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Manducas – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When having a baby there are many accessories that must be acquired to help in the care of the little one and satisfy some of its needs and those of the parents. In this sense, a baby carrier is essential equipment to go out with the infant, if you do not want to carry a stroller. If you are thinking of making this purchase, it is best to consider the products of recognized brands in that category, and for many users Manduca is one of the best in making baby carriers. To help you with your search, we have prepared this comparison with the most outstanding products of this brand, according to the evaluation of its own users. Among the options to study we present the Manduca MAPC03-80, designed to be comfortable in different positions and have an exceptional adaptation to newborns. For its part, the Manduca Mandala Herbs is made for comfort and style by hand, with its mandala design and fabric hood to protect your little one’s head. Also, their belts hold babies properly.



Opinions on the best Manducas

To practice carrying your baby and always have him close, without compromising your mobility, users recommend the following Manduca baby carriers for having very positive characteristics that favor the correct posture of babies at all times.

manduca backpack

Manduca MAPC03-80

When reviewing the opinions of the users, you can realize that this model has earned its place as the best Manduca value for money, being chosen by many parents thanks to its particularities.

One of the first characteristics that should be pointed out about this product is its adaptability, since it has a special seat for newborns, allowing them to be raised and supported without problems. Also, it incorporates a fabric hood, specially designed to protect the infant from the cold or cover him while he sleeps.

Similarly, this baby carrier has a three-point safety system, which improves the child’s grip and prevents accidents. In addition, because it is ergonomic, this backpack not only maintains the wearer’s comfort, but also offers adequate support to the infant, both for his head and for the rest of his body, being totally comfortable and appropriate for use from a very young age..

Thanks to its great acceptance among users, Manduca is recognized by many as the best brand in this category, which means that this model is a quality product and an option to consider. Therefore, we summarize its positive and negative aspects below.


Installation: This backpack is very easy to put on and take off, which speeds up the process of going out with the baby, without spending a lot of time on assembly.

Versatility: It can be used both on the chest and on the back, which favors that you can carry the little one as best suits you.

Adapter: It incorporates an adapter made to comfortably fit infants from 3.5 kg.


Size: Some users have pointed out that this product has straps that are difficult to adapt in the case of small carriers, since they can slip a little.

Ventilation: Its fabric could allow better breathability, according to user comments, so heat tends to be a problem.

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Manduca XT

This Manduca backpack has received very good ratings due to its materials, as it is made with 100% organic cotton to give your baby the softness and comfort they need. It is quite versatile, since it can be used frontally, on the back or on the hip. Thus, the child will be more comfortable in different positions, since it adjusts in any of the 3 positions. Regardless of the location, the little one will have a frog position.

It is an evolutionary baby carrier, as it can be used with babies from 3.5 to 20 kilograms. For greater comfort for parents, the base of the backpack can be widened from 16 to 50 centimeters. In addition, to give the child more support, the backrest can be extended to three different heights. 

The ergonomics will not only be for the little one, but also for the father, since the belt adapts comfortably to the abdomen.

This unisex baby carrier is one of the most sought after and highly rated, as it has several positive qualities that many parents look for.


Maximum weight: It is possible to carry children up to 20 kilograms in total comfort, making it ideal for big children.

Comfort: Variable widening and extended height adjustments promote optimal comfort.

Materials: The cotton used, both inside and outside, is 100% organic to give the child greater comfort.


Snaps: The snaps are a bit large and this may make some parents uncomfortable.

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Manduca 211-01-18-003

With a front pocket and completely organic and premium cotton, this Manduca baby carrier stands out among many others for its comfort and ergonomics. It weighs 798 grams, so as not to be difficult to carry and, additionally, it is quite comfortable, since it has an ergonomic shape that adapts to parents. The belt covers up to 140 centimeters and can also be adjusted in three different positions.

