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Co-sleeping cribs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

One of the biggest concerns of parents when a new member of the family comes is where their children will sleep. In general, mothers become anxious about leaving the baby sleeping alone in its first days of life, so options that allow you to be very close to the infant should be considered. A practical idea for these cases are co-sleeping cribs that make it easier to have the baby within reach and be able to monitor his sleep and her movements, making it much more comfortable to care for him while he rests. In the market, there are many models of co-sleeping cribs, so you must carry out an in-depth analysis of the options to be able to choose one that suits your needs. Such is the case of the Chicco Next2Me Dream which is very versatile,foldable and height adjustable up to 11 positions. This model can be used as a fixed or rocking cradle, an aspect that parents appreciate to calm babies. On the other hand, it will be necessary to review the Jané Baby Side that includes 4 wheels on its base with brakes so that you can take it from one side of the house to the other without problems.

Opinions on the best co-sleeping crib

To select one of the best co-sleeping cribs of 2022, it is necessary to review the following comparative study so that you identify the main characteristics of each product and you can make a successful purchase.

Chicco co-sleeping crib

Chicco Next2Me Dream

The Next2Me Dream is the Chicco co-sleeping cot with a folding side by an automatic system, which lowers the bar using one hand, which facilitates the process. Also, both sides have a mesh lining to improve ventilation on hot days, while being used as a stand-alone cot. 

Another aspect to highlight about this improved version is that it incorporates four wheels and the height of the legs can be adjusted in 11 positions. In this way, the mini crib is compatible with different types of beds, including those with canapé and drawers. Due to this characteristic, this model can be considered the best co-sleeping crib.

For its part, and for the comfort of the baby, the mini-cradle can be used fixed or as a rocker, in addition to four reclining positions.

With all the features of this model, some users claim that it is the best co-sleeping crib of the moment, so before making a hasty purchase, review the pros and cons that we find in it.


Design: The folding side without zippers allows a more practical and safe use of the crib in co-sleeping mode.

Adjustments: The height can be adjusted in 11 positions, while the base reclines on one side in 4 different levels.

Rocker: The rocker function helps soothe the baby to fall asleep faster.

Assembly: The cot is fully collapsible, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble for travel.


Direction: The wheels can only be steered in one direction, which makes moving the crib a bit difficult.

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Co-sleeping cot Jané

Jané Baby Side

When asking yourself which is the best co-sleeping crib, you will find different options that will meet the standards. Such is the case of this Jané co-sleeping crib, which has telescopic legs with small wheels with brakes, making it easier to move the product around the house.

Also, its 6 height positions make it very easy to adapt to different types of beds, being compatible with most. Also, the mattress is reclining, favoring that it can be placed in a position that enhances the baby’s comfort, ensuring that he sleeps properly.

In addition, you can use it as an independent bed, so that your child rests during the day or to make the transition process to his room much simpler.

On the other hand, the crib offers you the ease of being able to fold it at any time, which allows you to take it with you when you go on a trip, as it takes up little space.

Users have commented that Jané could be the best co-sleeping crib brand, so we present the pros and cons of this model.


Assembly: Assembling this product is very simple, avoiding having to waste time in the process.

Height: It has 6 fully adjustable heights, so you can make a suitable adaptation with your bed.

Zipper: On one of its sides it has a zipper, convenient to be able to look at and have access to the child at the desired time without having to get out of bed.


Bag: This crib does not have a transport bag, making it difficult to move to places outside the home.

Accessories: Does not include a waterproof sheet, making it necessary to purchase it separately.

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Co-sleeping cot 120 x 60

Cool Dreams 3 in 1

This 120 x 60 centimeter co-sleeping cot has managed to position itself at the top of shopping lists due to its design that can be adjusted to the different stages of the baby’s growth. In this way, it can be used as a co-sleeping bed, a crib and even a bed.

The structure has a folding mechanism that is easy to handle and in the area of ​​the bases it incorporates individual bearings with their respective locking system. Thus, you will not have problems moving the crib from one space to another in a safe and simple way.

