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Compass – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Unless you have a privileged hand and pulse, the process of drawing circles and other similar figures correctly requires the use of a compass. A basic tool that should not be missing in any office where drawing is part of its daily activity. In these cases, it is convenient to choose models adjusted to the needs and abilities of the user, although always with quality and precision. Models such as the Idena 606220 compass, which has a resistant construction with a screw and central wheel, as well as all the necessary accessories to make different strokes. If you prefer something simpler, the Staedtler Mars Comfort 552 01 PR1 modelIt allows you to draw a diameter of 35 centimeters, with a comfortable adjustment system and everything you need to work easily, with leads or with other drawing elements.

The best compasses on the market

The compass is one of those common drawing tools in many offices. It does not matter what you do, since there are many uses in which it is usually necessary to draw perfect circles. A task for which it is convenient to know what is the best compass that we can find, especially if our pulse falters. A search in which our list of the best compasses of 2022 gives you the necessary information to choose a compass for both technical drawing and conventional drawing.

drawing compass

IDENA 606220

The Idena 606220 drawing compass is more than just a compass. And it is that this product is presented in a nice protective case accompanied by 11 other accessories, which makes it easier to draw everything you need, both in a circle and if you have to draw straight lines and other shapes.

Specifically, the model includes the compass, eraser, mechanical pencil, whisker, spare leads, sharpener and rulers. Therefore, it is everything you need for any type of layout. A complete product with a resistant construction, so you will not have to worry too much about intensive use.

The compass also has the central adjustment screw and wheel, so in this aspect you will not miss anything. And as we have said, the included case allows you to store everything comfortably and without damaging or losing the different pieces.

Let’s see some more details of this complete set of compasses and accessories, which make your drawing tasks easier.


Construction: The case has a quality metal construction and a system that facilitates the process of using the device.

Rulers: The included rulers are the perfect complement when performing all kinds of drawing tasks, whether conventional or technical.

Case: The included case makes it much easier to take everything you need with you and keep the compass and its accessories well protected.


Buttons: The adjustment system includes only the precision wheel but not the buttons, with which to quickly open the central space.

Rubber bands: It is advisable to use the rubber bands in the case carefully, to prevent them from deteriorating prematurely.

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Staedtler compass

Staedtler Mars Comfort 552 01 PR1

The Staedtler Mars Comfort 552 01 PR1 compass is another firm candidate to be the best compass of the moment, at least in our selection. A product with a quality design and a remarkable range when it comes to working, which make it easier to draw circles and other elements regardless of their size.

In fact, this product has a width of up to 35 centimeters. This amplitude is managed by means of two buttons, for the large adjustment, as well as a central wheel, with which to obtain the appropriate precision for a fine adjustment. A model that also has articulated legs, which facilitate drawing.

As if this were not enough, the product also has an adapter, which you can use with practically any drawing accessory. So you will have no problem drawing what you want and how you like it.

Let’s see some additional data on this product, from what is considered by many to be the best brand of compasses on the market today.


Construction: Its high-quality metal construction is everything you need to comfortably trace circles and other shapes.

Adjustment system: The adjustment system has two main adjustment keys and a central precision wheel with which to choose angles more comfortably.

Universal : The universal adapter makes it easy to draw circles with almost any drawing tool you want to use.

Amplitude : The product can work with a maximum diameter of up to 35 centimeters, being suitable for long-range work.


Professional: Being a more professional cut model, certain knowledge is necessary for the product to operate correctly.

Case: The case has been made of plastic that, although it offers good resistance, does detract from the quality of the set.

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point compass

Vogel 302420

Unlike the traditional compass, the point compass is a product used to calculate distances and for other different tasks, both on the drawing board and in maps and other publications. A task for which the Vogel 302420 model has everything you need. 

We are talking about a compass made of high-quality polished steel, so that its resistance and durability are considerable. This product also has a spring and quick-release system, which makes it easy to adjust the width of the compass, saving you time when making major adjustments.

At the top, the product has a quality support, so that the necessary precision is maintained during the use of the compass. It is finished off with two good resistance points, which keep the compass in position, although without damaging the paper.

Working comfortably is easier with products suitable for each task, like this compass, which we analyze below.