The safety buckles give the adjustment required to keep your baby safe. This will keep you calmer and the little one more comfortable. It should be noted that no material used is toxic. 

The shoulder straps, as well as the abdomen, are padded so that you don’t get tired quickly and the best thing about these is that, when adjusted properly, the straps will give you a correct posture to avoid back or leg pain. shoulders. Suitable for babies from 3.5 kg to 20.

With a simple and traditional design, this item is suitable for those who enjoy the classic. Comfortable, ergonomic and light.


Weight: With a weight of 798 grams, this backpack will not add extra kilograms to your baby’s weight, which makes it easier to carry.

Pocket: The front pocket will make it possible to comfortably carry some essential items with you, without taking up more space than necessary.

Reducer: The reducer is included to support newborn babies.


Color: It is beige and this makes it easier to dirty the backpack, which can cause inconvenience.

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manduca baby carrier

Manduca Mandala Herbs

Among the options to know which is the best Manduca, this model has a guaranteed place, thanks to user comments. One of the most relevant aspects of this Manduca baby carrier is its manufacture in 100% organic cotton, which allows both the carrier and the infant to maintain their comfort.

In addition, the three-point control seat belts improve restraint and prevent accidents due to sliding or excessive movement. In the same way, it has important accessories for its use, such as the adapter to reduce the seat for newborns, which allows it to be used from the birth of your child.

Also, it incorporates a fabric hood, designed to protect the infant while he sleeps or from the cold winds. For its part, the exterior design of mandalas in shades of green, blue and white, makes it stand out among the other Manducas of a single color.

When looking at various options for which Manduca to buy, it’s important to look at all product specifications. That is why we leave you, next, the characteristics of this backpack.


Use: It can be used in different ways: on the chest, on the back and even on the hip to give the baby some visibility during the walk.

Well-being: Due to its cotton manufacture, this backpack is very pleasant both on the outside and on the inside, so the baby will go comfortably, while you can walk freely.

Design: The pattern of this model breaks with the sobriety of a single color that others of the same type present, being very striking and pretty.


Temperature: A user comments that the ventilation system of this Manduca is deficient, so its material tends to give off a lot of heat.

Pocket: This backpack does not have a pocket to store things like keys or mobile phones, so you must have a separate place to carry your belongings.

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Manduca 222-20-11-003

Do you want to buy a Manduca baby carrier and don’t know what to choose? This alternative may be the best for you and your little one. The reason why this model is ideal for many parents is because it is an evolutionary manduca that will adapt to the baby’s body from birth until it reaches 20 kilograms in weight. The included insert supports the newborn and the backrest extension will hold all children well, from months to years.

The included fabric hood protects your baby’s head, especially the little ones. This is especially important when there is a lot of sun or wind. Being black, this product gets dirty less quickly, while red, green or blue details give it a great contrasting design. 

Any adult whose hips reach a maximum of 140 centimeters will be able to wear this manduca comfortably.

This baby carrier from Manduca is one of the most complete and easy to use options, therefore many people have praised its versatility.


Evolutionary: It is an evolutionary baby carrier, as it adapts to newborns, but also to older children.

Maximum weight: The maximum capacity of 20 kilograms makes it possible to carry up to children of approximately 5 years old, if necessary.

Hood: This is an additional detail that does not go unnoticed, as it increases the child’s level of protection under the weather.


Pocket: This model does not have pockets, therefore, this is an inconvenience.

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manduca baby carrier

Manduca Pure Cotton

In this comparison of the best Manducas of 2022 we can find this Pure Cotton model which, as its name indicates, is made with 100% organic cotton, being very soft and delicate with your baby’s skin. This fabric also helps to repel annoying lint and other environmental agents, making it easier to clean the backpack.

Likewise, it has a conical-shaped support at the waist, which allows the weight to be distributed in a better way, avoiding injuries or accidents due to the use of the product.

