The best gifts for babies

Baby Gifts – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The birth of a baby is a good reason to buy a gift that can help parents to make their lives easier, dress and keep the little one warm, properly store their memories or entertain them when they need it. That is why we want to help you decide which is the best option to give with our comparison of gifts for babies. Here we present products such as the INtrenDU® 4-Piece Memory Kit for its originality and permanence over time, whose elements are designed to keep very valuable memories for parents such as the impression of the foot and hand, milk teeth and a lock of hair of baby hair. You can also choose options such as Con20deditos personalized basketso you can order the gift with different details, making it unique and special.

Opinions on the best gifts for babies

The current market is full of products that can work as a baby gift, however, in our selection we will show you some of the best alternatives that can be had in this category, with this we intend that your purchase is a smart investment and, at the same time, functional for both the baby and its parents.

Original gifts for babies

INtrenDU® Souvenir kit 4 pieces

It is true that over the years frames for the baby’s first photos have become popular, however this INtrenDU® product deserves to be among the original gifts for babies, because it includes some pieces that make it stand out from other models on the market.

This keepsake kit is made up of a birth certificate holder, an identified tin to keep the child’s milk teeth, and another tin to keep the first lock of hair. Additionally, a triple frame is included to place the photo of the newborn in the center and on each side an impression of his hand and his foot, respectively. 

To complete the set there is also a non-toxic ink pad to make the corresponding footprint impressions on each side of the frame. 

It is important to note that all these elements are made of metal with a beautiful print that increases its aesthetic value and inscriptions in Spanish. On the other hand, each can is identified with a design referring to its usefulness. 

Regarding the presentation of the gift, it comes in a box with an internal fabric lining to protect the metal pieces and a transparent lid that allows its content to be seen.

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Lucky Hands LH-OZ-063

Among the original gifts for babies in tune with modeling, you can find this Lucky Hands model that allows you to model your baby’s hand and foot prints in 3D to remember.

In addition, this product is considered by users as a good gift alternative, since its neutral pH makes it harmless to your child’s delicate skin. Also, it has detailed information for its use, including not only instructions, which are sent by email in the language selected when placing the order, but you can also access illustrative videos on the YouTube digital platform.

Likewise, this molding kit consists of 400 g of modeling powder with color indicator, without accessories, and an extra 500 g of powder to fill, which has a high quality so that the finish of the imprint is the best. and can last for a long time.

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Iurnxb Bodysuit for baby

Dressing babies in an unusual garment can be the perfect occasion to carry out a fun photo session. Also, it could be the right outfit for a birthday party or a special date. In this sense, one of the original gifts for babies that we present in the list is this pretty monkey, inspired by the well-known Dragon Ball series.

The jumpsuit comes in an intense and striking orange color, with the hallmark of Goku, both on the chest and on the back. It also includes the belt on the abdomen, printed in serigraphy, to give it a greater resemblance to the character it represents. Regarding the comfort it can offer, you should know that it is defined as a very soft garment, made of 100% cotton, so it is breathable, elastic and has thermal qualities.

In relation to the way of putting on and taking off, it has buttons at the crotch and also on one of the shoulders, so it is easy to put on without bothering the little one. Similarly, you can buy the jumpsuit in various sizes, ranging from newborn to one year old.

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personalized baby gifts

With 20 fingers personalized basket

Personalized baby gifts are highly demanded today, due to the possibility of choosing what you want that gift to contain, in this sense you will be able to find this basket of Con20deditos, which could well be the answer to what is the best gift for baby for its quality and presentation.

Counting on a special customization system that allows you to decide from the type of basket, square or oval, the model and the fabric of the thermal jumpsuit that it includes, as well as a 100% cotton body that has an American collar and buttons in the area. of the diaper, facilitating the process of putting it on and taking it off. You can also count on a classic, a personalized cloud cushion made of cotton fabric and filled with silicone fiber, suitable for the comfort of the little one.

On the other hand, the fabric materials of this model are suitable for the iron, maintaining the recommendation to do it on the reverse at all times. It also comes gift-ready, wrapped in clear cellophane with a pretty, elegant raffia bow.

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Danielstore Blanket and Dou Dou Set

A blanket with the baby’s name can be a hit when you have to leave your little one in the nursery or, simply, you want to give the garment a special touch. If you are looking for personalized baby gifts, you can opt for the set that we present to you, since it consists of a 110 x 80 cm blanket and a dou dou, which will be a very useful accessory for the baby to calm down in his first months. 

Both garments are made of good quality materials, with a textured fabric on the front, while the other is smooth. Thus, you can use them on the side that you like the most.

