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Muslins – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When having a baby, it is important that you can count on all the accessories that are necessary for your baby to be comfortable and protected at all times. That is why it is essential to consider acquiring one or more muslins, the traditional large and breathable gauze, suitable for swaddling the baby, but that you can also use in different ways. However, before venturing out to buy one of these implements, you should identify some factors that are usually relevant and will directly favor your investment, such as softness, the material used and the size of the product. As a way to help you in your search, we have prepared this comparison of the best muslins, taking into account models such as Lebze LifeTree, which is made with bamboo fiber and cotton, giving the product greater softness, flexibility and resistance. Another muslin that you can find is the HBF BABY-ZXH9005, a set of 10 pieces with colorful designs, which are easily transportable and very useful for the care and hygiene of the baby.


Opinions on the best muslins

The use of muslin spans several generations to the present day, as these light gauze blankets have been in Europe since the 13th century when they arrived from India and became the ideal fabrics for swaddling babies. Here we present a selection with the best muslins of 2022 to help you make a smart investment.

muslin for baby

Lebze LifeTree

Considered by users as the best muslin, this Lebze model is suitable for all types of babies. For starters, it’s soft and breathable, which is a plus considering you can use it to shield your child from the sun, without them getting overheated under the fabric.

Also, due to its loose knit method, you will reduce the risk of overheating, while you can keep the baby comfortable and warm. In addition, its fabric is made of 70% bamboo fiber, which gives it greater flexibility, and 30% cotton, thus improving the durability and softness of the product.

Similarly, the dimensions of the baby muslin are a plus, as it measures 120 x 120 cm, giving you plenty of room to wrap your child correctly and without being too narrow.

On the other hand, this product is very versatile, being suitable for you to use as a nursing towel, blanket for the baby car, burp cloth, as cleaning wipes, among other functions.

Ratified by users as the best muslin of the moment, this model has quite attractive features, so we recommend you analyze the specifications that we leave you below.



Washing: This product can be machine washed without problems, since it does not lose the shape or color of the print.

Softness: Made with bamboo and cotton, it has the necessary softness to take care of your baby’s skin, even when used as a swaddle.

Print: Its feather print is simple and pretty, which gives the product a distinctive touch. In addition, the manufacturer offers other equally elegant and totally unisex motifs.

Size: Its dimensions are adequate to keep the child covered, giving him space and comfort.


Wrinkles: A user comments that the muslin fabric tends to wrinkle a lot, which can give it a bad appearance, making it necessary to iron it from time to time.

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Zollner 120cm

One of the best features of these muslins is that they come in an extra large size, with dimensions of 120 x 120 centimeters, so any baby will feel comfortable in them and it will also be easy to wrap children in them. It is a pack of 4 muslins of various designs. 2 of them are plain, brown and light blue, while the remaining 2 are white with star designs of different sizes and colors.

Made of 100% cotton for softness and to keep parents safe, they are Oeko-Tex certified, indicating that no muslin contains harmful substances. No matter how many times they are used and washed, these blankets will stay spotless due to their strength and the cotton will remain soft to the touch. Its size and lightness make it easy to use muslins for different things, so they are quite practical.

These beautiful colored muslins prove that safety goes hand in hand with good design and comfort.


Quantity: This pack comes with 4 fabrics so you have one for various occasions.

Size: The dimensions of 120 x 120 cm allow the muslins to give children a large surface to rest or play.

Designs: The star designs on the muslins are quite cute and are sure to catch the attention of little ones.


Texture: Some users have commented that, despite washing, the fabric can remain somewhat stiff, which makes it difficult to use.

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CuddleBug 634030912257

From the CuddleBug brand we bring you an option in muslins that could satisfy all your needs and increase the comfort of the little one.

It is a set that has 4 muslins of 120 x 120 centimeters for the care of your child. They are quite spacious and cataloged in large size, so you can use them to tuck him in when he sleeps, dry him after bathing, clean him when he eats, etc. Each muslin is of a different color and pattern, allowing them to be easily differentiated and maintaining a unisex style so you can use them with girls too.

