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Nipple Shields – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Starting the breastfeeding process can be really complicated, especially when it comes to new mothers. During these times, the body undergoes very rapid and profound changes that tend to cause pain and discomfort in the breast area. To avoid them, even more so when there is a lot of dryness around the nipple and they are already beginning to crack, nipple shields were created. These, basically, are plastic films that adhere to the nipple, through which the milk can circulate normally when the baby demands it. In this way, the mother will have extra protection without having to suspend the main tool for feeding her little ones. With this information as a basis, we will proceed to review the characteristics of the Medela Contact nipple shield.Available in various sizes, it is suitable for nipples that are sore and babies can latch on comfortably. In the same way, we will review the details of the Philips Avent SCF157/02 model, which offers you a practical set of 6 units for different functions and has food-grade silicone.


Opinions on the best nipple shields

To avoid discomfort in the nipples during the first days of breastfeeding, we recommend you review the characteristics of the following products, valued by users and experts as the best nipple shields of 2022.

Medela Nipple Shields

Medela Contact

Medela Nipple Shields are suitable for stimulating the breastfeeding process from the time babies are born, helping mothers find comfort and protection for their nipples, and helping babies to have a better latch in case of difficulty.

A good number of users consider that it is the best liner for its versatility in the work it does. One of the most relevant aspects is that her thin film helps the baby to have closer contact with her mother’s skin.

It is also a good ally when the nipples have gone through a process of wear and tear and are already cracked or in great pain. These liners increase protection and, if followed by moisturizing treatment, can help restore normal skin structure.

In any case, to help you determine if it is the best nipple shield at the moment, we invite you to review the following list of pros and cons that will be very useful to you.


Sizes: The nipple shields are available in three different sizes, depending on the mother’s needs: S, M and L.

Cleaning: It will suffice to carry out a simple wash with soap and water and then subject them to a sterilization process.

Case: The product includes a box to store the liners when they are not in use.

Softness: The nipple shields are very soft for contact with the baby’s mouth without mistreating their delicate gums.


Measurements : Some users have agreed that the sizes are difficult to hit.

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nursing nipple shields

Philips Avent SCF157/02

If you are looking for nursing nipple shields that give you extra protection and comfort, this model offered by the renowned English brand Philips Avent could be the most suitable. It is a practical set of protection discs that incorporates 6 pieces that are very useful during this maternal stage.

It is a model that offers you four very soft discs, designed to be used at home inside the bra, which provide extra protection to the nipples against rubbing. Likewise, it has two practical backing pads, made of ultra-soft silicone. In addition, you can sterilize the pieces either in the microwave or by boiling.

The set includes two breathable liners, equipped with holes and indicated to help recover irritated or cracked nipples, since they favor air circulation. Likewise, it also has two units designed to collect milk, so they are ideal for preventing dripping on clothes.

Philips Avent is a company that since 1984 has been dedicated to the well-being of mothers and children, offering high-quality products, so it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of these nipple shields.


Set: You will receive a total of six pieces: two ventilated breast pads, two without holes, and two pads.

Material: All parts are made of food grade silicone.

Stages: They can be used from 0 to 3 years of age.

Functionality: They favor protection against chafing, collect excess milk and help heal sore nipples.



Spillage: Some mothers have commented that the milk-absorbing discs tend to spill when bending over or bending over.

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silicone liners

Purifyou P-NS3

If you’re thinking about feeding your baby formula and giving up breastfeeding because of the pain and frustration you feel every time you want to breastfeed, all is not lost; because with this set of 3 very soft silicone nipple shields, whose function is to provide a shield of protection to your nipples, you will be able to feed your child naturally and without discomfort.

They are made under high quality standards, with silicone free of toxic, BPA, BPS, phthalate free, latex free and lead free; therefore, they are totally reliable products for both the mother and the child. They offer a diameter of 20 millimeters and are capable of adhering comfortably to the mother’s breast, while favoring contact between mother and baby. In addition, you will receive a practical cloth bag to store the liners hygienically.

