The best humidifiers for babies

Baby Humidifiers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Baby humidifiers are very useful devices for parents, as they are ideal when it comes to improving air quality; so that the little ones can breathe easier. When you start the search for a reliable, practical and functional product, the market offers you a lot of options, so choosing a specific model could be difficult. For this reason, today we present you two of the best humidifiers, starting with the Chicco Humi Fresh, a silent model, with 4 levels of steam adjustment and easy to clean. Next, we have the SmartDevil ‎, a device that provides 12 hours of continuous spraying and two night lighting modes.

Opinions on the best baby humidifiers

Dry air is the main cause of respiratory problems in children, so having a humidifier that stabilizes humidity levels in rooms could prevent major complications. Below, we present a select group of models recommended by many, with the idea of ​​helping you choose the perfect humidifier for your baby.

Chicco baby humidifier

Chicco Humi Fresh

When it comes to restoring the humidity level in your little one’s room, this device could meet all your expectations; It is not in vain that many recommend it as the best humidifier for babies. To do this, it has an ultrasonic mechanism that generates cold steam and does not alter the ambient temperature. It also offers autonomy for up to 8 hours and has an automatic shutdown once its tank is empty. In addition, its power is 19 watts, so it consumes little electricity.

This Chicco baby humidifier has a 2-liter capacity tank, making it ideal for small homes and capable of humidifying spaces of up to 30 m2. Likewise, you can easily adjust the steam flow between 4 levels and for greater safety and peace of mind, it offers you the technology that keeps the unit cool to the touch; so there is no risk of accidental burns.

Chicco could be the best brand of humidifiers for babies, since it is an expert manufacturer in the field of children. Learn more about this model through its pros and cons.


Advanced technology: It has an ultrasound technology system, which allows the flow of steam at room temperature.

Utility: It is recommended for use in hot climates, dry environments and during the summer.

Silent: Once turned on, the device does not generate annoying noises.

Steam flow: Thanks to its touch button, you can select between 4 levels of steam flow.

Essences: It has a container of essences to aromatize the environments.


Beep: It generates a beep every time it is turned on, which could wake the baby, which is why many advise turning it on outside the room.

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Chicco Humi Ambient

The best baby humidifier should offer features that promote better breathing of the child. In this sense, this Chicco baby humidifier model offers you efficiency and practicality, since it has a power of 250 watts, a 3.5-liter tank and generates hot steam with a temperature of 60°. In addition, it has two levels to adjust the steam output and has a system that combines ventilation with electrical resistance.

It is a device that improves colds or allergies, since in addition to humidifying it also allows you to add essences to achieve better results. Likewise, it provides autonomy of up to 8 hours, so you will not have to get up at night to verify its operation. On the other hand, thanks to the fact that its system brings the water to a boil and then cools it, it is ideal for any room in cold weather.

It is a product that helps improve the quality of the air in the environment and achieve healthier environments. Next, read its pros and cons.


Warm steam: Thanks to its mechanism that boils the water and then ventilates it, it is capable of generating a pleasant warm steam that improves breathing.

Capacity: It has a tank to store up to 3.5 liters of water and offers you 8 hours of autonomy.

Silent: Its silent operation favors sleep and rest.

Essences: You can add essences in its special container, for aromatherapy treatments.


Size: For some demanding users, the dimensions of this device have been larger than expected.

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Other products

SmartDevil ‎

In the search for the best baby humidifier, SmartDevil has designed this model that could meet your expectations. It is an easy-to-operate and safe device, since it works powered by a USB cable and has an automatic shutdown mechanism when its sensors detect a small amount of water.

It has two spray modes: continuous mode of up to 12 hours and intermittent mode with 18 hours of operation, which favors the health of all people. Also, you will not have to worry about noise, since it is a silent humidifier that does not disturb sleep, since it generates less than 28 dB.

On the other hand, it is a device that offers a dim night light that gently illuminates the bedrooms. This light is easily adjustable, being able to choose between constant mode or breathing mode. In addition, its water storage capacity is 500 ml.

With a functional and efficient design, this model deserves your consideration. Here are its highlights.


