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Changing Bags – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

One of the most important accessories from the birth of your little one until, at least, his second year of life, is the changing bag. You will use this accessory when you have to go out, travel or visit a relative, in this way you can carry everything your child will need such as diapers, wet wipes, talcum powder, ointment, bottles, among others. In addition, there are options that include easy-to-clean changing tables for use in places, such as public restrooms, so you can wash your baby without worrying. For this reason, we have made a selection of these products, where the Tuc Tuc 3593 stands out, a maternity bag made of 100% polyester and that includes a changing mat with a very attractive style called ZigZag African Routes. On the other hand, we find the Lässig Glam Rosiewhich includes a waterproof changing mat, an isothermal bottle holder and incorporates hooks to hang it from the stroller or your car.



Opinions on the best changing bags

Among all the options on the market, we have selected some products that, due to their quality and customer evaluation, are positioned as the best changing bags of 2022, so we describe their main characteristics, highlighting their pros and cons below.

Tuc Tuc 3593

With a colorful style, this model also stands out for its weight of only 600 grams and other benefits for which some users think it is the best changing bag. As for its construction, both the bag and the changing mat are made of polyester, a resistant and durable material. For its part, the lining of the changer is made of polyethylene and vinyl acetate, which offers greater durability in the presence of liquids.

In addition, its design is unisex and its measurements are 28 x 5 x 44 cm, so it has the necessary space to carry what you need without being excessively large or difficult to carry, since it includes straps with velcro adjustments that adapt to any car. baby

For many customers, this model is the best changing bag of the moment, as it has the optimal properties that make it a good investment for the first years of your baby’s life. Here we summarize its pros and cons.


Weight: For your comfort, the bag has a weight of 600 grams, so it will not be so heavy when you store all your baby’s objects and you can take it everywhere with you.

Materials: The use of polyester in the making of the bag and the changing mat offer a good level of resistance, as well as the polyethylene and vinyl acetate coating to protect the changing mat from liquids.

Adjustment: The bag includes a pair of adjustable velcro straps so you can hang it from the stroller and keep an eye on it at any time.

Compartments: This model incorporates various internal compartments, allowing you to store and organize everything you need to take to change your baby.


Dimensions: It is one of the smallest bags in this summary, however, it has different compartments so you can store all the objects you need to carry.

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Lässig Glam Rosie

This Lässig model stands out for its dimensions of 30 x 19 x 40 cm, giving you more storage space in its main compartment. It also incorporates some very practical hooks to hang from the stroller and remove them without wasting much time when you need it, as well as some adjustable straps so you can use it as a shoulder bag.

On the other hand, it includes a waterproof changing mat so you don’t worry if any liquid is spilled. This model also has various pockets, an insulated bottle holder and a mobile phone pocket.

The design of this bag is very attractive and elegant, it is available in various colors for you to choose the one you like the most and users say that it is very feminine, suitable for the modern mother.

Lässig has stood out in the market of 50 countries for its line of bags and other accessories for children and babies, which is why it is recommended by many customers as the best brand of changing bags. For this reason, we have selected the Glam Rosie model to describe its positive and negative aspects.


Cleaning: Both the bag and the changing mat can be machine washed without fear of damage since they are made of fabric.

Extras: This model includes removable pockets, hooks to hang it from the stroller, an insulated bottle holder and an adjustable strap to use as a shoulder bag. In this way, it will be easier to leave the house with your baby.

Colours: This bag is available in different attractive and elegant shades.


Price: This is one of the most expensive models in our comparison.

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Jané 080182 S45

For those parents who are looking for the best changing bag with a medium size, they can review the Jané 080182 model, which has dimensions of 36 x 35 x 13 cm, an intermediate size to carry several things. It also includes a matching changing mat and document holder that, like the bag, are made of polyester, so you can carry the baby’s things and your important documents in the same place.

This model also incorporates an adjustable strap so you can carry it as a shoulder bag and straps with velcro closure to hang it on your child’s stroller and make the journey more comfortable.

If you still don’t know which changing bag to buy, you can check out this model, highly recommended by users because it’s beautiful and functional. Below we summarize its positive and negative characteristics.


Accessories: The bag includes a padded changing mat to give your baby greater comfort and a matching document holder, both made of polyester. Also, an adjustable strap and a pair of straps with velcro closure.