Construction : The compass has a polished steel main body, elegant and resistant.

Comfort : The spring and quick clip system makes it easy to choose the width of the measure.

Handle : The profiled handle helps move the compass across the paper with greater agility and precision.


Alignment : As in all these compasses, it is a good idea to check the alignment of the points before starting to work.

Sharp : It is essential to treat the tips carefully, to prevent them from losing their sharpness or deteriorating.

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Faber Castell compass

Faber Castell Balustrone Tech

When looking for the best compass, many users opt for the Faber-Castell Balaustrone Tech model. A professional range product with classy details that can be seen at first sight. Among them, we have its manufacture in anti-reflective nickel-plated brass, which avoids inconvenience when using the product in environments with fluorescent lamps or lights.

This Faber Castell compass has a push-button system and an adjustment wheel to open or close the space as you see fit. Something that is helped by the large adapter, which allows the diameter of the circumference to be opened up to 57 centimeters, the largest of those we have valued.

A complete solution that is finished off with a universal pin for pens and other items up to 4 millimeters in diameter, thus completing the offer efficiently.

We analyze in detail this quality model, with which it is easy to know which compass to buy if we are looking for high-level products.


Materials: The product is made of brass with a reflective nickel plating that prevents discomfort during work.

Large format: With the included adapter you can work on circles up to 57 centimeters in diameter.

Adjustment: The compass has the usual adjustment system by means of a button panel and central precision wheel, to find the right opening point that you need.

Continuous pressure: The continuous pressure system adequately maintains tension throughout use.


Case: The included case is made of plastic, resistant, but not strong enough to withstand the shocks that it may take during use.

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Compass Maped

Maped 291010

The Maped 291010 compass is the simple solution for those who do not have high demands when it comes to equipment. An interesting product that has a simple and easy to control design both when drawing and choosing the radius of the circle.

This compass also has other elements, such as the dry point and lead protector, or an ergonomic design, which facilitates movement from the top of the product. A model that is finished off with a small whisker, which makes it easy to use when you do not have to draw large circles.

And as if that were not enough, we are talking about one of the cheapest compasses at the moment, so the product is close to being the best value for money compass that we have found in the current market.

If you are looking for cheap options to equip your office, this school-style compass is the right solution for those who do not want something more complex.


Design: The design of the product is very elegant and has adequate comfort when working.

Protector: Includes dry point and lead protector, so you don’t have to worry when drawing any angle.

Adapter : It incorporates an adapter that allows you to use the compass with a pencil and not with the conventional lead, if you need it.


Case : The included plastic case can be improved both in its format and in its dimensions.

Color choice : It is not possible to choose the color you want for the product, since they are sent randomly according to availability.

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compass with mustache

Staedtler NORIS CLUB 550 01

The Staedtler NORIS CLUB 550 01 model is another classic product when looking for a moustached compass. A whisker that has a very efficient adjustment mechanism, with which we can use the product with all kinds of pencils and markers.

To do this, the mustache adjustment system is very precise, with a plastic wheel that keeps the interior element properly fixed and at the angle we want to use. A traditional model that is finished off with details such as its central wheel and the quick adjustment mechanism, which save time and give greater precision to the line. 

It also has the traditional blunt tip, which does not damage the paper but keeps the compass in place while you trace what is necessary. It comes in a comfortable case, where each accessory has its space.

We analyze in detail this classic product of the brand, highly appreciated by users of all ages and levels.


Adjustment: The adjustment has a quick release and central wheel, combining precision and speed.

Blunt tip: The blunt tip prevents perforation of the paper, as well as possible accidents, while giving the necessary stability to the compass.

Mustache : The mustache keeps the pencil, marker or the product used for the line firm and at the desired angle.


Spare parts: Just bring a spare mine, although it is not difficult to find nor is it too expensive.

Case: The case is made of hard plastic and has a tendency to scratch and break, so it should be treated with care.

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compass with adapter

Faber Castell 32722-8

The Faber Castell 32722-8 compass with adapter is another of those classic products among all types of users. We are talking about a product made of high quality steel, with tips and handles made of plastic material. It includes the usual quick closing system, as well as the precision wheel, with the capacity to draw circumferences of up to 34 centimeters with good comfort.