With the purchase, a convenient mattress with a density of 18 kilograms per cubic meter, made of stretch fabric, which is characterized by being hypoallergenic and breathable, is also attached. In addition, this surface adapts to the natural shape of the baby’s body for greater comfort. We cannot forget the assembly of the cradle, which is an intuitive procedure for which you will not need to spend a lot of time.

If you are looking for a resting surface for your baby, whose structure adapts to its progressive growth, consider reviewing this model.


Assembly: It is possible to carry out a simple and quick assembly of the parts, so that you have it ready in a short time.

Mattress: A breathable and comfortable mattress is incorporated due to its appropriate density. So you don’t have to worry about looking for one according to the measurements.

Use: It can be used as a co-sleeping bed, a crib and a bed, depending on the growth of the infant, so its use is versatile.

Bearings: You can easily move the structure thanks to the wheels added to its bases.


Adjustment: The adjustment straps to join the bed may not be incorporated, so you must purchase them separately.

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Co-sleeping cot Asalvo

Asalvo Boop 13958

Among the best co-sleeping cribs of 2022, this Asalvo co-sleeping crib stands out, convenient for sleeping with your baby safely and without space problems. It has a very easy and practical anchoring system to the bed, so the process will not be messy or complex. In addition, it includes all the necessary implements so that you can use the crib without problems once you have installed it; such as mattress, sheets, pillow and comforter. Its height-adjustable legs range from 66 cm to 80 cm in a simple way, to adapt to the level of the bed to which you want to fix it. Also, as a way to improve its use, it can be effectively established as a traditional crib, with a mesh side suitable for surveillance and internal ventilation of the crib.

His presentation comes for both a girl and a boy, so that will not be a problem. In addition, it has the function of extendable legs to give the baby better balance and safety. Asalvo has positioned itself as the best brand of co-sleeping cribs, according to users. Well, their products have adequate adaptability and the necessary safety so that parents feel comfortable trusting their cribs. Here we list the positive and negative aspects of the 13958 model.


Accessories: Includes mattress, pillow and duvet, thus improving the experience of using the product.

Mattress: The mattress included in this model is of very good quality, designed for the proper rest of the baby at any time.

Ventilation: Its sides have breathable textiles and mesh, favoring ventilation inside the crib.


Wheels: This particular model does not incorporate wheels for its mobility, which means that it has to be loaded or slid to be able to take it from one place to another, making it uncomfortable.

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large co-sleeping cot

Waldin 2001-01

Those who are looking for a large co-sleeping crib should know that within the Waldin house purchase catalog you will find this model with a spacious 90 x 55 centimeter resting surface. In addition, you can adjust it as a bassinet and reduce this format to 90 x 40 centimeters, depending on what is most convenient for you and the baby.

The structure was built with solid beech wood, which is an ecological material, with a soft touch and an attractive aesthetic due to its light beige color, which will combine with the decoration of any room. Also, this type of wood is resistant and provides a good level of stability.

On the other hand, the design of the crib is transformable from a bassinet to a children’s sofa; while at the same time, the height of the structure is adjustable for a better fit to the parents’ bed. As for the surface where the little one will lie down, it is a built-in rubber mattress that is quite comfortable, contributing to the healthy rest of the baby.

This is a co-sleeping crib with an elegant and resistant design. Here, the most relevant details, so that you take them into account in your comparison.


Resistance: The solid beech wood used gives the structure resistance, stability and a long useful life.

Bases: Each of the bases has a bearing with a safety pin, which will allow you a faster and safer mobilization.

Mattress: The built-in mattress is made of foam and provides a comfortable surface for the baby.

Use: You can use the crib as a bassinet and as the little one grows, adapt it as a comfortable children’s sofa.


Sheets: It is likely that getting suitable sheets for the mattress is a bit confusing due to its format.

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Co-sleeping mini cot

Interbaby Mini Crib Star

Interbaby presents us on this occasion a mini co-sleeping crib with a very attractive and minimalist design, whose structure has been made of robust wood and with a series of high-quality finishes that are obvious. In addition, it is a certified product that meets the safety requirements set forth by the European community for co-sleeping cribs.

