The best GPS watches for kids

GPS watches for children – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Every parent wants to know that their child is perfectly fine and to be attentive to their needs. This is much easier since special smart watches for children were launched, which include the option to establish a conversation in an easy way, among other very useful features. If you are looking for alternatives, we can recommend the Xplora Xgo 2, a very complete watch in functions, capable of establishing security zones and that parents can control at all times with their parental application. While, on the other hand, it allows you to keep track of your child’s activities. Another interesting option is the Pthtechus S2, a watch with IP67 protection, so that it can accompany your little one at all times.

Opinions on the best GPS watches for children

We know that choosing the best GPS watch for children can be a challenge due to the large number of models on the market. However, you can identify the best if you know certain salient features about each one. That is why we have given ourselves the task of analyzing models and offering you our comparison.

GPS locator watch for children

Xplore Xgo 2

Always keeping your child in touch, but preventing them from being distracted at inopportune moments, is just one of the qualities of this GPS tracker watch model for children. It is capable of receiving and making calls from numbers that have been previously established. In the same way, it receives texts, voice messages and allows you to answer them.

On the other hand, it has been designed with an intuitive and very easy-to-use interface that children can quickly understand. Without forgetting to indicate that it also has the possibility of configuring safe zones, so that you can quickly identify if your child is out of them at unplanned times.

Other qualities to comment on are its front camera and the possibility of remotely controlling the clock. To do this, it has a parental control application, which allows parents to decide when to limit communication functions while still locating the child at all times.

If you do not know which GPS watch for children to buy, review more aspects of this model, which could be the indicated option.


Functions: In addition to two-way communication, the child can use the flashlight, camera, calendar and more, making it a very complete watch.

Ease of use: For both parents and children, the user interfaces are easy to use, avoiding studying too many configurations.

Autonomy: According to opinions, its battery can last a couple of days, turning off the device at night, which is considered practical.


Cost: There are other more affordable versions of GPS watches. But the advantages and quality of the product justify this inconvenience.

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SaveFamily Geolocation

This GPS locator watch for children allows you to know the child’s position in real time through 3 advanced search systems, WiFi, GPS and LBS. Therefore, it can provide you with a precise location point on the Google map, which indicates the fastest way to reach the child.

For greater functionality, it has an SOS button that activates a triple emergency call in case the child requires it. Similarly, it is activated automatically when the child leaves the previously set safe areas, which can be the park, school, home, among others.

As for the design, you can get them in 4 different colors; blue, green, pink and black, to choose according to the taste and personality of the child. As if that were not enough, it is made of silicone and has IP67 protection, so it resists dust and splashes of water.

If you need a GPS watch to be in communication with your child at all times, then it is recommended that you get to know this model in detail.


Security: It has the SOS button that issues an alert to 3 previously configured contacts in case the child requires it.

Functionality: It works with a SIM card that allows the child to make calls and send text messages.

Design: It offers a minimalist design and is available in 4 different colors to adapt it to the child’s style.


Charging: Charging the equipment can be a bit difficult, so it is recommended that an adult is responsible for doing it.

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GPS watch for children submersible

Pthtechus S2

If your child is frequently involved in water activities, it’s best to look for a device that they don’t have to remove every time they enter the pool. In this way, you avoid losing it. Thinking about this type of circumstance, the Pthtechus submersible GPS watch for children offers IP67 protection. In this way, the water will not damage it.

On the other hand, it is available in a wide range of colors and you will not have to worry about using it during class time, since it allows you to establish restriction periods. However, the emergency call option will remain available at all times, for the child’s safety.

Now, for a more exact location, it combines LBS and GPS technologies. In this way, you will know more precisely where your child is and if he is within the zones that you have configured in advance as safe.

Due to its cost and number of functions, this model competes to be the best value for money GPS watch for children. Analyze in detail what advantages and aspects to improve we have detected in it.


Compatibility: It is a watch that you can link with both iOS and Android devices, to avoid inconveniences.

Location: The accuracy of the device is good, because it combines LBS technology with GPS.

Autonomy: The battery can last a day without problems, even more. 