In addition, the product has no clearance, so it is suitable for use in strokes that require high precision. A process in which the conventional lead or the included adapter can be used, suitable for all types of pencils, markers and other similar products, being able to adjust the angle of the stroke appropriately. And so that you don’t miss anything, this model is accompanied by a mechanical pencil and an eraser, also from the same brand.

If you like to work with quality tools, surely this Faber Castell model meets expectations.


Adapter: The adapter allows you to precisely adjust the position and angle of the stroke.

Accessories: It is one of the most complete lots on the market, since, in addition to the compass and its mustache, it includes an eraser and a mechanical pencil.

Quick release : The quick release system makes it easy to open or close the compass completely, or to the width you need, without having to turn the central wheel.


Case: As with many of these models, it is advisable to treat the case with care, to avoid premature deterioration.

Components : Some components of the adapter are made of plastic, so it is advisable not to force them excessively.

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Other products

Rotring S0676560

The Rotring S0676560 model is a simple but quality solution for those who do not have extensive marking needs. So this model has a simple format that makes it easy to draw what you need. A model that has rubber inserts and other interesting elements that help you to use the compass properly without complications.

It also features quality construction, as befits the brand, so you won’t have to worry too much about durability or strength. A complete model that is accompanied by different accessories, such as the moustache, the extension cord and other elements that make it easier to use.

A product that is completed with a case to store all the elements and keep them properly organized without excessive complications.

If you don’t have extensive layout needs, this model will probably cover everything you need without too much hassle and expense.


Comfort : The compass has padded pieces on the sides, which make work easier by not having to come into contact with the cold metal.

Accessories : Among the accessories included we have the mustache or the extension necessary to extend the scope of the product.

Case : Even without being excellent, the truth is that the case has the resistance and the necessary design to avoid inconveniences when it comes to storing your things.


Adjustment : The model does not include the precision ring or the opening buttons, so this opening is done directly by hand.

User profile: It is a suitable product for basic users, but it will surely fall short for those who need more professional cut models.

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Guide to buying compasses

The compass is one of the oldest drawing instruments in the world and a classic in the desks and cases of many students and professionals. That is why it is so important to have a guide to buy the best compass at hand, since a poor quality product can be a source of problems and headaches. So that you have at hand all the elements that define a quality compass, we leave you the aspects that you should look at when looking for one of these products.

Shopping guide

compass type

The first thing we must see is the type of compass that we are going to need. In this article, we are not going to talk about the stonemason’s compass or other specific compasses in construction and other fields, but we are going to focus on the three usual models, both for drawing tasks and the like.

The first of them, the most common in any compass comparison that we review, is the school compass. This compass has the usual design, an economical price and is easy to use. In fact, most already have the precision adjustment systems typical of technical drawing models, which are the ones we evaluate below.

Although visually the same as school compasses, technical drawing compasses tend to have better alignment, higher quality materials, and higher accuracy than school models. Something that does not have much influence on how much said compass costs, so if you need professional help, these products are the best option. 

As a finishing touch, we briefly mention the compas de puntas. This compass is used to move comfortably on plans and maps, although it is not a drawing tool per se. In any case, it can be useful for measuring distances or planning routes, among other functions.

Manufacturing materials

Another important aspect when choosing a compass is the material from which the product has been made. Starting with the cheapest models, these usually have an integral plastic construction that, although adequate, is not as resistant as the metal models.

These metallic models have a main structure made of polished steel, so that the resistance of the product is more than guaranteed. However, some models continue to maintain plastic elements, such as the handle area or the quick-release clips. In the highest level models, we can find that almost all the parts are metallic, these models being the ones with the greatest resistance and durability.

comfort of use

Once the structure has been analyzed, it is time to take action and see the comfort of use that the compass offers us. This comfort is key, since an uncomfortable compass is usually a source of problems, discomfort and poorly made lines.

One of the key elements in a comfortable compass is the quick release buttons. These buttons allow the arms of the compass to be fully opened to the desired size, faster than the circular wheel. In fact, this wheel should only be used for the finest or most precise adjustment, which is possible with the calipers.

