The best highchairs for babies

Baby Highchair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Technological advances and the design of innovative products for babies have been decisive in improving the quality of life of both parents and children. What previously could mean a conflict or discomfort, such as mealtimes, today represents a true family gathering where, with the help of a high chair, babies can have their space reserved and enjoy their food comfortably. On the other hand, parents will feel safe and confident, allowing greater mobility. To help you decide which is the best baby high chair, based on the models that are available on the market, we have selected the Stokke Tripp Trapp, which has an aesthetically attractive design and is easy to handle. Its structure is resistant, stable and incorporates a pair of adjustable shelves. On the other hand, there is the Ikea Antilop, made of robust polymer with a soft touch and aimed at children with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms.


Opinions on the best highchairs for babies

If you want to know our opinion on the best highchairs for babies in 2022, we invite you to continue reading to learn about the features and highlights of the models recommended by customers and users.

Stokke Highchair

Stokke Tripp Trapp

If you are looking for the best baby high chair, this model from the Stokke house could be a good purchase option. Its structure has a format of height, width, depth of 79 x 46 x 49 centimeters and a weight of only seven kilograms. In this sense, we could say that it is a product that will not take up much space and is easy to handle, due to its lightness.

The transformable design of this Stokke highchair is another attribute that we must highlight, since it is possible to unscrew its shelves to adjust them, according to the needs of the child. Also, the height of the seat area can be adjusted for greater comfort.

The structure is robust, it has a nice soft touch, it has a high level of stability and has been considered quite safe by users. In addition, it is easy to clean, as it is only necessary to pass a damp cloth over it to remove dirt.

This could well be the best baby high chair of the moment, according to buyers, so we invite you to learn more about it.


Dimensions: The high chair has a format of 79 x 46 x 49 centimeters, corresponding to its height, width and depth.

Cleaning: To clean the structure, you will only need the help of a damp or dry cloth.

Weight: The highchair has a weight of seven kilograms, being quite light to handle.

Adjustments: You can adjust the shelves by loosening the screws that secure them to transform the high chair into a chair, according to the needs of the infant.


Accessories: The absence of a tray for placing baby food has been negatively commented.

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Ikea baby highchair

Ikea Antilop

The little ones form their vision of the world through the information they obtain from their parents. This includes behaviors and routines, such as mealtimes. With this Ikea baby highchair, the little ones will have the opportunity to get closer to the feeding activity and better develop the skills that are needed.

It also allows children to use it up to 15 kg, which means between 3 and 4 years old, so you will have a good amount of time covered. In general terms, this Ikea baby high chair has good dimensions and with its weight of 3 Kg it will be quite comfortable to move from one place to another in the house even if it is assembled.

On the other hand, the white design will be pleasant for the little ones, making it easy to combine with any decoration and, in addition, be used by both girls and boys. Many users have commented that all these features make it the best value for money baby high chair.

If you are deciding on which baby high chair to buy, reviewing the pros and cons of this model will surely be very useful to you. For this reason, below we leave you the most relevant aspects of this product.


Sociability: The height of the highchair makes it easy for children to be in direct contact with the rest of their family at mealtime.

Manufacturing material: The chair is made of robust plastic without bisphenol A, so it is also environmentally friendly and harmless for little ones.

Instructions: The content of the user manual is quite explicit, so assembly is facilitated for anyone.


Without footrest: The footrests are accessories that give greater comfort to children and this model does not include it.

A single position: It does not allow you to recline, therefore, its use is only for mealtime.

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Chicco baby highchair

Chicco Polly Easy

Chicco is an iconic brand when it comes to caring for the little ones in the home, so it is not surprising that this model has been positioned among the best baby highchairs of 2022.

The product has a resistant and stable structure in high-end light aluminum, with the capacity to support a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. The tray is made of robust polymer and with a soft touch, while it has some integrated reinforcements both in the base and in the adjustment points.

This Chicco baby highchair has a weight of 8.1 kilograms, its folded format is 53 x 97 x 27 centimeters and once you unfold it, you will enjoy a space of 53 x 104 x 82 centimeters.

We cannot fail to mention the three-position reclining mechanism, the seven adjustable height levels, the easy-to-clean upholstery, the four-point harness and the lower bearing system.

If you want to take home the best brand of highchairs for babies, the recommendation is to bet on a manufacturer with a consolidated track record such as Chicco.


Manufacturing: High-quality aluminium, polymer and textile were used for its production, providing a resistant model.

Adjustments: You can adjust the height of the high chair and the position of the chair, according to your needs and those of the infant.

Format: The folded structure has dimensions of 53 x 97 x 27 centimeters and weighs 8.1 kilograms, being a suitable format.