The name, for its part, is added to the two garments through the embroidery technique, so you do not have to worry about it deteriorating with use or falling off, and you can choose between different types of letters and thread colors, to match your preferences and the tone of the blanket.

On the other hand, the softness of the blanket and the dou dou are remarkable, which allows the baby to use them from birth. Thus, he becomes familiar with these first possessions, which could help him feel safe in new situations that could cause him stress.

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newborn baby gifts

Kris X Kids Set 0-3 Months

Maintaining a detail with a newborn baby can be a bit complicated, since you must consider a series of important things before purchasing a product. This is because your skin is more delicate and therefore much more sensitive to redness and rosettes.

In this sense, this Kris X Kids product is suitable for you to consider among the most favorable gifts for newborn babies, because it is made of 100% cotton and is anti-allergic. In addition, it comes stored in a box, which can be used as a gift or to keep fabric elements away from dust.

Likewise, its contents include a cotton bodysuit in sizes 0 to 3 months, suitable only for newborns, 1 bib, 1 Teddy and a pair of socks. In the same way, you can choose between 4 colors: blue, pink, white and lemon, making it easy for it to be a gift for a girl or a boy.

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Playgro 0182436

Another product in our selection of gifts for newborn babies that will allow you to make a beautiful, fun and stimulating gift for the baby is this set. It is a set of toys made up of 2 foot finders, 2 wrist rattles and linked hands, convenient for the child to interact within his first months of life.

This is how this product can help the infant with their motor and tactile skills, encouraging them to improve their manipulation of objects and their grasping precision. Likewise, it enhances their visual receptors and stimulates their perception of things, thanks to its fun and colorful designs that make it a beautiful and very useful set in the child’s comprehensive development.

In addition to this, it is made with delicate materials, specially used so that they cannot damage your baby’s skin, even when they put them in their mouth.

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Useful baby gifts

Carredana Anti-colic thermal bag

Being a product specially designed to prevent baby colic, this thermal bag is among the useful gifts for babies that you can buy, so it is recommended that you analyze it closely if you are looking for a good detail to give to new parents. To begin with, we must indicate that this product has been designed and manufactured in Spain, maintaining a filling of wheat and lavender seeds, special to take care of the child in a natural and risk-free way.

In addition, it has a convenient size for babies, preventing it from being too big or small, with measurements of 23 x 12 x 2 cm and a weight of 290 grams, so it is very manageable even with one hand.

Similarly, to be able to heat it, it is recommended to put it in the microwave accompanied by a glass of water, which will prevent the seeds of the filling from drying out and the product from being damaged.

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Lictin Baby Care Set

Baby hygiene is an aspect that should not be neglected and is part of the daily care routine. In this sense, the hands, nails, ears and teeth must remain clean to avoid infections that affect the health of the infant. Luckily, there are useful gifts for babies that are focused on facilitating the cleaning of these body areas safely.

The set that we analyze on this occasion is made up of 15 pieces. These include nail files, nail clippers, a soft brush and comb, a nasal aspirator, an electronic thermometer, and gauges to deliver medication in the right amount. As you can see, there are multiple needs that are covered in the baby’s day-to-day life by having this set at hand.

Everything is stored neatly in a zippered case with a handle, so it can be kept in a drawer, mummy’s bag or closet. In addition, the materials that have been used to manufacture the parts are of good quality and comply with CE quality regulations. They are free of substances such as BPA and resist oxidation, so you can use them with confidence on your baby.

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cool baby gifts

Green Turtle T-Shirts Body

A Body is an essential product within a baby’s daily use garments, that is why we have decided to add this proposal to the list. On the other hand, it is a body made of 100% cotton fibers, to provide the baby with all the comfort and softness that characterize this type of fabric. Not forgetting to mention that its maintenance is also simple.

To provide added comfort, the bodysuit features a crossover shoulder design for easy on and off, as well as snaps at the crotch. In this way, parents will have no problem completing the mission of dressing their baby. On the other hand, it can be purchased in different colors such as white, pink or blue, as well as in various sizes, to go according to the age of the infant.

Added to all these qualities are the printed phrases on the front of the bodysuit, which can be very funny, especially for first-time parents. That is why we have chosen it as one of the cool gifts for babies in our selection. On the other hand, it is a product that will not cost you too much money, so it can also be the best value for money baby gift.

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Practical baby gifts

Suavinex Children’s Basket

A kit that contains products for the hygiene and care of the baby’s skin is always useful, which is why this basket is positioned among the practical gifts for babies. Its content is kept in a flat box covered with transparent paper, which improves the visibility of the components of the set, which are: a cologne with a spray, so that its use is much more comfortable and without ever wasting the product; a diaper cream, designed to protect your child from irritation; a 400 ml moisturizing lotion, suitable for nourishing and protecting the infant’s skin, leaving it soft; and a 72-count pack of easy-to-carry and easy-to-use baby wipes.

