The best children’s coat racks

Children’s Coat Racks – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The decoration of the children’s room is an issue that causes a lot of concern among many parents. They always seek to place the best things, but without knowing their usefulness very well. For this reason, each of the characteristics of these articles must be carefully assessed to know which ones are really necessary and which ones are not. One of those that can definitely be very useful is a children’s coat rack. These make it easy to give children a representation of order that will be necessary for their present and future lives. In addition, there are models with very nice designs that can give a unique touch to the room. For example, there is the Zeller 13462 whose most relevant data is that it is a vertical coat rack, with varied colors and a good number of hooks for hanging. On the other hand, there is theHess 30316 that comes with a nice owl design, a total of five hooks and the possibilities of installing it on the wall that the user decides.



Opinions on the best children’s coat racks

To decorate your baby’s room with functional accessories, we recommend you review our selection of the best children’s coat racks of 2022, products that will complement the style of the room and give you space to organize coats, backpacks, umbrellas and even toys.

Zeller 13462

To deal with the most relevant characteristics of this product, the first thing will be to mention that its latest consumers highlight it as the best children’s coat rack. Part of this good feedback is due to its free-standing design and cross-shaped base that takes up very little space in the room.

As for the materials, you should know that it is made of MDF wood that gives it better stability and greater resistance to constant use. Based on this, it offers ease of hanging some things without tilting, which is good enough for children to use it more regularly.

As for the height, the coat rack measures a total of 1.30 centimeters, so it can be useful for children from 7 years old. However, the little ones can also use it, reaching the lower hooks and supporting themselves with their parents for the higher ones.

To define if it is the best children’s coat rack of the moment, the most convenient thing is to review the characterization described above, being able to complement it with the pros and cons described below.


Colours: It comes arranged with a mixture of various bright colors that will bring joy to the children’s room.

Assembly: It can be done easily and with the use of very few tools.

Weight: As it barely reaches 800 g, the option of moving it from one place to another as many times as necessary is facilitated.

Versatility: The variety of hooks and positions give versatility to the options of items to hang, such as coats, backpacks, hats, etc.


Joints: A user assures that, although the product is very stable, the union of the joints is not as it should be, but this is almost imperceptible.

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Hess 30316

Unlike the previous model, here we present a coat rack designed to be hung on the wall. As the most relevant aspect, it stands out that it is the best quality-price ratio, according to the comments issued by the users who have purchased it.

As for the dimensions and design, the coat rack measures 35 x 25 cm and is carved unevenly, respecting the curvatures of the figures referred to in the image, thus giving it a better appearance.

To take advantage of the space, it has 5 hooks distributed along the coat rack. Regarding its use, it will be very useful to place it near the entrance of the room and at a height according to their height, so that the children can hang their coats or backpack when they arrive from school. In this way, they will be encouraged to take actions that lead to the order of their belongings.

Due to the quality that is printed on each product in this category, many users say that Hess is the best brand of children’s coat racks. But, to validate this, nothing more appropriate than reviewing its pros and cons.


Design: This is a very friendly design that consists of a colorful family of 4 owls hanging from a branch.

Finishes: Many users refer that the colors of the product are very nice and it has very good finishes.

Decoration: The manufacturer has several products that can be useful for decorating the children’s room and respecting the same theme, so that the combination is complete.


Hooks: It has 5 hooks, but a user states that they are too close together, which prevents them from being used better.

Without screws: Although to install it you need the screws to fix it to the wall, the product does not include them, so you must purchase them additionally.

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Mousehouse Gifts Safari

If your child’s room is decorated with jungle animals, we recommend this model with three hooks, whose measurements of 31 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm make it suitable for having enough space to place various items. In addition, it is one of the cheapest models, so it can symbolize a good investment.

On the back it has a couple of holes that are necessary to insert the screws that will fix the piece to the wall. Due to this facility, it should not be placed in a fixed place but can be determined based on the needs of each user, being able to move from one place to another as determined.

The animals represented in this version are an elephant, a zebra, a giraffe and a lion. When the baby is a little older, these representations can help him learn to identify them.

And although it is one of the cheapest models, it is still a useful and valuable alternative. But, since the description of its characteristics is not enough, we include the following summary of pros and cons.


Unisex: Due to its design and colors, it is a coat rack that can be used for both girls’ and boys’ rooms.

Handmade: Part of the quality of the piece lies in the fact that it is handmade, which allows it to be finished better.

Decoration: The brand has other products that resemble this design to harmonize the decoration of the entire room.


Resistance: Although it is made of robust wood, it is better to avoid hanging very heavy items that can cause damage to its hooks.

Metal: To avoid friction that could affect the coat rack’s paint, it is best to prevent the use of metallic garments.

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Kiddi Style GCR1CH

Among the best children’s coat racks of 2022 you can find this model, which has very good user opinions, since they have indicated that it has the right size for children, facilitating its use. In this sense, we can say that its dimensions are 34 cm long x 34 cm wide, maintaining a total height of 112 cm, which allows it to be used by children from a very young age.

In addition, its ease of assembly makes it a convenient children’s coat rack, since it does not require the use of tools or instruments other than those included in the package.

In addition to this, we must point out that this product has passed all the controls and evaluations established by law to obtain the certificate of compliance with European safety standards, being an appropriate item for children without any inconvenience or safety note.

If you have doubts about which children’s coat rack to buy, we recommend that you take a look at this product, which has some characteristics that will catch your attention, so we leave them below.


Height: It maintains a suitable height for children, so it can be used by them without the help of an adult, which will influence their learning to maintain order.

Assembly: It is a product with a simple assembly process, which does not need tools or other implements for its proper placement.

Durability: It is made of quality wood, which allows it to have a long useful life, as long as it is cared for in the appropriate way for the product.


Finishes: This model has finishes that could be improved to favor the appearance of the product, although this does not affect its usefulness.

Weight: It is a product with little weight, which can directly impact its stability, for which a balance must be maintained in the placement of the coats.

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Fantasy Fields Magic Garden TD-0045A

Before determining which is the best children’s coat rack, we invite you to review this donkey-type Fantasy Fields model, which invites your child to an adventure through the jungle with its attractive wooden hangers carved and hand-painted with the shapes of animals. wild animals or your daughter to a magical and colorful garden. In addition, it is important to note that the paint used throughout the product is free of toxic substances, making it suitable for use by young children.

Another element that can make this product a suitable option is its extra storage area, which is located in the lower part of the box-shaped coat rack, allowing your little one to store their toys or shoes in it, favoring order. of the place.

Also, the package includes assembly instructions, which are explained step by step, to make it much easier to assemble the product.

There is no doubt that this model is an interesting alternative in terms of children’s coat racks, which is designed for your comfort and that of your child, so we will give you some of its characteristics below.


Design: This coat rack features a wild animal design for boys and a magical garden design for girls, both of which are very cute and eye-catching for little ones, so it will be a great gift.

Quality: Its elaboration in carved wood and delicate hand painting make this product have high quality and very good finishes.

Storage: In addition to the place to put the coats, it has a drawer in the lower part that makes it easy to store shoes or toys without much work.


Size: Due to comments from a user we can point out that it is a small coat rack, so you must take it into account when choosing.

Price: This is the most expensive coat rack in our comparison, representing a considerable investment compared to other similar alternatives.

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