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Nursing Pillows – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Nursing pillows are instruments used to facilitate the feeding process that is necessary and indispensable when a baby is born. Its structure is suitable for placing the baby in the most comfortable way and thus avoiding the mother’s fatigue. The interior can be made with different materials that always maintain comfort and avoid deformities. In addition, they must be light and with appropriate dimensions to allow them to be moved to the different places that are needed, both inside and outside the home. On the other hand, they can also be used as a safety method in places where the baby is placed, such as the parents’ bed, to prevent them from moving too much and falling. To describe some models, we will take into consideration the Jané 050289 S58, a very versatile cushion, comes in neutral colours, is comfortable and soft to the touch. On the other hand, we will review the Mimuselina Tandem Gray, a model recommended for breastfeeding twins, which also offers comfortable lumbar support for the mother’s comfort.



Opinions on the best nursing pillows

The comfort of mother and baby during breastfeeding is very important so that the process occurs in a simple and relaxed way. For this reason, we invite you to discover the most outstanding products in the category of nursing pillows that are an excellent gift for new parents due to their great utility.

Nursing pillow Jané

Jané 050289 S58

This is a nursing pillow that can be very versatile to help mothers even during pregnancy. To do this, Jané incorporates a tape that can be detached and turn the cushion into a long pillow of approximately 1 meter.

Later, when the baby is with his parents, it will be used as a nursing pillow that is held at the mother’s waist, allowing the baby to be placed on top and serving as a support to avoid fatigue. Thanks to the good fulfillment of this function, it is being valued by users as one of the best nursing pillows of 2022.

The Jane nursing pillow offers you a light gray design with white stars of different sizes that makes it suitable for use with babies of any gender. Other ways to use it is as a fall protector when they fall asleep in the parents’ bed, for example; or to take naps during the day.

Jané has always been recognized for offering good quality products at affordable prices, so it is not surprising that it is considered the best nursing pillow brand by its customers. However, we recommend you review the pros and cons of this model before making any decision.


Filling: The cushion has, internally, small balls that give softness and consistency to the structure.

Support: The use of the cushion not only helps to support the arms of mothers, it also has a positive effect on the back and cervical area.

Soft to the touch: The fabric that covers the cushion is very soft and pleasant to the touch.


Cleaning: The only part of the cushion that accepts a washing machine cycle is the cover.

Refilling: When the cushion looks thinner and you want to refill the filling, you can do it, but the process is somewhat messy.

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Twin Nursing Pillow

Mimuslin Tandem Gray

Raising twins can be a wonderful experience, but also exhausting, given the constant demand for attention from the two little ones. For this reason, when simultaneously breastfeeding siblings, there is nothing better than having a twin nursing cushion, like this model that we bring you today.

It is a product that provides a stable, comfortable and safe surface for calves; while favoring rest in your arms and reducing pressure on the back. To do this, it offers you, in addition to the cushion, a comfortable lumbar support.

The cushion offers a “C” format, with an extra large size and ideal for twins; and the lumbar reinforcement, allows you to attach it to the cushion by means of a clip closure, which favors an optimal posture when breastfeeding. In addition, it is made with a 100% cotton lining and its padding is made of foam rubber.

If you are expecting the arrival of twins and you are worried about the timing of breastfeeding, it is worth reviewing this product in more detail. Next, know its pros and cons.


Set: You will receive a nursing pillow for twins and a comfortable lumbar support for your back.

Materials: Its lining has 100% cotton textile and foam rubber padding, which provides stability and comfort.

Cleaning: It has a removable lining, thanks to the zipper closure, so you can easily machine wash it.

Utility: You can comfortably breastfeed one or two babies at the same time.


Dimensions: As it is a cushion with dimensions of 69 x 49 cm, it does not favor portability for use outside the home.

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Prenatal Nursing Pillow

Bamibi Pillow-003

This is a model specially designed for mothers who are looking for a prenatal breastfeeding cushion, whose functional design is capable of providing benefits of use, both for them and for the newborn.

