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MAM Pacifiers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Pacifiers are not an essential part of the development of babies, but they are a very useful instrument to help them calm down through the sucking process that simulates the movement they make when they are feeding on their mothers. It is necessary that these have the appropriate shape to avoid complications in the development of the jaw, but also that they are made of soft and at the same time resistant materials. In this aspect, MAM has made important advances and has developed different models that fit almost any need that exists in this order. For all these reasons, we have decided to review the characteristics of the MAM 667411that leaves the necessary space to control the slime, has a flat nipple and is made of silicone. In this same order of ideas, there is also the MAM Dummies 542420 that stands out for having very soft ergonomics, made of silicone but taking care to be free of BPA.



Opinions on the best MAM pacifiers

If you do not take lightly the purchase of articles for your baby and you are only looking for quality products to offer them, we recommend you review the following summary with the best MAM pacifiers of 2022, valued by other parents and users who have already carried out this search as well than you

MAM 667411

This set of pacifiers is useful from the time the baby is 0 months old, being able to continue after 6 months with the appropriate version for them, ensuring that babies who have already accepted them in the first phase do not lose the thread with the brand.

Another aspect that makes it stand out is that it is one of the cheapest models seen in this study.

On the other hand, the airy design allows proper control over the drool that babies tend to spill in different seasons, especially when teething begins to be present.

The teat, on the other hand, is very soft, because it is made of silk silicone with MAM technology that is suitable for their small mouths, without mistreating or causing damage to mandibular development, thanks to the fact that it is flat and symmetrical.

Being a product whose choice is so delicate and important for the tranquility of the little ones in the house, reviewing its pros and cons will surely be highly valued among all our readers, even when it is one of the cheaper.


Weight: It is a fairly light product, babies can withstand it without inconvenience.

Sterilizer: A sterilizer box is included that can be placed in the microwave.

BPA Free: Although they are made of silicone, these pacifiers do not contain any level of BPA in their composition.

Robust: In order to have greater durability over time, the material is thick enough to give it the necessary robustness to withstand daily use.

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MAM Dummies 542420

There are many reasons why users say that this is the best MAM pacifier, one of the most important is that its teat is made of very soft silicone to avoid any abuse in the mouth of babies, but it is also BPA free. adding a touch of security that is always very valuable.

In the same order of ideas, the teat has a symmetrical shape, which makes it easy to place it, since you do not have to be aware of the correct side to place it. This also better simulates the maternal nipple allowing them to feel more comfortable.

Another relevant aspect is that it includes a case that can have a double function depending on the user’s needs: one for transport and another to sterilize very easily in the microwave from the place you need it.

Cataloging it, then, as the best MAM pacifier of the moment is the most appropriate for some users. Even so, it is always part of a good product description to summarize its pros and cons.


Brightness: The button is capable of emitting a slight glow in the dark, making it easy to find at night.

Unisex: So that it can be used with children of any sex, unisex models are presented.

Ergonomics: It is soft enough to give babies a better experience.


Size: It is only available in sizes from 0 to 6 months.

Price: Despite all its positive aspects, we cannot help but notice that it is one of the most expensive products on our list.

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These pacifiers are designed with a night concept, so they are capable of glowing in the dark. Although it is not the only element that is considered, it is part of the reasons why they are among the best MAM pacifiers of 2022, as determined by their consumers.

Another important piece of information is that they are available for use with babies from 0 months, helping parents in the daily rest process, and as they have air holes for the drool to escape, they will not feel discomfort.

It is worth mentioning that the teat is made of the brand’s characteristic silk, which not only gives it resistance but also a delicate softness to protect babies at all times. In the same way, the exterior is soft and ergonomic to offer a better placement and fixation to the mouth, without generating any type of abuse.

If you are not sure which MAM pacifier to buy, remember to look at the most relevant aspects such as quality, price, general characteristics and the pros and cons they have to determine if it can serve you for what you need. Below, we describe the highlights of this particular product.


No excess brightness: The brightness is enough to find the pacifier in the dark, without being excessive.

Case: The product includes a container to carry out the sterilization of the pacifiers in a simple way.

Anatomical: The entire structure is designed to protect the development of the jaw of babies.


Duration of brightness: Some users claim that although it does emit light, it does not last as long as they expected.

Design: It is not possible to choose the design that you like the most, since they are received randomly.

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For when the baby is 6 months or older, this model is available, which is one of the most frequent answers to the question of which is the best MAM pacifier. Its beautiful design with messages of love for mom and dad, give a perfect touch that is valued very positively.

It is also necessary to point out that its washing can be done easily, preventing water from being stored in the internal structure of the teat; and completing the procedure in the case that comes available for microwave sterilization. The latter can also be used for days when you will be away from home.

In relation to the care of the oral area, its use does not affect the development of the mandibular structure or the teeth at all, making parents feel more secure with the use of the pacifier.

A good reason to carry out a study of different models of the MAm brand is that it is considered by many users to be the best brand of pacifiers, standing out for the good selection of its materials and the versatility they offer.


Colors: In order to cover any taste, you can select between four possible colors: pink, blue, white and red.

Teat: This is symmetrical, facilitating its placement at any time.

Aerated: The holes placed around the edge prevent the accumulation of saliva.


Drawings: A user states that the stamping ends up being erased after a certain time.

Large: Although the reference indicates that it is for 6 months and above, some consumers complain that the teats are too large for their babies.

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MAM Multicolor 4132230

In case you are looking for the best value for money MAM pacifier, we recommend you review this model. Among its main characteristics, the structure of the teat made of soft silicone stands out, which has no harmful effect on the development of the baby’s jaw, according to the opinion of the pediatricians and dentists who participated in its design.

Also, the set of 2 pacifiers includes a sterilization case that helps this process to be carried out quickly in a microwave.

In relation to the outside of the pacifier, it is made of soft material that prevents irritation around the mouth and also has a non-slip texture that allows babies to use it more comfortably, at the same time that it is an element key to keeping pacifiers clean.

For all of the above, it is also necessary to know what key positive and negative aspects these pacifiers have, in order to ensure that their performance will be as expected when purchasing them.


Print: It is made with beautiful and striking animal figures.

Colours: There are four versions in different colours: white, blue, pink and green.

Aerated: The holes that are placed around the structure allow excess slime to be removed.


Age: This pacifier is suitable for use with children from 18 months.

Variety: The seller does not allow the consumer to make the selection of the pacifier of his choice.

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