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Diaper Cakes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

A diaper cake is one of the most useful acquisitions that we can give to future parents for their baby at a baby shower or as a welcome gift at birth. Emphasizing that diapers will always be essential when we talk about babies, so these products are surely the best gifts that can be given to a mother. Some of the elements that you should take into account when buying a diaper cake are its shape, the number of diapers and the products that they can contain. So that you can properly analyze some of the most popular options on the market, we have created this comparison of the best diaper cakes in which the Flores AVRIL 2.0 model stands out.that includes 20 diapers and a cute bear teddy so you can decorate the baby’s room. Or the MomentosGourmet Dodot Mustela Azul cake, with a stepped tower design and quite useful complementary accessories.



Opinions on the best diaper cakes

Giving diapers with cake designs is an innovative way to make a functional and decorative gift, so if a baby is about to be born in your family or among your friends, be sure to review our selection of the best diaper cakes of 2022 for you to choose from the one you like most.

girl diaper cake

Flowers APRIL 2.0

Diaper cakes that incorporate baby accessories are a great way to gift a newborn, especially if they are new parents. In this sense, it is important that you can establish which is the best diaper cake to make a good investment, since there are many options on the market.

This model has some peculiarities that make it a good choice, such as the pair of socks that it includes. In addition, its presentation in pink makes it an appropriate gift for a girl, favoring the details and decoration of her room.

Similarly, its two levels of diapers crowned with a stuffed toy that can be a bear or a dog, depending on availability, is a charming classic that works as a decoration when not in use, giving the product more utility.

We must point out that the cake is made up of 20 Dodot diapers for newborns and includes a 26 cm square facial towel, arranged in the shape of a cute rabbit. This is considered a diaper cake for girls and also for boys, so it is practical as it is unisex.

Among the diaper cake options on the market, this is one of the cheapest, so you can buy a beautiful and useful product without spending too much money. So that you can analyze the pros and cons of the product, here we leave them.


Content: The cake is made with diapers only, with a base and proper positioning of levels so that it stands up without problems.

Reason: The cake is delivered as a gift, wrapped in cellophane and with a bow at the top that makes it suitable as a decorative element.

Additions: Includes a pair of socks and a facial towel, very useful implements for the baby and its parents.


Diapers: The amount of 20 diapers included in this cake can be considered fair, compared to other models in our selection.

Personalization: It is a disadvantage that the manufacturer does not offer more added products so that the buyer can choose the extra elements for the cake.

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MomentsGourmet Hello Kitty

A girl’s diaper cake is not so difficult to find when you have at your disposal such beautiful options as this model from MomentosGourmet with a stuffed toy of the famous and beloved Hello Kitty on top, combined with pink decorative ribbons in two different shades on the sides. three levels of diapers that make up the stepped tower structure of this model.

This cake has a weight of 2.34 kilograms and dimensions of 30 x 30 x 45 centimeters, measurements that you must take into account. The diapers used are of the best quality offered by the DODOT brand, and it is a basic model of 12 hours and size 2, for children weighing from 4 to 8 kilograms. The cake is wrapped in transparent cellophane and is decorated with a pink bow. The content is more or less 50 diapers and, fortunately, all of them can be used without problems.

This Hello Kitty diaper cake can be the perfect addition to baby showers.


Colors: The combination of the colors used that contrasts between the different shades of pink is magnificent.

Diapers: By using diapers with a wide range of weight, it is possible to place them in newborn children and a few months old.

Brand: The DODOT brand is well known, so purchasing its diapers means safety and comfort.


Card: The gift card comes completely blank, according to the opinion of the users, so it can be inconvenient, since, to write on it, you have to open the cake.

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diaper cake boy

MomentsGourmet Dodot Mustela Blue

An original way to make a useful and charming gift is by choosing a suitable diaper cake for the occasion. This particular model is considered by users as the best value for money diaper cake for its content, presentation and total cost, helping with the comprehensive care of your baby.

This is how you can count not only on 45 size 2 Dodot diapers distributed in the shape of a cake with 3 levels and blue bows, but also on different baby care products from the Mustela brand, such as cream balm or lotion. In the same way, you can also get a teddy bear, which gives a better finish to the cake, positioning itself on top of the upper level.