Another important feature of this Manduca baby carrier is the incorporation of an adapter to use the backpack with newborns, allowing you to use it with your child from birth up to 20 kg, this being the maximum weight it can support.

Likewise, it guarantees the safety of the infant as it is made up of a safety pin and can only be disconnected by jointly pressing the 3 control points.

In this comparison, users positively value this Manduca Pure Cotton, for being suitable for going for a walk with your baby and keeping him close to you at all times. Some of its features are mentioned below.


Backrest: This model has an extensible backrest, which can be adapted by using zippers, to be positioned as best suits you.

Manufacturing: The backpack is made of 100% organic cotton, which makes it pesticide-free and environmentally friendly.

Weight: This Manduca has a weight limit of 20 kg, so you can use it with your baby for a long time.



Installation: Although it has a fairly simple system for its placement, it is necessary to have some help in the first uses, since it can be a bit difficult.

Colors: The range of colors is a bit limited and more vibrant tones such as pink, red, green, among others, are missing.

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Other products

Manduca MANS-PL

We know that it is important to keep your baby with you at all times, therefore it is necessary to analyze all the options such as this model of baby carrier, since it has been positioned by users as the best Manduca, fully identifying all its specifications.

First of all, this product is designed to be used even with newborn babies, so it incorporates an adapter specially designed for them. In this way, you can use it from the birth of your baby and up to two years. In addition, its manufacture in resistant materials and with a presentation in different colors, make it a quite appropriate choice.

Similarly, it has a suitable hood to protect the little one while he sleeps or during the cold season. Also, to strengthen the protection of your baby, it has a three-point pin to adjust the belt, improving the safety and support of the infant whenever the product is used.

Considered by users as the best Manduca of the moment, this backpack has some desired characteristics for this type of transport, which we will detail below.


Adjustment: Includes an adapter designed to accommodate the baby from birth, being a great option for transfer from the moment of birth.

Materials: It is made of very resistant materials to favor its use for a long time and maintain the safety of the child.

Comfort: For both the infant and the wearer, this backpack is very comfortable, thanks to its support and padding.

Fastening: To maintain safety, it features a three-point buckle for adjusting the belt, suitable for preventing possible accidents and maintaining the correct posture of the child at all times.


Position: This baby backpack has only one way to place the infant, which affects its versatility and the visibility of the child.

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Manduca Scarf 5635438

As one of the cheapest Manduca options we have this model, which is made of elastic fabric, which favors the mobility and space of the baby inside the sling. In addition, it has a very simple placement system to follow, after a while, so you can use it whenever you want. Also, it has 3 positions, suitable to adapt to your needs: chest, back and hip, leaving your hands free to move easily, without neglecting your child.

In the same way, it is an appropriate wrap to distribute the child’s weight, so that it does not represent any damage to the back. Likewise, its perspiration is efficient, since it favors the passage of air more easily than other backpacks, which improves the temperature inside the sling.

On the other hand, although its design is unicolour, it has a wide range of options, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

This model is one of the cheapest Manducas, being also a very good option to take into account, thanks to its characteristics such as a scarf, which we will name below.


Elasticity: This product is very elastic, which allows the baby to have enough space to move inside without being uncomfortable.

Positions: It has 3 positions available for placement, so you can choose the option that works best for you or alternate from one to another.

Instructions: Includes an instruction manual in Spanish, which is very helpful in learning how to handle the garment.


Placement: At first it can be a bit confusing to place the product satisfactorily, so practice will be necessary to do it properly.

Time of use: A user comments that this model is suitable for children weighing more than 3.5 kg, so it is not recommended for smaller or premature babies.

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How to choose the best Manduca?

Since 2002, Manduca is a brand that has stood out in Spain and around the world for manufacturing backpacks and baby carriers of the best quality so that both children and parents are comfortable when carrying their babies in their arms. Thanks to their qualities, manducas are now highly sought after and recommended products for parents with young children.

