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Manual Breast Pumps – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The breastfeeding period is the most important in the growth of our baby, since breast milk provides what is necessary for its growth, development and health, and also implies a unique and special bond between the mother and the child. But when we have to return to our work, be it professional or at home, we have to have supplies of breast milk so that our child can continue to ingest all the nutrients that will help him even with his immune system. That is why, in the market, we can get different options of manual breast pumps so that they help us with the task. One that we can highlight is the Philips Avent SCF330/10 modelthat incorporates a massage cushion for a better sensation in the breast, as well as a gentle stimulation mode. On the other hand, we have the Medela Extractor Harmony that has a two-stage suction system to imitate the natural suction of our son.



Opinions on the best manual breast pumps

If you have doubts about which manual breast pump to choose, we recommend you review our selection with the most outstanding products in this category, in which we describe their main characteristics and detail their positive and negative aspects so that you make a wise investment.

Philips Avent SCF330/20

This complete Phillips model is listed as the best manual breast pump, as it includes the breast pump itself, as well as a nipple that adapts to the container and turns it into a comfortable and practical bottle.

Likewise, it is made of Bisphenol A-free materials, so it is not toxic for your baby. We can also highlight that this model incorporates a gentle stimulation mode to let the milk rise and three suction positions.

On the other hand, its design is compact and lightweight, so that you can use it anywhere and store it without taking up much space. In addition, its cup has some petals that massage the breast and the nipple to help you with the stimulation to achieve a comfortable extraction of breast milk.

This Philips Avent model is for many users the best manual breast pump of the moment, as it is a complete product thanks to its design, manufacturing materials and resistance. Here we tell you its pros and cons.


Compact: The breast pump has a lightweight compact design, so you can always have it at hand.

Extras: Includes a 125 ml bottle, an extra soft newborn teat, a sealing disc for storage and four absorbent discs.

Hygiene: All parts of the breast pump are dishwasher safe.

Extraction: This model can be used with one hand, as it has three natural extraction positions.


Noisy: Some buyers point out that the noise it makes when expressing breast milk can be irritating when used for a long time.

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Medela Harmony Extractor

The Medela Harmony Pump is, without a doubt, included among the best manual breast pumps of 2022, because it incorporates a 2 Phase Expression technology that simulates the natural suction of a baby, so it initially performs a light and fast expression to stimulate the flow of milk, and then moves on to slow, deep expression.

Likewise, it is made of polypropylene free of Bisphenol A, in this way there will be no harmful element for your child in breast milk. It also stands out for including the Harmony lever, Harmony diaphragm, sofit connector, valve, membrane and size M personal fit funnel, which is 24 mm in diameter and has a 150ml bottle. On the other hand, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, so that you can sanitize it optimally and it will last a long time.

Medela has been dedicated to making innovative products to help you with your child’s growth for more than five decades, which is why it is, according to many users, the best brand of manual breast pumps, and we have selected this model to summarize its benefits.


Technology: It incorporates 2 Phase Expression technology that mimics the baby’s sucking, this is done in two phases for efficient stimulation.

Accessories: The breast pump includes the different pieces for its assembly, in addition to a 150 ml bottle.

Speed: Thanks to its technology and its ergonomic handle, this model allows you to extract more milk in less time.


Space: This model includes a small cup size, so users recommend knowing the exact size needed to order a suitable one.

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This PiAEK model is recommended by many users as the best price-quality manual breast pump, as it is made of ecological silicone free of Bisphenol A, so it is non-toxic for your child, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

It also stands out for having a light and compact design, weighing only 259 grams so you can take it with you when you go on a trip and you can express all the milk. Also, this model can be sanitized with boiling water, so it is suitable for use in sterilizers and dishwashers.

Another favorable point is that it includes a 150 ml bottle for you to store the milk. On the other hand, extraction is comfortable thanks to its cup with a massage cushion. Also, it is available in purple, light purple and light blue.

The SUMGOTT model is one of the cheapest manual breast pumps, however, it has different properties that make it a smart option when you want to invest in one of these products because you are about to give birth or you already have a baby.


Design: This model has a lightweight and ergonomic design, so you can take it with you on trips.

Cleaning: The breast pump is suitable for sanitizing with boiling water, so you can use it in dishwashers and sterilizers.

Silent: When using the handle to express milk, it produces almost no noise.


Quality: Some purchasers point out that the materials are somewhat flimsy and delicate, so care must be taken.

Emptying: Another user comments that it only brings the emptying option and not normal extraction.

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Chicco Ergonomic

When you are deciding between the cheapest manual breast pumps, you must evaluate many options, and you can’t help but take a look at this Chicco model that is simple, comfortable and compact so that you can take it with you wherever you go and need it. It also includes a soft silicone cup that guarantees a painless and effective extraction.

It also highlights the fact that it incorporates an ergonomic handle that helps you create a continuous extraction flow without having to make great efforts or mistreat your chest. Another aspect that stands out is that both the breast pump and its container are compatible with all Chicco brand bottles and, in addition, it includes a thread and a teat from the Natural Feeling 0% BPA line.

If you still don’t know which manual breast pump to buy, we recommend this Chicco model that stands out for its design and other positive and negative aspects that we list in the following section.


Compatibility: The container and the breast pump cup are compatible with all Chicco brand bottles.

Handle: It incorporates an ergonomic handle that helps you achieve a continuous extraction flow without effort.

Cup: The cup is made of silicone that does not mistreat your breast.


Time: A buyer states that it is a bit slow to express the milk, so you will spend a good time on the task.

Container: This model does not include additional containers to store the milk, and for users the one it includes is somewhat small.

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Nuk 10749048

To decide which is the best manual breast pump, you should also include this Nuk model in your search, which stands out for being compatible with all the brand’s bottles.

Similarly, this breast pump has a practical design that allows you to use it with one hand and adjust the suction strength, so you decide which one is the right one so that it does not hurt your breasts.

This model also incorporates a simple pump rotation system to help you use it more freely. On the other hand, the granulated silicone pad that incorporates the cup guarantees a comfortable and delicate contact with the breast, without mistreating you. In addition, it includes a 150 ml breast milk container, free of Bisphenol A that allows you to store it.

This Nuk model is one of the options that you should review before making a decision and buying a breast pump, as it is free of Bisphenol A, a toxic element for your child, in addition to other benefits that we summarize below.


Adjustment: Due to its design, it guarantees easy adjustment of the extraction force, as well as being able to use it with one hand.

Nuk bottles: This model is compatible with all the brand’s bottles.

Pad: The cup incorporates a granulated pad that massages you and offers you comfort when using it.


Expression: Some users consider that the amount of expression of the breast pump is not adequate.

Price: It is the most expensive model in this summary.

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