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Montessori Toys – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The use of toys in childhood is essential for children to have optimal development. Manufacturers strive every day to offer alternatives that allow them to spend healthy moments of fun, but also develop in them a series of abilities that play a fundamental role in their growth and that can be cognitive, motor, sensory, etc. For each age there is a series of options that have been designed based on the abilities they have at that time and, therefore, the most advisable thing is to always allow them to advance as their age does. Today, we will tell you some facts about Montessori toys, where the Goula Puzzle D53131 stands out, made of wood with color drawings and whose design allows you to really fish marine animals thanks to the built-in magnetic system. We will also see the WonderWorld WW-1088 made up of a total of six pieces of different sizes, colors and capable of producing different sounds.


Opinions on the best Montessori toys

The Montessori methodology of didactic toys applied by groups and ages is increasingly widespread among contemporary parents who are more aware of their children’s learning and want to offer them fun by enhancing their intelligence and cognitive abilities. If you are one of them, we suggest you review our selection of the best Montessori toys of 2022 in which we evaluate their main characteristics.

Goula Puzzle D53131

Puzzles are a good option for the fun of young and old. However, this is an alternative designed for 2-year-olds and also stands out as one of the cheapest toys in this comparison.

It is a board with different pieces, all the parts are made of resistant wood and includes magnetic elements. This quality allows the little ones to be able to play fishing the pieces that represent various marine species in bright and striking colors.

It is an option designed to develop children’s motor skills and visual perception through the fun that inspires the game, as well as developing better hand-eye coordination skills.

This product is quite simple to handle, as its dimensions turn out to be comfortable with 28 x 1 x 28 cm and a weight of 322 g.

Due to the advantages contained in its description, coupled with the fact that it is one of the cheapest products, reviewing the pros and cons of this toy will be very useful to help you decide more easily.


Design: Colorful pieces attract children’s attention and invite them to explore and use the toy.

Resistance: The quality of the materials and the serigraphy of the pieces show great resistance with constant use and the blows that children generally give them.

Safety: The magnetic pieces are well protected and are not exposed to the reach of the child, so there is no risk of ingestion or drowning.

Use: The ease of the game arouses the satisfaction of small users to see how they manage to fish without much effort, developing their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


Storage: It must be stored horizontally, otherwise the pieces will fall out of place, which is a disadvantage due to the space it needs.

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Wonder World WW-1088

The toys designed for babies are colorful and many generate sounds that attract attention, like this set of rattles that is already being mentioned as the best Montessori toy by many users.

This set is made from wood, so it is resistant so that you can use it as many times as you want and without fear of it falling apart easily. But, not only that, with the different rattles children can learn about shapes, colors and sizes.

In addition, each piece makes a different sound, which helps children associate each of them with the different characteristics of the balls that make it up. At the same time, they learn to distinguish colors: yellow, blue, red, purple and green.

On the other hand, this toy not only fulfills a function dedicated to the senses, it is also capable of developing spatial and volume perception, due to the fact that each rattle has a different size.

To choose the best Montessori toy of the moment, it is necessary to do a serious review, both of its characterization and of the pros and cons it has. In this way, it will be possible to cover a need, but also to be very satisfied with the investment made. Thus, we have identified several aspects about this product that you should know.


Non-toxic: Both the wood and the dyes and products used in its manufacture do not contain toxic elements, so they are safe for babies.

Ease of use: Due to their size, all the pieces are easy for babies to manipulate.

Activity Planning: With all the possible usage options, different activities can be planned for each new game.


Age: Due to its characteristics, the use of this toy is not recommended for children under 24 months.

Fall: A user states that when her son dropped the external wooden box, it broke, which is assumed to be a defect in his specific model.

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Color Baby 42139

Establishing that this product is the best value for money Montessori toy is an issue that occupies the attention of users. And, although we cannot make value judgments about it, we can tell you that it is a highly valuable tool to promote learning and the development of skills in children 3 years of age and older, through play, in a fun and entertaining way..

As for the shape, it is a box made of natural wood that can be presented in a rectangular shape with 6 pieces or as a cube that contains a total of thirteen holes, with different geometric shapes, through which the child must insert the pieces. corresponding to each of the holes.

Its colors are bright and vibrant, so they are attractive to little ones, which guarantees that they will be entertained for a long time playing with it.

There are many aspects that users take into consideration to ensure that Color Baby is the best Montessori toy brand. Within them, the pros and cons are counted, so we present below the highlights of this form box.


Coordination: Because children must insert each piece in the correct space, hand-eye coordination and the learning and characterization of shapes are stimulated.