As for their manufacture, they are made of cotton, and can be washed at home without problems to keep them clean and free of bad odours. In addition, with the CuddleBug baby muslin you can wrap your little one at bedtime and thus help him enjoy a better rest for his development.

To make sure you buy the best muslin for your baby, it is necessary to first consider its pros and cons:


Set: The CuddleBug option includes a total of 4 muslins of different colors to take care of your baby.

Fabric: The fabric used in its manufacture is 100% cotton, so it is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Large: They have a large size so that you can use them in different uses with the child.

Rest: This type of muslin could help improve the quality of the baby’s rest by up to 50%.



Washing: Constant washing can cause them to lose color, but this is normal for this type of garment.

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cloth muslin


Being one of the cheap products in our comparison, this cloth muslin has a good quality, avoiding the need to spend too much to obtain good results, since it comes in a presentation of 10 pieces.

First of all, we can tell you that these towels measure 30 x 30 cm, being the appropriate size so that you can easily carry them in a bag, regardless of its dimensions.

Likewise, they are made of cotton, having 6 layers of gauze, which allows them to conveniently absorb water or other liquids, while also being very pleasant to the touch.

On the other hand, you can give them a large number of uses, being suitable for cleaning the baby’s face or bottom, drying sweat or leftover food, among others.

In addition to this, they maintain a special design for children with different colors and tender motifs that attract attention for being of animals such as the lion, duck, rabbit and elephant, all of which are different from each other.

This model is one of the cheapest muslin options that you can find in this comparison, being a quality product, whose characteristics we will leave you below.


Quantity: This model comes in a pack of 10 units so you can have a muslin available whenever you need it.

Price: Its market value is quite accessible, which allows many people to buy the product, without it being a large investment.

Resistance: It is a very resistant fabric, so you can use it and wash it continuously without presenting problems due to damage to the piece.


Threads: It is possible that you may find some loose threads in the product, so it will be necessary to cut them flush with the fabric, so that they do not interfere during use.

Roughness: It can happen that the fabric feels a little rough after washing, even if you use fabric softeners, which is mitigated during ironing.

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Urban Kanga KB1000

If you are looking to acquire a good cloth muslin to use with your baby, we advise you to consider the Urban Kanga option.

The KB1000 set is made up of 3 70 x 70 centimeter muslins with which you can wrap your baby, dry him after the bath or also use them when he is breastfeeding.

They are made with a 100% cotton fabric, being pleasant to the touch to guarantee the child’s comfort. In addition, this allows them to be washed at home without having to spend money in dry cleaners and, according to the manufacturer, the muslins increase their softness with each wash cycle.

On the other hand, it stands out that the design of the muslins is quite attractive. Each one has a different printed design, but keeping the blue color theme. You will find a plain muslin, another with geometric patterns and one with dotted lines.

The Urban Kanga product could offer what you are looking for for the care of your little one, so we invite you to get to know it better:


Pack: The Urban brand pack offers 3 muslins so you have spare units when one gets dirty.

Design: They all have different designs inspired by the color blue so you can identify them.

Fabric: Its cotton fabric provides comfort and softness for the comfort of the baby.

Care: They can be put in any common washing machine to facilitate cleaning.



Smell: Being new, they can give off an intense aroma, so it is recommended to wash them before use.

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Muslin Aden Anais

Aden Anais 4024G

Named one of the best muslins of 2022, this model of two 100% cotton diapers are suitable for babies from newborn, so you will have plenty of time to use them. In addition, its dimensions are 120 x 120 cm, which is convenient for you to cover your little one with ease.

Similarly, this muslin from Aden Anais allows you to have soft fabrics, made with organic materials, which benefit the care of your child’s skin, so you don’t have to worry about irritations or discomfort with their products.

Also, it is important that you take into account the versatility of the piece, being possible to use it in different tasks such as: baby stroller cover, sun visor, nursing cloth, changing table cover, among other things.

Also, and to prevent your baby from overheating, these diapers are breathable, allowing air to enter properly to maintain a comfortable temperature.