Shopping guide


At first glance, what stands out the most when making a comparison of manducas is the type of materials with which these products are made. The materials vary between models and also between types of manducas, since it is necessary to remember that baby carriers and scarves are not the same items, despite fulfilling a very similar function.

The manducas are made of quality materials, however, this does not mean that all of them are ideal for your baby. For example, younger children and children with sensitive skin will enjoy the wrap more, as the fabric is made from a very soft organic material to protect the child while allowing room for breathability. Being semi-elastic, the wrap adapts to the body of the adult as well as the child for greater comfort.

Others will find the baby carrier a better option. However, the construction of these manducas is a bit more rigid, which can make sensitive babies uncomfortable. Make sure that, if you decide to buy one of these models, the seam is strong so that it does not come loose due to constant use. 

These products come with non-toxic materials, however, sometimes babies can be allergic to various elements, so it is recommended that you verify that all the materials used in the manufacture of your chosen model are suitable for your child.

In addition to that, the type of materials can also influence the space that the manduca requires to be able to carry it. For example, since the wrap is made of soft, stretchy fabric, it can be stored anywhere, however, backpacks take up more space, so it is necessary to have a diaper bag or other bag to carry them with you and be ready to use them. when it’s requested.


Babies grow very quickly, therefore, in your guide to buying the best manduca, a versatile and long-lasting model is much more recommended than the cheapest item. Even if you save money on a good, cheap option now, if it doesn’t keep up with your child’s growth rate, then you’ll need to spend more money over time to get another manduca that suits your child.

In the indications on each model you can find the weight range for which it is suitable, the recommended ages and also the size. If it is within your possibilities, always try to buy a sling or a baby carrier that can accompany you and your child during its different stages.

Never try to carry your child in a carrier that is too small for him, as this could make him uncomfortable and even hurt and irritate him if it is too tight. In turn, do not buy a manduca that is too big for your child so that he can use it when he grows up if you intend to take him there as a child; this can cause accidents, because your child’s posture will not be correct and he will not have the right fit to stay in a good position.

There are certain models of manducas that adapt to different ages of children, as long as you wear them in different positions. So check your instruction manual to see if it’s best to carry your little one on the back, front, or side.


Before asking yourself how much a manduca costs, always look at the ergonomics of the product. This is closely related to the age and size of your baby as well, since the most suitable position for a child is not the same for all.

For example, newborn children or a few months old usually need to be tighter and closer to their father or mother’s chest, so scarf-type manducas are recommended, however, as they grow, it is necessary that the little ones have more freedom of movement.

Babies’ bodies are quite fragile and if they are in a bad position too often and for long periods of time, their muscles and bones may adapt to that position, causing mobility problems and deformities. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to use a manduca?

Manducas can be used from the moment your baby is born, as long as you have a suitable model for a newborn child. If it is in a good position, there will be no problem.

It is suggested to use scarves for this stage, as they have more delicate and soft fabrics, so the baby, if he is very sensitive, will be more comfortable.

Q2: How to put the manduca on the back?

It is advisable to use this method when the baby is older than 6 months, not only so that he can hold his head up on his own, but also so that you can move him without risk of injuring him in any way.

Adjust the manduca in the lower part of your abdomen, just above your hips and move it until the structure is in the back. Pick up your baby and gently roll him onto your back. Remember not to drop it at any time.

While keeping your child on your back with one hand, use the other hand to pull the fabric of the manduca up until it covers the child’s back. Pay attention that his position is always froggy.

Pass the straps over your shoulders, one by one and, when the little one is already secured, proceed to adjust the buckles and close the necessary clasps.

Q3: Up to what age can a child be carried in front of a manduca backpack?

Until 6 months it is recommended that the child is in front and looking at their parents. This gives him security and closeness with the adult. However, from that age or from the moment the child can hold his head alone, it is suggested to carry him facing forward, on the hip or behind, on the back, to give the child more autonomy.