Load: According to the manufacturer, the maximum load weight of the high chair corresponds to 15 kilograms.


Harness: There are those who comment that the harness can become a bit loose for children with a slim build.

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Folding baby highchair

Sweety Fox SFX-BHC

The market has a wide variety of models, so defining which is the best highchair for a baby could require more time than you expected. However, there is a product patented by the Sweety Fox house provided with great features and that you should not let go unnoticed. It is a folding highchair for babies, made of aluminum and high-end robust polymer.

Aesthetically, its light blue and white design is quite attractive, also offering a series of high-quality finishes on the upholstery, chassis, reinforcements, and removable tray. The chair has a height, width, depth format of 123 x 52 x 71 centimeters, which when folded is reduced to 83 x 30 centimeters.

It can also be adjusted to seven different heights and recline to five positions. On the subject of safety, we have the addition of a non-slip base and a four-point locking harness.

If you are looking for a resistant model, aesthetically attractive and that adapts to the different stages of the infant’s growth, do not hesitate to review the pros and cons of this model.


Dimensions: Its height, width, depth format corresponds to 123 x 52 x 71 centimeters, favoring its use.

Adjustment: The chair can be adjusted in height to a maximum of seven levels and recline to five positions.

Base: The base has a non-slip coating, so you can place it on any surface without any risk.

Harness: The harness incorporated into the chair has four locking points, which provides security.


Tray: The tray could have too little clearance from the chair based on some feedback.

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Jane Baby Highchair

Jane 6291 T01

This Jane baby highchair model has a compact and light structure that you can handle with great ease. Its dimensions are adequate and the weight of the structure is only four kilograms.

The manufacturer incorporated a practical telescopic system for height adjustment, so you can enjoy a maximum of seven levels. Likewise, it highlights the adjustable chair to various positions so that you can use it as a high chair or hammock, according to the needs of the infant. In this sense, you can provide the little one with a comfortable space to eat or take a nap, being recommended to be used from birth to three years of age.

The tray is double, has a compartment for placing a glass and can be quickly removed. For its part, the backrest adapts to the child’s anatomy, is padded, spacious and integrates an adjustable safety harness.

This model with the Jane quality seal puts at your disposal an adjustable, safe structure made with resistant materials, which you will not be able to let go unnoticed.


Format: With a weight of four kilograms and adequate dimensions, you will find this model considered light and manageable.

Height: The structure has a telescopic mechanism so you can quickly adjust the height.

Tray: The tray provided for placing food is removable and easy to clean.

Harness: The chair incorporates a safety harness, which you can adjust according to the infant’s anatomy.


Padding: The built-in pads get dirty quickly because the textile has a very light tone.

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Other products

Chicco Polly 2 Star

If you want to buy the best highchair for babies, we recommend you review the characteristics of this popular model that Chicco presents to us, a fairly friendly product with animal design that will be a distraction tool for the baby, making it easier for him to want to use it at the right times.

In addition, its height-adjustable system is capable of reaching up to 8 different positions, making it easy to have it close to the dining room or any other area you use to give the baby his meals.

Cleaning, on the other hand, will not be very complicated either thanks to its double removable tray mechanism with which, in case you spill something on the first one, you can remove it and use the next one.

The pros and cons will allow you to see, in detail, the reasons why people who have purchased this product rate it as the best baby high chair of the moment. So we invite you to review them carefully.


Compact design: Thanks to its folding system, it is very easy to transport and store when not in use.

Adjustable width: So that the baby feels comfortable as he grows, the backrest is adjustable allowing it to be adapted to his size.

Sliding wheels: The wheels incorporated in the front part of the high chair make it easy to move when it is not folded.

Age range: It can be used by children from 0 to 3 years old so, based on this aspect, it can represent a good investment.


Folding system: The folding system is not so simple as it must be done using both hands.

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Safety 1st Timba

A model made of wood can be among the best baby high chairs of 2022. This is because they are generally very robust and durable over time. Especially this Safety 1st model that indicates among its characteristics that it can be used by children up to 10 years old.

The chair is designed in such a way that it adjusts to the child’s height according to their development, this is achieved through the fastening systems of both the seat and the footrest.

In relation to safety, it has a three-point harness to keep the baby still while it is smaller, being able to remove it when the child grows.

Finally, the polished wood design allows it to be used by children of both sexes, being able to acquire it for the first baby and leaving it to be used by future new members of the family.

Defining with certainty which is the best brand of highchair for babies can be quite a complex task. This is because each brand and model have their particular characteristics that are suitable for different types of people. To help you clarify, we present the pros and cons of this Safety 1st model, a brand with a long history in baby care products.


Removable tray: Allows you to have it installed while the baby consumes his food individually and that you can remove it when the time comes for him to join the dining room.