According to users, Aden Anais may be the best brand of muslins, since its products have a good response from the public, in general. In particular, this model has some features that may attract your attention, so we will mention them below.


Material: These muslins are made of 100% cotton, avoiding allergies and improving the durability of the product compared to other materials.

Design: Their pattern is very pretty, making them stand out and you can use them anywhere without inconvenience.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the product are 120 x 120 cm, giving you a good amount of space for use.


Touch: This product is soft touch, although a user comment indicates that it may lose softness after many washing sessions.

Delicacy: These pieces must be treated with care so that they are not damaged considerably over time, trying not to stretch them too much or squeeze them excessively.

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bamboo muslin

Softan MUSLBLA001

A bamboo muslin could be a good alternative if you want to offer comfort and softness to your baby when you wrap him in it.

Softan MUSLBLA001 is a set that has 4 units that have dimensions of 120 x 120 centimeters each, allowing its use to satisfy various needs in terms of care and attention.

They have a striking and varied design presenting a series of children’s figures in pretty colors on a light background, being unisex in style so you can use them with both boys and girls.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the density of the fabric is made up of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, offering a high level of softness and durability, which will allow you to take advantage of these muslins for several years. In addition, they can be washed at home without problems so that you avoid bad odours, stains or dirt on your baby’s muslins.

Softan Swaddle is an eye-catching option in baby swaddles and here are its pros and cons:


Quantity: With the purchase of this option you will obtain a total of 4 muslins for the care of your baby.

Size: Its large size increases its practicality to meet the needs of both the mother and the child.

Design: The muslins have different designs, but with a unisex style and with children’s themes.

Cleaning: In addition to being able to be put in the washing machine, you can also dry them quickly in a machine at low temperature.


Newborns: They may be too large to be used for newborns.

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Other products

Ti TIN 470

This could be the best price-quality muslin with a good response from the public. In general, these diapers are made of 100% bamboo for babies, which gives them softness and durability, as well as natural protection against mites, thus avoiding the appearance of symptoms associated with allergies caused by them, being appropriate for babies. from newborns, counting to the most sensitive.

It also has the property of softening with each wash, which gives you an increasingly delicate muslin. On the other hand, it can be used in different circumstances considering that it is breathable and of a good size, so that you never lack space to cover your baby or to clean him.

In addition to this, you will see that the three pieces have a very nice, childish and charming design, so you can take them anywhere.

Before deciding which muslin to buy, you should consider products like this model, which has some features that may be interesting for you, so we leave them explained below.


Measurements: This product has a large size, which makes it easy for you to use it in different activities without problems.

Maintenance: In addition to softening after washing, these muslins are of good quality, so you can wash them in the washing machine without risk of damage or discoloration.

Composition: The fabric is made of 100% bamboo, which favors its delicacy with your baby’s skin.


Flexibility: This product can be a bit harsh before the first wash, which gets better with time.

Sewing: You may receive your package with some of the muslin unstitched, so keep this in mind.

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How to choose the best muslin?

Choosing any baby item is always something that should be taken with caution, as babies are more delicate than adults, and even big children, and keeping them healthy is the number one priority of all parents. In the case of muslins, achieving comfort and safety depends on certain things. Here you can read about some of the features to consider.

Shopping guide

Materials and allergies

In your guide to buying the best muslin for your baby, the one feature that should matter more than any other is safety. Children, unlike adults, tend to get sick frequently due to their underdeveloped body, therefore, it is imperative to maintain the health of children that the protection offered by children’s products is always Excellent.

To avoid inconveniences with the health of your baby, it is necessary that the materials used in the muslins are suitable for them. You must keep in mind that not all children have the same organisms, therefore, what is excellent for one may be a bad alternative for another. For this reason, the choice of this product must be personalized, taking into account the needs of the baby and also her preferences. 

Acquiring muslin from materials that do not cause allergies to the child is important to avoid seeing rashes and irritations. Fortunately, it will not only be beneficial for him, since it will save you visits to the doctor and extra expenses in the long run.

