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Kettles – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Kettles represent a useful and comfortable option to obtain hot water in a short time, especially when you have to prepare your baby’s bottles. In addition, many people use it as a method to prepare tea or coffee more quickly on a daily basis, so it can be a highly valuable ally at breakfast time or when the afternoon falls. Due to the type of function they perform, they must be made with very high quality materials that withstand high temperatures. Also, it is better that they are easy to transport and with a simple mechanism, since they are not designed to do a very complex job. Around this, we will present the most relevant features of the Aigostar Juliet 30HIO kettleIt has a 1 L capacity, easy cleaning and a 360° base. Similarly, we propose the Adler AD 02 which has a capacity of 0.6 liters, is made of BPA-free plastic and allows for fairly easy cleaning.

Opinions on the best kettles

To have the water at the correct temperature to prepare your baby’s bottles, we present the best kettles of 2022, rated by users to help you make the right purchase.

electric kettle

Aigostar Juliet 30HIO

In this case, an electric kettle design that is quite friendly and easy to use for all types of people is presented. Its manufacturers have established a 360º base that gives versatility so that it can be used by both right-handers and left-handers.

It has a capacity of 1 liter, which is more than enough to consume hot drinks such as tea or coffee without having to wait a long time. Likewise, it can be a good companion in case there are babies at home and warm water is needed to prepare their bottles.

On the other hand, its cleaning can be carried out satisfactorily thanks to the fact that its filling mouth is wide, facilitating the introduction of the liquid, but also cleaning the product. The fact that it has all these features could make you think that it is an extremely expensive product, since nothing could be further from the truth, because this Aigostar model is one of the cheapest available on the market.

Assessing the pros and cons of the products, even if they are the cheapest, can help you better broaden the picture and make a more efficient and effective purchase. That is why we summarize the highlights of this Aigostar model.


Compact: Although it has a good capacity, its design is quite compact, which allows you to give it a comfortable space anywhere in the kitchen.

Warranty: Since it has several quality certificates, the manufacturer grants a warranty period of up to 2 years.

BPA Free: This kettle is made of plastic but is BPA free making it a safe product for babies and the whole family.


No switch: It does not have an on and off switch, so you need to unplug it when you want to stop using it.

Little power: Although it fulfills its function adequately, some users comment that it is a bit slow, so you have to be patient.

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Philips HD9350

If you are looking for an electric kettle from a well-known and trusted brand, with a sturdy build and incredible performance, then you may be looking at the best kettle for you. This product comes with 2,200 watts of power to have your water ready in no time, with a 1.7 liter capacity and a filter designed to trap limescale.

For greater comfort, this kettle uses a base, so as not to have any type of cable in contact with it and, to offer more security, it has a system that prevents it from working if it does not have water to boil. The base has a 360 degree swivel to give you greater comfort. 

The kettle is made with certified materials for food use and has a stainless steel structure to remain as new regardless of constant use, while protecting your body from any type of toxic substance.

Philips is a brand that has excelled in almost all areas of the market and when it comes to kettles, this model is the best example of its quality.


Filter: The mesh filter that captures limescale particles will keep the kettle cleaner.

Security: The security system of not boiling without water not only protects you, but also the useful life of the appliance.

Materials: Stainless steel makes this product durable and resistant to constant use.


Noise: Some users have reported that this kettle is quite noisy, compared to other models.

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small kettle

Adler AD 02

This model can be a small kettle, however, it is ideal for the use of one or two people, as it takes up little space and has a maximum capacity of 0.6 liters, an adequate amount for two delicious cups of coffee. Its power is 760 W and, despite being low, it works perfectly with the amount of water that the kettle can hold. The product is ultra-quiet so as not to bother you and, in addition, it has an automatic shutdown function to stop working when the water is already boiled.

It comes with an anti-limescale filter to prevent these particles from remaining in the water and, for added safety, the materials are completely BPA-free. The classic white design matches any kitchen and the blue accents make for a nice contrast. This product is energy efficiency class A to consume less electrical energy.