Initial setup: Setting up the watch for the first time is a time-consuming process, something you should consider.

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Palm Talkhouse S9

Children usually quite enjoy getting wet; This is often a concern for parents if they consider getting a watch as a gift. However, thanks to the fact that some, like the one we describe in this section, have an IP67 level of waterproofing, they have no restrictions in this regard. So your child can wear this waterproof kids’ GPS watch to their swim class and not have to take it off.

On the other hand, in addition to being a GPS locator watch for children, this model has two-way communication, so you can establish a comfortable conversation with your child. In addition, its compatibility with different mobile models is wide, so it is very possible that your smartphone is among those listed by the manufacturer with which it can be paired, which is why some parents choose it as the best GPS watch for children..

In addition, so that you do not miss any moment in your child’s routine, it has a front camera. Same that can also be useful for the child to record the moments that seem important to him on a day-to-day basis.

If you consider that this device is the right one, we invite you to review its most outstanding features in the following list.


Front camera: Since this accessory is included, it is easier to know the status of your little one.

Colors: The variety of colors for this watch is wide, so it is more likely that you will find one according to the tastes of your little one.

Additional functions: Its ability to cover other needs other than location and communication, allow it to be versatile.

Remote control: You can have control of the clock from your mobile to avoid misuse of the device.


Autonomy: The battery life could be longer. For this reason, parents must be constantly attentive to supplying loads. However, usage habits can play a significant role in this problem.

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Children’s watch with GPS and calls

Genes FFA21

It is a watch for children with GPS and two-way calls, which allows you to always be connected with the child and find it more easily in the event of a mishap. In addition, it has an SOS button that makes 3 quick calls to the emergency contacts that you have previously configured, which favors security.

For greater versatility, it offers a do not disturb mode, which allows parents to set operating hours, in this way, the clock will not distract the little one during classes. It also provides location through the LBS system for greater efficiency.

This device also has an alarm that can help the child to wake up earlier, as well as a flashlight to see in the dark and a front camera. As if that were not enough, it offers an attractive design available in blue or pink, and includes a soft-touch strap, which favors comfort.

A GPS watch is a high-tech accessory that allows you to locate your child faster in an emergency. Therefore, it is recommended that you learn more about this model.


Operation: It allows two-way calls and has a voice chat that allows you to be connected to your child at all times.

Versatility: It incorporates a camera, alarm clock and flashlight, which favors the versatility of the clock.

Design: It has a compact design with a soft strap for greater comfort.


Signal: Indoors or in places with poor reception, the position error can be between approximately 800 meters and 6 km, depending on the signal.

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Vodafone Neo

A children’s watch with GPS and calls is currently a very convenient device, which not only gives parents peace of mind, but can also transmit security to the little ones.

In particular, this model is characterized by offering spheres that can be personalized with your child’s favorite Disney characters. But the features and technology of the device are also qualities worth mentioning. For example, its IP68 protection allows it to be used in the pool and its battery has a range of 24 hours.

Parental control functions are also available in its configuration, through its application, as well as various practical options, such as weather forecast, reminders and taking good quality photos.

Regarding its appearance and ergonomics, it is one of the most intuitive watches and its band allows you to modify the angle to make use more comfortable for children.

Perhaps Vodafone’s proposal is not one of the cheapest GPS watches on the market. However, it has a lot to offer and a quality that is obvious. More information below.


Durability: The materials that make up this watch are safe and very resistant. Thus, they can tolerate well the use granted by children.

Waterproof: It has one of the highest degrees of protection: IP68. Therefore, the child does not need to take it off when exercising in the pool.

Ergonomics: Its appearance, navigation and physical qualities make it comfortable for children to use.


Compatibility: It can only be configured with the Vodafone network, something that you should take into account.

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Kids GPS Smart Watch

I’m Momo H2O

Clocks today offer us multiple functions, so many children may no longer be satisfied with just knowing the time through this type of gadget. For this reason, if you have to give a gift, a smart watch for children with GPS could well be a practical option, which represents a benefit for their parents at the same time.

