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Medela Breast Pump – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Breast milk is, par excellence, the best food for babies, as it contains cells and proteins that fight infections and keep little ones healthy. However, after a certain time some mothers must return to their duties, but many do not want to give up breastfeeding and therefore need to have bottles prepared with their milk. Given this scenario, there are different breast pumps on the market to help mothers with this task and Medela has been one of the most recommended brands by specialists for almost 6 decades. Among the most outstanding models we find the Medela Swing Flex, an electrical and functional product that is lightweight and dishwasher safe, compact to take with you if you go on a trip. On the other hand, we have the Medela Mini Electric, a small breast pump that is also electric and can be used with just one hand, plus it can run for up to an hour on batteries.



Opinions on the best Medela breast pumps

Below we present a comparison with the products recommended by our users as the best breast pumps of this brand, considering each of its characteristics, positive and negative aspects to help you make a successful purchase.

Medela Swing Breast Pump

Medela Swing Flex

This Medela Swing breast pump will be the ideal device to use daily in the extraction of milk for your baby. The product comes with size S and M funnels that have flex technology, since they have a soft and flexible edge, can be rotated up to 360 degrees and make expressing milk possible in any position. The assembly and disassembly of the product is simple and, for that reason, cleaning it is too. It is possible to wash it in the dishwasher.

Weighing just over 800 grams, the breast pump can be handled with ease and, furthermore, as it can be battery-powered, you can use it no matter where you are. A 150ml bottle is included with purchase, however this breast pump can be used with storage bags as well if desired. The control device allows you to regulate the intensity of extraction and turn the product on or off easily, with soft and intuitive buttons.

This breast pump will make the extraction process much faster, easier and more comfortable. Ideal for those who need daily help.


Funnels: The two sizes included are practical, as you can use the one that best suits your body.

Control: The control is easy to use and comes with intuitive buttons so you can adjust the pump to your needs.

Flex: The flex technology breast shields have a soft and flexible edge to adapt to the breast correctly, giving you freedom of movement.

Cleaning: Forget the mess as this product is dishwasher safe.


Suction: The suction is somewhat weak, therefore it is not viable for quick extractions.

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Medela electric breast pump

Medela Mini Electric

Having a breast pump that fits in any bag can be perfect for those times when you need to express milk when you are away from home and this Medela electric breast pump has a compact structure to move it easily and have it at hand when you need it most. It can be battery operated for ease of use and also comes with a funnel with flex technology for added convenience. It is possible to use this device with Medela bottles or storage bags, in case you need to save the milk for later.

This product is easy to clean, so keeping it spotless won’t be a difficult task, and it’s so easy to handle that it can be operated with just one hand. The 728 grams of weight allows you to keep the breast pump in place without getting tired. It comes with a size M funnel and also a 150 ml bottle.

This small breast pump will be your best option for the times when you need to feed your baby, no matter where you are.


Funnels: The funnel has flex technology to adjust to your breast without hurting it.

Lightness: The 720 grams of weight make holding it a simple task that does not require any effort.

Portable: Its small size makes it easy to take it from one place to another.

Batteries: Its operation with batteries will allow you to use the breast pump at any time you need it.


Occasional: This is an occasional use product, so if you need a daily breast pump, this is not the best alternative for you.

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Medela manual breast pump

Medela Harmony

For those mothers looking for the best Medela breast pump, many specialists and users recommend the Harmony model, an extractor that is easy to assemble and includes all the accessories for manual milk suction, such as an extractor, a diaphragm, a funnel PersonalFit size M 24 mm, a connector, a valve, two membranes, a bottle of 150 ml and a support for it.

Also, this manual Medela breast pump is suitable for mothers who almost always breastfeed their baby and need it occasionally or when they leave home, as it is light and comfortable to use. In addition, this product also incorporates 2-Phase Expression technology that simulates the child’s suction.

If you still don’t know which Medela breast pump to buy, this manual model is highly recommended by several users thanks to its light and comfortable design, so we summarize its positive and negative aspects to help you in your decision.


Lightweight: The breast pump weighs 299 grams, making it light and comfortable when you need to use it to manually express milk from your breasts.

Cleaning and accessories: All elements of this pump are easily assembled and disassembled for when you need to use it and are easily cleaned with Medela Quick Clean bags. Likewise, it is compatible with all the articles of the brand .

Expression: As it incorporates 2-Phases Expression technology, this breast pump sucks manually through stimulation and expression.



Funnel size: Like the other models on the list, this product includes a size M funnel with a dimension of 24 mm. However, if you have a different cup size, you should invest in one of the other 4 sizes available .

