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Crib Bumpers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

At bedtime we must offer the best comfort conditions to our baby, even more so if he sleeps in his crib. Whether it is made of wood or metal, it is essential to cover the edges with protectors that allow babies to be protected from possible blows against the bars. The most recommended is that they are made of a soft material in contact with the skin, with a lining that can be removed for washing and enough padding to increase protection. Likewise, you can choose designs that combine with the decoration of the room, as well as have sets that include duvets and bedding. In relation to this, we present our selection with products such as Pirulos 43300004which is available in pink, is 100% cotton and is completely harmless, as it does not contain PVC. On the other hand, there is the Cambrass Liso E, a model with 8 points to make the ties, it is suitable for 60 x 120 cm cribs and has a fairly simple washing process.



Opinions on the best crib bumpers

More than a decorative element, crib bumpers protect babies from hitting the sides of the crib. If you have decided to buy one of the best products in this category, we recommend you review our selection in which we detail the main characteristics of the chosen models with their respective differentiation of positive and negative aspects to offer you the most information so that you can make an investment. smart.

Lollipops 43300004

This Pirulos product is being valued among many users as the best crib protector. This statement is based on the fact that its padding is thick enough to offer softness and protection to the little ones.

In addition, it is non-deformable, allowing it to return to its normal structure after being used during the baby’s rest time, since it is common for the baby to remain in a specific area of ​​the crib, generating pressure on a single area of ​​the protector.

Another aspect worth noting is its waterproof property. When it comes to textile products for babies, especially those that are in direct contact with them, such as those at bedtime, this aspect is very relevant in case any eventuality occurs.

Likewise, it can be used without problems during summer days because its fabric is breathable, providing comfort at all times.

If you want more information about this product, we invite you to review the following list of pros and cons with which you can balance the aspects that are most relevant to your needs, without letting go of the fact that some users have rated it as the best crib bumper of the moment.


Measurements: The protector occupies dimensions of 50 x 98 cm, making it suitable for standard cribs.

Material: The lining fabric, which will be in contact with the baby, is made of 100% cotton.

Sewing: Some users claim that the sewing and finishes are of very good quality.

Fastening: To keep it fixed in the crib, it is fastened through ties that are sewn to the lining fabric itself.


Color: It is only available in pink, so the customer will not have the option to choose any other of their preference.

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Cambrass Smooth E

When choosing one of the best crib bumpers of 2022, many consumers agree to mention this model. The reasons are grouped into different points of view, but all highlight that it is a good quality product.

One of its main aspects is that it has the ability to protect the baby from cold currents that can reach him during his hours of rest. It also prevents it from bumping against the bars of the crib.

This protector is made from a mix of materials that have distinct benefits. First of all, 50% cotton that gives it softness and increases breathability, and another 50% polyester that increases resistance.

In addition, the manufacturer has taken care to ensure that the seams are strong enough to withstand daily use and regular washing.

With all these details, plus those described in the following section, several users already speak of Cambrass as the best brand of crib bumpers.


Washing: Although the cover is not removable, the entire product can be included in a washing machine and dryer cycle without problems.

Filling: It is made of hollow fiber, which helps to resist blows with better support.

Adjustment: It has 8 straps with which the protector can be easily attached to the bars.


Printed: This model is only offered in colors without motifs or printed designs that increase its decorative value.

Price: Even taking into consideration all the relevant and positive aspects that it has, it is necessary to mention that its cost is higher than that of the rest of the products in this comparison.

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Julius Zöllner 8250040761

This version of Julius Zöllner stands out as the best value for money crib bumper, according to recent users who have purchased it. First of all, its protection function against bars acts appropriately to prevent the baby from hitting itself with normal movements during sleep thanks to the light and non-deformable padding.

As for the size, its measurements of 180 x 25 cm make it very long but not very high. This aspect has been positively valued, since it makes it easier for parents to observe the baby without having to get very close to the crib.

On the other hand, the structure is complete, that is, there are no dividing folds, which allows it to be adapted to different needs, according to the measurements of each crib. Likewise, the continuous seams work grouped to offer greater resistance to the entire piece.

Based on the features of this product plus the information provided in the pros and cons summary below, many consumers are recommending this product when asked which crib bumper to buy.


Cover: It is made entirely of cotton, which makes it suitable for safe contact with babies’ skin.

Colors: It is available in a variety of 2 colors to choose from: white and gray.

Washing: It can be done by machine without major setbacks, but taking care not to exceed a temperature of 30º C.


Thin straps: A user indicates that the fastening straps are not very wide, which can be a bit annoying when making the bow for the crib.

Cover: It cannot be removed, so if you want to use a different design, you will have to place the cover over the one that comes from the factory.

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Amilian FF-03-039

For those who are looking for cheap crib bumpers, this model could work very well. The manufacturer presents options in different sizes that allow the buyer to decide whether to have an L-shape or all four sides together. To do this, you can choose between three types of measurements: 180 x 30 cm, 360 x 30 cm or 420 x 30 cm.

On the outside, the protector is made of cotton fabric that is soft and delicate for proper contact with babies’ skin. In turn, the interior is made of silicone polyester, which is the padded part of the product.

The bumper doesn’t come with seams to split the sides, so it’s easy to adjust to the shape you think is best, even when you want to try it on different sized cribs.

All this data may be enough to make your purchase. However, so that there is no doubt about the product, here is a summary of the positive and negative aspects that make it be considered among the best, even when it is one of the cheapest.


Design: It is very sober and delicate, made up of a white base fabric with small gray stars, so it is completely unisex and easy to combine with decoration and bedding.

Ties: Ties that are sewn directly to the piece are used to tie the protector to the bars of the crib.

Washing: It can be done by machine without this process making it lose its shape.


Thickness: Some users think that the product is very thin and does not protect well from bumps against the bars.

Stability: As it is very soft and thin, when one or more loops come off, it could start to fall.

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Ullenboom N-MG-180

In this case, it is a reversible crib bumper, so it may be a good option to decide which is the best crib bumper, according to some users.

The padded interior is made of polyester thick enough to protect babies, but without diminishing their delicate contact. For this reason, it is suitable for use with babies from 0 months.

Something also very positive is that the brand has other textile products with the same design, so the user will be able to buy the protector and duvet, for example, without major inconveniences. There is also the option to choose cushions, garlands, crib clothes, etc.

As for cleaning, it can be machine washed, as long as the temperature does not exceed 30ºC, making the work much more comfortable and carried out in the shortest possible time.

The security in the choice of any product is decisive to be well satisfied when receiving it, with the firm belief that it was an investment and not an expense. For this reason, it is necessary to be very clear about all the details that can be obtained in the summary of pros and cons that we present here.


Measurements: To make it easier to choose according to the type of crib, the brand offers 4 possibilities: 180 x 30 cm, 210 x 30 cm, 360 x 30 cm and 420 x 30 cm.

Safety: The product has been designed taking care to comply with safety regulations, such as the control of harmful substances in its composition.

Unisex: Because it is made with neutral designs and colors, it can be used with both girls and boys.


Contour: The product is not capable of covering the entire contour of the crib, so you must have two units if you want complete protection.

Adjustment: At some point, the number of ties to adjust to the crib may seem insufficient.

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