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Children’s Shelves – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When there are children at home it is inevitable to have toys everywhere. However, this aspect can be corrected in your little one with a little work on your part and with the use of a children’s bookcase, which are striking for children, helping to promote order. These furniture also improve the distribution of objects and add storage space, often without being too bulky. If you are thinking of purchasing children’s furniture of this type, we recommend that you carefully review this comparison, where we will give you information and opinions on the best children’s shelves. Such is the case of the Kesper 177255, which is convenient to make it easy for your little one to store their toys easily and without much effort. Or the Labebe Orange Fox, a very dynamic cart-shaped bookcase suitable for encouraging your child’s interest in books.



Opinions on the best children’s bookshelves

To keep your children’s room or play area in order, we recommend reviewing our selection of the best children’s shelves of 2022: good quality products, with a functional and pleasant design to decorate your children’s space.

Kesper 177255

This option is among the cheap but good quality children’s shelves, since users have given very good references to it. Its size is 60 x 65 x 25 cm, which is suitable for small children. In addition, it has 9 fabric baskets in assorted colors: white, blue and green, convenient so that they can be handled safely as they include handles on both sides, facilitating the use of the drawers.

It is also a practical piece of furniture for children to place their toys, books or materials such as colors and pencils. Also, they can be useful to order the room in a colorful way and decorate it a bit.

On the other hand, its assembly is very fast and without problems, since you do not need a great effort to put the fixed bars and the drawers in their place. And, due to its light weight, you can change its place as many times as you think necessary.

Within our selection of shelves, this is one of the cheapest, so it is convenient that you analyze the characteristics that we leave you below.


Presentation: It is a beautiful shelf with a good presentation so that you can place it in your child’s room without problems.

Assembly: It can be done by one person, since it is very easy and comfortable to assemble, just by fixing the bars and placing the drawers.

Organization: It includes 9 appropriate drawers to store things such as toys or accessories for the child, which favors storage and order in the place.

Duration: Being of good quality, this product can last a long time, as long as it is given the right treatment.


Size: It is a bit small, so when you try to take something out of a drawer it tends to fall out, which can create some discomfort when you are in a hurry or disorder when doing it small.

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Labebe Fox Orange

Taking into account the opinion of the users, we can indicate that this could be the best children’s bookshelf, so we recommend you consider it if you want to support your purchase.

As for the materials, the surface is white plywood with some color details that attract the attention of the little ones. In addition, its fun design encourages children to prefer it, which promotes their reading habits according to psychologists.

Similarly, it has 3 compartments of different heights, so that books of various sizes can be placed without inconvenience. Also, it maintains an appropriate height for the use of infants between one and three years old, although it can be used for much longer.

Another important aspect is that the 4 built-in wheels are made of rounded rubber, which makes them have a much longer useful life and when moving them they do not cause friction or noise, which is very positive in a product like this.

This could well be the best children’s bookshelf of the moment, according to the evaluation of the users, so it is appropriate that you can analyze its specific characteristics, which we will leave you below.


Design: This bookshelf is in the shape of a walking toy, which makes it very cute and suitable for attracting children’s attention.

Space: Its compartments are spacious, so your child will be able to place all their favorite books in it and know how to find them whenever they want.

Transfer: With the 4 wheels that it incorporates, the transfer is extremely simple and the best thing is that no matter how heavy it is, it continues to roll without problems.


Instructions: This product includes confusing and mishandling instructions, according to the opinion of several users, so it could be considerably improved.

Moisture: Since the product is made of plywood, it is not recommended that it get wet or remain near moisture.

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Hello Home Disney 470INN

This model can become a very original gift for your daughter, in addition to being considered the best value for money children’s bookshelf due to the positive references made by users.

Among its features you will find that the 4 hanging compartments have the right shape and size to store books of various sizes without difficulty. In addition, it allows you to decorate the place without much effort, since it is very colorful and with a drawing of Minnie Mouse on each side.