In this sense, the combination of pieces of the pair of Bamibi cushions offers versatility. The first one is 170 centimeters long and has a diameter of 35 centimeters, while the length – width of the second cushion is 48 x 23 centimeters. In this way, they are suitable for the mother to use to relieve back pain when sleeping and sitting, as well as to support the womb. Likewise, the cushions can be grouped together to form a comfortable anti-tip surface for the baby.

In addition, the cushions are made with a polyester interior, which provides stability and comfort, while the cotton textile exterior provides greater breathability and a pleasant touch.

If you want a functional nursing pillow, you might be interested in the details of this model.


Washing: You can easily wash the cushions, since the covers are removable.

Filling: The cushion offers comfort and stability for the body of the baby or the mother, thanks to the polyester filling.

Usage: This is a functional product, which can be used for baby rest, lactation and pregnancy development.

Perspiration: You will enjoy adequate perspiration, due to the cotton fabric of its covers.


Closure: The larger cushion has a button closure, which could be a bit flimsy if you’re not careful.

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Nursing pillow Tuc Tuc

Tuc Tuc 05786

The Tuc Tuc nursing pillow is a benchmark of high quality, since it is a product that enjoys the support of a recognized brand in the market. This model stands out for offering an ergonomic design, so you will have a flexible and easily manageable product, adapting to different sizes and shapes according to needs.

It offers excellent comfort in any situation, whether it is when breastfeeding or giving the bottle, as well as being very useful when it comes to achieving optimum rest for the mother during pregnancy. In addition, it can be used as a nest in order to provide the child with a cozy and safe space to rest after being fed.

It is a model made with a soft cotton lining and its structure offers you a 100% EPS expanded polystyrene padding, which provides an ideal surface for relaxation and comfort.

When it comes to comfort and practicality, this model could be a recommended alternative for the rest of the future mother and also for the baby. Below, she continues to read the pros and cons of it.


Design: It offers you an attractive unisex design, since it has a star print in neutral colors.

Ergonomics: Given the flexibility and high quality of its padding, it is possible to adapt the cushion to different postures and uses.

Cleaning: It has a removable and easy-to-clean cover, so you can wash it and always keep it clean.


Firmness: The firmness of the cushion could be improved, when it comes to providing support and stability to the baby during breastfeeding.

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Boppy Nursing Pillow

Boppy Wild Flowers

This cushion offered by Boppy is getting many positive comments from users, who have even considered it the best nursing cushion. Part of these good references are due to its efficient adjustment system to the mother’s waist that does not tighten and helps the baby to stay in the right position and height.

Closely related to the above, its ergonomic structure also stands out, which prevents sensations of fatigue or excessive weight from occurring on the mother’s body, since the baby’s entire structure will rest on the cushion.

Although its main use is to facilitate breastfeeding, the Boppy nursing pillow is also suitable for other times of baby activity. For example, when he begins to move more vigorously in bed or to find a more comfortable position after finishing the feeding day.

This model has been tested at the Chicco observatory center and recognized as an excellent product for babies, so it may be the best nursing pillow of the moment. That is why we have listed the pros and cons that have been established so far thanks to the opinion of some users.


Cleaning: You can remove the cover from the cushion and put both pieces in the washing machine, as it does not deform.

Designs: The user will have the possibility to choose between the 9 different designs offered by the manufacturer.

Support: The maximum weight of use is 15 kg, so it can be used until the baby is of considerable age.

Weight: With its 898 g it will not be a big problem to be able to move it from one place to another, especially when you are going to be away from home.


Excessive comfort: As it is very comfortable, a user states that her baby falls asleep before finishing feeding, which sometimes causes problems.

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Theraline Nursing Pillow

Theraline 510710602

This Theraline model is a cushion that, due to its shape, can adapt to all the possible positions that are usually used for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, as the case may be, so it could well answer the question of which is the best cushion lactation.

We emphasize that its padding is mouldable, allowing the area you want to be made more fluffy with more height, thus adapting to the needs of each user. In the same way, it can be placed at different angles to support the baby’s body when he goes to take a nap or watch a cartoon on TV, for example.