3 in 1 system: It is capable of adapting to the needs of the child as he grows, being used first with a tray, then without it and, finally, as a normal chair.

Wood: The chair is made of a durable material with a treatment that makes it resistant to daily use and contact with moisture.


Without cushion: The highchair chair is made of wood, so it will be necessary to adapt a cushion to make the baby more comfortable.

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Piku NI20.6329

And for those who are looking to know which is the best folding baby high chair, this can be an excellent option, since its design makes it easy to make it compact through a simple mechanism, standing firm and, therefore, storing it in any space. available.

Piku’s highchair is made with a rather striking astronaut design that will make the baby establish a bond of friendliness with it, feeling very comfortable every time he has to use it.

Regarding the seat, it has 3 possible reclining angles to give the baby comfort according to the activity he is doing. It is also possible to adjust the height and footrest as you grow taller.

Due to its characteristics, this is a baby highchair suitable for use from 6 months to 3 or 4 years of age, depending on the weight of the child.

If you are looking for a comfortable and multi-functional baby high chair, this version of Piku can be very pleasant for both you and them. However, to clarify your doubts a little, we present its pros and cons.


Safety: It has a 5-point safety belt that makes it easy to keep the baby very stable while using the high chair.

Cleaning: It has an on tray that will make it easier to remove leftover food and the cushion cover is easily removable to wash separately.

Plastic leg separator: This element allows children to be more comfortable but also acts as a safety mechanism to prevent them from getting out through the lower opening of the chair.


Instructions: Although its structure is very intuitive, some users say that the assembly instructions need to be more specific.

Heavy: With 8 kg of weight it is very difficult to move from one place to another in the house.

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Asalvo Go Anywhere Booster

This is a portable baby high chair, designed with those days in mind when you need to go on a trip with your baby and you need it to have the right place for mealtime. This fact also allows it to stand out as one of the cheapest options presented so far.

It is made with very good quality textile materials that are easy to wash as they are easily removed. This is a very important aspect since children tend to spill a lot of food when they are at their meal times.

In another order of ideas, it adjusts quite easily to any type of normal chair, both at the level of the seat and the backrest, keeping it firm and preventing the child from moving and becoming insecure.

As for safety, it has an adjustable harness that adapts according to the physical development of the baby.

Considering the cheapest models is also useful because at all times it will be a good idea to save. For this reason, we have included this Asalvo model, one of the cheapest high chairs that is also beautiful and comfortable.


Carry handle: Contains a handle that makes it easier to carry the chair more comfortably.

Folding: The highchair is easy to fold, becoming a kind of bag with which it will not seem like a highchair.

Comfort: The seat is soft, which allows the child to be much more comfortable using this high chair.


No pockets: To be a portable high chair, it would need to include a compartment where napkins or cloths for baby hygiene can be placed.

Not waterproof: The fabric does not have a waterproof function, so if any liquid is spilled, it will be difficult to continue using it continuously.

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How to choose the best baby chair

When your child is already in the stage of learning to eat alone, you need to reserve his space at the table so that both he and you can have a quiet meal. That is why baby highchairs are so useful, as they allow little ones to eat safely. To help you in your purchase, we have created this guide to buy the best highchair for babies and show you what qualities to consider so you can decide which one is right for your child.

Shopping guide

Materials and weight

In any comparison of highchairs for babies, it is necessary to start by seeing what the materials are for their manufacture, since in the market you can find plastic, wood, and a combination of plastic and metal. Each element has its pros and cons that must be analyzed to make a successful purchase.

Metal and plastic highchairs are resistant and light, when the metal is aluminum. While those that are made of plastic are light, solid and, most importantly, hygienic. Likewise, the wooden ones, although they are the most robust, are also the heaviest.

Therefore, the material directly influences the weight, and this is an important factor when you want to transport them, since a light highchair will be easier to move from one place to another. You should also evaluate if it incorporates wheels, although it is recommended that there be no more than two for the safety of the child, that regardless of how much it costs, safety will always be a priority.


The fact that the baby is in a process of constant growth leads us to evaluate what are the design options for a high chair, because to make an intelligent investment, the best thing is to get one that adjusts with the development of the little one and thus be able to use it for many years, no longer as a high chair, but as a seat.

Therefore, you must take into consideration the design in terms of height and width. In this case, some models are adjustable so that the baby feels comfortable as she grows, so she doesn’t just sit in the seat and can better interact with the family during meals.

Also, another point of the design that must be verified is practicality. On the market there are compact models that fold for easy transport and there are other static ones. In the first case, you should evaluate whether it incorporates a simple and comfortable folding system, if you are thinking of opting for one of this style.

comfort and cleanliness

Although we have already raised it before, comfort for the child and for you is a determining factor. In this sense, it is a good idea to buy a highchair with a removable tray, as these are more comfortable to seat the child at the table, as well as being much easier to clean.