If you notice that your child does not have the proper latch and therefore does not receive the proper breast milk supply, these nipple shields could be the best solution. Read on to learn more about this product.


Format: The liners offer you a circular format that ensures optimal skin-to-skin contact.

Material: They are made of high-quality, toxic-free silicone; In addition, they favor a smooth adherence to the skin of the maternal breast.

Set: You will receive three units with the same design and a practical bag with elastic for storage.



Size: Since it offers a standard size of 20mm in diameter, it may not be compatible if you have larger nipples.

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Suavinex liners

Suavinex 304588

If you want to provide your child with the nutrients that breast milk offers, but due to sensitivity problems in your nipples, this task is difficult, you need good nipple shields that fulfill their mission. With this in mind, we present the Suavinex nipple shields, a product that enjoys a good reputation among mothers, given the benefits it offers at the time of breastfeeding.

It is a set of two liners with a circular format and made of soft food-grade silicone. Both its design and its size allow it to fit comfortably and easily to the areola and the maternal nipple; so you can continue to breastfeed your child despite any irritation or discomfort.

They are recommended for mothers with inverted or retracted nipples, as well as in cases where they have flat nipples, as they favor a better grip on the baby and greater comfort when sucking.

Suavinex is a brand that offers a complete line of high-quality breastfeeding. We invite you to know the pros and cons of one of its best products.


Material: They are made of ultra-thin silicone, almost imperceptible for the baby and very comfortable for the mother.

Sizes: To provide greater compatibility with different sizes of nipples, the brand offers two sizes, S and M.

Hygienic box: It also has a box to transport them or to keep them clean and hygienic.


Nipple: Considering the size of the nipple or bulge of the discs, it could be a little big for the mouth of a premature baby.

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Nuk Nipples

Nuk 340455

For its manufacture, fine quality silicone has been used as a raw material, which offers the liner adequate resistance, while at the same time being soft on contact with the skin. Many users express their agreement with this product and that is why they assure that it is one of the best liners of 2022.

In terms of design, the Nuk nipple shields differ from the well-known rounded style, innovating with a triangular shape that makes it easier to maintain skin-to-skin contact from mother to child, an aspect that is very important at this stage. However, it also has the function of protecting the mother’s nipple from the constant dryness, cracking and discomfort that they may suffer when breastfeeding.

On the other hand, the nipple shields barely reach a weight of 31.8 g, so they will not cause any discomfort to mothers when they have to use them.

In our comparison, we know that an assertive way to know which nipple shield to buy is by reviewing the pros and cons that have emerged among users who have already checked the product. Thus, you will have the opportunity to make a more accurate judgment.


Texture: The softness of the material prevents babies from damaging their gums and helps them to have a better grip.

No color variations : Even if used very frequently, if proper hygiene is maintained, the liners will maintain their original color.

Storage: A plastic case is included to store and transport the liners.


Loss: Because they function as a transparent film, they can often be lost due to forgetfulness or because they fall to the ground.

Time of use: Although they are not disposable, the useful time of the liners can be relatively short depending on the frequency of use.

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Other products

Philips Avent SCF 156/00

For all mothers who need to protect their nipples or those whose babies have difficulty taking it normally, Avent presents these nipple shields, which are also among the cheapest available on the market.

Its design is appropriate to allow the normal flow of milk through the pores arranged for output, without depriving the baby of the best food he can consume, or forcing the mother to feel the discomfort of breasts full of milk.

Likewise, they can serve as a transition channel for those babies who do not accept the nipple from the first moment, but who, with the help of a nipple shield, can manage to use it in the way nature intended.

In the event that the problem is caused by nipples that are cracked or sore, these products will fulfill a protective function that will help the area heal more quickly.

Another good way to know if it is a good nipple shield or not, is through the review of its pros and cons. At the end of the day, nothing links that being one of the cheapest liners, it happens that it is of lower quality, on the contrary, it can give good results, especially since it is a well-known brand in the market.


Measurements: They are available in two sizes for different diameters, a 15 mm version and a 21 mm version.