As the children are not in sight of their parents if they are on their back, many parents prefer to wait for the little one to grow a little more, however, depending on the baby, it is possible to start carrying it on the back from 6 months.

For more versatility, it is a great idea to buy evolutionary manducas that can accompany the child from the first months of life to the first years.

Q4: How to put the manduca on its side?

Adjust the manduca in the lower part of your abdomen to make it easier. Place a strip diagonally to the opposite shoulder of the place where you will carry the baby and pass the other strip around the waist until it fits on your back. Put your baby in the backpack.

Q5: How to put manduca for newborn?

If it’s a backpack, then place the frame on your closed legs while sitting.

Gently lay your baby on the carrier, facing you. Place the reducer as if it were a diaper and adjust it to the child. After that, put your arms through the straps and, supporting your baby’s back, pull him up until he’s fully against your chest. There, adjust the back straps and voila.

Q6: How do I know if my manduca is original?

All manducas come with the brand name and logo embroidered on the front to show their authenticity. Likewise, the quality of the materials is noticeable from the first moment.

Q7: How to adjust manduca backpack?

Manducas backpacks have adjustable buckles in various parts of their structure, both on the sides and on the top. By simply pulling the strap, you can adjust the product to the size of the child.

In addition to this, it is possible to purchase accessories such as the manduca Size-It belt that will serve as the base of the manduca and will reduce the size of the backpack. If there are any doubts, the backpack user manual provides everything you need to learn step by step how to use the manduca.

Q8: When to remove the reducer from the manduca?

It is recommended to stop using the seat reducer when the child reaches four or five months, although you should keep in mind that this may vary depending on the size of your baby. The most decisive aspect to know that it is time to stop using the reducer is when you notice that your thighs are already longer, protruding from the lower part of the manduca.

How to use a manduca

Keeping the baby safe is one of the priorities that all parents have, so knowing how to use a manduca to be able to carry the little ones comfortably and in complete safety is necessary information for all those who wish to use a baby sling or a baby carrier.. Although it may seem difficult at first, in reality this process is simple when you know all the steps to be carried out and here you can learn how to carry your baby safely, so that you have greater peace of mind.

Read the instruction manual

The first recommendation is to read the instructions included in the manduca you bought. This manual is usually quite explanatory and will help you easily understand some basic things about the use and maintenance of the wrap or backpack.

Learn about the frog position

The frog position, as its name implies, is a position that allows children to have their legs open like the legs of frogs. That is, thighs at hip height and slightly bent at the knees.

This is the best position for them, as it supports the spine, neck and back. Prevents deformities and discomfort. Make sure that the manduca is well adjusted and that it passes under his buttocks, as if it were a seat, leaving his legs free but well adjusted.

If the baby is less than 6 months

If it is a small newborn, one of the most recommended options is the scarf model manduca, because these fabrics, in addition to being elastic, are soft and more delicate than backpacks.

If you use a wrap, the ways of carrying it vary and you can learn about them in the instruction manual. You should choose the one that is most comfortable for you, bearing in mind that, at this age, the only recommended position is chest to chest with the baby. This, in addition to providing security, provides peace of mind to the child and strengthens affective ties.

On the other hand, baby carriers are quite famous and for some people they are usually the best options, since they are much easier to place properly.

If you want to carry your little one from the front, you should place the adjustable strap low on your body and then put the backpack on your thighs while keeping them closed. Use a reducer and close it like a diaper. Gently lay your baby down and, running your hands behind his back, lift him up until he’s snug on your chest. Put your arms through the straps and adjust.

If the baby is older than 6 months

When the child is older and can hold his head up without help, then it is possible to vary the positions of the manduca. For example, for more mobility, some parents prefer to carry their children on the hip or on the back.

The process is very similar to always, because the only thing that changes is the position of the straps, when it comes to backpacks. In the case of scarves, the tie will be different and it is necessary, as in the first months, to find the best way of carrying it.

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