Lighting: You can choose two night lighting modes: constant or breathing mode.

Security: It turns off automatically in case the water tank runs out.

Spraying: It offers two types of spraying according to your needs: continuous or intermittent.

Silent: The noise it generates is below 28 dB, making it a humidifier that does not disturb sleep.


Humidity: Depending on the number of hours you have it in use, it is possible that it will wet the surface where the device is mounted.

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CkeyiN Ultrasonic

Nowadays, achieving balance and harmony is essential to deal with stress and, for this, aromatherapy is an excellent tool that relaxes the body and mind. In this sense, this humidifier not only protects environments from dry air and allergens, but can also be used as an essential oil diffuser.

Thanks to its multifunctional quality, you can improve air quality, aromatize rooms and deal with unpleasant odours. It is also very useful for children, older adults or anyone when exercising. Also, it can be used at home, spa or office.

In addition to this, it is a humidifier that has an attractive wood-look design and fine finishes, so it also offers an aesthetic component to environments. You can also enjoy night lighting in different soft and warm colors.

If you are looking for a multifunction model and do not know which baby humidifier to buy, analyze the outstanding features of this device.


Compatibility: Powered by USB cable, compatible with various devices.

Utility: It is very useful to deal with dry air, allergens and also to aromatize environments.

Colors: The device has 7 soft color tones that provide dim lighting.

Tree of Life Design: Its naturalistic, wood-like design offers great appeal to rooms.


Battery: It is a model that does not have an internal battery, so it needs to be connected to the network.

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CkeyiN Mini Diffuser 90ML

With reduced dimensions of only 12 x 12 x 11 cm and 343 grams of weight, do not be fooled by this mini humidifier. Despite its compact size, light weight and 90ml capacity, it is an efficient, safe and reliable device. Therefore, it can work by spraying and refreshing the rooms consecutively for up to 4 hours.

On the other hand, in addition to spraying water, it also offers the aromatherapy function, which is why you can use it with essential oils as an aroma diffuser. For this reason, it is a recommended product for yoga classes, spas, offices, bedrooms or living rooms.

Additionally, it offers an elegant casing that can harmonize with any decorative style. It is also quiet and safe, as it automatically shuts off when the water supply runs out. In addition, it provides a warm and comfortable night lighting with a range of 7 colors, especially suitable for bedrooms or rest rooms.

If you have little space and are looking for a compact humidifier, this model could be your best option. Read their pros and cons.


Compact: It is a device with a compact size, which favors its portability.

Aromatherapy: In addition to working as a room humidifier, it is also useful for aromatherapy sessions.

Materials: It is made with non-toxic and BPA-free materials, which makes it reliable for anyone.

Night light: You will have a warm night lighting that can vary in 7 colors.


User Manual: The user manual only comes in English. However, this is not a problem, since it is an intuitive device.

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Pro Breeze Classic

Pro Breeze, this time, brings to the market a humidifier for babies with cold mist generation, whose intensity or speed of mist output you can easily regulate, just by turning the ergonomic dial on the front area of ​​the structure.

In addition, this appliance has been provided with an LED lighting system, to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Thus, both adults and children will relax while falling asleep.

On the other hand, there are some technical aspects of interest, such as the containment volume of the tank, which corresponds to 3.8 liters. This is an adequate amount of liquid for you to enjoy 20 to 40 continuous hours of humification sessions. 

Also, this device has a tray for essential oils, in case you want to do aromatherapy sessions, and an auto-off mechanism, which runs when the water in the tank runs out.

This is a team valued positively on the web. Here, its pros and cons.


Dial: Its ergonomic dial can be easily turned to adjust the speed of the mist.

Nozzle: The cold mist can be launched in any direction, due to the 360° rotation of the nozzle.

Filtering system: Thanks to the built-in filtering system, you will enjoy a clean and safe mist.

Lighting: You can set the mood with the integrated LED light, so that both children and adults can relax.


Color: The blue and white frame color may not be to the liking of all buyers.

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Levoit LV600HH


This powerful humidifier is capable of projecting around 500 ml/h into the environment, so that, in a short time, you reach the recommended level of ambient humidity, making your home a more welcoming and healthy space. 