Pack: Includes two nipple shields that can be washed and used, without distinction, on any breast.

Manageable: Thanks to their shape and manufacturing material, the baby can touch and squeeze them without risk of breaking.


Adherence: Some people state that it does not stay on the nipple as it should, at certain times.

Case: The manufacturer includes a case, but it is not suitable for transporting the liners, since it does not have a closure.

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Koala Babycare Nipple Shields In 999 Pure Silver

The breastfeeding process can be different for each mother, but in some cases, the constant sucking and the presence of saliva can cause fissures and uncomfortable infections in the nipple, which could be avoided with the use of a nipple shield like Koala Baby Care.

This product consists of 2 nipple shields made of 999 trilaminated silver with the intention of providing antibacterial treatments to the breasts after each breastfeeding session. In addition to this, you can use them and even recycle them thanks to an intermediate layer of copper that increases their robustness. They are also able to help prevent fissures and generally good breast health to prevent interruptions in nursing the child.

Each of the nipple covers has a size of 4.5 x 4.5 x 0.7 centimeters with a weight of approximately 99.8 grams, allowing you to wear them under your clothes practically without noticing them.

With the use of a good nipple shield you could avoid discomfort during your baby’s breastfeeding and the Koala Baby Care product has benefits that might interest you:


Design: The design of the liners makes them compatible with virtually any size and size of nipple.

Materials: They are made of 900 silver and an internal layer of copper that adds robustness to the entire product.

Safety: Its preparation is nickel free to guarantee safety and not alter the taste of mother’s milk.

Ecological: Being made of silver, the nipple shields are reusable to avoid discarding plastics.



Support: You want to make sure you wear a bra that is tight enough to keep your nipple shields in place, as they can move around.

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

This version of Tommee Tippee nipple shields stimulates the natural process of breastfeeding through a silicone film that adheres to the nipple, acting as a kind of second skin to protect it when it is sore or cracked from the baby’s suckling. In addition, many people consider this to be the best value for money liner, so it is worth doing a thorough review of its features.

Its design is rounded and has small bubbles that have an aeration objective that allows the skin to feel more comfortable when using it and, therefore, it is less mistreated.

Another important point is that the manufacturer includes a practical case where the liners can be hygienically stored, being very easy to sterilize with the use of a microwave.

One last segment will need to be reviewed in this study and that is the summary of pros and cons. These are based on the opinion of users who have already used the product, so it can be useful when choosing.


Malleability: Being made of silicone, liners can adapt to the movement of the nipple.

Closeness: Although it is an extra added to the nipple, its size and thickness allow contact between mother and child to be maintained.

Soft: The liners are pleasant to the touch and in contact with the skin.


Dry: After carrying out the normal washing of the liners, it is necessary to dry them with an appropriate cloth to avoid staining.

Size: You must be very careful to make a correct choice of size so as not to compromise the usefulness of the product.

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How to choose the best nipple shield?

We have prepared the following guide to buy the best nipple shields, where you can find the most relevant aspects that you should consider before making your purchase. The idea is to support you at this stage of your life and offer you the possibility of breastfeeding your child in the most comfortable way possible and without suffering any kind of discomfort.

Shopping guide


As human beings we are categorized in the animal kingdom as mammals only for the fact of breastfeeding our children, but the truth is that although this process should be totally normal and natural, for many mothers the work of breastfeeding does not always turn out as expected.

For this reason, for some women, breastfeeding is an act that, far from offering comfort and satisfaction, entails pain, anguish, stress and even frustration. In order to help solve this difficult situation, nipple shields have been created; a product designed with the aim of protecting the nipple and achieving fully satisfactory breastfeeding.

They were designed with the primary objective of providing comfort when breastfeeding, both for the child and for the mother. Likewise, they play an important role in the cases of a baby who was born prematurely, since it encourages him to suck properly, since these accessories are capable of providing the hook that she needs.

Likewise, if the mother has irritated, dry, cracked nipples, with a lot of sensitivity or when she has flat or inverted nipples, it is when the nipple shields take on their leading role to help her in breastfeeding, favoring the feeding of the baby without causing discomfort.