Easy cleaning: The changing table included in this model is easy to clean, you just have to wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and continue using it every time you need to change your baby.

Changing mat with cover: This product has various compartments and pockets so you can store everything you need to take with you. In addition, its changing table has a diaper cover, so you will have everything at hand when changing the baby.


Hanging straps: This bag includes straps with a velcro closure to hang from the stroller or the car, however some customers point out that they are not very resistant.

Variety: The bag is only available in two shades: black and brown.

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LPC Kids Sydney

Many users think that this is the best value for money changing bag, as it has a modern design that combines the functionality of a maternity bag with that of an everyday women’s bag at an affordable cost for any budget.

In addition, it has various compartments and pockets with zipper and magnetic closure so you can easily access everything you need. It also includes a changing mat and a special pocket with waterproof fabric to store bottles or wet wipes.

This model also stands out for its universal hooks to hang it from any stroller and its adjustable padded strap for greater carrying comfort. Likewise, the base incorporates four metal supports to give it stability when placing it on any surface.

Many users recommend this bag because it has a nice design and properties that we summarize below.


Design: This bag has a modern and functional design, it is also compact and lightweight so you can carry everything you need for your baby without losing style.

Pockets: The exterior pockets and compartments incorporate zip closures to keep everything secure, while two of its interior pockets have a magnetic closure for easier access to your belongings.

Waterproof: Both the changing mat and one of the bag compartments are made of waterproof fabric to make cleaning easier and you can store bottles or wet wipes without risk.


Variety: Some users believe that a broader offer is needed in terms of the colors of the model, since the tones in which it is available are neutral.

Small: The changing mat that includes this bag has dimensions of 55 x 33 cm, a somewhat fair measurement according to several clients.

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Happy Cherry HL02FAH0004BU

Among the cheapest changing bags in this roundup is the Happy Cherry Shoulder Bag, which has a nice classic design of a women’s bag in navy blue, but with the functionality of a maternity bag.

In addition, it is made of nylon so it is resistant and durable. This model has an adjustable strap that turns into two small handles to hang it from the stroller without any inconvenience. Also, its dimensions of 33 x 35 x 11 cm and its various compartments and pockets make it suitable for storing everything your baby needs, whether to change it or feed it when you leave home.

If you still have doubts about which model to choose, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of the Happy Cherry, a beautiful changing bag with various compartments to store what you need.


Cost: It is one of the cheapest bags in this summary, also notable for its adequate compartments to carry all your belongings.

Versatility: You can carry this bag in your hand with its short handles or on your shoulder with the adjustable strap, you can also hang it from your baby’s stroller for greater comfort.

Design: Its women’s bag design is a hit for modern mothers who want to look good and casual every time they go out with their babies.


Interior: The bag has a fabric interior that, for some customers, could be of better quality. However, the fabric and geometric design of its exterior stand out.

Colour: When washing the bag, it is recommended to dry it in the shade, since a user affirms that if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it can lose its color.

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How to choose the best changing bag

Those of us who have children know that it is essential to have a bag or backpack designed to carry the baby’s things when going out of the house, but if you are a new parent and you are waiting sweetly, you should know that changing bags are really useful for when you have to go out with the baby, as they provide you with a comfortable and safe surface to change the diaper wherever you are with the little one. For this reason, we decided to create a guide to buy the best changing bag in which you will find the necessary information so that your investment is backed by the quality of the product.

Shopping guide

Materials and manufacturing

There is no doubt that the materials of a product affect how much it costs, so in the market we find changing bags made with different types of textiles such as polyester, canvas and other synthetic fabrics that have greater resistance and durability.

Likewise, it is important to check that they have some waterproof coating inside or at least in the changing area to prevent the passage of liquids and accidental spills. In this way we can affirm that the quality of the materials and the good finishes of the clothing will make the difference between a durable bag or a bad investment.

In addition, the type of closure that a bag incorporates, whether it is a zipper, velcro or magnetic buttons, must be resistant to withstand its constant openings, since we are sure that on an outing you will use them a couple of times or more.

design and space

Taking into account that, in general, it is the mothers who carry the baby bag, there is a wide range of functional and attractive models with elegant and feminine designs to carry maternity with great style.

Among the colors, patterns and shapes of the bag you will have a wide range of products to choose the one that best suits you, one that is easily combined with your look and in many cases you can choose one that matches the baby’s stroller.