On the other hand, the type of backrest that it incorporates must be taken into account, since some are reclining, which is comfortable for the child if it takes a long time to eat, and therefore, spends much more time in the highchair. Also, when they are little and they fall asleep, it does not represent a problem for their posture.

You should know that the seat is the point of greatest attention in this section, because this is what will determine the level of comfort that the highchair will provide to the baby, especially if it is a good and economical one. For this reason it must be adjustable, cozy and soft. Additionally, there are padded options on the market, but it should be noted that plastic ones are easier to clean.


This factor, along with comfort, are the most important to take into account when deciding which high chair to buy for your baby. Well, this must have all the security measures that homologate it for its use and give you the peace of mind of having a good piece of furniture for the most important being in your life.

For this reason, the seat must have fastening straps that give the child mobility, without allowing it to fall. Also, as mentioned before, both the seat and the backrest must be comfortable and wide, because sometimes the little one takes a long time to eat, and therefore he spends all that time sitting.

With regard to mobility, you should check the number of wheels it incorporates, since there are usually two. Likewise, these must have a braking or anti-roll system to avoid accidents. As for the edges of the tray and the high chair itself, these should be rounded to prevent the child from hurting himself with the corners.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When feeding my baby, it is inevitable to dirty the entire surface. How can I clean the baby high chair?

Cleaning a high chair well is very important to maintain the health of the baby. But you have to be careful not to use products that have a very strong smell or that leave chemical residues on the surface. For this, dishwashers that are not very strong are recommended; and then dry the surface very well, moisture should be minimized as much as possible for hygiene and highchair care.

Q2: Until when can the baby high chair be used?

Although there is a wide variety of highchairs, and some are more resistant than others, it is convenient to establish an age to leave it. This is due to a matter of the child’s evolution, since we cannot allow practices that prevent the correct social development of the child.

Specialists recommend that the appropriate age at which the child should leave the highchair is from the age of three. This considering that there are babies who no longer use it before, but these examples cannot be taken as a general rule.

If high chairs exist it is because they are useful and safe. Therefore, its use should not be stopped prematurely, since each child has their own rhythm to eat independently at the table. Furthermore, at three years old it could be said that the “baby” begins to be a “child”, and learning to eat at the table with the family is vital for its socialization, but everything will depend on the signs that you as a mother recognize in your son to see if he is ready.

Q3: I want to know if the highchair for babies that is hooked to the table is safe, because I see it as a bit unstable.

In general terms, it is considered that this type of highchair provides a guarantee of safety for the child, and peace of mind for mom and dad. Since you can enjoy the experience of being with the little one at the table, while the adult can eat without being so vigilant of the baby, which is usually uncomfortable on some occasions, especially when we go out to eat at a restaurant or at home of the Friends.

Now, our recommendation is to review the adjustment system that the high chair has and verify the maximum load capacity it supports to be sure that our child is within the allowed weight range.

Q4: How is an adaptive baby highchair different from a normal one?

Highchairs, without a doubt, offer a world of unparalleled variety. There are so many models and brands that choosing a specific one can be difficult. That is why it is recommended to be patient and review calmly, thinking about our needs and customs.

Regarding the comparison and difference between the adaptive highchairs and the normal ones, it must be said that the basic difference is that the adaptive one can be adjusted depending on the specific physical characteristics of the child and our needs as parents, while the normal ones have a invariant over time.

Q5: I still can’t decide, is a Safety or Stokke highchair better?

This is one of those difficult comparisons to make, since they are two highly prestigious brands in the world of children’s products, and high chairs are emblematic products in each company.

Safety has been on the market since 1984, and has been dedicated, among other products, to creating highchairs that are always at the forefront of utility, comfort and quality.

For its part, Stokke has been on the market since 1932, so it has vast experience. His designers are always looking to innovate. Apart from the traditional Stokke highchair (1972) it could be considered as a luxury classic in the world of highchairs.

For this reason, between these two giants in the manufacture of highchairs, what should prevail is our particular need and the advantages that we see in a specific model.

How to use a baby high chair

Highchairs for babies allow us to integrate the infant into the family circle at mealtime, so their acquisition, more than a luxury, can be considered a necessity. If you have purchased such equipment, you may want to learn how to use a baby high chair.

check the package

When purchasing the baby high chair, you should check the structure and the pieces that make up the design, making sure that they are in good condition. This type of product incorporates a fast folding mechanism, for which generally only a button must be pressed and thus the structure can be extended. At the time of starting the preparation of the high chair, you must carry out this intuitive process, checking that it has an adequate level of support and stability.

Install the safety rubbers


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