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Maclaren Strollers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

There is no doubt that the stroller is one of those essential elements during the first years of our children and that it is very useful to go out with them to the park or shopping. Thus, it is worth searching among the best brands on the market and Maclaren is one of them, recognized for its long history and its innovative folding designs since 1965. From this manufacturer we currently highlight the Maclaren Quest, a seat suitable for newborns and that supports up to 25 kg, so they can use it for several years. On the other hand, there is the Maclaren Techno Arc, with an easy-fold design and a four-position reclining seat so that the child is always comfortable as he grows.


Opinions on the best Maclaren strollers

Maclaren is projected internationally as a brand of trust and quality. For this reason, we have made a comparative study to choose some of their most outstanding and recognized products as the best Maclaren strollers and we present the description of their characteristics below.

maclaren quest

With a sporty style, this chair also stands out for its light and robust design, capable of supporting up to 25 kg, so you can use it from the birth of your child until he or she is approximately 5 years old. In addition, the extendable hood is waterproof and incorporates a visor with sun protection filter so that the protection of your baby is always the priority.

The Quest chair has an elevated seat that can be reclined in 4 different positions with one hand and its folding system is intuitive. On the other hand, the rear wheels are double and incorporate a foot-operated brake. Also, this chair includes a lower basket in which you can carry some of the baby’s things without much effort.

For many customers, this model is the best Maclaren stroller of the moment, as it has different features that make it a good investment. Some of them are summarized below.


Comfort: For the comfort of your baby, the seat reclines in different positions and has an extendable support for the little one’s feet.

Safety: It has an efficient safety system to carry newborn babies fully reclined.

Hygiene: The chair can be disassembled and machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water for thorough cleaning.

Accessories: The chair includes a rain cover, strap and carrying handle, as well as a lower basket to carry what you need.


Instructions: A user states that the instructions have little information, however the chair has a fairly intuitive handling.

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Maclaren Techno Arc

Within the wide catalog of strollers from the Maclaren house, you will find this discreet model, made with high-end materials for greater durability. The chassis is made of aluminum tubes, which provides stability and lightness, while the upholstery was made of black polyester fabric. Said textile is soft to the touch and repels water, keeping your baby properly protected. In addition, the hood area has UPF50 protection for sunny days, preventing your baby’s delicate skin from suffering damage due to solar radiation.

The chair has been provided with a reclining mechanism with four positions, which will allow you to adapt it to the needs of the child. In addition, it incorporates a harness with five adjustment points for greater safety. 

For its part, the size of the handlebar can be adjusted and, thanks to the rubber coating, you will enjoy an ergonomic grip. Also, the bearing system offers a good level of traction on smooth surfaces or pavement and attaches a safety mechanism by means of locking pins.

With this Maclaren stroller you can transport the baby comfortably and safely. Here, the main features of this model.


Cleaning: You can easily uncover the chair to carry out the cleaning of the entire upholstery, either by machine or manually. Thus, you will maintain the hygiene of the product.

Handlebar: Its ergonomic rubber-coated handlebar adjusts in size for a better driving experience, according to the parent’s anatomy.

Accessories: With the purchase of this product, helpful elements such as a rain protector, harness covers and a comfortable headrest are attached.

Seat: You have four different recline angles for the seat area, which you can manually adjust for greater comfort.


Transport: Due to the robust size of this stroller, it does not classify as hand luggage for air travel, which could be a limitation for some people.

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Maclaren Techno XT Twin

For those parents who are looking for the best Maclaren stroller for their twins, many users and specialists recommend the Techno XT twin model, a robust and resistant chair that supports 30 kg of weight thanks to its aluminum chassis.

Wide enough to fit through standard doorways, this seat includes headrests and shoulder pads, plus a newborn-friendly safety system. For its part, the aerodynamic wheels provide stability and good suspension on different types of terrain, while facilitating maneuverability so that the caregiver can safely handle this double chair.

If you still don’t know which Maclaren stroller to buy for your twins, this model is highly recommended by several users thanks to its robust and versatile design. That is why we summarize its positive and negative aspects to help you in your decision.


Independence: The hoods and seats recline separately, so each baby can be in the most comfortable position for him.

Wheels: The double wheels are resistant to punctures and all have cushioning.