Materials not only influence how much the product costs or whether it is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive children, but also have a great influence on strength and durability. Being articles designed for babies, these are often subjected to biting, stretching, drooling and other unavoidable actions of the child. If you don’t want to buy muslin every now and then, you need to buy one that offers the durability you need.

how many and what size

Any product that has a baby’s hands as its end use is bound to need replacement soon, so a good and cheap option for parents is to buy packs of various muslins so they always have a replacement when one gets damaged. In addition to that, if you do not want to wait, you can have several muslins in use simultaneously but with different functions.

The dimensions are also necessary to discuss, since the whole objective of the muslins is to provide comfort to the baby, but if they do not protect him completely, it is unlikely that the child will enjoy wearing them. No baby is the same as another and, therefore, if you want your child to have muslins that cover him completely and wrap him up until he is comfortable, then it is necessary to acquire some fabrics that have dimensions according to the size of your little one.

As it grows, these can start to be used for other things and, in that case, a specific size will no longer matter, but only how cheap the pack of muslins is. However, if your baby is very small, give the size of the muslin the attention that he really deserves.

Versatile and eye-catching

When making your muslin comparison, keep in mind versatility as an important factor, since this aspect is what will help you adapt your muslin to various daily routines. Usually, a muslin must be multifunctional, however, it is possible, like everything, to find exceptions. A good product of this type will allow you to wrap your baby, safely lay his head on your shoulder, serve to cover his face when breastfeeding, tuck him in when the weather is not so cold and even clean his face after eating, playing, etc.

If it works for each of these things, then purchasing multiple swaddles is a smart move, as they will provide you with various times throughout your baby’s growth as the swaddles adapt to your child’s needs. You won’t have to purchase additional products of any kind in the long run while caring for the blanket fabric.

The designs greatly influence the preference of children, so it is advisable to purchase multipacks with colorful designs and varied prints so that, since they are babies, children enjoy using their muslins and want to carry them with them. If they agree, the process of dressing or cleaning them will be easy, fast and, on top of that, it will not come with any type of confrontation.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How often should the baby muslin be changed?

This depends on what you are using it for. If you are using the muslin to clean your baby, then you need to change the cloth daily to prevent germs from accumulating.

However, if used to cover the car in the sun or to wrap the baby, the muslin may last for a few days before needing a change. If you want more precaution, then buy the packs of 7 muslins so that you can use one per day and wash  them all at the weekend. That way, your child can have a clean cloth every day.

Q2: How to wrap a baby in the muslin?

To be able to do it, you must spread the muslin on a flat and comfortable surface for the baby. The upper right corner should be folded, about 15 centimeters, approximately.

After doing that, carefully place the baby on his back. The head should be above the blanket and the shoulder should be at the level of the fold. Start on the left side, gently stretching out his little arm and taking that end of the muslin to fold it over him until he tucks it over his right side, securing it to his back.

Proceed to the right side, repeating the process with your arm, until the end is safely at your side. Finally, with the lower end, make a fold along the back of the child’s body, but make sure not to press too hard so as not to force the legs or hips into one position.

The child must have freedom of movement in the lower part of his body, otherwise this can develop motor problems in children who, by nature, need movement. In other cases, it is possible to deform the position of the feet or legs, due to constantly holding them in an unusual pose.

Q3: How to wash a baby muslin?

It is done in the same way that you wash clothes for your baby. Use detergents with mild formulas, specialized for babies or with a neutral pH. This will avoid allergies and different dermatological conditions due to chemicals.

If it is in your possibilities, try to buy products that do not have a lot of smell. Children’s sense of smell is very sensitive and a very strong aroma can make them uncomfortable, make them sneeze or cause them discomfort due to feeling overwhelmed.

After washing, only use the muslin on the baby when it is dry. Otherwise, it can cause colds.

Q4: How to put muslin to breastfeed?

This totally depends on the mother’s comfort rather than the baby’s, as the lightweight material makes it almost impossible for the baby to feel unwell, unless it is very hot.

Placing a part towards the back section of the shoulder and letting the muslin fall on the chest perfectly covers the baby’s face and also the breast. Tying the fabric to the nursing bra strap can also make the process easier.

Q5: What fabric is baby muslin made from?

