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Children’s beds – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

After the crib, choosing a bed for the children can become an arduous task. There are so many options on the market that it becomes a real odyssey to find the right one. This is because many aspects must be taken into account that are of direct influence to determine quality and usability. In the first instance, the materials with which it has been manufactured, but also the shape and dimensions. Likewise, there are models that include drawers in the lower part or that are double. But, so that you can make your own decision, we have prepared this complete comparison that includes the Leomark Smart Animals model.wild that stands out for its colorful design that, in contrast, with the white wood gives that childish and elegant touch that you want for the child’s room and, in addition, includes the mattress. Also, there is the KidKraft 76255, a bed designed for girls with a functional organizer in the headboard, with good finishes and a height adjusted to the height of the smallest.



Opinions on the best children’s beds

To help you in your purchase, we have selected the best children’s beds of 2022, valued by users considering their design, functionality and good finishes for the comfort of children.  

Leomark Smart Wild Animals

This beautiful bed is presented in white throughout the structure, except for the narrow barriers, as they have been complemented with a colorful design of wild animals, a very nice and striking version for children.

As for its dimensions, it occupies a space of 145 x 77 x 59 cm, being suitable for one person and giving the possibility of being used for a long time. On the other hand, it has a weight of 18 Kg.

A very positive aspect is that the product includes the mattress so that you can carry out the complete assembly and start using it immediately. This has dimensions of 140 x 70 cm. With this important addition, many people consider it the best value for money children’s bed.

It is worth mentioning that the assembly is done easily and quickly, as long as enough attention is paid to the instructions designed by the manufacturer and that are included in the package. In addition, its design with drawers is a plus to organize the child’s things, toys or bedding.

This is the best children’s bed of the moment, according to the opinion of several users. Taking this into consideration, we have selected the most relevant pros and cons so that you can assess the product for yourself.


Mattress: It is made of foam with a sufficient thickness to offer a good rest and have a useful durability.

Barriers: It has two side barriers that reach half the length of the bed to prevent falls in children who do not have much control yet.

Height: Being lower than the standard height of the beds, the risk of children falling and hitting themselves is lower.

Safety: The manufacturer informs that all the products offered by its brand are covered by European safety certificates.


Drawer closure: These are left with a slot in the upper part that can favor the entry of dust, dirtying what you have stored there.

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KidKraft 76255

This bed is an option for girls that they will like very much, as it incorporates a functional and beautiful organizing house in the headboard area. In it, the little ones will be able to store their favorite stuffed animals and dolls to accompany them during their rest time.

There are several users who think that this is the best children’s bed, because its height is adapted so that girls can get on and off without complications. In addition, this prevents them from being hit very hard, if they were to fall.

As for its structure, it is made of good quality wood that is complemented by careful DIY work and painting to offer a product with good finishes.

On the other hand, the dimensions of 165 x 76 x 73 cm give enough space for the little ones to be very comfortable during their resting time, at the same time that it is easy to adjust almost any type of mattress that has been previously used with the mattress. crib.

When you have doubts about which children’s bed to buy, making a comparison between the characteristics that several products have can help you clarify what you want and, above all, what you need. Therefore, we summarize the positive and negative aspects that characterize this KidKraft model.


Drawings: They are not included in a specific area of ​​​​the bed, but surround it throughout its structure to evoke the cute design of a doll’s house.

Assembly: Several users affirm that the assembly is really simple, you do not need specialized tools and two people could do it in a short time.

Autonomy: This model is a good alternative to start the transition from crib to bed, because it allows little ones to have more independence to go to the bathroom at night or get up in the morning.


Making the bed: A user says that making the bed is a bit complicated due to the exact height of the structure.

Small: Although the dimensions are appropriate to use the same crib mattress, many users consider that it is too small for their daughters.

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Intex 66810NP

In this case it is the cheapest children’s bed presented in this comparison. It is not a standard bed model, but rather one that can be transported by car to ensure that children have a good rest on vacation or camping days.

This product is made of high-resistance vinyl that inflates at the right moment of use. To do this, it includes a manual pump, but an electric one can also be used, if available.

The mattress, when inflated, offers a good thickness of support so that changes in the terrain, for example, do not affect sleep. It also has good water resistance and is not easily punctured.

Its measurements, in general, are 107 x 168 x 25 cm; however, after inflation, the sleeping area is 69 x 132 x 10 cm.

The time has come to review the pros and cons of this Intex bed that is rated as one of the cheapest options available on the market today.


Age: The dimensions of the bed make it suitable for children from approximately 3 to 8 years of age.

Folding: The product is easily transported, since it does not take up much space and comes with a bag for storage.

Sheets: Standard size crib sheets can be adjusted without major inconvenience.


Noise: Some users report that the mattress makes some noise when in use.

Heat: It is possible that for summer days, where the temperature is higher, more heat than expected is generated, but it can be solved by using cotton sheets.

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Leomark Butterflies 102/170003S

This model is a white children’s bed with a butterfly design in various colors to give it the lively and cheerful touch that would be expected in a product of this type.

In this case, there are no side barriers, but rather small elevations in the area where the head should rest to prevent falls. These structures do not affect the design of the bed at all.

As in some beds with drawers, this one includes a large one, whose dimensions are identical to the width and length of the bed so that you can organize all the items you want there. In addition, you can also use it as an auxiliary bed, placing a small mattress for a guest.

One aspect that needs to be mentioned with sufficient interest is that these beds are made following a strict quality and safety regimen that is protected by European certificates. For all this, and much more, users who have used it so far think that this is one of the best children’s beds of 2022.

The wide variety of products offered by this manufacturer, as well as its good proportion between pros and cons, have given it a favored place among users as the best brand of children’s beds. Below, we summarize the pros and cons of this model.


Mattress: The manufacturer includes, with the purchase of the bed, a soft and comfortable mattress.

Instructions: The instructions included by the manufacturer allow the assembly to be carried out quickly and without complications.

Accessories and complements: The manufacturer has other products with this same design that can help make a very nice room set.


Design: This design can be very feminine, according to some parents. However, the manufacturer has a wide range of products to choose the one you like best for your little one.

Weight: This bed is designed for children from 1 year old to approximately 6 years old, so its maximum load capacity is a bit fair.

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Kagu 5902729208901

And if you are still not clear about which is the best children’s bed, we suggest you consult the characteristics of this Kagu nest-type bed. It is a bed made with very good quality materials and treated by professionals in the field, so its finishes are displayed in such a way that they do not cause any harm to children.

The total structure of the bed is made up of the external planks with designs of stars and moons, a wooden plank base, a drawer in the lower part and a mattress with which everything necessary is completed, without having to make additional purchases..

In order to offer different combination possibilities within children’s rooms, the bed is available in three colours: white, alder and oak. In addition, due to its robust structure, it is suitable for children from 3 to 10 years old, approximately.

To work in an organized manner with the selection of a product, it will always be convenient to have a good summary of pros and cons in order to effectively assess what can be obtained and what cannot. For this reason, we invite you to read the following section about this Kagu model.


Wood: The bed is made of pine wood, which has been classified for the protection of the environment.

Unisex: Due to the sober colors and selection of decorations, this bed can be suitable for either boys or girls.

Barrier: The bed includes a barrier that occupies its entire length on one side, while the other extends up to approximately 70%.


Instructions: Although they are included and it is stated that the assembly is simple, it is not guaranteed that they will be received in Spanish.

Mattress: It is included, but some users think that it is very thin and prefer to buy a thicker one.

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