Occasional: It is a breast pump for occasional use, because with its daily use it can cause injuries to the nipples.

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Medela double breast pump

Medela Freestyle

Many users value the Freestyle model as the best value for money Medela breast pump, as it is a double electric pump that incorporates a motor with a digital display with backlight, memory and timer, in this way you will be able to know the time it takes to extract the milk and program the processes.

Also, this breast pump has a 2-Phase technology for suction and stimulation that allows you to use the device on one breast or both. This model works directly connected to the current or by means of an included and rechargeable lithium battery. In addition, the breast pump includes all the necessary accessories to help you with the expression.

Medela also offers a line of products such as nipple cream and protectors that will complement the use of the breast pump very well so that this process becomes less and less painful, especially if you are a new mother.

Among the different options of the brand, we find this double and electric Medela breast pump model that also has other benefits that make it a smart investment. That is why we describe its pros and cons below.


Digital display: This breast pump includes a motor with a backlit display, memory and timer. In this way, it is easy to use due to its adjustable emptying level and allows you to see how long it takes to suck the milk.

Functions: The electric extractor has the function of using it individually or doing a double extraction. In addition, it incorporates 2-Phase technology for stimulation and suction .

Battery: The lithium-ion battery included in this model is rechargeable and lasts up to 3 hours of use without the need for the device to be connected to a plug.


Price: It is the most expensive breast pump on the list, however, users recommend it for the extraction power and the accessories it includes .

Weight: Several users express that it could be lighter, but they emphasize that they can use their hands when using it because of the bra that it includes.

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Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump

Medela Swing Maxi Double

This Medela Swing Maxi breast pump shares some characteristics of the previous equipment, however, it is distinguished by being a double model, being able to suck milk from both breasts at the same time and with an average extraction rate of 18% more. For this and other benefits, it is among the best breast pumps of 2022 and it is also suitable if you have more than one baby at home, allowing you to continue the breastfeeding process even when you have to return to work.

Also, this breast pump has a comfortable and simple design, having only 4 buttons that will allow you to turn it on, turn it off and regulate the emptying. The Swing Maxi model also includes a double pump and other accessories, which with the daily use of this device you can increase your production of breast milk and have enough supply to feed your baby when you are not there to take care of him.

With a history of more than 50 years and highlighted by the innovation of its designs, Medela is recommended by many users as the best brand of breast pump, and the Swing Maxi Double model is one of the most popular of this manufacturer, that is why we summarize some of its benefits.



Suction:  Being a double pump and having 2-Phase Expression technology, this model allows you to suck up to 18% more milk so you can keep it and leave it ready for when it’s time for your baby’s meal.

Set: This breast pump comes with the double pump, a calm teat, two 24 ml PersonalFit size M funnels, two connectors, two 150 ml bottles, two multifunction caps, plus a tube and power adapter.

Materials: This model is made, like all Medela products, with Bisphenol A-free polypropylene, so it is not toxic for mothers or children.


Batteries: The motor of the breast pump works connected to a power outlet or by 6 AAA batteries that are not included, so you will have to make an extra investment to use them when you are away from home.

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Other products

Medela Swing Simple

With a compact and lightweight size, this model is considered by customers to be the best breast pump, since it is also electric and has technology that allows you to use it with batteries for one hour or connected to a plug for an unlimited time.

This breast pump includes a series of accessories to facilitate your breastfeeding period, these are a Swing motor, a connector, a tube, a valve, two valve membranes, a 150 ml bottle, a support for it, a power adapter, a storage bag, as well as a 24 mm size M PersonalFit funnel.

However, the pump is compatible with the 5 different sizes of funnels and other accessories that Medela has for its breast pumps, so you can purchase other accessories to take advantage of the usefulness of this equipment.

For many customers, this model is the best Medela breast pump of the moment, as it has different characteristics that make it a good investment, some of which we summarize below.


Electric: For your convenience, this breast pump is electric, and can be used with 4 AAA batteries or connected directly to the plug. In this way you won’t have to make any effort to tighten the cranks, since the process is carried out automatically with intuitive handling thanks to the button panel.

Comfort: This model incorporates 2-Phase Expression technology that simulates the baby’s sucking, so you will feel comfortable when expressing your milk to leave it ready and frozen for when your little one is hungry.

Compatibility: Like most of the brand’s breast pumps, this one is compatible with all Medela items, from bottles to Quick Clean cleaning bags.

Accessories: The breast pump includes a PersonalFit size M funnel, a 150 ml bottle, a bottle holder, a bag to store the pump, the motor, among other accessories.