In addition, its system works through ultrasonic vibrations. In this way, it consumes little electricity and its 6-liter capacity tank will prevent you from having to fill it frequently. This same quality allows it to be active for a range of 20 to 36 hours, in which you will not have to deal with maintenance.

As for its operation, you can use it through its remote control, but it also has a front panel with an LED screen, where you can see the active configuration and make the changes you need. It is also compatible with the use of essential oils, which are added in its special compartment and, in order not to affect the decoration of your home, its appearance is discreet, but modern.

There are many qualities of this complete humidifier, that is why we offer you more information in the following section.



Functions: Includes various modes of use, timer function and ambient humidity monitor.

Remote control: From a distance you can make changes to its settings, which is especially convenient at night or when you are resting.

Directed steam: You can project the steam generated by the device to the place where you need it most.



Spare parts: The humidifier requires a mineral absorption cushion and special pads, which you will have to acquire with some frequency.

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How to choose the best baby humidifier

The purpose of this guide to buy the best baby humidifier is to make known the most important aspects that you should consider before selecting a specific model. The idea is that you find the product you are looking for and that your purchase is as successful as possible.

Shopping guide


The optimal values ​​related to relative humidity and that are beneficial for our health, can vary between 40 and 60%. However, maintaining these levels at home is not easy, especially if we live in a region with a dry climate. In addition, if we use the heating during the winter, our home could have a very low humidity range; the same thing happens when we turn on the air conditioning, which dries the air below the recommended levels.

These dry and cold environments are the favorites of viruses and bacteria, so breathing in these environments could cause respiratory conditions, especially in babies and young children; since their immune system is still developing and their respiratory system is especially sensitive to certain environmental factors.

Therefore, regardless of how much it costs, having a baby humidifier that keeps your bedroom environment humid could prevent some of the harmful effects of dry air, such as itchy eyes, dry skin, dry mucous membranes respiratory symptoms, aggravation of a cold with intense cough or secretion of mucus and general malaise. In addition, administering medications to improve a cold in children under 2 years of age is contraindicated; so these devices are a great help and an alternative recommended by pediatricians.

Likewise, adults who suffer from asthma or allergies are more susceptible to changes in humidity; so humidifiers are devices that also benefit the whole family.

Types and operation

When choosing a model, it is convenient that you analyze your comparison of baby humidifiers and pay attention to the types that the market offers you. In this sense, we have devices that generate hot steam and others that produce cold steam; although some pediatricians strongly recommend cold steam, others hold that hot steam is more beneficial. For this reason, we will analyze the functionality of each one, hoping that you will find an economic model that meets your expectations.

Starting with cool mist humidifiers, also called ultrasonic; They are devices that generate steam respecting the ambient temperature and without altering the temperature of the room, so that their mist refreshes without cooling. These humidifiers do not boil the water, but by means of ultrasound waves they are capable of breaking its molecules into very fine particles. For this reason, the vapor is finer than that generated by other similar products and given the ease of breathing the mist, they are used to treat bronchial conditions in infants; In addition, they are safer and quieter.

As for warm mist humidifiers, these are usually more recommended by pediatricians; since boiling water eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses, so the steam that is formed is purer and being hot, it helps to dilate and expand the respiratory tract of babies. This type of device has an electrical resistance that boils the water, so it could increase the temperature in the rooms by 1 to 3 degrees; which would be an advantage if we are in winter. However, there is a risk of burns from steam or from contact with the unit, which is why safety measures must be taken.

power and noise

The power of a humidifier is directly related to its range to spread mist. Today the main brands provide the area (in square meters) in which the device can offer optimal performance. For this reason, if what you are looking for is a device for your child’s bedroom, you do not need to get the most powerful or the one that covers the most space; it will be enough to buy a compact device that fulfills its mission in a specific area. However, if you need to humidify your home, you can also find models that offer more power and more range.

Regarding the noise generated by humidifiers, this can vary from 15 to 35 dB; ultrasonic models being the quietest. However, remember that noise is often related to power and less noise means less power. In addition, experts such as Dr. Harvey Karp recommend getting the baby used to sleeping with a little noise in her room.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, humidifier or vaporizer?