Associations: Some pieces have similar colors that allow children to associate those that are the same in groups.

Resistance: Since the entire toy is made of wood, it is very resistant for frequent handling and use.


Lid: Some users complain that the lid does not stay fixed, which makes it open easily when you turn it, losing the advances obtained.

Colors: It may happen that with frequent use, the color is lost, so care must be taken that they do not come into contact with moisture.

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Small Foot 4432

This is another of the toys for educational purposes that are presented in this comparison and that is positioned among the best Montessori toys of 2022, as is the general opinion of its users.

The idea is based on a house with different types of locks. It is made of resistant wood, with beautiful and striking colors. It is a toy that helps stimulate the child’s learning, based on the Montessori method and is suitable for children aged 3, 4 and over.

The success of this method for raising children is due to the multiple benefits it brings in terms of developing their skills, stimulating their curiosity and learning through experimentation.

This wood and metal house helps stimulate children’s hand-eye coordination, fostering the fine coordination skills needed to open each of the built-in locks.

When you still have not decided which Montessori toy to buy, the study of all the positive and negative elements are useful to speed up your choice, so we have summarized the pros and cons of this toy so that you can clarify other doubts.


Conflict resolution: Due to the complexity that is printed with locks, children develop patience and the ability to solve problems.

Skills: Each lock has a different opening mechanism that helps them think, be patient, and be more creative.

Colors: For children to learn to identify the places where there are locks, different colors are established.


Instructions: Although it has a very simple method of use, it should be noted that the instructions are only available in German.

Hinges: Some users suggest that the manufacturer should apply a higher strength method to the hinges.

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Grimm’s Spiel und Holz Desing Sh10700

If what you want is to surprise your baby with a different and very colorful gift, this model could be the solution, because when looking for the best Montessori toy, many users think that this is a good competitor.

This is an eye-catching 6-piece puzzle, in the shape of a rainbow, in fine lime wood, which offers resistance and, with the finishes, a smooth and firm touch. On the other hand, it fulfills various functions at the game level, because in addition to its ability to entertain the little ones, it helps them develop skills and creativity.

It is a good option for children from the first months of age, as it is easy to handle and does not represent any type of danger, since it has an approximate length of 17 cm. With its particular shape, it offers different modes of use that will depend on the creativity and development of the baby.

To complete the study of this model, an objective summary of the positive and negative aspects is presented below so that future users can have a clearer perception.


Handmade: Products that are made by artisan hands, like this one, always have a touch of distinction and a finish that is worked with greater delicacy.

Hypoallergenic: Both the materials and the paints used undergo strict quality control to avoid being sources of allergy or that may be toxic.

Light: At just 304 grams, the structure is quite light to facilitate handling by small hands.


Price: Despite its advantages, it is the most expensive product of those presented in this comparison.

Size: Most users agree that the size is very small, since it fits completely in an adult hand.

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Checks of London Classifying the Shape Showing the Clock

Caution: Although the game pieces are quite large, they are recommended for use by children over 1 year of age. 

Main Features: The Montessori clock offers different forms of play, from fitting the shapes in the right place, learning the numbers and the time, to threading the colored blocks. Mainly, we must emphasize that this product, like all other Jacques Toys, has been made with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

On the other hand, each element of the clock has been painted with bright colors and non-toxic products for children, so they are attractive and safe to handle. We also highlight the functional design of the toy that includes a rear base to place the clock in a vertical position, without the pieces falling. That is why we consider that this can be an original gift for any baby.

Functionality: In this toy we distinguish various forms of play such as stacking the blocks, identifying the shapes and colors by placing each element in its box or using the string to thread the pieces. Subsequently, children begin to learn the concepts of time: hours and minutes, to better understand how the clock works. For all these functions, it is one of the most popular Montessori toys for 1-year-olds on the market. 

Educational Value: Children will be able to develop their fine motor skills with this toy, as well as their hand-eye coordination and social skills if they share it with other children. 

Maintenance: The parts of this toy are resistant and durable. For cleaning, a damp cloth can be used to remove dust.

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BelleStyle Montessori Activity Wooden Cheese Toy

Caution: It is suitable for ages 3 and up and adult supervision is recommended to avoid accidents with the cord. 

Main Features: BelleStyle’s amazing cheese is designed to develop children’s imaginations as well as their cognitive skills, as little ones have to pass the wooden stick through all the holes in the cheese while the string is wound. 

We must mention that this product is made of wood with well-cared finishes so as not to leave sharp edges that can hurt small users. As for the size, this cheese measures approximately 10.5 cm x 5 cm and weighs 100 g, so it is manageable for little children’s hands.

