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Convertible Cribs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The birth of a baby is a beautiful moment that causes anxiety in parents and one of the main concerns is where the little one will sleep. You can find a good number of options on the market that could adapt to what you are looking for, although only while the baby is young. If what you want is something more durable, we recommend that you look among convertible cribs, which can be very versatile, since they transform into individual beds or benches to sit on. To help you find the alternative that best suits you, we present a selection of the best convertible cribs, their main features and user opinions. Among them is the Star Ibaby Dreams Conver model, which can be used from birth to around 9 years of age, assuming a great duration as it is made of lacquered mdf with a beautiful finish. On the other hand, we are talking about the Roba Babysitter 4-in-1 crib that includes different forms of use: co-sleeping, traditional crib with a rocker or with legs, and as a bench for the room.



Opinions on the best convertible cribs

If your baby is about to be born and you have not yet bought his crib, you can opt for the functionality of convertible cribs, since they can be used during the child’s first years without spending more. Below we describe the products that have been rated by users as the best in this category.

Star Ibaby Dreams Convertible

Considered the best convertible crib thanks to user comments and its appropriate qualities, the Star Ibaby Dreams Conver stands out for being made of lacquered mdf, which gives it a nice touch and the necessary robustness to keep your baby protected during its use. In addition, its size of 140 x 70 cm provides enough space to facilitate movement inside the crib and sleep comfortably when converted into a bed.

In the same way, the bed base has two heights designed to adapt to the size of the baby while it is small and to give it security as it grows until the included protection bars can be removed.

In addition to this, its color and shape of easily adapting to the growth of the child from birth to 9 years old, appropriately, are two good features in its favor.

With a functional and unisex design, this can be considered the best convertible crib of the moment by users who have used it, since it has some interesting features that we will see below.


Design: It has a nice and neutral color, suitable for girls or boys, in addition to having a convenient finish to give it an outstanding design that can be combined with any decoration.

Space: It has an appropriate size so that your child can play and sleep inside it without problems, allowing you to keep him in his crib for longer.

Heights: This product allows the height of the bed base to be adjusted, improving access to place or remove the infant while it is used in cradle mode.

Time of use: It can be used from the birth of the child and up to many years later, approximately 9 years, although it could well be more or less depending on the height of your child.


Assembly: Although users comment that it is an easy process, it must be done by two people, since some pieces must be held in the air while they are secured.

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Roba Babysitter 4 in 1

When studying the different options on the market to establish which is the best convertible crib, we recommend you study this alternative offered by the Roba brand. Its features are striking, mainly because it has a versatile 4-in-1 design.

The first form is the co-sleeping crib, designed so that you can accompany your baby during his first months of life, facilitating the connection with his mother and caring for him during the night. In addition, it can be used as a normal crib with two types of legs, with wheels or with wooden bars in the form of a rocker, both designed to favor the care and attention of your child. The last form is that of a bench, for when the infant stops using the cradle, which gives it greater utility, both as decoration and as a seat.

As if that were not enough, it also includes two drawers to store toys or accessories that the child has, which allows you to have everything at hand.

Before deciding which convertible crib to buy, we recommend you look at the characteristics of this model that we summarize below to facilitate your analysis.


Assembly: It is very easy to assemble the complete crib following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, so you can have it ready in no time.

Versatility: This model goes from a co-sleeping crib to a normal bassinet and a sitting bench, so it can be used for different tasks according to your needs.

Storage: It incorporates two organizing boxes, so you can easily store the baby’s accessories or toys, keeping them close at hand when you need them.


Wheels: The wheels that the product includes may not be very comfortable for moving it, so its movement is a bit difficult.

Size: The crib is suitable for small babies, being of a size that is not suitable for large children, limiting its time of use a little.

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Pinolino Lenny

This could be considered as the best value for money convertible crib, since it has the approval of a group of users because its cost is convenient compared to others of the same type and the functional design extends its useful life.

The solid pine wood construction gives it stability without being too heavy, 8 kg net weight, and durability, so you can count on it for a long time. In addition, it is lacquered in white to make it a neutral element in any decoration and easy to combine.

On the other hand, its rails are resistant to give your baby safety and can be removed without too much work, which allows you to transform it into a bed without problems at any time.

In the same way, it protects your child from falling after he stops using the crib, since it has 3 removable side bars, making it easy for the infant to get in and out without completely removing the bars that prevent him from getting out of bed.

Pinolino is positioned as the best brand of convertible cribs thanks to the good impressions of users, so we recommend that you review the specifications of this product carefully, so we leave you the most outstanding below.


Durability: It is made of highly resistant pine wood, which makes it a quality product that can last a long time.

Unisex: Its neutral color makes it a joint use alternative for both sexes, so it can be used with other babies.

Dimensions: It has good dimensions to give a baby play space and allow a child to sleep comfortably.


Simplicity: This crib has a fairly basic design, so it may not be very decorative for the taste of some users.

Colors: A couple of customers state that they would have liked to have been able to choose this crib in other colors such as mahogany, for example.

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Osan 163-777-77

This crib is among the cheap alternatives in our comparison, which does not mean that it loses quality, on the contrary. First we must point out that its body is made of wood, which gives it stability and firmness enough to be suitable for babies and children. In addition, considering its dimensions, you must have a mattress of 140 x 70 cm to be able to use the crib or bed without problems.

In the same way, its conversion to a bed is very simple and comfortable to do, so you will have it available in a short time. Another element that draws attention and promotes product safety is that it includes removable non-slip steps, designed to prevent any accident.

In addition to this, you can enjoy three height positions, so you can choose the one that best suits you on each occasion, improving your comfort and the protection of your child.

As this is one of the cheapest options on the market, we invite you to learn about its characteristics, which we describe below.


Material: It is made of wood, which gives it a very nice finish and good resistance, making it robust and stable.

Positions: Thinking about your well-being and the care of your baby, this crib has different height positions, which you must adjust according to the age of your baby.

Safety: As a way to maintain the stability of the bed base, this product incorporates non-slip steps, which prevent the supports from slipping out of place.


Instructions: This product does not have the necessary instructions to guide users during assembly, which may be inconvenient for some people.

Weight: Due to its wood construction, this convertible crib model tends to have a high weight, which prevents it from being easily transported from one place to another.

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Alfred & Compagnie Drawer

Being part of the best convertible cribs of 2022, this model maintains the elegance and sobriety that marks the distinction in baby rooms. In this sense, its neutral color favors it by allowing its use regardless of the child’s sex, leaving aside the concept of division that can harm a product.

In the same way, the inclusion of a small table with a changing table on the upper level, two shelves and a small drawer, make it a very complete and dynamic product. Also, in the lower part of the bed frame you can have a sliding drawer with wheels, which will make it easier for you to store things such as toys or diapers to keep them close at hand.

In addition, we must point out that it is made with ecologically generated MDF panels, which is why it is friendly to the environment and painted with water without solvents, being non-toxic for the safety of children.

This model is presented as an interesting proposal for a convertible crib, due to all its characteristics and the additions to the bassinet, which we briefly describe in the following section.


Color: Its combination of colors make it a very sober crib and suitable for boys and girls, being a good aspect in favor.

Accessories: Your purchase includes a table with two shelves, an additional drawer and a pull-out changing table, all of which perfectly match the crib.

Drawer: Under the cot/bed there is a large drawer with wheels, designed to facilitate the storage of objects or toys.


Price: Although we can say that its price is adequate, it can be very high for some users to have access to the product.

Opinions: There are very few opinions that can be found on this product, so its acquisition can be a blind spot in terms of quality.

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