However, it is important that before betting on a specific model, you seek the advice of your doctor, since each case is different and each mother with her baby has different needs.

size and format

The nipple shields that the market offers you can offer different formats and sizes, so before buying this random product, it is convenient that you look at the anatomy of your chest. In this sense, you should evaluate the dimensions of your nipple in millimeters and based on this, look for a nipple shield with the right size nipple so that your nipple fits comfortably and above all, that it can reach the baby’s mouth without any effort.

As for the format, some nipple shields resemble a disc, since they have a round format that completely covers the areola. While others offer a cutout similar to a crescent, which favors better contact between the baby’s skin and the mother’s. Likewise, there are liners with a rectangular or triangular format; you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


It is essential that when you make your comparison of nipple shields, you bet on the highest quality materials, since it is a product that will be taken to the child’s mouth and that will be in contact with the mother’s skin. For this reason, regardless of how much a particular model costs, the high quality of the materials is something vital that you cannot ignore. However, not all nipple shields are expensive, you can also find some good and cheap ones, adapted to all budgets.

As it is a product intended for maternal and child use, the best brands on the market use appropriate materials for this purpose, such as food-grade silicone and latex. In this sense, we have that silicone offers a high degree of flexibility and thinness, so it adheres easily to the mother’s breast, while being comfortably accepted by babies.

Compared to silicone nipple shields that are very thin, latex ones offer greater thickness and a touch with a very natural texture. However, its weak point would be that many mothers tend to have allergic reactions to this material.

Types and functionality

There are various types of liners on the market depending on the different needs. For this reason, you will first be able to find those that are thin and flexible, similar to a nipple and designed to specifically help suck milk during the breastfeeding period.

There are also nipple shields intended to favor the formation of the nipple, these models have greater thickness and are very useful in cases of breasts with flat nipples; so many pregnant women use them before giving birth. On the other hand, we have nipple shields with ventilation holes and whose function is to help heal irritations or cracks caused by breastfeeding; In these cases, these are models that are used to recover the nipple between each feeding.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to put on liners

Some nipple covers offer coverage for the entire areola and nipple, while others only cover the nipple, so it is important to place them according to the design they offer. In this sense, those that are like a disk can be placed properly centered, with its prominent part on the nipple; while those that are like a crescent, you should put them with the circular part down.

Q2: When to change the liners

Depending on the material with which they are made, liners usually have an estimated useful life of three months; however, as a hygiene measure you could change them before. It also often happens that with continuous use they lose elasticity and as a consequence, they could reduce milk extraction.

The most advisable thing is that you verify its condition and for this, check its interior looking for micro-injuries and signs of loosening. Similarly, check that the hole through which the milk comes out has no cuts or deterioration and if this is the case, consider that it is time to replace this product with a new one.

Q3: How to breastfeed with nipple shields

First of all, it is important to consider that the use of nipple shields should be temporary, while you recover from nipple injuries or when your baby already has the necessary strength to suck directly without this shield. To breastfeed with these products, start by putting a few drops of milk in the nipple, so that this smell neutralizes the plastic smell and stimulates the baby to suck. Next, slightly moisten the edges of the nipple shield with water to facilitate its adherence to your breast, center the prominent part on your nipple and bring your child closer to latch on and start feeding.

Q4: How to start nipple shield replacement for breastfeeding

For many mothers, it can be difficult to remove the nipple shields once the baby has become accustomed to using them, since the baby will notice the difference and in most cases, tends to reject the nipple. In this sense, once you have made the decision not to use them, you can start replacing this barrier between shots. In other words, you could take advantage of the fact that your child is breastfeeding and in an oversight that the baby gets distracted, subtly remove it and continue breastfeeding naturally.

You may have to repeat this strategy several times with the little one, until he finally gets used to the nipple.