In addition, since the package is already sealed, it will be very easy for you to wrap it as a gift, according to your tastes and preferences, or take it out and complement it with any other gift that you plan to give.

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6 month old baby gifts

Fisher-Price Puppy First Discovery

If you are looking for gifts for 6-month-old babies, this product may interest you. This is a suitable toy to encourage the auditory and motor development of the baby, so you can be sure that it is a very useful and fun gift. Mainly, it emits more than 50 songs, melodies and phrases, teaching the infant the parts of the body, letters, colors, numbers and some other basic concepts that are appropriate for him to begin to know.

In addition, as part of motor development, this doll contains 7 activation points located in the legs, ears and the light-up heart, which entertains as well as teaches the little one while playing. With products like this, Fisher Price has positioned itself as the best baby gift brand, according to some users.

On the other hand, this product also has the use of intelligent technology that allows the learning offered to progress as the child grows, maintaining 3 levels of play that, added to its quality, give the product a long useful life.

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One year old baby gifts

CubicFun Dinosaurs

In recent years, pediatricians and specialists dedicated to the study of the integral development of babies have emphasized the importance of the crawling process. As a result, various toy brands have taken on the task of designing objects whose purpose is to encourage children to carry out this type of activity.

In this sense, the CubicFun dinosaur is a product that not only has a pretty colorful appearance, but invites the baby to manipulate it to discover its characteristics. Also, it offers an attractive interaction system through which the baby is motivated to move to chase it. However, the most attractive thing is that its design has been provided with a set of sensors, which allow it to guide the baby in a safe direction, where there are no obstacles that it could hit.

In addition, you can choose two modes of use: Go mode, to encourage crawling, and Stop mode, so that the little one can play with it without problems. To all this, the sounds and lighting included in the dinosaur are added, making it a very interesting toy, which deserves a place among the best gifts for one-year-old babies.

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baby girl gifts

Yafane 16

Gifts for baby girls are, as a general rule, delicate and pretty, so we can tell you that this is one of the models that you can use for these cases. For starters, these bibs are made from 100% cotton, giving them softness and adequate absorbency. Also, it has very nice designs, favoring the infant to look good at all times.

In addition, they can be used with babies from 3 to 24 months of age, providing them with a high useful life. Also, this product includes 2 adjustable nickel-free clips, designed so that they can be placed appropriately without moving or coming off due to children’s movements.

In this sense, the child will be kept dry, especially at the time of teething and during meals, preventing him from dirtying his clothes easily and helping to have at hand to clean him when he gets dirty, also without spending a lot of money because It is one of the cheapest gifts in this selection.

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3 month old baby gifts

Tumama Teethers

For little ones who are beginning to discover textures and colors, one of the best gifts for babies in 2022 is this set of hangers, since its design combines different shapes and teethers. In this way, it will allow them to satisfy their needs for fun and exploration in a safe way.

The set is made up of 4 figures, all made in bright colors that contrast with each other, to attract the baby’s attention from the first moment. Likewise, the stuffed animals include rattles inside, so when they are shaken they will produce striking sounds, which stimulate the baby’s sense of hearing and invite him to continue moving. In addition, by squeezing the figures and manipulating them in different ways, they can also produce other sounds, which are interesting for little ones. 

In other aspects, the uncomfortable processes of teething stage can be relieved by the set, since they can massage the gums when the baby bites the soft toys and there is no danger of scratching or hurting. Also, it should be noted that they are light toys, so they do not represent a risk for the baby and they can be held without further complication. Thus, they can be a good option when looking for gifts for 3-month-old babies.

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4 month old baby gifts

funzies winter pajamas

In the cold season, the best thing to have is a coat designed to maintain body heat. That is why one of the most striking gifts for 4-month-old babies is these winter pajamas with a soft texture, which will keep the little one warm during cold days.

In addition, it is a one-piece suit, so it is easy to put on and take off, avoiding inconvenience. Also, its dinosaur design makes it a fun costume or use it as pajamas, convenient to keep the child well covered during the night. Another important aspect is that the cuffs can be transformed into gloves and booties, ensuring that the infant is completely covered.

Similarly, this suit is made of 100% polyester, giving it a long life and ease of washing. Also, its asymmetric zipper is convenient for diaper changing or dressing in the morning.

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How to choose the best baby gift?

We know that choosing a gift can be a bit complex, so we have created this little guide to buy the best baby gift, so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for among the options you have.