Thinking of meeting these needs, the SoyMomo brand launches this model with a sporty and modern design, which can help your little one feel safer and be able to be away from their parents knowing that at any time they need it, they can contact them. through a call.

In addition, it can be a good locator, because it has resources such as GPS, WiFi and GSM technology so that from your mobile you know the precise place where it is.

Perhaps this model is not one of the cheapest in the selection, but if you think it meets your expectations, be sure to review the list of advantages and possible improvements that we have identified.


Location: By combining GPS and GSM technology, it could provide a location with a lower range of error than other simpler models.

Security: Only contacts established on the watch can contact or be contacted by your child, which increases security.

Safe zone: You can set a perimeter on the clock, so that it indicates if your little one has left the zone where he can be safe.

IP67: Since it has this level of protection, you should not worry about the little one’s watch getting splashed or getting wet while playing.


Cost: There may be more affordable models on the market, but their features probably make up for this drawback.

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Guide to buying a GPS watch for children

With the release of devices so complete in functions and equipped with different technologies to meet their objectives, it is a confusing task to identify just what we need. However, we offer you a guide that will help you to be more clear about what you should analyze to find that watch that may be the right one.

Shopping guide


One of the main functions that a watch of this type must fulfill is to identify the precise point where your little one is. This allows you to go after him quickly or just rest easy knowing he’s in an area you think is safe, like a playground or school.

To start this guide to buy the best GPS watch for children, we will refer to the different technologies that these devices use to achieve it.


This way of identifying a geographic location on the map is based on communicating with the satellites that are in orbit around the earth. The signals triangulate through at least 3 satellites, in order to draw intersection lines that help find the location of the device that is sending the signal.


Another way to identify a device is through GSM, which is a service that some telephone companies make available to their users, to help them determine the coordinates in which the device is located. This methodology can hit with an accuracy of approximately 50 to 200 m from the device, depending on the methods used to find the signal.


This technology is widely used by the applications that we currently have on mobile phones such as maps and routing routes, and watches with GPS can use this type of service to be even more precise in their identification of the real place where the device is. that sends the signal.

In summary, it can be a good alternative to choose one in your comparison of GPS watches for children that not only uses a location methodology, but also combines it with another. Even so, you should know that on few occasions these devices can be really accurate in geolocation; offering approximations with a greater or lesser margin of error.


The most common is that these types of devices are used by young children from 4 or 5 years of age to approximately 10 years. The best thing is that the device has an easy-to-understand interface that is intuitive so that the child does not get too frustrated trying to use the functions. The included buttons should be easy to press and the menus should also be understandable without necessarily having to read. For this, the icons and their design are a fundamental part of the device.


Because these watches are not designed to be used on their own, but rather through other mobile devices such as your smartphone, it is worth checking out their companion app. You can search for user feedback on it and the level of monitoring you can do remotely. You should also review the data that can be displayed in relation to your child. This way you can have a better idea of ​​the use and advantages that it will provide you on a day-to-day basis.


As for this feature, it is normal that the more accessories the model includes, its cost is affected. For example, it could be more expensive if it is waterproof, includes a camera, interchangeable strap, pedometer, etc. In general, if you wonder how much a smart watch costs, we can tell you that you will have to think about an investment of around 30 euros, to get a model that is good value for money, but it is important that the device you choose, in addition to being good and economical has those main qualities you are looking for. Since it will not make sense to invest little money in an artifact that in the end does not meet the objective that you had in mind from the beginning.

On the other hand, check the straps of the model, since it is important that they manage to offer a precision fit. Remember that children change size and measurements very quickly and the best thing is that the model has some millimetric mechanism so that it does not mark on your wrist, but it does not fall either.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to set up a kids GPS watch?

Although these types of actions that must be carried out by parents on the device may vary from one model to another, they generally consist of inserting the SIM card into the special compartment for it. This is because it will be in charge of allowing communication and location. Then you will have to download the application related to the watch to be able to control it from your mobile, if it has one, and finally scan the QR code that was supplied with the watch, to link the device to your mobile. Once this is done, it’s just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the features so you can take advantage of them and exploring with your child what the device can do.

Q2: What is the exclusion zone of a GPS watch for children?