In relation to the clothing, users report that its seams appear to be of very good quality, which will be a plus to prevent internal balls from coming out easily. In addition, the Theraline nursing cushion offers a breathable textile, so it does not transmit heat to the body, making it effective for any time of the year.

To find out if this is the cushion you need, we have prepared the following characterization of pros and cons, so that you can consider the most relevant aspects of the product to make an intelligent purchase.


Comfort: Its length of 180 cm gives the possibility of adapting it to different shapes and uses on a daily basis.

Period of use: Given its type of filling and versatility, it can be used with babies until they are older and can drink their bottle alone lying there.

Designs: It comes in very sober presentations that make it a unisex product.


Space: Some users state that because of the space that the cushion occupies when they use it to sleep, it can make your partner uncomfortable. However, as a breastfeeding utensil it adequately fulfills its function.

Portability: Due to its size, it can be difficult to take it on trips or other places outside the home.

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Other products

Scamp Ancora BlueWhite

Unlike previous models, this is a cushion whose filling is made of silicone. This kind of material gives a positive plus in moments of rest, since it prevents noise from being generated with normal movements at bedtime. In addition, this composition is more durable, maintaining the original shape of the pillow for longer. Thanks to these aspects, a good number of people are considering it as the best quality-price nursing pillow.

Although the product includes a removable and washable cover, other covers can be selected from individual sales that are made of different materials to be used according to the time of year, so the warmest fabrics will be used in winter and the most breathable in summer. To extract each one, it will only be necessary to open the zipper closure that is incorporated throughout its structure.

In the event that you feel that the padding of the cushion is excessive, the necessary amount can be removed until the desired firmness is achieved.

To be clear about which nursing pillow to buy, we recommend you analyze the summary of positive and negative aspects that we present below, with which we hope to help you in your decision.


Antibacterial: The padding of the cushion includes an antibacterial approval that will be very favorable to use with the baby.

Fastening: The tie cord prevents the cushion from opening on its own, making it more useful for placing the baby safely.

Utility: It can be used as a bumper for when the baby is on the parents’ bed or prevent it from hitting the bars of the crib.


Smell: It is best to wash the product before starting to use it, since it usually arrives with a strong smell.

Storage: The product does not include a case to store the cushion while it is not in use.

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Tuc Tuc 5785

This beautiful pillow with a star design is occupying a very important position among the cheapest models that are available in the category of nursing pillows.

Its internal composition is ergonomic, allowing both the mother and the baby to be very comfortable with its use, resting the appropriate parts of the body and avoiding possible discomfort, especially in the back and chest area.

The opening has the correct dimensions to extend and be able to adjust to all types of waists without being tight or too loose, making the feeding process of babies uncomplicated due to lack of firmness.

This Tuc Tuc cushion also provides the necessary conditions to increase the body’s perspiration, so that, even on summer days, mother and child do not feel excessive heat.

Thus, because it is one of the cheapest cushions, considering its pros and cons will always be beneficial to make a more accurate comparison with other models and make your investment as assertive as possible.


Cover: It can be easily removed to carry out the respective washing or to make exchanges with other models that are available.

Versatility: Although its main use is for breastfeeding, its u design can also serve as a support pillow for the baby.

Materials: The cover is made of cotton for a soft touch, while the lining and padding are made of polyester for strength.


Fastening: This model does not have a tie to hold it at the waist. However, the horseshoe design fits well on most bodies.

Design: In this offer there is no possibility of choosing between different designs or varied colors.

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Nursing pillow accessories


Nursing pillow cover

Ullenboom SKOF-190-RG

This is a nursing cushion cover made of cotton fabric, which gives the product freshness, due to its high level of perspiration, and a pleasant soft touch. In addition, it is a fiber with Oeko-Tex type certification, that is, it favors health and the environment, as it does not have any type of toxic agent.

On the other hand, we have the long-width format of the cover, which corresponds to 190 x 38 centimeters, respectively. Likewise, there is the side opening system made up of a practical zipper, which allows the filling to be inserted without further complication.