Another relevant aspect of this boy’s diaper cake is that you can choose to have it packaged as a gift, with a cellophane cover and a bow that gives the final touch to the presentation of the product.

MomentosGourmet could be, according to the opinion of users, the best brand of diaper cakes for babies, so, below, we will leave you the pros and cons of this particular model so that you can analyze them carefully.


Products: Being in collaboration with Mustela, this cake includes a set of personal care products for the baby.

Appearance: The presentation of the product is suitable to decorate the baby’s room or place on the table of a baby shower.

Weight: This product maintains a fairly manageable weight, so you can move it without problems from one place to another.


Quantity: A user indicates that he expected the product to include more diapers, so it seemed small for the appearance of the photograph.

Change: Some users comment that they received the shipment with some product changes, which can cause inconvenience and inconvenience for buyers.

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Thousand Baskets TP07A

When looking for a boy’s diaper cake, many people look directly at the blue models. If you are looking for something similar for a boy or a girl, then this diaper cake in different shades of blue will be perfect for your purpose. It brings 80 diapers from the DODOT brand, known for its high quality, and all of them are size 3.

It is a large model, 1 meter long, which has three levels of diapers arranged in a stepped tower structure. At the top there is a teddy bear with a bow, while in the other sections you can find various accessories to match the colorful theme of the cake. A baby shampoo and cologne, both 200 ml, along with a special comb and brush for little ones. The cake is wrapped in clear cellophane and finished with a blue bow.

With beautiful blue tones, this product is one of the most practical and complete on the market.


Accessories: The accessories included in the purchase are a brush, comb, oil and shampoo.

Quantity: The cake has 80 diapers in its structure, making it one of the largest.

Brand: DODOT diapers are known for their quality and safety, making them a good choice.


Colors: Some people consider the lack of variety in colors to be a disadvantage, so if you don’t want absolutely everything to be blue, then this isn’t the best option.

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original diaper cake

MomentsGourmet Dodot Minion

At MomentosGourmet they are specialists in putting at your disposal beautiful and cheap diaper cakes with surprises included that make the product much more attractive. This particular model features 3 tower-style diaper tiers (tiers get smaller as you go up), which are held in place by the use of yellow ribbons with decorative bows at the ends.

In addition, this original diaper cake stands out because it is dominated from above by a minion, a character from the movie “Gru, Despicable Me”. In total, the cake/tower uses 50 Dodot size 2 diapers, although you can contact the seller if you want another size, all functional for use, so no diaper will be wasted.

Another relevant aspect is that the product is sent directly gift-wrapped with cellophane and a pretty bow, being an outstanding and eye-catching decoration for baby showers, baptisms and for the baby’s room.

When deciding which diaper cake to buy, it is important that you take into account all the pros and cons that come with the product, so we leave you the ones for this model in the next section.


Plush: This cake includes a nice plush representative of My favorite villain, it is a minion.

Diapers: Includes 50 dry Dodot diapers, which will be very useful for parents to have this amount.

Presentation: The shape of the cake is round and with ties that secure the structure, giving the product a touch of elegance.

Packaging: The product is sent gift-wrapped with cellophane and a bow, so you can send it directly to the parents.


Size: The diapers included in the cake are size two, which is a limitation when purchasing the product, although the seller can be contacted to vary the size.

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MomentsGourmet DODOT Dragon Ball

The beloved Goku, childhood companion of many, returns to action as a decoration for this original diaper cake to be able to accompany new babies as they grow. The Dragon Ball plush stands out for its striking colors, crowning a tower of more or less 50 diapers, distributed over three levels to form a staggered tower structure. The diapers are DODOT brand, so they are of quality and, in addition, they have been carefully chosen so that everyone can use them.

The base is blue while the decorative strips stand out for a combination between orange and blue, imitating the colors of Goku’s clothing, giving an incredible contrast. This cake has a weight of 2 kilograms and dimensions of 30 x 30 x 45 centimeters. The frame is covered in cellophane and tied with a bow. You can personalize the gift by writing something on the greeting card.

