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Cribs and mattresses – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

One of the most important moments for your child is bedtime, and with restful sleep, he can grow properly and is also closely related to brain functions, such as learning. That is why cribs and mattresses for babies are among the most useful items in your child’s early years. And it is that these provide comfort to the little one while resting, they also offer peace of mind to parents, whether they are at home or on a trip. There are many options on the market, among which we find the Chicco Next2me model that stands out for being a crib adaptable to all types of beds, so you can sleep with your little one to one side, but offering him his own space. On the other hand, we have the Safety 1st Soft Dreamsan option for travel, since it is foldable and safe, as well as it can be used as a playpen for your baby to play.



Opinions on the best cribs and mattresses

If you want to make a smart investment for the comfort and rest of your baby, we suggest you review the characteristics of the following products, cataloged by our customers as the best cribs and mattresses of 2022, so you can decide which model suits your needs and budget.

Chicco Next2me

With a multifunctional design, the Chicco Next2me is considered the best crib and mattress, since you can use it as a co-sleeping or standard crib, and its compact size and adjustable height allow it to be adapted to all types of beds, in addition to having a Side opening and closing. This way you can sleep close to your baby in his first months to make sure nothing happens to him.

It also incorporates a soft and breathable mattress, while its sides are made of mesh fabric to allow better ventilation. Additionally, the bassinet is adjustable to six different heights and can be placed in two positions that help your child improve their digestion or breathe better during a cold.

For many users, this model is the best crib and mattress of the moment, as it has different characteristics that make it a good investment, some of which we summarize below.


Comfort: For the comfort of your baby, the mattress is soft and made of breathable fabric, so your little one will not suffer from heat at night.

Multifunction: It can be used as a co-sleeping or standard crib, and can be attached to different types of beds, whether they include a canapé or drawers. Also, its side has easy opening and closing that you can lower with one hand.

Positions: The cradle can be placed in two reclining positions, thus helping the child’s digestion or improve breathing when they have nasal congestion or a cold.

Cleaning: The covers included in the crib mattress can be removed and machine washed.


Transfer: Several users comment that it is difficult to move it from one room to another, since its legs are very large and it is difficult to maneuver, even with the wheels that it includes.

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Safety 1st Soft Dreams

This crib stands out for being a compact and folding model that allows you to take it with you when you go on a trip. It also includes a wood fiber mattress, offering comfort to your child, without neglecting the stability of its base, so it can be used as a playpen.

This model is among the best cribs and mattresses of 2022 for weighing 6 kilograms when folded and thus being able to travel with it. In addition, it is available in different colors even when its design is totally unisex.

On the other hand, you should know that this crib is suitable for children from birth to four years of age, supporting up to 15 kilograms of weight. Thus, this product represents a lasting investment due to the quality of its materials and the maximum load it can withstand.

Safety 1st has stood out in the market for its range of indoor and outdoor baby items, which is why many customers consider it the best brand of cribs and mattresses. For this reason we have selected this model to summarize its pros and cons.


Assembly: The cot has a simple assembly, you just have to unfold it and adjust its sides to use it when you need it while you leave home and you can store it in the functional travel bag that it includes.

Variety: This model is available in various designs and colors, such as blue, black, Pop Hero and Red Lines, so you can choose the one you like best and consider appropriate for your child.

Price: It is the cheapest crib in this summary, so it has an efficient value for money, being a standard, travel crib that can be used as a playpen for your child to play.


Mattress: Some users express that the crib only has a mattress and this is very thin, so it does not offer enough comfort for babies to sleep. However, it is very useful when playing games.

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Asalvo Mix Plus

For those parents looking for cheaper options for cribs and mattresses, many users recommend the Asalvo Mix Plus model, a robust crib made of steel, plastic and polyester, making it suitable for children from birth to 3 years of age.

Also, this model incorporates a game arch and toy pocket so that your child can have fun. A complete crib that has a double height with a zipper system, as well as a changing table and a firm, stable and foldable design so that you can store it in its practical bag when you go on vacation. It is also available in six different styles and colors.

For its part, the wide mesh windows allow a correct view of the little one while favoring ventilation to keep it cool, especially if you use it during the summer holidays.

If you still do not know which crib and mattress to buy, we recommend that you review this model that has properties that make it one of the most complete options, as well as a smart investment. Here we summarize its pros and cons.


Style: The crib is available in six different styles, such as paper boat, dandelion, cherry blossom, pinwheel, children of the world and teddy bears. Additionally, each style is available in four colors.

Changer: This model includes a changer that is placed on top after being unfolded.

Accessories: The crib includes a game arch and a toy pocket so that your child can have maximum fun regardless of whether they are not at home. In addition, it incorporates wheels with brakes for a better transfer.


Mounting of the changing table: Some users find that the mounting of the changing table is messy. But, following the instructions, it can be done optimally and the next few times it will be much easier.

Height: The mattress of this crib can be adjusted to two different heights. However, some customers point out that it can be a bit unstable when set to the highest setting.

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Tiggo Honey Be and Blue

Many users consider this to be the best value for money crib and mattress, due to its multifunctional design that allows you to use it as a rocking chair and with an easy closure it can be converted into a stable crib. This model is also made of robust wood that gives it strength and durability. Likewise, it is a crib that includes a complete set with a foam mattress, sheet, pillow, blanket, curtain and curtain rod. In addition, it is suitable for children from birth to six months of age, standing out for its compact, ergonomic, safe and stable design.

It also incorporates mobile wheels, but they can be fixed when you don’t have to move it from one room to another.

Although this is one of the cheapest cribs and mattresses on the market, it has several characteristics that we describe in the next section so that you can learn more about this model and that corroborate its usefulness.


Design: Thanks to its design, this crib can be used as a rocking chair to help your baby sleep in his first months. In addition, it can be fixed in one position to give it stability.

Set: This crib comes with a set with various accessories that combine colors and styles for decoration, so you will not have to invest more money and you will have everything ready for the birth of your baby.

Materials: The structure of the crib is made of solid wood that gives it a natural look. In addition, the mattress is made of soft foam and has an ergonomic system.


Age: This crib, unlike others in this summary, can be used by a lower age range, from the birth of your child to approximately six months.

Thickness: A user comments that the mattress included in this crib is a bit thick for newborn children, however, its design is functional and beautiful.

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Star Ibaby Dreams Sweet 3

For those parents who still do not know which is the best crib and mattress with an adjustable base, many users recommend the Star Ibaby Dreams Sweet 3 model, a robust and resistant crib that is made of beech wood and polyurethane. Also, the bed base of this can be adjusted in several positions and thus can adapt to the growth of your child and can even be used up to 3 years of age.

For its part, the mattress that it includes is made of viscoelastic material with intelligent memory, so it adapts to the child’s body when he lies down and then returns to his natural position slowly and gently.

If you still have doubts about which crib and mattress to buy, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of the Dreams Sweet 3, a crib that combines the traditional style of a crib with the functionality that current times demand.


Technology: The mattress included in this model is made of viscoelastic material with intelligent memory, adapting to your child’s body and returning to its shape when there is no pressure on it.

Adjustment: This model has an adjustable bed base in several positions so that the crib adapts to the progressive growth of your little one. Allowing him to use it until he is 3 years old.

Manufacturing: The structure of the crib is made of resistant and robust beech wood, as well as polyurethane. In addition, the mattress is made of viscoelastic material, noted for its durability.


Wheels: According to several users, the wheels of this crib are not of the highest quality, since they get stuck when turning. However, if you are going to let it set, it is a wise option.

Expensive: This is one of the most expensive cribs on the list, but the good quality materials and easy assembly make up for the price.

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