Above all, both devices fulfill the function of generating humidity. The main difference between the two, however, is that humidifiers can work by generating hot or cold mist, while vaporizers only generate hot mist. Humidifiers are indicated to regulate the levels of humidity present in the air, while vaporizers are ideal for improving bronchial conditions, such as catarrhal secretions, colds and allergies. However, humidifiers, by leveling the humidity of the air, favor people’s health.

Q2: Is there any relationship between a humidifier and the baby’s snot?

When a baby has mucus, using a warm mist humidifier may help improve the discharge, breaking up the mucus to make it easier to cough up and relieving a dry throat. For this reason, although you should first consider the pediatrician’s advice, you should not ignore the benefits that this tool provides in case of colds and flu. However, to maximize its effect, it is best to mount it in a small space with tiled walls, such as the bathroom; This is because the tiles favor and increase the humidity generated by this device.

Q3: What is an essential oil humidifier used for?

Essential oils are ideal products to create pleasant environments, where the senses are stimulated and relaxed through aromas and the skin. When these oils are added to a humidifier, the result is an exquisite atmosphere, full of unique scents and fragrances that favor aromatherapy; so they are recommended both for professional environments (offices, spa, yoga or beauty salons), as well as for home use (living rooms or rooms). For this, there are humidifiers on the market with suitable designs for this purpose and that include a special compartment to use essential oils or any type of essence.

Q4: When to use a baby humidifier?

Since babies do not have developed immune systems and are susceptible to bacteria and viruses (which prefer dry and cool environments), using a humidifier in your room is an excellent option to provide better quality air to breathe. Likewise, this device could be your great ally to improve respiratory conditions, in cases where your child has symptoms of a cold, asthma, allergies or flu.

Q5: Is a humidifier the same as a nebulizer?

These two devices are different and perform different functions. The nebulizer is a device for personal use, for direct application and is designed for the administration of medications by respiratory route. It works by converting a liquid into an aerosol, which is inhaled through the nostrils, passing through the larynx, pharynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. Therefore, it is an inhaler that atomizes medication directly into the upper airways.

A humidifier is not designed to deliver medications for asthma, as its function is to keep moisture in the air and prevent people from breathing dry air, which could lead to respiratory infections.

Q6: When to change the humidifier?

For a humidifier to be hygienic and safe, proper maintenance is important. For this, you must clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions; however, if you use it daily, you should clean it twice a week without detergents and renew the water every day. On the other hand, you should be aware of the wear of its parts, since they could break over time or encourage the growth of bacteria and mold; So, if you have a humidifier that is more than 5 years old, you might consider that it is time to change it for a new one.

Q7: Can I place the humidifier near the baby?

Since it is a device designed to humidify the environment where the baby sleeps, it is best to avoid projecting the mist directly on the child. For this, you must leave at least 2 meters of distance between the device and the cradle; if due to the dimensions of the bedroom this is not possible, then place the nozzle pointing the jet towards the opposite side where the child is.

Q8: Which is better, ultrasonic or steam humidifier?

Ultrasonic humidifiers are characterized by generating cold steam, since they work with a mechanism that makes the water vibrate with ultrasonic movements, capable of breaking its molecules and generating a very fine steam; making it easier to breathe. They are devices that consume less electricity than other similar models and by producing cold steam, there is no risk of burns.

Steam humidifiers, on the other hand, generate a warm mist. They are devices that work with the principle of boiling water and forming a cloud with evaporation. They work with electrical resistors and increase the ambient temperature, so it is important to take the proper precautions when handling them.

Q9: Is there any humidifier that doesn’t make noise?

The noise level generated by a humidifier is a piece of information that appears on the product sheet. This aspect must be evaluated before making the purchase, since if you find a device that makes practically no noise, it is possible that it has such low power that its performance leaves much to be desired.

Most humidifiers and air conditioners generally generate a certain level of noise. However, ultrasonic models are the most recommended, because these devices do not boil water, but use sound waves; so they are one of the quietest on the market and also fully fulfill their function.

Q10: Is a humidifier with humidity control worth it?