Goku returns to make more children happy with this diaper cake from MomentosGourmet. Ideal for the baby on the way.


Motif: Not only will this motif be great for babies, but it will also delight parents, as they surely grew up with Dragon Ball.

Diapers: Being 50 diapers included, these will last a considerable time to relieve parents.

Colours: The contrast between orange and blue gives it that touch of modernity that you are looking for, combining with the stuffed animal.


Accessories: This product comes only with the diapers, therefore, you must purchase additional items if you wish to add any accessories.

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baby diaper cake

Flowers AVRIL 3.0V

If you are a fan of decorative ribbons and enjoy bows, then this is the best baby diaper cake you can get on the market. Available in 5 different colours: blue, lilac, green, orange and pink, this diaper cake comes with a 20 cm teddy bear or dog on top of a tower of 30 diapers, arranged in a three-tiered tower.

Diapers are DODOT brand and size 2, for newborns up to 6 kg. In addition to these items, the cake comes with extra accessories to complement the gift. You will receive a pack of 72 DODOT baby wipes, a bib with a plush and plastic texture, a bunny-shaped face cloth and, finally, a pair of socks that can accompany the little one from birth. Bring decorative ribbons as an adornment, according to the color you chose and various wavy strips to finish the detail.

This cute diaper cake is versatile and can be chosen from various colors to give you a wider range of options, making it a good alternative.


Accessories: This is one of the most complete cakes because it comes with 4 additional products as accessories.

Towels: Wet wipes are an essential item to clean the baby and, being 72, they will last for a long time.

Gift: The purchase will arrive ready to give as a gift, as it is wrapped in cellophane paper with a bow.


Size: Size 2 is exclusively for newborns, so larger babies will not be able to enjoy these diapers.

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motorcycle diaper cake

Pink baby basket

Being able to be considered the best diaper cake by users, this product has an attractive shape, being a small motorcycle made with 20 size 2 or 3 disposable diapers, without using other materials that are not useful.

In addition, you can also find a 20 cm pink bear, a 100% cotton muslin, breathable, thermal and anti-allergic so that you can properly protect your baby, and a pair of pink cotton socks, accessories that will be very useful for the new baby. family member.

On the other hand, this motorcycle diaper cake is usually delivered ready to give, so it is wrapped in cellophane with bows and a congratulations, which can be personalized so that you can place a small dedication with the baby’s name and congratulate parents.

This could well be the best diaper cake of the moment, according to user considerations, so we present a selection of its most outstanding features.


Shape: This cake maintains a very original and striking shape, which makes it a good surprise for parents and an adorable decoration for the baby’s room.

Extras: A teddy bear, muslin and a pair of cotton socks are also included with the diaper motorbike to enhance the utility of the gift.

Delivery: This product is packaged as a gift, so its delivery is wrapped in cellophane, with a bow and the greeting of your choice.



Colors: As its name indicates, this product comes in pink, being, for some people, an impediment to give it to a child.

Measurements: The motorcycle diapers are size 2 or 3, this being a limitation to buy the gift to babies who use a larger size. However, this type of gift is more popular for newborns.

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castle diaper cake

Blue baby basket

Being part of the best diaper cakes of 2022, this model of The baby’s basket has a distinctive format, which makes it stand out among the other options.

The 120 diapers that it includes are grouped in an artistic way to build a castle, whose design is favored by the finishes made with blue ribbon and cardboard, keeping the whole set together so you can surprise with your gift.

Also, to give it a touch of personality, the castle diaper cake has a plate on the front where you can add the baby’s name, allowing the gift to be identified. Also, it is designed in a color that can be considered neutral, so you can give it to both a girl and a boy.

Another important aspect is that the packaging is gift-ready, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping the product yourself as soon as it is delivered, as you can send it directly to the baby’s home.

This product deserves to be evaluated for its characteristics, so we make your job easier by leaving you with the pros and cons that distinguish it below for your analysis and review.


Appearance: Having a unique and original shape, this product leaves the traditional design of diaper cakes far behind, giving it a touch of distinction.