This is a small kettle that will allow you to store and move it with ease, ideal for a couple or a single person.


Filter: The anti-limescale filter prevents you from consuming this substance by mistake. This detail keeps the kettle clean.

Electric energy: Class A energy efficiency allows electricity consumption to be moderate.

Silent: This product does not produce noise, so you will not be disturbed by any sound from this item.


Power: Compared to kettles of 2000W or more, this 760W product has a very short power which makes boiling last longer.

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Electric kettle for infusions

Cecotec V1701630

With dimensions of 27 x 22 x 15 cm and a weight of 1.1 kilograms, this product is an electric kettle for infusions, drinks and water. Practical, versatile and quite simple to use. This isn’t just a kettle, it’s a teapot that comes with a stainless steel tea filter where you can use tea bags, tea leaves and small infusions. It has 2200 W of power and comes with an anti-limescale filter.

The drip-free spout helps when pouring liquid, while the cool-touch handle protects your hand and fingers. If there is overheating or the kettle is on without liquid, it will turn itself off to avoid accidents.

The base allows 360 degree mobility, while keeping the product fixed due to its non-slip quality. Made of stainless steel, this appliance provides 1.7 liters of pure quality.

Do not decide on a single product if you can have them both, like this two-in-one device from Cecotec.


Functions: The fact that this product works as a kettle and also a kettle makes it quite remarkable, as it is versatile, practical and, above all, multifunctional.

Filters: It comes with two filters. One of them is for lime, while the other is a traditional tea filter to make the best infusions at home.

Dimensions: The measurements of 27 x 22 x 15 cm make this product quite easy to use and store anywhere.


Cable: Some buyers have commented that the cable is somewhat short and this makes it more difficult to choose the place to place it.

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Russell Hobbs Kettle

Russell Hobbs Chester 20220-70

This Russell Hobbs Kettle is made from stainless steel which not only acts positively on internal energy levels but also provides good support externally.

This Russell Hobbs model has a compact design that is easy to use. Its handle is firm and ergonomic allowing it to be handled effectively. In addition, the lid is hinged, which avoids the risk of an accident and its precision nozzle will reduce splashes.

Another aspect that makes users value it as the best kettle is that it works with a very small amount of electrical energy, which is beneficial both for the environment and for savings on electricity bills, since for a cup of water can save up to 66% of the normal energy used by other similar products.

Although many users recommend this model as the best kettle of the moment, we summarize its pros and cons below so that you can assess it yourself.


Programmable: You can tell the equipment if it is 1, 2 or 3 cups that you expect to boil, in order to wait just the right amount of time for each process.

Water indicator: On one side there is a meter that facilitates the visualization of the amount of water contained inside.

Capacity: With this kettle you can work up to 1 liter of water in each cycle.

Cleaning: It will be very convenient to keep the kettle clean thanks to the ease of removing its filter.



Noisy: While it is in the process of heating the water, it can generate some noise, without being exaggerated.

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travel kettle


So you don’t have to worry about how to prepare your baby’s bottle on the go, this travel kettle is there for you at all times. This is a compact and lightweight product that can be easily moved, since it fits in any backpack. With a single button it will start to work and, with its 650 W power, in a few minutes you will have the water ready. The voltage is 120V/220V, a standard and universal measure so you can always connect it where you need it.

It has a capacity of 0.5 liters and, for your added peace of mind, it comes with safety certificates due to its use of BPA-free, food-grade plastic. Security is complemented by a filter that helps cleanliness and keeps impurities away. This filter is removable to make cleaning the kettle much easier. The artifact comes with two cups included.

Take your kettle with you everywhere with this portable model, ideal for traveling and transporting in your backpack.


Lightness: With 522 grams of weight, this is a light product.

Cups: The two included cups will always let you have a place to have water, tea, oatmeal or whatever you have prepared.

Dual Voltage: Dual voltage of 120V and 220V allows you to plug in the kettle almost anywhere.