Going to the park is probably among your child’s common activities. These sites, being open places, can mean that for a moment your little one is out of sight. For your peace of mind, this function will allow you to establish a perimeter around the park, so that if the child leaves that place, it will be detected and send an alert, either to you, the child or both; so that you are aware that there is a possible risk.

Q3: Why the kids GPS watch can’t connect to the Internet?

The Internet connection of the watch is related to your telephone network provider. Usually he must provide you with the signal and it is activated when you send a special text message requesting it. However, you need to confirm this step by going to a center of your provider to ask how you can activate the SIM in the watch, in order to have all the functions related to the mobile phone network available.

Q4: What SIM does a kids GPS watch use?

Generally these devices use a Micro SIM size card, which is a small card that allows the watch to keep its compact dimensions. However, manufacturers may provide a choice of adapters to make the card compatible with the slot in your device. This way, you only have to peel off the card in the size you need. On the other hand, you should review the model of your interest, because some request that it be a card compatible with a certain type of technology, for example 2G.

Q5: Which is better, GPS watch for kids without SIM or with SIM?

This will depend on the purpose you have set for the watch you want to give your child, so you should analyze what type of use you want to give it. For example, if what you are concerned about is knowing where the child is and starting a conversation with him, you will necessarily need a SIM card for the telephone network provider to provide you with this type of function. But if instead, you are only interested in the child being able to know the time, monitor her physical activity and help her with routine tasks such as waking up at a certain time, then it will not be a priority for her to have a SIM card.

How to use a GPS watch for children

Although many of the GPS watches for children have intuitive interfaces, and we might think that they do not imply any challenge in their use, there are some functions that parents must master in order to get the most out of the watch. Here we will talk about some basics.

Pair the watch with your mobile

One of the most important steps in order to start using your smartwatch effectively is the initial setup. This initially includes the correct placement of the SIM card that will provide the service of connecting to the telephone network. You should check in your manual if you have to disassemble any part to access the special opening for this card and seal the place very well after placement.

Later, download the manufacturer’s application that will allow you to establish communication between your watch and mobile to take advantage of the data that will be shared and be aware of what is happening with your child. Usually the manufacturer requires you to register. This step can be useful so that in the case of having more than one child with a watch of this type, it is easier to monitor each one personally.

Next you must scan the QR code that is provided with the watch with your mobile, the application will carry out the necessary steps to pair both devices.

Use the watch in areas with good coverage

It is normal for location systems to have a higher margin of error or not to display the information if they are used inside a home, so their use outdoors will be preferred. For this reason, we recommend that you take the tests away from home to familiarize yourself with the tracking features.

In the event that the model supports the function to establish safe zones, we recommend that you configure them, in this way you can carry out more tests in this regard before using it with your child.

explain to your little one

Children are often eager to use a new device. Our recommendation is that you be patient, you can explain the functions little by little, do not try too hard to make it understand everything in a single session. As you master each topic, you’ll be ready to learn a new feature of your watch. The process may take several days, but eventually you’ll learn how to get the most out of your new device.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

On many occasions, electronic devices have failures due to misuse of the device. This is sometimes due to ignorance derived from the fact that the instruction manuals provided in your purchase are not studied in detail. We want to emphasize that this step is very important and will help you keep in mind what you can and cannot do with the watch. In the same way, you should transmit to your son in a simple way the actions that he should not carry out with his watch, so that he learns to take charge of the device and make good use of it within his capabilities.

We especially recommend that you inform yourself about the way in which you should place the SIM card to avoid losing the protection against water and to know whether or not you can press any button when the watch is wet.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

UK XUN setrack2

Podrás permitir que tu hijo realice y reciba llamadas de una manera sencilla para estar siempre comunicado con él a través de este práctico reloj localizador GPS para niños, puesto que en su lateral incluye dos botones intuitivos y fáciles de pulsar por los dedos pequeños de los niños. Mientras que por otro lado, destaca su función de control perimetral, misma que te ayudará a conocer cuando tu hijo se aleje de la zona que has definido previamente como segura.

