should have a carrycot cover, a hood cover, a top cover and, if you can, a footmuff. The best option for you is to use fleece or thermal fabric when dressing the carrycot, as these will act as a windbreaker and will keep the little one quite comfortable and warm. The good thing is that the variety of fabrics allows you to choose different designs.

Q5: How to keep the baby warm in the carrycot?

In winter, temperatures can become unbearable for the little ones and, for that reason, in addition to dressing the little one with clothes appropriate for the season, keeping the carrycot warm is also a good idea. Not just for comfort, but to ensure your baby stays toasty warm.

To make this possible, the purchase of a bag can be perfect. These products come in different fabrics and can fit many carrycots. You just need to find out the dimensions to make it compatible. If your baby goes inside the bag, protected by the hood and the upper cover of the carrycot, it will stay warm.

How to use a carrycot

Are you a new dad and still don’t understand how the carrycot works? It’s not that hard, really, and there’s nothing to be scared of. Learning to use it is key, because the carrycot is a place that will provide your child with protection and comfort from the first day until approximately 6 months of age. Knowing everything you can about it will make you and your child take advantage of each quality and can enjoy this product for quite some time.

Wash the carrycot

The first thing you should do with the carrycot and with anything that is going to have direct contact with the babies’ skin is to wash. Use neutral soap and plenty of water to wash each piece of fabric, the bag, the cover and everything else that is necessary to protect the health of your little one.

In addition to that, a wet towel for children can help you with the cleaning of the rest of the parts of the product.

read the instructions

Each model has a different user manual, so you need to read the instructions to know exactly what to do and what care and maintenance recommendations are included.

assemble the product

With the manual in your hand, proceed to assemble the product piece by piece. Check that everything is included. If you don’t understand the instructions, try looking for photos in the manual that exemplify what you really need to do.

When adding the hood and cover, make sure that they fit very well. Don’t try to force them tighter if they’re already in place, as you could damage the frame.

wear it alone

Using the carrycot on its own is the fastest way to use it. Thus, you can carry your child by the handles while he sleeps for greater comfort. You will also be sure that, no matter where you go, the little one will have a place to rest, be and sleep, that is exclusively for him.

Use it as a cart

It is possible to adjust the carrycot to a stroller to take your child protected when walking. There are certain strollers that have the option to adapt the carrycot and there are others that can exchange the seat for the carrycot for greater comfort. This is a great option for when your arms get tired. However, on the occasion that it is more comfortable to leave the wheels and carry the child in the carrycot, then it is possible to disassemble it, giving you more mobility.

Use it as a crib

You can also buy wooden or plastic bases that serve to hold the carrycot upright and function as a cradle. That way, your little one will be able to sleep through the night in comfort. If this is the case, it is advisable to use a mattress with a good thickness and use a padded topper, in case the little one moves at night.

Also, a sleeping bag to keep him warm is a good idea and installing mosquito netting could also add protection. This is the versatility that characterizes the carrycot, as it can be used in three ways being a single product.

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