Proportion: The entire design has 120 diapers, all size 2, suitable for continuous use by the little one.

Details: The outside of the castle has all the details you’d expect, including a small plaque with the baby’s name and a sparkly crown underneath.


Cost: This product has a fairly high market cost, which may be considered excessive by some users with tight budgets.

Waste: Unlike other diaper cakes, this model does contain cardboard and ribbons that end up being discarded, so not the whole set is useful.

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How to choose the best diaper cake?

If you want to surprise a family that is expecting the arrival of a baby, a very practical gift is a diaper cake. Therefore, taking the time to make a good choice can stand out and serve the parents well when the baby is born.

Shopping guide

types of diapers

When visiting a guide to buy the best diaper cake, people often think that these types of products are only purchased to give gifts to parents who are expecting a child, therefore, they are structures commonly associated with baby showers and therefore That’s why they are so famous in these celebrations. However, this is not so.

Parents with babies of one year or more will also appreciate a diaper cake, because, as long as the child does not know how to go to the bathroom, diapers will never hurt. Due to this, it is necessary that you pay attention to the type of diaper used in the cake and also to the size of these, because, if you buy a cake with diapers for newborns, then your gift will not be very useful.

Diapers range from size RN, newborn, to size XXL or XXG, depending on the manufacturer. The latter can be used even by children who exceed 13 kilograms in weight, on some occasions. If you buy diapers that are too small, they will bother the child due to the excessive fit and can cause accidents. On the other hand, if you are buying for a newborn, also pay attention that the diapers are sized accordingly.

Also look at the quality of the diaper. Ask all the necessary questions to determine that the materials used are natural and non-toxic to avoid allergies and irritations, that the diaper has good absorption to avoid spills, that the fit is optimal so that the adhesive does not wear and, if possible, make sure that the diapers used are of a recognized brand. This, in addition to giving you security that you will give a good gift, will give parents peace of mind.


When making a comparison of diaper cakes, you will notice that among different manufacturers there are thousands of different motifs and varied designs on the market. The cakes differ not only in the color of the decorative ribbons, but also in the type of structure, the number of diapers, etc.

Depending on what you’re looking for and the size you need, the design can affect how much it costs, but it’s possible to find a good, inexpensive alternative if you know what to look for.

If you need a model with a few diapers, a minimum of 20 diapers, there are three designs that stand out. The most common is the stepped tower, as it is easy to adapt the tower to the number of diapers you have. Other striking and less common models are the caramel and the cupcake.

If buying a cheap product is not your priority and what you are looking for is to stand out with an impressive design, it is possible to find structures of up to three kilograms and 50 centimeters or more. Castles, cars, batteries, cribs… these are just some of the shapes that can be made using only diapers. Although they are usually more expensive, these cakes stand out for their unique designs. Remember that you must take into account that the place where you are going to move the cake has enough space so as not to damage its structure, you must also be safe when carrying it in your hands, otherwise it could fall.

The designs come in different colors, so you will have a wide range of choice. If you are organizing a baby shower, it is possible to have a theme party around the diaper cake. Some brands allow you to customize your design with a famous character or a certain color scheme so you can match the rest of your gathering.

Accessories included

As well as the decorations, the accessories included as complements in the diaper cakes can also vary. Most of the time these are going to be practical baby products, however in certain cases you can bring additional ones for the parents.

It is advisable to check this before making the purchase, since it is preferable to buy a product that offers parents more useful options for their child than just buying decorated diapers. Some of the most common items included are socks, baby clothes, nail clippers, pacifiers, bottles or personal hygiene products for the baby

This will affect its price, however, it adds practicality to the gift. Almost every time, the diaper cake comes with a cute little teddy bear on top. This is a striking detail, because, in addition to adding a pinch of tenderness to the cake, it will also serve as a companion for the baby until childhood, since it is a toy suitable for young and old children.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a diaper cake?

The simplest design is that of the stepped tower and the model of the castle derives from this design, so it is advisable to take it into account.

Have about 50 diapers on hand and start rolling them, the same size, tying with an elastic band. With thick cardboard, make a long cylinder and glue it to a base. This cylinder will determine the height.