Accessories: The bubble is included to protect the little ones from the rain, as well as the headrests and shoulder pads.


Price: This chair is the most expensive in the comparison, however, since it is a twin chair, we believe that the price is in line with the benefits it offers.

Colors: It is only available in black and red.

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Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar

Among the cheapest strollers in this summary is the Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar model, a compact and lightweight stroller, designed for children from 6 months. This model is recommended for going out during the day and on summer vacations, since the seat is made of breathable mesh that improves ventilation and includes a mattress for greater comfort.

Like the previous seats, this model has an extra-large canopy with a built-in visor that protects the child from the sun. In addition, the internal tensioner keeps it in position and allows for easier folding when storing the chair. As an additional plus, this model also has a lower basket and a pocket on the back so you have more storage space.

Although this is one of the cheapest Maclaren strollers on the market, it has several features that we describe in the next section so that you can learn more about this model and that corroborate its usefulness.


Design: This chair is one of the most compact and light on the market, weighing 4.3 kg and folding easily for storage.

Safety: The 5-point harness keeps the baby securely fastened without compromising comfort.

Cleaning: The seat mesh is fully removable and can be machine washed on a delicate cycle and line dried.


Seat: The seat is not reclining. But, because it is a light and compact stroller, it does its job.

Visor: This model does not have a window in the hood to watch the baby without leaning.

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Maclaren MARK II

Many users consider this to be the best price-quality Maclaren stroller, as it is compact, functional and cheap. It has a basic weight of 3.3 kg, as well as the necessary resistance to support up to 25 kg thanks to the highly durable materials with which it has been manufactured.

The folding system is operated with one hand and the brake on the rear wheels can be quickly activated with the foot. On the other hand, the seat reclines in two positions and has a mesh panel in the center to allow good ventilation. In addition, it incorporates different accessories that increase its functionality such as a handlebar strap, an identification card, a cup holder and a rain cover.

If you still have doubts about which model to choose, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of the Mark II, a chair that takes up the original Maclaren designs with current technological advances.


Weight: It is one of the lightest Maclaren models, ideal for shopping, walking around the city or carrying it up the stairs, as it also includes a carrying strap.

Safety: This model prioritizes, like all Maclaren seats, the safety of your child with the 5-point harness and the quick-activation rear brake system.

Assembly: This chair does not require any special assembly, as it arrives ready to use.


Age range: This model is suitable for babies older than 6 months, so if you are looking for a chair for newborns, the first options are the most suitable.

Pocket: Unlike other Maclaren strollers, this model does not have a pocket in the hood.

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Maclaren Techno XT

Esta silla comparte algunas características del modelo anterior, sin embargo, se distingue por tener un acolchado extra diseñado para brindar mayor confort en los recorridos largos, especialmente para los bebés recién nacidos. Por esta razón, también incluye un reposacabezas y almohadillas para los hombros.

La Techno XT está formada por un resistente marco de aluminio aeronáutico que incorpora un arnés de seguridad de 5 puntos con hebilla liberadora para la que se deben usar ambas manos. De esta forma, el bebé se mantendrá bien sujeto. Cabe mencionar que la capota posee una ventanilla y a través de ella podrás ver al pequeño durante el paseo. Por estos y otros beneficios, este producto está entre las mejores sillas de paseo Maclaren del 2022.

Con una trayectoria de 50 años y destacada por la innovación de sus diseños, Maclaren es la mejor marca de sillas de paseo según muchos usuarios, y el modelo Techno XT es uno de los más populares de este fabricante. Por eso, resumimos algunos de sus pros y contras en el siguiente apartado.


Ruedas: Las ruedas dobles poseen un diseño sin ejes que favorecen un recorrido silencioso. Además, tienen amortiguación para los terrenos irregulares.

Altura: El asiento ha sido diseñado con mayor altura para ofrecer buena visibilidad al pequeño y una ventilación eficiente al alejarlo del pavimento.

Colores: Este modelo está disponible en color rojo, azul y negro, tonos totalmente unisex y elegantes.


Espacio: Algunos usuarios afirman que este modelo es más largo al plegarlo, así que si el maletero de tu coche es pequeño, tal vez te conviene revisar las dimensiones de la silla o buscar otro modelo.

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