Power: Although it does not take long, the 650 W will make you have to wait a few minutes to have your water.

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Other products

Ufesa Active

Ufesa presents this model of kettle as one of its appliances designed to be used for breakfast, but, obviously, it can be used to prepare your baby’s bottles in a short time and at the right temperature.

It is a kettle that works with a power of 2200 W and a capacity of 1.7 liters, which offers the opportunity to have a greater amount of hot water in a very short time.

This model is listed as one of the best kettles of 2022 due to the concern put by the manufacturer to its security system. First of all, a disconnection will occur automatically if there is no water present or if it boils. In the same way, it includes a very useful safety thermostat.

And, to make it even easier to use, it incorporates an on/off switch that helps maintain full control over the equipment.

Ufesa can be treated as the best brand of kettles in the opinion of many users. This is due to its positive characteristics, although it also has some negatives that we present below.


Anti-limescale filter: The kettle includes a water impurity remover that is easily removable so you can always have your equipment clean.

Cable storage: Avoid clutter by always keeping the product’s cable perfectly stored with its cable storage.

Water Indicator: In this case, the water indicator is accessible from two different sides of the pitcher for ease.


Colors: It comes presented in red and white colors that may not be the ones that best combine with certain decorations.

Weight: To be made of plastic, it has a weight of 748 g, which added to the volume of water may seem excessive compared to other models.

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Severin WK 3644

This Severin model is valued by some customers as the best value for money kettle, as it is a functional and compact jug available at a reasonable cost.

With its 0.5 liter capacity, this small kettle is designed for individual use. The 650 W power it has is more than enough to treat this amount of water.

As for how to use it, it has a switch to regulate the on and off times, although it also has an automatic disconnection mechanism that helps prevent accidents. And, as a gift, it includes two cups and two plastic spoons that can be useful to keep the rest of the components of your crockery safe while you consume tea daily or, also, to take on a trip.

When you don’t know which kettle to buy, reviewing all the pros and cons of a certain model may be one of the best techniques available to you. For this reason, here we present some of the most relevant features of the Severin kettle.


Portable: Due to its dimensions and low weight, it can be moved from one place to another without major inconveniences.

Hidden Resistor: Includes an auto-off resistor that is hidden and protected from damage by internal heat or external effects.

Easy to use: No complex procedure needs to be followed to get it up and running.


Power cable: Many users complain that the cable is only 60 cm long, which makes it difficult to connect in different places.

Lid: The security of the lid is hinged, which can make it difficult, at some point, to open the kettle.

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Aicok KE01402C-GS

This Aicok electric kettle is made of stainless steel whose properties do not affect the quality of the water that is placed inside. In addition, it has a section made of plastic, without the presence of BPA, where you can see the amount of water that is available in the jug.

Likewise, it incorporates a light that works as a visible alarm to know the exact moment in which the kettle is heating or, failing that, it is turned off.

In relation to the installed capacity, it is possible to heat up to 1.7 liters in a single cycle that is carried out efficiently thanks to its 2200 W of power. On the other hand, it includes an automatic shutdown when the work has already been done on the water, or the kettle is activated dry. All these elements make this model a good candidate, according to users, to define which is the best kettle.

When choosing a good kettle, take into consideration all the positive and negative aspects. A good idea is to assign them a score that allows you to define which one could be the best for your needs. Therefore, we summarize the main characteristics of this model below.


Base: The rotating and detachable base of the kettle allows it to be handled easily, as well as being able to collect the cable under it.

Lid: It can be easily opened with one hand, just by pressing a button.

Handle: It is comfortable to the touch and maintains a suitable temperature to be able to hold it without problems.


Noise: When the water reaches its boiling point, a lot of noise is generated which, in quiet environments, can be disturbing.

Time: A user comments that the kettle takes longer than expected to fully heat the water.

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How to choose the best kettle?

Always buy the best for your home and you can enjoy the easy and completely risk-free use of a durable appliance. There are certain things that you need to take into account in order to acquire a kettle of the best quality, therefore, it is recommended that you take them into account before making your purchase.