Although fashion is important, in any comparison of changing bags it is also necessary to identify their size and dimensions, as well as the distribution of the interior space to store each of the objects that we carry with the baby, such as diapers, blankets, hygiene products, etc. the bottle, among others.

Many models even include a thermal compartment to keep the baby’s meals and jars warm, this is a plus valued positively by parents.

Support and changer

The way you carry your changing bag, no matter how cheap it is, should offer you comfort, independence and freedom of movement to attend to the baby, drive the stroller or take a call.

For this reason, many changing bags include short handles and long straps, with the latter you can use them as a shoulder bag and it is better if they have some padding so they do not leave marks on the shoulder. Many others incorporate universal hooks to hold on to the stroller and prevent the caregiver from carrying the weight on top.

As for the changing table, it is recommended that it be a padded surface so that when the baby lies down, it is comfortable during the diaper change.


If you want your purchase to be complete, it is worth choosing a model that includes some accessories such as bottle holders with thermal coating to store the bottle, the baby’s jars and keep them at the right temperature to feed the little one.

Similarly, there are models that include a small bag or document holder so you can carry the baby’s papers, your bank cards and money safely and matching the design of the changing bag.

Likewise, those that have exterior pockets in which you can store your mobile or keys are really convenient so that you have your belongings and those of the baby at your fingertips.


Because it is an implement that we will use with the baby’s things, maintaining good hygiene is just as important as the design and space offered by the changing bag. For this reason, we must look at the instructions that the manufacturer offers on washing the product.

Some models support the use of the washing machine, perhaps in a short and fragile cycle. Others, on the other hand, only allow you to use a damp cloth to clean the surface of recent stains.

In any of these cases, it is important that the changing area is also easy to clean, as this is the part that will be in contact with the baby’s skin and is more likely to get dirty, so it will be of great help that after each use can be cleaned with a damp cloth and when you get home do a deeper cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What things can I carry in the changing bag?

To go out with the baby with total comfort and peace of mind, the popular ally that is the changing bag is vital; also known by some as a diaper bag. Among the most necessary things that should be carried in it are: diapers, we must calculate how many to keep in the bag according to the hours that we will be away from home; a change of clothes, as a spare; two disposable bags for dirty diapers; baby wipes, which even work for your hands, and a soft cloth blanket.

Other less essential elements, but which are among the valid options, are: a bottle of water for the mother, a bib, a pacifier, a blanket, a small toy, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and antibacterial gel.

Q2: I want to know if a changing bag convertible into a portable crib is worth it.

These, without a doubt, are highly versatile items. However, it must be ensured that the convertible changing bag has a robust structure that guarantees good strength in its manufacturing material to support the weight of the baby.

This is already a matter of observation and responsible choice of parents, in which the price should not be a major argument. For the welfare of the child, we would be obliged to pay more for a piece of good quality and resistant material.

In addition, a portable crib is something very useful for today’s mothers. This would be a point in favor of the bag/cot.

Q3: How to hang the changing bag on the stroller?

You always want to have elements and items that are more practical and easy to use. In this sense, hanging the changing bag from the cart is something very comfortable for mothers and fathers, since it allows them to free themselves from that weight and have better mobility.

But the least you want is to damage the changing bag; For this reason, you have to know the right way to treat it, and that includes the correct way to hang it in the cart.

We must say that when trying to do it, the changing bag should be as light as possible, because despite the fact that we should have a good quality one, hanging it means testing its resistance to the maximum due to the suspension process to which it is subjected..

Likewise, it must be carried in a way that its handles are as tense as possible, because if they are damaged, the bag itself is damaged. For this reason, some models include universal hooks that allow it to be hung without compromising the integrity of the straps.

Q4: If my bag gets dirty, can it be washed in a washing machine?

This is a somewhat delicate matter to deal with. First of all, it must be said that it is not recommended, since we do not want to damage the bag. But there are bags of very good quality and, on the other hand, there are washing machines that offer gentle washing cycles that do not damage the clothes.

In short, it must be said that the changing bag can be washed in the washing machine; but paying attention to the quality of its fabrics and the gentle washing options of our washing machine. But, above all, to the recommendations specified by the manufacturer. We are sure that you will find models that are easy to clean without affecting the quality of their materials.

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