Among the main specifications of this product, we have its adjustment system for up to nine different positions and bearings arranged in the legs with their respective safety pin, to prevent unexpected slippage.

The product has a 55 x 85 x 90 centimeter format and incorporates a 50 x 80 x 4 centimeter mini-mattress, corresponding to its width, length and thickness. In the same way, when you acquire this mini crib you will have at your disposal a cover for the baby’s pillow and a quilt. Both pieces are easy to machine wash.

This is a co-sleeping crib that will allow you to sleep with your baby, providing a comfortable and safe surface. You can read the details below.


Structure: For the manufacture of the cradle, resistant and highly stable wood was used.

Adjustment: The cot has been provided with a height adjustment mechanism of up to nine positions, in order to provide comfort.

Bearings: You can easily move the crib thanks to the wheels incorporated in the bases.

Mattress: A foam mattress with a thickness of four centimeters is incorporated, for the correct rest of the newborn.


Compatibility: The design of this crib is not compatible with canapé-type beds, so you should check this information beforehand.

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Other products

KinderKraft UNO  

When you have a baby, you think about its safety and not just the price of the product, so it is necessary to establish what aspects are appropriate in terms of co-sleeping cribs. However, it is worth getting a cheaper crib with a functional and stable design for your baby.

This model has special straps for fixing it to the bed, giving you peace of mind for its reliable design. Also, it can be used independently as a travel cot.

It is worth mentioning that the crib includes a good quality bag, designed to transport it when you have to go on a trip or visit a relative, as it is very easy to fold and thanks to its manufacturing materials, it is also very light, so it will take up a lot of space.

For its part, the design in the front window is mesh, which improves the flow of air inside the crib and favors the surveillance of the child.

As a general rule, people always look for their economy, so it will be convenient for you to know the characteristics of this co-sleeping crib, one of the cheapest today.


Uses: This cot is designed to be used as a co-sleeping type, although it is not its only use, it can also be used as a standard cot. In addition, it can replace, due to its folding, the travel cot.

Height: It has the capacity for 5 levels of height adjustment, its minimum being 64 cm and its maximum 74 cm.

Transfer: It is a folding crib and is made of very light materials, which gives it a very low weight, only 6 kg, making it easy to move anywhere.


Mattress: The product has the addition of a padded base that, according to the comment of a user, is very hard, so it may be necessary to purchase a new mattress.

Stability: On some occasions it may have stability problems, according to another client, so it is recommended that the manufacturer improve this aspect.

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Waldin 2001-88nw

This Waldin white lacquered crib is called by its customers as the best price-quality co-sleeping crib, allowing users not to spend a lot of money and obtain a safe and good quality product for their babies.

Regarding its materials, you should know that it is made of high-quality solid beech wood, with a 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase and a one-month return margin, which will allow you to return it if you are not satisfied.

In addition, it has several ways of use that make it a very versatile crib. As a co-sleeping bed, it fits perfectly to the bed, with various height levels and adequate support for the safety and care of the baby. Similarly, it has a soft padding protection, which improves the user experience.

This model is considered by users as one of the best options in this category, being widely recommended for its different qualities.


Convertible: In addition to being a convenient crib for co-sleeping or for traditional use, it can also be converted into a bassinet and a children’s sofa.

Bed base: Unlike other crib models on the market, this model has a real bed base, not a simple board.

Adjustment: It can be placed completely attached to the parents’ bed, without leaving any gap or fissure between them.


Measurements: This model includes a mattress that is quite thin, so it may be necessary to acquire a slightly more suitable one.

Brakes: The wheels that the product incorporates have plastic brakes, which does not make them very suitable for keeping the crib fixed in some places.

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How to choose the best co-sleeping crib?

To buy one of these cribs you must keep in mind certain essential characteristics, which are born from what you need from the product. That is why we have made this guide to buy the best co-sleeping crib, as a way to help you make an intelligent purchase.

Shopping guide


The first point you must establish is how much the product costs. Mainly because it must be in accordance with your budget. It is not at all convenient that you opt for a crib that is out of your budget and you have to go into debt to complete your payment.