Functionality: Designed as an educational toy, the amazing cheese is aimed at hand-eye coordination and problem solving by children, as they must insert the stick with the string through all the holes in the cheese and when it runs out, the users they must have the patience to unwind the cord going back all the way.

Educational Value: Concentration is encouraged with this toy along with fine motor skills to thread the string through all the holes in the cheese. It also develops patience and cognitive development while children are distracted.

Maintenance: There are no major restrictions for the maintenance of this product, it can be cleaned with a soft cloth and without using specialized products.

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R-Crea Francisco Estaban Montessori Light Tables with Certificate 

Caution: It is not a toy suitable for children under 36 months. 

Main Characteristics: Primary school teacher Francisco Esteban has developed this light table as a Montessori teaching resource for children from 3 years old and has established his own brand of educational toys. 

Regarding the construction of this article, we must highlight that the box is made of pine wood and the screen is made of 5 mm OPAL methacrylate, with measurements of 64 x 48 cm. For its part, the lighting depends on a powerful 5050 LED with IP65 protection. For its operation, it includes a 12V power adapter and a remote control with battery included, to change the table light in different colors.

Functionality: The light table is used to turn any drawing into a fun element, children can experiment with tree leaves, letters of any material and their own drawings in different color tones, using the remote control. 

In addition, it can be connected to the mobile through a wireless network to increase the functionality of the table and change its colors from an application. Another functional aspect in the design of this table is that it includes a handle, so it can be transported from one place to another.

Educational Value: This product represents a sensory stimulus for its users in which the sense of sight is encouraged, the perception of brighter colors, silhouettes and different types of experiments that can be carried out on this illuminated surface. That is why we recommend it as an ideal gift for birthdays regardless of the age or gender of the children.

Maintenance: A dry, soft cloth can be used to clean the table top, making sure it is unplugged from electricity.

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Kakaduu My First Words Animals

Caution: Its use is indicated for children from one year of age.

Main Features: Kakaduu illustrated cards have the function of showing the little ones different animals, with real photos so that they learn their names. This set consists of 50 12 x 8 cm cards printed on ecological paper and with rounded corners to prevent accidents.

As for the packaging of this product, it is a resistant cardboard box that also serves as storage to keep the cards in one place. 

Functionality: The purpose of these cards is to promote the learning of words with an early stimulation of language through play. That is why the illustrated decks must be used with the company of parents or guardians, since it is the adults who must show each card to the little ones and tell them slowly and clearly the name of the animal in the image so that they learn it. 

For the design of this game, Montessori teachers have been guided and a list is added with the names of the animals in 5 languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Educational Value: If these cards are used from an early age, the results will be noticeable because children will develop their language more easily and expand their vocabulary. Likewise, they will learn about animals in a simple and didactic way, being a good time to introduce conservationist values ​​and respect for all living beings. 

Maintenance: The cards should not come into contact with water and it is recommended to keep them in their cardboard box so as not to lose any. 

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Mamimami Home 5 pieces Montessori Baby Rattles

Caution: It can be used by babies from 6 months with adult supervision. 

Main Features: Among the Montessori toys for babies on our list, this is a very versatile set because there are 5 pieces of rattles made of wood, with fine finishes to offer a smooth and safe surface for touch. In addition, due to their design, some of these can also serve as teething toys, so their dimensions are manageable for the small hands of babies.

Thinking about this aspect, the manufacturers have chosen to use 100% beech wood in each of the pieces, coming from sustainable forests and that is totally antifungal, without having toxic treatments.

Functionality: Montessori rattles allow babies to develop their motor skills, identify sounds and have contact with natural materials. In this sense, each of the pieces has a different shape: one is a cute car that moves, another is a rattle ring and the third figure is a bell. For its part, the bear can also be used as a rattle, while the triangle format allows an easy grip to take it to the mouth and calm the discomfort caused by the growth of the teeth. 

Educational Value: The development of grasping in babies is a fundamental stage in the first months of life and is encouraged with these rattles. Likewise, eye-hand coordination is stimulated with the different pieces together with the concept of action and reaction, as babies recognize that rattles emit noise if they are moved repeatedly. 

Maintenance: We recommend washing the rattles with warm water and a mild detergent, as well as letting them dry well before being used again.

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Jerryvon Fishing Game for Kids Montessori Toys

Caution: Must be used under direct adult supervision to avoid choking hazards from small wooden balls.