Shopping guide

Capacity and dimensions

Do you want to make coffee for yourself or for a whole family? Always keep in mind how many people the electric kettle will be serving before deciding on the first good and cheap alternative you find. Even if you spend less money on the purchase, if you have to boil the water several times then you will spend more electricity and time. For that reason, always buy a product commensurate with the number of people who will be using it.

The capacity changes and it is necessary that the kettle allows you to do what you want in a single use. One liter and two liter kettles are the most common sizes, however if you want something just for yourself then you can get smaller 0.5 or 0.7 liter kettles. It’s all a matter of searching.

The amount of water that a kettle can receive also depends a lot on its dimensions, so the larger the kettle, the more capacity it has. The weights range from 1 kg to 3 kg, most of the time, and, if you have problems carrying these kilos, it is advisable to buy a small and personal kettle to avoid moving so much weight, not counting the water contained, as well as to avoid boiling more water than necessary.

Design and power

Like all artifacts, designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These can sometimes affect the price, therefore, surely the cheapest product is among the more traditional models of classic design. Some are colorful, while others are transparent. The latter have the advantage of allowing you to see when the water boils.

There are some kettles that plug directly in for heating, while others require a base that serves as a heater. The latter are more comfortable and practical, so it is advisable to purchase a model with this quality.

Something that also differs between one product and another is the potency. The higher the power level, the faster the water will heat up, which also means that with the kettle on for less time, power consumption usually decreases as well. Small kettles can work with 700 W, while others reach and exceed 2000 W of power. This does not affect the final result, but it does affect the time needed to reach it.

It is recommended that the structure has a timer or somewhere that allows you to adjust the power level. This will let you control how hot you want the water to be and can help you speed up or slow down the process. This is not usually the most common, but there are models with this feature. Although it affects how much the product costs, it is a highly recommended quality.


When you find yourself making a comparison of kettles and looking for the guide to buy the best kettle on the market, it is necessary to have only one aspect as the paramount, safety.

Dealing with hot water can be dangerous, so it is always advisable to take precautions but, in addition to the prevention you have, it is necessary that the product you choose also offers you the security you deserve. Hot water is not only dangerous due to burns, because something that very few people take into account and can be harmful is that excessive heat can cause toxic reactions on contact with certain materials. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase products made of non-toxic materials and that, preferably, have safety certifications, as this will prevent any harmful substance from coming into contact with the water that we will consume.

To avoid overheating, buy those kettles that have an automatic shutdown function. This can prevent serious accidents in your kitchen and also prevent the outside of the kettle from getting too hot. For the latter, not only do you have to take into account overheating, but also that the kettle comes with sections that do not heat up, such as the handle, to grip it with complete peace of mind.

Another aspect to take into account when talking about safety is the cover. This must cover the upper part correctly and fit properly so that when lifting the kettle and moving it there is no risk of the contents spilling out. Make sure the pouring tip is ergonomic. That way, the water will go in only one direction when you pour it, and there will be less chance of accidents.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a kettle?

Whether rust or lime, vinegar is the star product. Depending on the amount of dirt accumulated on the inside of the kettle, the vinegar can be added alone, combined with water or with a few drops of bleach if the internal plastic part is also dirty. Bring to a boil respecting the boiling time and get rid of the mixture afterwards. Repeat, but this time only with water to remove any remaining vinegar smell or taste. Rinse with water and your kettle is ready.

Q2: How to fix a kettle?

It all depends on the flaw. For example, if water is leaking, maybe sealing a break or changing a gasket is enough. When a kettle does not heat, the first thing to check is the resistance. If you know about cables, connectors and have a tester, you can determine if the kettle can be fixed or not. Otherwise, taking it to a technician is the best option, however, we can tell you that if the resistance is burned and the system is stuffed, there will be no possibility of fixing it in this regard.

Q3: How much does a kettle consume?