The best thing is that you set a price limit and start examining each crib that seems good and cheap to you, and is within the previously established margin. In this way, your purchase will be much more satisfactory for you.

size and safety

A co-sleeping crib should be spacious enough so that your child can enjoy their own space without invading yours. However, this choice must be made according to the factors that affect you, such as the space of the room, the age of your baby and other aspects that may be decisive, making you be interested in specific dimensions.

The protection of your little one is above all else, so you must ensure that the crib you choose is as safe as possible. Take into account that the fastening system is appropriate, preferably with non-slip for greater security.

Likewise, we recommend checking that the wood does not contain points with which the child could be damaged or splinters. Similarly, choose ones that can support the estimated amount of weight of your baby, as otherwise the supports may weaken and make the product unsafe.

Height and adaptability

Not all beds are the same. Some have a higher height than others, so you need to check the level of height that the co-sleeping crib reaches before buying it. In addition, this information can be useful to know what is the best position to place it in your bed.

In the same way, you should analyze if the shape of your bed frame is compatible with the type of crib, because it may be the case to have one that does not facilitate the use of co-sleeping, making this product not fit properly and being a risk of safety use it.


There are cribs made of different materials, so you will have to choose the one that offers you robust materials, so that it can be resistant enough to last for a long time and withstand the movements of your child as he grows. Also, make sure that it is free of toxic and harmful substances for health, since your little one can be severely affected by them.

Likewise, they must be comfortable for your child to rest and so that you can have access to him and the possibility of looking at them all the time.

Mounting and anchoring

The moment of assembling the product is one of the most important when purchasing a crib, so it is essential that it be easy to assemble and have the appropriate instructions to carry out the action.

In this way, you will be able to proceed without problems. However, consider if you will need help before you start, as it will be much more difficult later.

For its part, the anchoring system will be the one that will allow you to sleep close to your little one without the crib moving or the baby falling, so you must be attentive. It is best that you choose metal supports that improve grip and incorporate non-slip. In this way, your baby will sleep next to you with the certainty that she will not fall or separate from your bed.

Also, keep in mind that it is best to check the joint from time to time to make sure everything is okay.


When you have a baby it is important that you can move without leaving him alone, so it is very useful that the co-sleeping cribs have wheels so that you can move it from one place to another without problems.

In addition, pay special attention to the fact that these wheels have brakes, since this way you will be able to control when the crib moves and when it does not.


Many people believe that for a quality product the brand is the least important, but they are wrong. With these types of products, branding is something you need to establish quickly. This is due to the fact that recognized brands have a greater motivation to offer more guarantees and quality indexes of finished products.

Similarly, they have a better customer service platform, being suitable if you have a problem to report or doubts that you need to clarify.


Certainly, co-sleeping cribs have been created so that your baby can sleep with you. However, it is important that everyone keep their place. The idea is that you can watch and care for him more quickly at night without her sleeping directly in your bed.

For this reason, we urge you to make a comparison of co-sleeping cribs to find a model that allows your baby to maintain his independence, making it much easier for him to get used to sleeping alone later.


In general, co-sleeping cribs are very versatile, maintaining two main forms: traditional crib and co-sleeping, but may include other placements. In this way, you can have the type you need. Despite this, there are other models that do not allow the conversion, so it is better that you check before getting ready to buy the product.


To make their products much more attractive, many brands improve their offers by adding accessories for use in cribs. These products, in general, have a slightly higher cost, although not as high as one might suppose. In addition, they allow you to use the crib immediately, so you don’t have to wait to buy other necessary parts, saving time and money on the same purchase.

Among the accessories that can be added you can find: mattress, bedding, covers, canopy, among others that are suitable for you to use with the product in question.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to disassemble a Jané co-sleeping crib?

Disassembling a Jané co-sleeping crib can be very simple by following the instructions included with the product. If, on the contrary, you do not have this small manual, it is recommended that you look for it on the Internet so that you have the appropriate guide.