For the first floor, lay out at least three rounds of rolled-up diapers, and on top of them lay one less round until you run out of diapers. If you want to make a castle, place small cylinders on the sides and surround them with diapers to make the towers. To keep the floors in place, tie decorative tape.

When finished, decorate the cake with various useful items for the parents or the baby.

Q2: How to roll diaper cake?

Stretch the diapers and have some elastic bands on hand. Firmly roll the diapers from the crotch area to the top, and after doing so, attach the rubber band so the diapers stay in place. Remember that you can decide that they are smaller or larger depending on the fold you make when rolling. This can affect the quality of the structure to be manufactured. In addition to that, try to make all the diapers the same size so that the cake is completely uniform.

Depending on the design, it may be necessary to use a different type of tape to hold all the rolled diapers together in one structure.

Q3: How to wrap a diaper cake?

This process is very simple. First, you must take into account that it is necessary to have a base.

It is recommended that the paper or material you have chosen to wrap the cake is on the surface before assembling the structure. This way it will be easier to close the wrapper.

Make sure that the length of the paper is adequate so that when you lift the ends, they can cover a considerable height and close. Stretch the paper on a flat surface and place the base of the cake, starting to build little by little.

Bring the ends to the top at the end of the cake, and when they’re together, tie them together with decorative tape, bows, or just add masking tape to hold everything in place.

Q4: What to put in a diaper cake?

Everything that fits and you consider necessary. It is usually advisable to use practical items that can serve the newborn or parents after birth. Some things you can include are socks, pacifiers, rolled onesies, bibs, teethers, etc.

If you want to decorate around the cake, a good option is personal hygiene items such as shampoo, oil, creams or other products. This is not only limited to exclusive products for the baby, since it is also possible to add items for the mother such as nursing bras, maternity clothes, breast pumps or anything else that fits and is useful.

Q5: How many diapers does it take to make a cake?

It all depends on the size of the design you want to use on the diaper cake and the structure you are going to build. Castles, for example, tend to be the designs that take the most diapers, however, a simple diaper tower or candy takes fewer items.

Diaper packs usually range from 20 to 80 diapers, so using all the diapers in a pack may be enough for certain designs. It is best to keep in mind what will be done and buy the diaper packages according to the predesigned idea.

Q6: How to decorate a diaper cake?

Decorating a diaper cake has no rules, as there are endless possibilities depending on how far your creativity goes. Adding colored decorative ribbons, drawings, baby hygiene items, Eva rubber figures and even stuffed animals on top are just some of the options you can consider for decoration.

Q7: How to make a diaper cake without rolling them?

Making cake designs where the diapers don’t roll up is quite difficult, however, caramel-type cakes can work, as even if they do roll up a bit in the center, as the design expands the diapers stop rolling up.

Despite this, it is always advisable to roll up the diapers, even a little, as this will help the cake to be stable, despite the mobilization of it to the place of destination.

How to use a diaper cake

Few crafts are as appreciated as a diaper cake, because, in addition to being a very thoughtful and special gift, it is also a useful present for the baby that is on the way. If you don’t know how to start disassembling the cake to use its content, don’t worry, because here you can learn how to use a diaper cake to make the most of this beautiful gift.

Take pictures

It may seem like an unhelpful piece of advice at first, however, sometimes the excitement makes us want to discover everything that the diaper cake brings without stopping to see the beautiful structure and details that have been necessary to achieve its realization. For that reason, take photos before opening and keep them as a keepsake to show your growing baby.

open the package

If you do not give the cake stability then it is very possible that it will fall and be damaged. To avoid this, place it on a table, wall and even a bed to be able to open the wrapper, this will prevent it from falling and getting dirty or damaged.

The wrapper, in addition to making the decoration superior, also protects the diapers from dirt. This usually comes tied with decorative ribbons, so you must remove them before removing the wrapper.

If it has, in addition to the decoration tapes, some type of adhesive, then be careful when removing it to avoid damaging the wrapping.

Remove each accessory

Starting from the top to the base, gradually remove each of the accessories added to the cake as additional gifts. These are usually baby products.

If you don’t want the diaper tower to fall or the

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