Power: Several users state that it lacks power, since it does not suck a considerable amount of milk and they must spend a lot of time using it to fill a small bottle.

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medela mini electric

Among the cheapest models of Medela breast pumps, there is the Mini electric model, a compact and practical breast pump when going out or on a short trip. Also, because it is electric, it can be used directly connected to a plug or by the 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

The breast pump also incorporates an adjustable extraction system, so the manufacturer recommends that on its first use it be placed on a low suction power and gradually increase it for your greatest comfort, and thus avoid nipple injuries. In addition, it is a model compatible with all other Medela breast pumps to offer you greater ease of use in your breastfeeding process.

If you need a practical and compact breast pump to use sporadically, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we invite you to review the positive and negative aspects of the Mini Extractor model, as it is one of the cheapest models on this list.


Adjustable extraction: This breast pump incorporates an adjustable extraction system, which you can increase or decrease to find out which of the levels is the one that provides you the most comfort.

Practical: Due to its size and weight of 780 grams, it is a compact and lightweight extractor that you can carry in your bag either when you go to work, an occasional outing or a short trip.

Assembly: This model has a simple assembly and disassembly, so its cleaning will be easy and you can do it with Medela’s Quick Clean bags.


Calma Nipple: The manufacturer indicates that the breast pump includes a calm nipple, however, several users comment that it does not come inside the box or in a separate one.

Noise: On the other hand, a user expresses that the breast pump is very noisy when in use and if the baby is close by it could wake up. But, if you use it in another room there will be no inconvenience.

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How to choose the best Medela breast pump?

A breast pump is a product that should satisfy you and your baby alike. Offering milk as healthy as if you were breastfeeding and giving you exceptional comfort so that the expression process is not painful. These features below will give you a better understanding of these products so you know what to look for when shopping.

Shopping guide


Before considering any other features, pumping should always be the number 1 item to consider in your guide to buying the best breast pump. Many times you may find yourself with less time than usual to be able to express and, at that time, it is necessary to use a breast pump with a fast level of expression to minimize the time that this process takes.

For this it is advisable to acquire an electric breast pump and, for greater performance, a 

double model that stimulates both breasts at the same time. That way, you’ll be able to finish faster. If you are worried about your budget and want to know how much this product costs, then this is not the best option, as it is usually the most expensive. However, it is possible to get another slightly simpler inexpensive single-breasted model. As well as a manual breast pump, since this always ranks among the lowest cost products of this type.

You must also take into account as part of the milk extraction, the place where you will carry out the activity. If it is at home, a large electric breast pump can work, however, if you need to take it to your workplace or another place, then it is recommended that you decide on models with small dimensions that allow you to carry them in backpacks or bags.. For greater safety, one that works manually or with batteries, so as not to depend on electricity and that you can always express milk.

Cleaning and carving

Breast milk is one of the most important foods for babies and young children are characterized by being quite sensitive. To protect them, cleaning the breast pump must be one of the most important aspects, because if hygiene is not maintained, the milk could become contaminated, which can have negative consequences for the child.

Buying an easy-to-clean breast pump will not only save you cleaning time, but it will also give you the certainty that your child will be consuming milk just as safely as if it were directly from your breast. There are some models that are dishwasher safe for your convenience.

The size, on the other hand, is something that you should not fail to verify. The breasts are not the same throughout the breastfeeding process. Babies can drink breast milk from newborns until they are children of 4 years or even older. Just as they change, your breasts can also change their size, shape, and appearance. One funnel size doesn’t fit all breasts in the world, and the same size may not fit you for the months or years that your child’s breast-feeding process may take.

It is advisable to buy those breast pumps that come in different sizes so that you can find the one that best suits you without having to make additional purchases.


Comfort not only encompasses how well you feel when using your breast pump but also how easy the pumping process is with the product. A good and cheap option is one that allows you to relax while it does a good job of expressing, so buying a product that adapts to your breast without the need to be in a specific position will give you more freedom and allow you to always stay comfortable. Some of them come with support straps to keep them in place without you having to hold them, giving you the ability to keep your hands free at all times.

For greater comfort you should also take into account, in your comparison of breast pumps, the funnels that this product brings. Make sure that these adapt to your breasts and not the other way around so that you have greater comfort and, additionally, pay attention to the softness of the materials and the flexibility that they have.

When you have a manual breast pump, the intensity and speed of the expression is only up to you, however, with an electric one, it is the product that determines these two things. To avoid a painful movement due to excess intensity or, on the contrary, ineffective movement due to weak suction, buy products that come with controls that regulate this easily. So everything that happens in this process will depend only on you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to sterilize Medela breast pumps?