En cuanto a su modo SOS, este es fácil de activar y al presionar el botón de esta función por 3 segundos se contactará a los 3 números establecidos como prioritarios para asistir al pequeño ante cualquier evento.

Además, no queremos dejar de mencionar, que su aplicación para el móvil te ayudará a conocer diferentes datos de interés con respecto a tu hijo aunque te encuentres lejos. Esta y otras razones de practicidad y comodidad pueden hacer que quienes lo han adquirido lo recomienden.

Estar en condiciones de afirmar que un modelo es el mejor reloj GPS para niños del momento requiere de un análisis en detalle de diversas características, por eso te invitamos a conocer más acerca de este producto.


Linterna: Tu hijo puede sentirse más seguro aún cuando se encuentre en un sitio con poca luz debido a su función de linterna.

Cámara: Si deseas visualizar a tu pequeño, podrás hacerlo con comodidad debido a esta característica.

Bloqueo a distancia: Gracias a su aplicación, puedes controlar el uso que el niño otorgue al reloj, para evitar que se distraiga.

Juegos: Al incluir juegos para estimular la capacidad matemática, puede ser considerado como un dispositivo didáctico.


Impermeabilidad: Aunque el fabricante indica que puede mojarse, especifica que no está hecho para nadar, lo que puede ser un inconveniente si buscas algo con este tipo de compatibilidad.

bhdlovely 2G

Si no sabes cuál es el mejor reloj GPS para niños y necesitas un dispositivo que pueda ser resistente al agua, entonces tu prioridad debería ser enfocarte en su nivel de impermeabilidad. En este sentido el modelo que describimos ahora cuenta con un nivel de protección grado IP67 profesional, lo que quiere decir que puede ser sumergido hasta los 3 metros de profundidad. Por este motivo, puede ser el mejor reloj GPS para niños sumergible.

Además, cuenta con la posibilidad de establecer restricciones en el uso del dispositivo. De esta forma, no habrá distracciones en momentos inoportunos, por ejemplo, cuando cuando tu hijo se encuentra en el cole.

Por otro lado, la tecnología que incluye para localización de tipo LBS puede ser muy útil para conocer en tiempo real en dónde se encuentra tu hijo, y puedes darle seguimiento sencillo a través de tu móvil en la aplicación que complementa su utilización.

Por las buenas valoraciones de los usuarios, Bhdlovely podría ser la mejor marca de relojes GPS para niños. Por eso, hemos realizado un resumen de lo más importante en este modelo.


Diseño: Por su tamaño que se mantiene compacto sin ser demasiado pequeño para las manos de los niños, puede ser utilizado cómodamente.

Intuitivo: Gracias a que cuenta con una interfaz intuitiva, los niños en edad preescolar puede tener control del aparato sin problemas.

Práctico: El modelo incluye varias funciones útiles para el día a día, como el despertador, por ejemplo.

Cámara: Debido a que cuenta con este complemento, se amplían las posibilidades de uso y eficiencia del dispositivo.


Colores: En comparación con otros modelos, este solo se encuentra disponible en dos colores. Pero debido a que pueden considerarse bonitos y complementar la apariencia moderna del reloj, quizá no haya mayor problema en que tu hijo elija alguno.

MeritSoar Tech V6

Algo que puede ser muy tranquilizador tanto para los niños como para los padres es poder conversar con sus hijos cuando físicamente no es posible estar cerca. Esto puede lograrse de una forma eficaz y muy sencilla con un reloj para niños con GPS y llamadas, porque son aparatos que están diseñados específicamente para este fin. Sin embargo, al mismo tiempo combinan cualidades estéticas y prácticas que los niños pueden disfrutar. 

Si estás buscando un dispositivo de este tipo, te invitamos a revisar este modelo que muchos podría considerar entre los mejores relojes GPS para niños del 2022: el MeritSoar Tech V6.

Si te preguntas qué es lo que lo hace especial, podemos decir que ofrece comunicación bidireccional, para que puedas tanto escuchar a tu pequeño, como también hablarle en tiempo real. Además, los mensajes de texto están considerados para ampliar aún más la comunicación a través del medio que mejor con

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