Muslin is a type of cotton and the only difference between this fabric and the conventional cotton used for common clothing is that muslin is extremely fine. However, it is sturdy. It stands out for being quite light and, in addition to that, comfortable and fresh.

Q6: What size of baby muslin to choose?

The best recommendation is always to buy the largest sizes that exist, although, most of the time, brands offer packs of unique dimensions with muslins of the same sizes.

The reason why it is better to choose large sizes is because, in case the baby is very small, it is possible to simply adjust them a little more. However, if you buy small muslins for a large baby, he will not be able to wrap himself in them correctly.

Q7: Is it safe to use a baby muslin?

Yes, it is totally safe as long as proper hygiene is maintained and the child is not allowed to wear it around the neck or in other dangerous areas.

Q8: What is a baby muslin used for?

Firstly, its function was to wrap a baby until it had a fit that made him feel comfortable, reminding the newborn of the small space in which he lived inside his mother.

However, muslin has various uses, such as covering the baby’s face from the sun or when breastfeeding. It also serves as support when sleeping, cleaning the child and covering the surfaces in which the child will come into contact.

How to use a muslin

New parents, for fear of hurting their babies in some way and not making the right decision, usually tend to worry about the simplest things in the world. In this case, it is totally understandable that they seek information on how to use a baby muslin, to give their baby the best possible care. However, this is really simple and the only thing you really need to know are all the uses that can be given to this practical product.

to wrap the baby

Newborn babies often seek fetal sleeping positions or positions that keep their limbs fairly close together and resemble how they were in the womb.

Therefore, at birth, muslins are very functional to wrap the baby firmly and safely, without hurting him. This can remind you of your tummy times and help calm you down, sleep better and also cover you from the cold.

to lay it down

All surfaces have germs and you have to protect the little ones from them. If you want to lay your baby down, always put a muslin first so that his face never touches unknown surfaces that could harm his skin or another delicate part of his body.

Even if you are carrying him, it is better to place a muslin between his face and your shoulder to prevent him from drooling on you and from getting any irritation due to your clothes, your sweat or simply direct contact with the skin.

to cover mom

If your baby is hungry and you’re out in public, you may be a little embarrassed to breastfeed in front of everyone. If this is the case for you, covering your baby’s face while he eats with muslin will make you feel more comfortable and, being a light fabric, your little one probably won’t be bothered by it.

To block the sun’s rays

If your baby falls asleep in the middle of a walk, either in the car or in your arms, covering him with a muslin can help him sleep better, as it can serve to block out the sunlight.

Even if your baby is not asleep and the sun’s rays are very strong, you can also use the muslin to protect him.

to keep it clean

If your baby has gotten dirty, you can use a muslin to clean it. Because the fabric is absorbent and fairly soft, this is one of the easiest ways to keep your baby clean.

Just by adding a little water, the task will be easier. It is recommended that, if you are going to use a muslin for cleaning, you use that specific one for that activity only, while you have other impeccable ones to lay it down.

To support your child

If, to avoid reflux, your baby has to sleep on his side or if you want to sleep next to him but stay a little apart as a precaution, muslins can provide support.

Just by accommodating your baby and placing the muslin, with an appropriate thickness, on his back, your child will stay in position when sleeping. In addition, if it is a little larger, it can also be used to support the head and neck, giving it greater comfort when lying down.

» Review information from previous years

Makian 70 x 70 cm

¿Por qué tener una muselina para bebé cuando puedes poseer 4 de ellas? Este hermoso set de Makian viene con 4 unidades de color blanco estampadas con estrellas grises de diversos diseños y formas. Estas muselinas destacan por su grandiosa calidad, pues están hechas de algodón completamente hipoalergénico, suave, transpirable y absorbente. Es decir que este producto protege a tu bebé de alergias, puede limpiar líquidos y, además, permite que el niño se sienta fresco y cómodo cuando está envuelto con él.

De 70 x 70 centímetros, cada una de las muselinas tiene un tejido de la mejor calidad para ofrecer resistencia y larga duración. Es posible lavarlas a máquina y también utilizar la secadora

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