Q5: How to know the size of the nipple shields

There are no areolas and nipples that are the same and each mother has a different measurement. Therefore, you should choose a certain size with the appropriate and most convenient size. In this sense, it is not advisable to buy nipple shields with standard sizes that could be inappropriate, since there are sizes of 16, 20 and 24 millimeters, which are determined based on the measurement of the face of the nipple; This is why you can find sizes S, M and L.

How to use nipple shields

The use of nipple shields has become very popular lately, as this tool offers great utility for all mothers who have sensitivity problems when breastfeeding. Although these are products that can be used easily, it is convenient that you take into account some simple recommendations to optimize their use.

check the package

Not all brands provide the same amount of liners, some offer a pair, while others provide you with several units of the product; Regardless of the quantity you have purchased, check that they are perfectly protected inside their respective box and with all the units that are specified in their content.

Sterilize before use

Once you have opened the box and you have the liners in your hands, you will notice that they are impregnated with a sticky substance, it is fat or oil that is used as a preservative. The idea is to prevent deterioration during the time they remain in storage until they are used for the first time.

It is recommended to first wash them very well and remove all the fat they contain and then boil them for a few minutes to sterilize them before your baby has contact with them. Although many mothers only rinse them with water, it is best to sterilize them to avoid any inconvenience.

Proceed to place them

It is very important to know the correct way to put on the nipple shields, because if you do it in an inappropriate way, there could be discomfort at the time of feeding. For this reason, it is essential that you have chosen the correct nipple shields according to the anatomy of your maternal breast and to put them on, it is convenient that you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of each particular model, so that you can get the most out of it. this product.

In this sense, the nipple shields that are usually used especially in the task of helping to breastfeed the baby, are similar to a nipple with a prominent part that stands out from its structure; you will want to place this prominent part directly over the nipple. In the event that the liner has a circular format, you can put it in any direction, as long as it is centered.

However, in cases where this tool has a half-moon design, you should put the largest area at the bottom of the nipple. This is done in order for the baby to have a better grip, since the coupling of his mouth with the chest is asymmetrical, so he holds a larger surface with his lower lip.

Remove and store

Since these products are mainly made of soft, thin and flexible silicone, it is very easy to remove them from the nipple without doing any damage. However, for greater comfort and hygiene, you can use a damp cloth and drop a few drops of water on the areola, then you can peel off the silicone film. It is advisable that you wash your breasts with sterilized water before and after each feeding and you must also keep the nipple shields always clean, sterilized and stored in a safe place.

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Chicco 2255000000

Buscando conocer cuál es la mejor pezonera, nos encontramos con este modelo de Chicco que está recibiendo valoraciones muy positivas de parte de sus usuarios. Dentro de sus características más relevantes, destaca la forma ergonómica aplicada a su estructura que es capaz de ajustarse, en mayor medida, al seno materno, haciendo que el momento de uso sea lo más confortable posible.

Como en los demás casos, es una herramienta muy útil para cuando la madre no tiene la forma apropiada en los pezones que facilite que el bebé pueda engancharse con normalidad. Por ejemplo, cuando estos son invertidos o muy planos, evitando que el bebé se pierda de recibir el mejor alimento que tienen disponible en esta etapa.

Asimismo, estas pezoneras son un instrumento que facilita dar protección al seno cuando este se encuentra con problemas por la succión regular del bebé. De esta forma, se puede acompañar su uso con el tratamiento adecuado para mejorar la zona rápidamente.

Gracias a todo esto, Chicco está catalogada como la mejor marca de pezoneras, según la opinión de quienes las han utilizado. Pero, para corroborar estos datos, no puedes dejar de ver la selección de pros y contras que presentamos a continuación.


Material: Las pezoneras están fabricadas en silicona de buena calidad que logra dar resistencia y suavidad.

Envase: El set incluye un envase esterilizable para que puedas guardar y disponer de tus pezoneras limpias cuando y donde lo necesites.

Talla: Está disponible en dos versiones, una pequeña y otra grande.


Grosor: Un usuario ha manifestado que estas pezoneras tienden a ser un poco más gruesas que las que disponen otras marcas.

Adherencia: Después de varias sesione

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