The average consumption is about 1500 watts per hour. Although it sounds like an important amount, it is interesting that you know the results of some tests. They were made with the same amount of water that fits in a small kettle. Taking 125 seconds as the time required for the water to boil, the results showed that a kettle has a lower consumption than the microwave or ceramic hob. This explains why the heat transfer to the water is direct in a kettle.

Q4: How does an electric water kettle work?

Kettles can be one piece or have two parts: a base and the measuring jug for boiling with its airtight lid. In case of having a base, it is connected directly to the power outlet and the kettle is placed on it to activate its operation. At the bottom of the kettle is the resistance, which is the electrical part responsible for bringing the water to its boiling point. This is activated through a power button, and in some models there may be a temperature regulator.

Q5: How should a kettle be so that it does not rust?

The option to prevent this from happening is to purchase a stainless steel kettle. Otherwise, the chance of rust buildup is unavoidable due to how often you boil water. The ease of cleaning it reduces the accumulation of rust and is influenced by the type of presentation that the kettle has. If the inside of the kettle is flat, then it is easier to clean and remove residue than kettles that have the heating element exposed at the bottom.

Q6: Is kettle and teapot the same?

Although both can be used for the preparation of an exquisite tea, they are not exactly the same. Originally, the idea of ​​the teapot comes with an internal filter to introduce the herbs or tea leaves. The kettle, meanwhile, can become an excellent helper when you want to quickly heat water for various uses, including adding to cooking, moisturizing food, preparing coffee and, of course, a good cup of tea. as well.

Q7: How to descale kettle?

Descaling tablets are a real option on the market, however, there are homemade products that could be just as effective. You can boil white vinegar in a kettle or let it sit overnight with a mixture of vinegar and warm water to loosen limescale. Another alternative is to make a mixture of lemon juice and two teaspoons of baking soda in a liter of water and boil. In the case of a glass kettle, the most recommended mixture to boil in it consists of two teaspoons of baking soda for each cup of water.

Q8: What temperature does a kettle reach?

The kettles of this time come with temperature regulators that give options to reach 40, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 degrees. To achieve the boiling point, 100 degrees will be necessary, however, the variety of temperatures is an excellent option to keep your delicious infusion warm.

The security systems mean that when the water reaches the desired degree, the kettle automatically turns off. Also when there are risks of overheating.

How to use a kettle

If you can’t wait to have the water at the perfect temperature for tea, your inevitable cup of coffee or for your little one’s bottle, then you must learn how to use a kettle effectively to enjoy its benefits. If you don’t know how, here you can learn certain things that you must take into account in order to use your kettle correctly, enjoy its advantages every day and ask yourself why you had not acquired it before.

Unpack the kettle

This does not usually cause many complications, because, apart from the base, most of the time the kettle comes already fully assembled and you will not have to do anything more than remove it from the package.

Remember that before boiling water, it is advisable to wash the kettle completely and then start using it in the kitchen.

Read the instruction manual

Although they are similar products, kettles do not always work in the same way. Because of that, you need to read the instructional guide included with your purchase, as the manufacturer will explicitly detail what you should and shouldn’t do with the kettle, such as run time, temperature, etc.

Plug in the kettle

Plug the base into a socket carefully. This is what will allow the water to heat and boil to the temperature you want.

Fill the kettle with water

To boil, you need a liquid, and in this case, the liquid is water. Put only the capacity that allows you to close the kettle tightly without effort, because if you overdo it, it is possible that when the water boils, the whole kitchen ends up being a water disaster.

Some kettles can use other liquids but there are exclusive models for water. 

Check what you can put in yours before you pour something you’re not sure about.

close the lid

When it comes to hot water, extreme caution should be exercised, as an accident with hot water will not only cause a disaster, but can also be quite dangerous and cause serious burns.

Avoiding this is achieved by closing the kettle and making sure the lid is on tight before turning on the product. Otherwise, when boiling it is possible that the water splashes and if this happens, then you will have problems.

turn on the kettle

Just by pressing the button you can turn on the product and b

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