Controlling the humidity levels in the air that our children breathe is of great importance, since diseases such as asthma and allergies can be avoided in childhood. For this reason, some humidifiers include a hygrometer and a humidistat. Thanks to these devices you will be able to record and monitor the humidity present in the room and also control the on and off cycle to optimize the appropriate humidity ranges for the room.

Q11: Is there a humidifier that does not wet the floor?

Properly installed humidifiers should not wet the floor. If this happens, it is possible that you have filled your tank beyond the established limit or also, because you have placed it very close to the ground. Therefore, it is recommended to mount it on a piece of furniture at a minimum height of 1 meter; Likewise, you should not put the humidifier on unstable or uneven surfaces, since the water could come out due to vibration and wet the floor or worse, the device could tip over and fall.

How to use a baby humidifier

A humidifier isn’t exactly one of the elementary things we write down when we make our shopping list for the arrival of the baby; however, when it comes to improving the air quality in your bedroom, having this device is essential and knowing how to use it properly could maximize its benefits.

Analyze its performance

Humidifiers are responsible for humidifying dry air and generating better quality air to breathe better, so regardless of the device you have bought, it is important that you respect the capacity of the water tank and if the manufacturer does not advise the use of essences or essential oils, you should not use them. Also, some appliances work better with distilled, filtered, or purified water; while others only need tap water for their work. For this reason, depending on the model chosen and the brand, you should follow the recommendations given in the user manual.

Find the best place to put it

If it is the case that you need it to level the humidity in a living room, a study room, an office or your baby’s bedroom; You should always place it conveniently so that it humidifies as much of the area as possible. To do this, it is convenient to mount it on a piece of furniture (never on the floor) and keep it away from the walls. Remember that the humidifier generates humidity and could deteriorate the paint on the walls or the wallpaper.

Likewise, it is essential that you mount it on a stable surface, where the device is not at risk of falling. Also, in the case of putting it in the baby’s room, make sure that the mist jet does not go directly on the child, nor very close to her crib.

Consider some security measures

Whether it is humidifiers that generate hot water vapor or cold vapor, it is essential to maintain some safety measures. In this sense, you should never leave the device connected if it is not in use and neither leave the water in the tank from one day to the next; the most advisable thing is to renew it every day, since it could encourage the appearance of mold.

In the case of hot steam humidifiers, it is important to keep them out of the reach of children, in order to avoid accidental burns with boiling water. On the other hand, never leave the cable visible and a place where several people walk, since anyone could trip and cause the device to fall.

Do a proper cleaning

Proper cleaning is essential to prolong their lifespan and maintain hygiene in humidifiers. For this reason, experts recommend not using detergents, since the residues could enter the environment once you turn on the device; instead, you can use a solution of water and vinegar. You should also avoid keeping the device on all day, as it could get too humid; it is best to use it only when there is environmental dryness or when there are respiratory problems.

What do you need to know about baby humidifiers?

A baby humidifier is the device that will make you feel safe about the air your little one breathes. Children are quite sensitive to changes in temperature, as well as to excess humidity or lack of it. Both can have negative consequences that, although they can also affect you, are more likely to affect the little ones, since their immune system and, in general, their body, is not as developed as adults.

However, before making a purchase, you must be sure that what you decide to buy is of excellent quality. For this, it is necessary to know what you should take into account when choosing one of these devices, since, in this way, it will be easier to know which baby humidifier to buy.

Features to consider

1. Power

Humidifiers, most of the time, differ from one another in the amount of space they manage to humidify. This depends on how powerful they are. There are products that can only take care of one room, however, there are others that can humidify an entire apartment or house. Despite being more expensive, their operating radius is superior.

Depending on what you need, check the number of square meters that the humidifier covers and choose the most suitable one. If it’s just for your baby’s use, then a small one will do.

2. Antibacterial

In addition to humidifying the environment, many of these products also work as purifiers, using UV or silver ion systems to get rid of bacteria. This will ensure that, in addition to achieving optimum humidity, your baby will breathe cleaner and healthier air.

3. Steam

There are two types of humidifiers, cold mist and hot mist. Both have benefits that could help yo

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