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How to choose the best nursing pillow?

Since it is a maternity product with great benefits, the best brands offer a wide variety of models so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. With so much variety, it could be difficult to make a selection; For this reason, we have prepared a complete guide to buying the best nursing pillow, where you can evaluate the parameters to consider before purchasing.

Shopping guide


First of all, the first thing you should do before betting on a specific nursing pillow is to determine the use you are going to give it. In this sense, there are models designed to help the future mother rest, as they favor a correct posture, so they are ideal for use in the prenatal stage. Likewise, we have the cushions that maintain an optimal position for the baby when you are breastfeeding or when you give him a bottle. Likewise, they can also fulfill the function of a nest and provide security for the baby while he sleeps.

For this reason, before choosing a nursing pillow, evaluate your needs, since some models are only valid for one function, while others are versatile and multifunctional. For this reason, they can be useful before giving birth and continue to be so after delivery, as support during the breastfeeding stage. In any case, getting a nursing pillow is a smart investment, since you will be able to give your arms a break, while reducing the pressure and weight on your back.


It is very easy to differentiate in a comparison of nursing pillows, the formats offered by the market; this being the main aspect that you should consider before making a purchase decision. In this sense, we have that there are full body cushions, others that are elongated like a snake, also those that offer a C format and those that are wedge type.

Starting with the full body cushions, these models are large in size and functional for pregnant women, providing stability and improving sleeping posture. In addition, many of these models allow you to continue using them to support the baby at feeding time.

The elongated cushions, on the other hand, offer a cylindrical structure and the mother will be able to hug them comfortably during the night, support her head, her belly and also her legs; its length is usually between 130 and 190 cm. Once she has given birth, they are very useful as a support for breastfeeding and also for the little one’s naps, since some models have ribbons at their ends that allow them to be tied and turned into a comfortable nest.

Donut-shaped or C-shaped nursing pillows are usually the most used when feeding the baby, since they offer a stable and firm surface, due to their great padding; Likewise, some models, due to their size, are ideal when it comes to breastfeeding twins.

Finally, we have the wedge-type models; These products offer a compact construction and can be used either for the comfort of the mother when sitting up, when lying down and also to support the arms and the baby during breastfeeding.

Materials and designs

If you are concerned about how much a specific model costs, it is convenient that you evaluate the quality offered by the manufacturing materials, since its cost depends on this variable. Considering that it is a product that will be in contact with your skin and that of your baby, you should not skimp on the price to get a good quality nursing pillow that gives you confidence, comfort and is also easy to use. clean up.

For this reason, for the upholstery of the cushion you can choose biological and environmentally friendly materials, such as bamboo or organic cotton, which in addition to being soft to the touch, are safer with the skin. Even so, there are also those that combine the cotton lining with polyester.

Regarding the filling, there is a wide variety of materials, such as feathers, millet straw, wool, seeds, foam rubber, polyester and cotton; each of them offers different textures and densities, in order to provide variable padding, according to your needs.

Regarding design, the market has cushions that offer colors and patterns to cover the preferences and tastes of users; so you can always find a nursing pillow that is attractive, good and cheap, that meets your expectations and does not affect your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a nursing pillow

Begin by making a mold or pattern on paper or cardboard, in a semi-moon format or in the shape of a “C”, 65 cm long and with a circumference width of approximately 22 cm. Then, place the mold on two pieces of white fabric, which will serve as a lining and will be filled with any material you choose, from foam rubber to cotton. You can also use a printed fabric for the cover, which is easy to put on and take off. Cut the pieces according to the pattern and proceed to machine sew, leaving an open part to insert the filling.


Q2: Can I use a nursing pillow as a crib reducer?

There are models of cushions that favor the use as a crib reducer. These are cushions with a flexible structure and a soft and comfortable filling, which allows you to adapt it to different shapes. In the event that you want to provide extra protection for your baby, you can place the cushion in the crib and hold its ends with the built-in straps that these products offer and that are very useful to prevent the cushion from separating. In this way, you can prepare a safe and comfortable nest for the rest of the child.