Shopping guide


To begin with, a baby gift must be age appropriate. This detail is essential, because it is not convenient for children to play or use implements intended for adults. We recommend that you consider the technical information provided by the seller of the product on the age limits and that, in the same way, pay attention to its packaging, where the age for which it is intended will be indicated.


Another aspect that becomes essential is the usefulness that the gift may have in the life and development of the infant. If it is a toy, it is recommended that you pay attention to the skills that can encourage its use, favoring cognitive, visual, muscular, affective development, among others. On the other hand, if you decide on another baby product, you must make sure that it works for her care, at the same time, that it is positive to facilitate the work for parents.

Materials and manufacturing

It is also relevant that you take into account the manufacturing materials of the gift, since it must be safe for children, without toxic products or elements that may be dangerous, preventing damage or injury during use. Likewise, within this point you should consider the quality and durability of the item. This is recommended so that you can estimate how long a useful life it can have.


There is no doubt that the design of a baby gift is significant since it can facilitate or hinder the use of the product. The best thing is that you opt for products with a simple appearance, that can be used without so many problems, which gives it transcendental added value.

In addition, its presentation must be visually pleasing and eye-catching, so that you can make a good impression with the gift. In this sense, it is necessary that, if it is a toy, it can be attractive, preventing them from losing motivation quickly, making it entertaining for a long time.


There are products specially designed to be gifts for babies that include packaging for the occasion, as is the case with some baskets. Similarly, some other items come in a nice-looking box or factory packaging, so they don’t need to be wrapped to give as a gift.


In addition to the above aspects, you must keep in mind the price of the item to be given, because you must stay within your budget and not venture to spend too much. That is why you must establish how much you are willing to pay for a baby gift, thus defining how cheap the chosen product should be.

This will allow you to make a much more centralized comparison of baby gifts, counting only on products that are within your reach. For this reason, we recommend knowing how much each one costs and sticking only with the options that do not exceed your possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to prepare the baby gifts?

The presentation of a gift is as important as the gift itself, so it must be prepared with care and dedication to show the people to whom it is addressed the meaning they have in your life. Most importantly, you should consider what type of gift you’re giving, as many baby items come in special gift packaging, which could save you the effort.

However, you can opt for other types of products that do not include the preparation, so it is best that you properly define the touch you want to give it. Using wrapping paper and some pretty bow may be enough to give it the look you want.

Q2: What gifts are typical when a baby is born?

The birth of a baby is a special event, especially for parents and those close to the family. It is at this moment that the latter take the time to choose a welcome gift for the little one that can show the emotion for her arrival. One of the most typical baby gifts is clothing.

Many people prefer to play it safe and choose some cute outfit that can fit the baby and enhance their wardrobe. The essential thing is that it is comfortable clothing and that it is suitable for the season of the year. Other options are: nursing pillows, bottles, baby carriers or hygiene products.

Q3: What baby gifts with names exist?

Personalized baby gifts are delightful, primarily because they identify the recipient and can be kept as a keepsake after they’re done. In this sense, there are many things that, at present, can be personalized with the name of the infant. Blankets, clothes, cushions, bibs, among others are usually the most popular. Likewise, you will find other options to which you can add the baby’s name as photo frames.

Q4: What are the best gifts for unborn babies?

Before the birth of the baby, parents, especially if they are first-timers, are committed to having everything they need to receive their little one. That is why, if you want to make a gift before the baby is born, it would be appropriate for you to choose products that are long-lasting and useful, such as: blankets, diapers, wet wipes, diaper creams, bottles, among other essential items so that when When the child arrives, he has everything he needs.

Q5: What does a baby gift basket usually include?

Having a baby gift basket can be a good idea to include a good amount of child care products in the gift. In general, these baskets are called baskets and can be in various ways.

There are some that are integrated with only baby clothes: hats, mittens, socks, full bodysuits, shirts and pants are some of the options that can be included. On the other hand, they can contain baby care products such as shampoo, diaper cream and colonial. And, finally, there are baskets that include articles from both parties, presenting clothing and cleaning and personal care products.

Q6: What tech baby gifts are trending?

Many parents are concerned about the safety of their children, so one of the trendy technological gifts is those that allow them to keep an eye on their babies. This is how you can opt for a camera for the infant’s room or an intercom that makes it easier to listen to the child at all times, these elements being very useful, above all, so that the mother can move around the house without problems.

Q7: Should we take anything into account when making a gift for a premature baby?

Yes, we have to consider that premature babies are, as a general rule, much smaller than full-term babies, so in these cases you must have some essential elements designed for their exclusive use. An example of this is diapers, which must be much smaller than regular diapers, improving fit and protection.

Similarly, pacifiers and nipples for preemies are convenient, as they prevent colic and are much softer on their mouths, making it easier for them to take their food.

Q8: What are the most common bap

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