We should also point out that it has the correct height so that your daughter does not have to strain to reach the books inside the compartments, giving her the freedom to take them out and put them away whenever she wants or needs.

On the other hand, its assembly is very simple and fast thanks to the included instructions, which are divided step by step so that you can do the job without any problem and without help.

Hello Home has a wide range of beds, tables and organizers for your children’s room, which is why it is considered the best brand of children’s shelves thanks to user comments and the design of its products, so we recommend you read, below, the details of this particular model.


Appearance: Its design is very beautiful and colorful, which will attract the attention of any girl, regardless of age, making it a very loved and valued gift for her.

Assembly: The instructions are specified step by step to make the process as easy and fast as possible.

Convenience: It makes the task of keeping the books in one place much easier and encourages order in your daughter, since she will want to use them continuously by leaving them in their place again.


Exclusivity: Due to the reason and the color of the product, it is appropriate to say that it is exclusively for girls. However, you can search among other models of this brand designed for children.

Size: Some users state that they expected the shelf to be larger, so we recommend checking the dimensions of the product carefully.

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Songmics GKR04W

User opinions can vary a lot if you want to establish which is the best children’s bookcase, so we leave it to you to make your own decision by looking at the details of this Songmics model.

Mainly, this product is designed to favor the liberation of space, so it invites you to keep toys in their place, avoiding clutter and giving the place another vision.

In addition, it has 12 boxes with two established sizes and 4 striking colors that make the shelf stand out in the decoration. In the same way, it is of great help that the drawers are made of plastic, as it allows them to be kept clean by simply passing a clean cloth over the entire surface or washing them directly with water.

Likewise, the assembly is simple and practical, allowing you to assemble it at the time of its arrival and enjoy it with little delay, enhancing its positive qualities.

Before deciding which children’s shelf to buy, we recommend that you analyze the characteristics of this product, and for this we summarize the most outstanding below.


Assembly: Assembly can be carried out by a single person, being quick, easy and comfortable, so the shelf will be operational in a short time.

Colourful: The combination of colors makes it a very striking product without being exaggerated, which favors the fact that it can be placed in the child’s room without affecting the decoration.

Utility: It is very suitable for rooms with little space, since vertical storage is a great help to organize things.


Separation: In the lower drawers there is not enough separation to fill them properly, only flatter objects can be stored in this part.

Fastening: Some users claim that the drawers can fall out easily, especially if they are very full, and if the child is not careful, the toys can end up scattered everywhere.

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Premier Housewares 2400272

As part of the best children’s shelves of 2022 according to users, this model with a wooden base may be the option you are looking for. To begin with, you can choose between the 9-basket model or the 6-basket model, allowing you to also decide if you want them made of canvas or plastic, which is a great advantage.

Likewise, you will be able to count on a very suitable means of storage so that your child’s room remains tidy and he creates the habit of picking up his toys after finishing playing.

Another positive aspect is that its design is colorful, making it easy to place it in the child’s room or in their favorite game room without damaging the decoration and presence of the place.

On the other hand, the baskets have handles to make it easier to take out, put in and organize the objects. Also, you should consider that the drawers are properly cleaned with a dry cloth and it is not recommended to use abrasive cleaners that can damage the product.

In our selection of children’s shelves, this model is found due to the good opinions that other users have of it, as it is designed for your comfort and that of your little one. Next, we give you its main characteristics.


Installation: For the assembly of the shelf, the help of another person is not needed, since it turns out to be very simple and without requiring a large amount of force.

Height: It has a suitable height for small children, which is convenient for them to put their toys in and out whenever they want.

Uses: Although its drawers are not that big, they do allow you to store a good amount of things, so in addition to toys, you could store school supplies or personal hygiene items.


Stability: Some users have indicated that this product may have some stability issues, so it should be placed on a secure, level site.

Capacity: It can be a small shelf if you want to store toys or very large objects, so it is recommended to take into account its capacity and dimensions.

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