Q3: How to sleep with nursing pillow

The use of a nursing pillow during the gestation stage allows the mother to adopt a correct posture at bedtime. For this reason, you can use the cushions that have a full-body format, since they offer optimal rest in different parts of the body.

In this sense, you can put it between your legs in order to level the spine, while your hips and belly rest and relax; You can also use it under your legs, in order to promote blood flow to the extremities, since during pregnancy the feet tend to swell more easily. Likewise, wearing it under your head helps to relax the tension in your neck, shoulders and back. For this reason, experts in maternal well-being recommend the use of these cushions, which also allow you to use them after the baby is born, especially during the breastfeeding stage.

Q4: How long can the nursing pillow be used?

The nursing pillow is an accessory that helps mothers, especially new mothers, to cope with their lack of experience and the fragility of a newborn, particularly when breastfeeding; since for many, this task can become a complicated and even uncomfortable process. For this reason, the use of these cushions allows you to deal with breastfeeding during the first months of the child and leave it when the mother feels safer to hold it in her own arms.

However, there are models that even after breastfeeding, continue to provide their useful life; for example, to support the child when he begins to sit up on his own, or to provide him with an inclined surface after he has been fed, in order to prevent backflow of food. For this reason, there is no guideline or rule that establishes when you should stop using it, it all depends on each mother and the needs of the baby.

Q5: What kind of nursing pillow is most used?

Among the wide variety of cushions that the market offers to help the mother in breastfeeding, those that offer a U or C format are the most used; since they provide a firm, stable, comfortable and safe surface to lay the baby and place it at the level of the mother’s breast, in order to facilitate the attachment and milk intake. In addition, many of these cushions offer a closure system that allows the mother to adjust them around her waist, providing greater security when breastfeeding. On the other hand, they are cushions that favor portability and easy storage, since their size is not as large as that of other formats.

Q6: How to breastfeed with a nursing pillow

First of all, it is essential to have a firm and secure cushion. Find a quiet place where you can sit and place it on your legs around your abdomen and then gently place your child. You should carefully check the baby’s posture, since he should be lying on his side and follow an imaginary line that aligns his ear, shoulder and hip, while his head should be in the direction of the mother’s chest.

How to use a nursing pillow

The nursing cushion can become the best ally to provide a plus to the comfort of the mother and the baby at the time of feeding, whether it is breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It also offers other uses and advantages, learn how to use it properly so you can get the most out of this accessory.

Secure the cushion to your body

If you have a cushion with ribbons or straps that keep it fixed around your waist, try to secure it as close to your body as possible, in order to offer security and stability when breastfeeding. For this reason, it is necessary that your cushion adapts to the contour of your waist and that, at the same time, it is an easy model to put on and take off in case of a mishap.

Find the best posture

The best way to breastfeed using a nursing pillow is in a sitting position; either in a chair, on a sofa or on the bed, since in this way you will not only have your hands free, but you will also be able to hold your child comfortably on your lap, without the need for greater effort. Also, for greater comfort it is recommended that you place a pillow on your back or an auxiliary cushion, in order to help you deal with the pressure on your spine.

Use it to breastfeed

Safety for both the mother and the baby when breastfeeding with a nursing pillow is a fundamental factor that you cannot ignore. For this reason, proceed to put it according to the position that the child has during feeding, either along the arm, next to your body or on your lap. Next, carefully pick up the baby and put her feet under your arm, with her tummy in front of your body. Then place the little one on his side on the cushion, which will be your support to help you with the work of holding the child.

Also useful for bottle feeding

In the event that your baby has already been weaned and you feed him with a bottle, the nursing pillow is still a comfortable and safe tool for feeding him; even the father of the child or any other family member can feed it. You just need to find a quiet place to sit and put the cushion on your lap or to the side. Then, you should support the arm that you use to support the child’s head, being careful to keep it slightly tilted while the child takes his bottle.

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