The brand recommends four things you can do to effectively sterilize any Medela breast pump.

The first alternative is the best known: boiling. Placing the breast pump parts in a large pot of boiling water for five minutes can sterilize each component. All pieces must be under water.

If you have a microwave, it is possible to sterilize the breast pump by placing everything inside a disinfection bag.

An electric steam sterilizer is also often one of the most used options. There you just need to place the breast pump inside and that’s it.

Finally, some sterilization solutions or tablets may be suitable for disinfecting the breast pump.

Q2: How to put Medela breast pump bag?

The process is really simple, although it seems a bit difficult. Before placing the bag, it is advisable to write down the date and time of extraction at the top so that, when you are going to use the stored milk, you always start with the oldest.

In doing so, open the bag and carefully place it around the funnel, also covering the valve of the product. The top of the bag has a sticker that will allow you to go around the funnel so it stays in place.

It’s a good idea to wiggle the bag a bit after gluing it down to make sure it’s secure. This will prevent it from falling under the weight of the milk.

Q3: How to insert Medela breast pump?

The key to an efficient extraction is that the funnel manages to completely cover the areola and a few more millimeters of skin around this area. Attach the funnel and valve to the bottle or storage bag and, when this is snug, bring the breast pump closer to your breast.

Take a firm grip on the back of the funnel and, if you wish, grab the bottom of the bottle or bag as well. Bring the funnel close to your chest and position it, taking the funnel and pressing lightly so that it achieves a vacuum. Activate the appliance with the electric control or manually and you will feel how the breast pump sucks.

If done correctly, you should feel no discomfort and your nipple should move freely without rubbing against the product.

Q4: How to clean Medela breast pump tube?

Medela breast pumps are dishwasher safe, including the tube. Therefore, just by placing it inside one of these artifacts you can get the cleaning you need. If you wish, you can disassemble it and sterilize it with a method recommended by the brand, such as sterilization in boiling water, with steam, in the microwave, or with sterilizing tablets or solutions.

Q5: Which breast pump is better: Medela or Avent?

Women’s breasts are as unique as people’s fingerprints, no breast is the same as another and that is why each woman decides which breast pump is better depending on her personal experience with the product.

Both brands have specialized in baby products and make excellent breast pumps. Therefore, no matter which option you choose, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality product.

How to use a Medela breast pump

There are different reasons that lead a woman to use a breast pump. Relieve your breasts when the baby is not hungry but they are full of milk, express the milk when the baby is very small to be able to suck properly or simply be able to have milk stored to leave when you are away from the little one. For these reasons and more, having a breast pump at home is always a good idea, because you never know when you might need it. If you don’t know how to use it, here you can learn in a simple way to make better use of this practical and useful product.

Sterilize the breast pump

Anything that will come into direct contact with the baby or something that the baby will put in his mouth should be completely clean. The little ones have not yet developed an immune system that protects them from everything and that is why it is necessary to keep them safe.

Medela breast pumps can be sterilized in a number of ways, however one of the easiest and most recommended is by using boiling water. Disassemble the breast pump and place all parts in boiling water for five minutes for proper disinfection.

Assemble the breast pump

When disassembling the breast pump you will realize that there are several pieces that constitute them, therefore, it will be necessary to assemble it to be able to use it. The first thing is to place the bottle on the base.

Take the smaller piece, known as the valve, and fit it to the bottom of the base frame of the breast pump. On the other side, the upper end, the funnel will be adjusted. Screw the base onto the bottle, the valve should be on the bottle spout.

If it is a manual product, then you must place the handle behind the funnel, in the remaining hole of the base structure to be able to suck the milk.

If it is an electrical product, the base will not have one large hole remaining other than the valve hole and the funnel hole. Instead, this one has a small hole to connect the hose. This hose must connect its other end to the control or command.

If you use a storage bag

If you will not be using a bottle, open the Medela storage bag and attach it to the funnel. 

With the included sticker on the top, secure the bag to the breast pump until it is snug.

express the milk

If you have a manual breast pump, start moving the handle so you can suck on your breast and remove milk.

If it is an electrical appliance, then turn on the product from the remote with the push of a button. If you don’t feel comfortable with the intensity, adjust it using the knob to make it faster or slower, depending on what you need.

Remove the storage place

Regardless of whether you chose a bottle or a bag to store the milk, you need to remove it carefully to prevent the milk from being thrown out by a sudden movement or because you drop it.

Remove the sticker by holding the bag where it joins the funnel and gently pull it out. closing it.

The bottle, for its part, you will have to unscrew it.


Clean the Medela breast pump in the dishwasher or with hot water again and you’re done.

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