Main Features: If you are looking for Montessori toys for 3-year-olds that are suitable as a Christmas gift, we recommend this 3-in-1 set, a fun fishing game made of wood, with a safe design without sharp edges or toxic paints. 

Regarding the size and number of pieces, the wooden board measures 16 x 16 x 4 cm and includes two fishing rods, two sticks and a wooden clothespin, as well as 10 magnetic fish and the same number of balls, also of wood. 

Functionality: The colored fish are numbered from 1 to 10 and children can play with their friends to catch them with the fishing rod. For their part, the wooden balls are stored in a central hole and can be extracted with the tweezers or the sticks to place them in the different spaces distributed on the board, an activity for which concentration and defined motor skills are needed. 

Educational Value: Hand-eye coordination is encouraged with this game in which children must concentrate to extract the fish or the wooden balls. During this process children effectively develop their fine motor skills. On the other hand, the identification of fish offers the learning of numbers and sequence, as well as the knowledge of colors.

Maintenance: We recommend collecting the pieces and keeping them inside the board so they don’t get lost. 

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Beetest Is Wooden Toys Children Fine Motor Skills Montessori Board

Caution: Children must be supervised by an adult during the game to avoid ingesting the small balls.

Main Features: Montessori toys for children 4 years and older are interesting options to reduce the use of electronic devices in children, so this Beetest board is a good idea if you don’t know what to give for a special occasion. 

The wooden board measures 22 x 22 x 2 cm and comes with 77 beads in 7 different colours, each measuring 1.8 cm, as well as various templates showing the patterns to represent on the hole plate. A set of tweezers is included for this. It should be noted that the basins have layers of water-based paint to protect the wood and offer safety during handling. 

Functionality: The idea of ​​this toy is that children learn about patterns, colors, sequences and numbers by representing the images of the templates on the board. To do this, they must place the illustration in the middle of the board and place the plate with holes on it. Then the tweezers must be used to pick up each of the beads, which must be previously separated by color in their respective silicone containers. 

Educational Value: First, children must distinguish and classify the colors to separate the balls in the corresponding bowl, then they develop their skills and fine motor skills to use the tweezers, thus promoting hand-eye coordination. They also reinforce your concentration and logical thinking. 

Maintenance: Color pieces can be stored in the box together with the game board and pattern cards. 

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Rolimate Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game 4 in 1

Caution: The toy is indicated for babies over 18 months and adult supervision is recommended.

Main Features: The Rolimate 4-in-1 game is made of natural rubber wood and painted with a non-toxic water-based formula, therefore it is very safe for children.

The set consists of a main plate in the shape of a whale on which the little fish can be stacked. A fish of each color is painted on the back, along with a number and the hole to place the sticks of different heights and stack the fish there. On the other hand, a colorful fabric mat is included on which you can play fishing. 

Functionality: This is one of the most recommended Montessori toys for 2-year-olds due to its 4-in-1 design, as it offers different game possibilities such as stacking the fish on the whale or stacking the pieces inside the sticks classified by color and number. Similarly, the colorful mat serves as a marine stage to distribute the fish and catch them with the fishing rod. 

In addition, the holes in the pieces allow you to play threading the fish with the cord included in the set. The best thing about this product is that you can buy it online and receive it in the comfort of your home.

Educational Value: With this wooden game, children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills as well as knowledge of shapes, numbers and colors. On the other hand, the different activities to be carried out encourage concentration and patience in stacking games.

Maintenance: Parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It is also advised not to submerge this toy in water to avoid deterioration.

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Per Trading Montessori Learning Boards

Caution: This product should be kept away from fire and is advised to be used under adult supervision. 

Main Features: A versatile and entertaining Montessori toy for babies from when they can sit up to about 4 years of age, this cube from Per Trading measures around 15cm and is made of fabric with a soft filling.

The appeal of this toy lies in the fact that each of its sides has different types of fabrics with bright colors and specific activities such as raising or lowering the zipper, tying laces, fixing Velcro, fastening buttons, among others. This new soft toy design is very educational and represents a good value for money.

Functionality: The theme of this block is learning to dress, which is why each side has different basic elements for fastening clothes so that the child learns to use them while playing. The idea is that with the regular practice of the game the child can dress himself, because she will have already learned to button, fasten laces and zip up. But, while he is a baby he can be entertained by the attractive colors and different textures of the cube. 

Educational Value: Grasping and hand-eye coordination are encouraged with this block, which is very easy for babies to use due to its light size and soft filling. On the other hand, fine motor skills develop as the child learns to play the different games while their self-confidence and patience are strengthened. 

Maintenance: It can be machine washed and air dried to keep its shape.

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