However, we can give you some instructions to help guide you. To start you must release the upholstery of the crib, undoing the velcro strips that hold it to the lower frame. Subsequently, you must disassemble the anchors by pressing and removing the supports. Now you can detach the lower crossbar and manage to fold the legs of the product.

Q2: Until when to use a co-sleeping crib?

This can be a difficult question to answer, because many people believe that if the baby does not get used to sleeping with the parents it is better for them and others argue that it is dangerous to leave a small baby alone at night.

The truth of the matter is that co-sleeping is not only beneficial for the baby, but also for the parents, especially if they feel anxious about leaving their little ones away from them. This method allows you to check on your little one constantly and the child to feel safe at night.

That is why the best age to stop sleeping with your baby is the one you decide, there is no manual on how to be parents, so your decisions are personal and no one can tell you if you are wrong or not. Make the decision and see how your child makes it, it is the best way to know when he is ready to sleep alone.

Q3: How to tie the co-sleeping cot to the sofa?

The first thing we recommend you look at is if the co-sleeping crib you have is compatible with a canapé. In this way, the adaptation would be much faster and you will only have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If this is not the case, then you should find a way to hold the crib properly on the sofa, always remembering to block the wheels of the furniture, so that it does not move and check that it is safe before putting your child to bed.

Q4: Which co-sleeping crib is compatible with a trundle bed?

Within the market there are some available options for co-sleeping cribs that are compatible with canapés. To find out what these models are, just read their description or ask the manufacturer about their adaptability for this type of bed. An example is the Chicco Next2me, which has 6 heights and can be adapted to beds with drawers without problems.

Q5: Can a crib be adapted for co-sleeping?

Yes. A traditional crib can be adapted to be a co-sleeping crib by simply releasing one of the side rails, allowing it to be left open and attached to the bed on that side. However, in these cases it is essential that you can properly secure the crib to the bed so that it does not move at night. In addition, you must pay attention to the heights, since many normal cribs do not have the different positions and heights that a co-sleeping crib includes.

Q6: Which is better, co-sleeping crib or bassinet?

For the comfort of the parents and the protection of the baby, co-sleeping cribs are a great option. However, many parents doubt whether a bassinet would be more advisable.

In this sense, it is best that you think about what you want. Take into account that with a bassinet you will have to get up to look at the baby, they are shallower and have less stability. While a co-sleeping crib can cause your baby to end up in your bed, you want to check on your child at all times and get him used to sleeping with you, making it difficult to change to his crib or bed.

Q7: Which is the best co-sleeping crib brand, Prinsel or Chicco?

Depending on the needs of each user, the preference for a specific brand may vary, so we cannot take anything for sure.

Comparing these brands, Prinsel offers an easy assembly system, which allows the crib to be tilted a little to improve the baby’s digestion and includes a mattress and a transportable bag for greater comfort. While Chicco complies with a simple installation, adjustable heights and adequate coating to be able to wash the surface of the crib when needed. Thus, each of them has outstanding features that can make them attractive to different types of users.

Q8: Can a co-sleeping crib be used lower than the bed?

It is recommended that the co-sleeping crib maintain the same height as the bed to which it is going to be anchored. This is due to standard safety measures, which prevents the baby from being hurt by hitting the base of the bed or by sudden movements. In addition, the anchors of the co-sleeping cribs are made specifically for a height, so if it is lower, the supports may not fit as they should.

Q9: What is a co-sleeping crib for twins like?

In general, co-sleeping cribs for twins are much larger than normal ones. In addition, you can find different types of extensions on the market so that you can adapt a regular co-sleeping crib and transform it into a twin co-sleeping crib.

Q10: Which is the best co-sleeping crib, Jané or Chicco?

A comparison to decide which of these two brands is better is quite difficult to do, because they are brands with a long history and are very popular when it comes to co-sleeping cribs. Jané is a Spanish brand that has been in the field of childcare and maternity for more than 50 years and has designed co-sleeping cribs adapted to the needs of today’s mothers.

For its part, Chicco since its creation in 1958 is a specialist in the manufacture, among other products, of co-sleeping cots, small and functional

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