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Electric Breast Pumps – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

On many occasions, mothers have other activities that prevent them from breastfeeding their baby at all times that they demand it. Also, you may want to share this beautiful feeding activity with other members of your family, such as your partner or older children. Among the equipment that can help make this happen are electric breast pumps. These are being designed in such a way that they offer the possibility of fulfilling the function without greatly affecting the well-being of the mother. For example, there is the Medela Swing that stands out for its compact design, state-of-the-art technology and ease of adjusting the suction nozzle to the proportions of the mother’s breast. Or the Double Momcozythat has a double suction mechanism to empty both breasts at the same time, and different functionalities to program such as the massager option before using the extractor.



Opinions on the best electric breast pumps

The extraction of breast milk with modern electric breast pumps facilitates the process for the mother and the family, especially because it allows the baby to have food when he needs it, even when the mother is not there. So we have made a selection of the most recommended products in this category to help you in your choice.

Medela Swing

If you are interested in buying the best electric breast pump that is currently available on the market, some users might recommend this Medela model in the first instance.

This is because it has versatility in its operation, such as the possibility of adjusting the contact funnel to the breast in up to 5 different sizes, offering greater comfort to carry out the process.

In addition to the above, the funnel has also been designed with a specific technology known as 2-Phase that makes a movement similar to the suction of the baby, providing greater naturalness to the extraction work.

Thanks to the fact that it contains very few parts, cleaning is easy and they can be included in a dishwasher cycle, obviously taking care not to insert the motor. Likewise, it is possible to move it from one place to another, as needed, because its proportions allow it to be stored in any bag without major problems.

The fact that other people have already purchased and used the Swing extractor allows us to create a clearer description of the efficiency of the product. And, given that there are many positive comments, several users already see it as the best electric breast pump of the moment.


BPA-free: The plastic used in its manufacture is completely free of BPA, a highly valued aspect in baby products.

Intensity adjustment: As you adapt to the operation of the product, you will have the possibility to adjust the speed of extraction.

Stimulation system: This way of working will allow you to start the process calmly and help the milk come out more easily.

Daily use: Simple operation allows it to be used on a daily basis according to the needs of babies and mothers.


Suction pump: At some point the suction pump may stop working properly, but a cleaning will fix it.

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Momcozy Double

And if you just want to get ahead and get a lot of the work done in one go, this dual model from Momcozy could come in handy. This design allows the work to be done on both breasts in the same period, thus saving a lot of time.

On the other hand, it is one of the cheapest, allowing to reflect an evident saving in the family economy, something that is very valuable if you take into account the amount of money that is necessary to invest in baby products.

In terms of operation, as such, it has two ways of working that are distributed in 16 possible pumping levels, depending on how the milk flow is running.

The included battery is rechargeable through a USB connection, which gives it a lot of versatility to charge according to what you have available at the moment: an outlet or a laptop, for example.

It will always be a good idea to take into consideration the cheapest models offered by the market. Although the recommendation is to assess the positive and negative aspects that users indicate to support your investment, such as those found in the following pros and cons.


Memory pattern: It is possible to save the different working methods used in an extraction and later reuse the one that is considered best.

Anti-reflux valve: It is a very important aspect to prevent the milk from going up through the tubes and becoming contaminated.

Includes bottle: The built-in containers are suitable for keeping the milk fresh, as long as they are covered at the right time to complete the extraction.


Touch buttons: A user assures that this button layout makes the screen work very slowly.

Cleaning: As it has more components than other single extractors, cleaning takes longer.

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Philips Avent SCF 332/01

Searching among the best electric breast pumps of 2022, this Philips Avent model that has so many positive reviews from other users may catch your attention.

Like all Avent brand products and accessories, this breast pump is compatible with the sizes that the brand presents for bottles in different versions.

The product itself is very easy to use thanks to the fact that the assembly can be carried out safely and the process started almost intuitively, allowing the mother to spend the least amount of time on this activity and can dedicate herself to giving care and pampering. to her little baby.

The facility to choose the expression positions allows the mother to be more comfortable and relaxed, thus making the milk flow in more quantity and more naturally. It also has a massager system that helps stimulate milk flow before starting the extraction itself.

It is not new that Avent surprises with products that work well and have a quality that has made it worthy of recognition by users as the best brand of electric breast pump. So we summarize the pros and cons of the SCF 332/01 model.


Silicone cushion: It makes it easier for the mother to be more comfortable with the extraction work.

Compact: The few number of parts and the small size make it a compact model that can be easily moved from one place to another.

Natural teat: A positive element for the use of the baby because its similar shape to the mother’s nipple invites him to consume his food in a natural way.


Unchanged cup: The cup design is a standard size, so it may be a little more complicated to use for some mothers than others.

Noise: Apparently it is not a very quiet device, so it will be inconvenient to use it while the baby sleeps.

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Chicco Naturally Me  

Chicco presents the Naturally Me breast pump, whose work system is activated through a stimulation phase and an extraction phase. All this is achieved by selecting one of the 10 speed levels through a control with a display, which has four buttons: power on, speed increase and decrease, and selection of the phase with which you want to work.

So if you are looking for the best electric breast pump, many users could refer you to this product as an option thanks to one of its most relevant details: the silicone cup that allows a better fit to the breast, giving comfort to the mother at all times.

Another very important aspect is that the package includes a pack of absorbent discs to help mothers to collect excess milk that arises as it accumulates.

If you are in need of a breast pump and are looking to find out which electric breast pump to buy, you should keep in mind all the pros and cons of this product.


Ergonomics: The entire product has been designed so that the mother’s grip is done comfortably and safely, without generating discomfort in the hands.

Bottle included: In order to make a cleaner and safer collection of milk, a 150 ml bottle is included that can be attached to the teat and given directly to the baby.

Cleaning: Thanks to the fact that it has few parts, the cleaning work is easier and faster.


Noise: The equipment can be a little noisier than others in the same category.

Price: Some users complain that the price is higher than others that are available in the market, but they also say that it is worth it.

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nuk moon

Another aspect that must be taken into account in a product of this type is that it can be valued as the best value for money electric breast pump. And some users already identify this Nuk model as a good candidate to occupy that place.

Among its many positive aspects, the versatility to charge it stands out: through batteries or with direct connection to the electric current. But, it also includes a universal adapter, in case you go on a trip.

Its integrated design makes it a truly compact device that can be used with one hand and taken wherever you want without generating much more weight than expected in your luggage.

On the other hand, it has a two-phase pumping mechanism that allows the mother to prepare herself before extraction with the stimulation mechanism and thus make the process painless and very fluid.

To choose the correct model of electric breast pump, you cannot help but see the pros and cons of this model in order to get a clearer idea of ​​what you are going to acquire.


Pad: It is made of a very soft material that facilitates suction, making contact with the mother more delicate.

Storage time: With the container closed, the milk can be kept cold for 3 days and frozen for 6 months.

Adjustments: The intensity of the suction can be regulated depending on the needs of each mother.  


Power: Although it does the job adequately, some users wish it was a bit more powerful.

Without battery: The equipment must necessarily be connected to the current or with batteries since it does not include a rechargeable battery.

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