It is also worth taking a look at the handle of the compass, not only because of the material but also because of its design. This handle is the most responsible for turning the compass when drawing lines, so it must have a surface with a good grip, as well as a pleasant texture, which facilitates the complete turn when making circles or whatever we have what to draw

Accessories included

We have talked so far about the compass, but without its accessories this product would not be complete. Among these accessories, the mustache stands out. This kind of support helps us to replace the traditional lead with any pen, marker or pencil that we want to use to draw the lines. The advantage of the mustache is that it not only adequately holds this element, but also allows the working angle to be adjusted during use.

Another interesting accessory is the extension cord. Let us think that a compass has a diameter determined by its construction, but if we need to draw a larger circle, this adapter extends its scope. Nor can we forget the leads, which are included in some pencil sharpeners as a spare part. And equally useful is the pencil sharpener, which some compasses come with and with which it is possible to sharpen the lead and give it the precise shape, depending on what we need.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a compass?

To use the compass, we will start by opening it to the diameter we need, depending on how big or how small the figure to be traced is. Once opened, we gently stick the metal tip on the center of the circle and move it in this same way until we completely trace the circumference, or the corresponding circular shape. It is key to do it safely and with good tact, so that it does not jump. We must also prevent the metal tip from moving, otherwise the result will be poor.


Q2: How to make a pentagon with a compass?

To draw a pentagon with the compass, we will start by drawing a horizontal line and, at its center, the initial circumference. We draw semicircles from the point of union of the line and the circumference, on both sides, until they touch. We join the new union points with a vertical line obtaining a cross.

Next, we will draw circular sections from the point of union of these two lines to the sides, the cutting points being the edges of the pentagon. Each intersection point on these two main lines will be the starting point of the new circular section, using the line of the pentagon segment as the diameter. Once the five edges are complete, you just have to join them, using a flat ruler.


Q3: Who invented the compass?

The compass is one of the oldest objects in current use that we have on our desks. In fact, there are doubts about its origin, since some authors attribute it to the writings of Euclid, others assign it to the Egyptians and others think that its invention belongs to the Chinese. What there is some agreement on is the use of this interesting device, as well as its different evolutions, such as the one created by Galileo in 1597, for military purposes, or the derived compasses for navigation, which were used by many sailors during times past..

Q4: How to make compass mandalas?

When it comes to creating mandalas with a compass, we have complete freedom to do so, both in terms of measurements and designs. Anyway, if you prefer a more classic mandala, we will start by drawing a circle and measuring different angles on it with a protractor.

With this approach, we will draw sections of the mandala to form the network. The next step would be to create lines parallel to the already drawn sections, of a suitable thickness for the colored lines. Finally, we will make the necessary adjustments so that the mandala has the appearance that we want, erasing what is left over from the path.

Q5: How to make a square with compass?

To paint this square, we start by drawing a horizontal line and then a circle. Taking the center as a reference, we paint a circular section, being the intersection points with the circumference the two edges of the square, whose first side we will draw joining both. Next, we draw an interior section to the first, with the center at the intersection of the first side and the horizontal line and width to the previous center.

On the new cut points we draw two diagonals, joining the center and the cut point to both sides of the circumference. It is finished off by tracing the three remaining sides on the points that the diagonals have indicated, which, in fact, are those of the square.

Q6: How to sharpen a compass?

To sharpen the lead of the compass, just use the pencil sharpener that is usually included or a sharpening blade that is not very large. In addition, this pencil sharpener also allows you to properly outline the lead, if necessary. Regarding the metal tip, in general it does not require sharpening, so you will not have to worry about it.

Q7: Which mine uses a compass?

In general, practically all the compasses that we have on the market use leads of 2 millimeters in diameter, this being the current standard measure. In what yes there are variations is in the hardness of said mine, which is variable, according to what each user may need, according to what they have to draw.

Q8: What is a thread compass used for?

Unlike the traditional compass, the thread compass is a derived product and very easy to make, consisting of a needle or a stick, a thread of the size that suits us best and a pencil, marker or similar to make the line in the other end. It is a very suitable product for drawing large circles, which cannot be done with a compass, or in environments beyond the drawing table, such as construction, cabinetmaking or certain crafts.

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