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Pacifier Clips – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

There is no doubt that your child’s teething process is one of the most uncomfortable moments both for him and for you. That is why searching the market for solutions to help you feel better, we found pacifier holders, items designed to hold pacifiers. Which have now been redesigned so that your little one can bite them and reduce the discomfort caused by the appearance of the first milk teeth. Among the many options that we find, we highlight the Mcgmitt R0110, a teething chain made of food grade silicone, without toxic agents and whose length is 22 cm, to comply with EU legislation. Also, we have the YooFoss HQ-18a set of 6 clips with unisex prints, which have been worked in high quality cotton for safe use. In addition, its design offers softness, resistance to use and good support.



Opinions on the best pacifier holders

If you have not yet decided if you want a traditional pacifier holder to hold your baby’s pacifier or you prefer modern and functional ones that relieve teething, we bring you a selection with varied products in this category so that you can choose the one that you like the most and is according to your baby’s needs.

Mcgmitt R0110

The classic tape that held the pacifiers of the little ones has evolved to become a teething chain, such as this Mcgmitt model, which is designed with silicone beads to serve as a teether and relieve pain due to the arrival of the teeth..

This product complies with different safety certifications that confirm its harmlessness for babies, complying with the length of 22 cm and incorporating a resistant plastic clip that holds well on clothing, supports the weight of the pacifier and the baby’s movements. 

The two-unit presentation is worth the investment for a baby shower gift, while its I love Momo and I love Dad design give it a touch of cuteness, accompanied by animal-shaped decorations. Likewise, the combination of colors used in these pacifier holders visually attracts the little ones, who will soon discover the great utility of these silicone teethers.

For all these qualities, this may be the best lollipop holder of the moment, and it is convenient to evaluate its pros and cons below.


Material: The pacifier is made of food-grade silicone, containing several beads of different textures for babies’ gums.

Hygiene: You can wash the teething chain by hand or in the dishwasher, as it is easy to clean and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Certification: This product has passed all the tests and has the approval of the safety standards ASTM F963 and CPSIA.


Compatibility: Despite its compatibility with the main brands of pacifiers, some models do not fit the chain.

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Yoofos YFS-CP

Among the cheapest pacifier clips in this summary, we find the Yoofos model, as it is a kit of six straps made of cotton that is easy to clean with hand washing, anti-wrinkle and safe, as well as resistant plastic free of toxic agents for your baby.

This pacifier holder, at one of its ends, has a clip to attach it to your little one’s clothes, while at the other it has a nylon loop to secure the pacifier. In addition, each of the six straps has different motifs that are suitable for both boys and girls and that you can combine with your child’s clothes or pacifiers.

Similarly, it is available in the version for boys and girls, with varieties of blue and pink, purple and white. We also highlight from this model that its clamp has a simple system for parents, but it guarantees adequate support so that the child cannot take it off.

Although this is one of the cheapest pacifier holders on the market, it has several characteristics that we describe in the next section so that you can learn more about this model and that corroborate its usefulness.


Kit: This model is a kit of six straps with different motifs so you can combine them with your little one’s pacifiers and clothes.

Design: Each of the six straps has different motifs, plus you can choose from a variety of blue colors for your boy or a variety of pink, purple and white colors for your girl.

Clip: This pacifier holder incorporates a plastic clip free of toxic agents. Also, its fastening system is simple for parents, but not easy enough for little ones.


Price: A user expresses that the pink variety kit is more expensive, because compared to the blue variety, it has fewer straps.

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Tyry.Hu Koala Raccoon Teether

When it’s time to teethe, babies look to the most unusual objects for the relief their gums need. To avoid situations of risk or access to bacteria, the design of this teether, which is also a pacifier holder, allows complete sanitization in the dishwasher or if you prefer to sterilize it with the rest of the baby’s utensils, you can do so. 

Its length of 21.5 cm has been certified by CPSC / CPSIA, as well as its manufacturing material: food grade silicone, free of BPA, lead, latex and metal. So you can rest assured that you are offering your child a functional and hazard-free toy.

Regarding the design, you can choose the packs that combine two colors in pastel shades with an elegant and tender finish, which will look good every time your baby wears it, regardless of the style of clothing. 

Now we show you the positive and negative aspects of this Tyry.Hu product, which could well be the best brand of pacifier clips, according to the evaluation of its buyers.


Design: Two combined teether chains in pastel colors are included to complete a functional and cute pack for the baby.

Safe: In its preparation, this product has been free of BPA, PVC, lead, metal, phthalates and other toxic agents for the health of children.

Fit: The two-in-one clip is not only compatible with pacifiers, it can also hold blankets, bibs and other teething toys.


Resistance: The macramé cord can end up giving in to the baby’s pulls, so you must be careful when using the teether toy.

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Pedro Durán Doodles Silver

When looking for the best pacifier holder, we recommend you review the Garabatos Plata model by Pedro Durán, a pacifier holder chain made of silver-plated metal.

This product incorporates a clip that is secured to your baby’s clothes, without inconvenience. Also, this pacifier holder has at its other end a cute pendant with a clip to hold your little one’s pacifier.

It belongs to the Doodles line of the renowned brand and has a drawing of a child that seems to have been painted by another child. However, it is also available in other motifs, such as a drawing of a girl or even bears and horses so that you can choose the one you like best for your baby.

This model is suitable for children from birth and offers them style and elegance when used with dress clothes and on special occasions where you have to take your child or as a nice baptism or baby shower gift.

If you still don’t know which pacifier holder to buy, you can review the benefits of this model that is recommended by several users for having the support of a brand that has positioned itself in the world of fashion and baby items.


Silver: The pacifier holder is made of silver-plated metal, making it elegant and sophisticated.

Models: It is a pacifier holder chain that you can get with the drawing of a boy, a girl or other motifs such as bears, horses and others.

Support: This model has the support of the renowned brand Pedro Durán, who has combined fashion with solutions for your baby.


Teether: Unlike the other models in this roundup, this pacifier does not offer relief to the baby when he bites during the teething stage.

Price: It is the most expensive pacifier on the list. However, its properties make it a good investment.

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Ruby Beads Personalized

If you are looking for a functional and personalized gift for a baby who is on the way or who is already several months old, you can consider this pacifier holder. First of all, it stands out for being made of antibacterial silicone, complying with the standards required by law. 

Second, it allows you to personalize the chain with the baby’s name to add a unique touch to their style. This, added to the functionality of the product to help during teething, gives it a good cost-benefit ratio.

Regarding its adjustment, we must mention that it has a metal clip with anti-suffocation insurance, which is effectively attached to clothing and has the resistance not to give in to the baby’s pulls. 

Without a doubt, this is a beautiful gift, made entirely by hand and with care in every detail, to offer a product with good finishes and an aesthetic design that favors its functionality. We invite you to take a look at the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Personalization: The manufacturer allows the personalization of the product, up to 6 letters per name, accompanied by other decorative elements, all made of food grade silicone.

Grip: This product uses a metal clip with anti-choking safety that is also waterproof, so there will be no problem of oxidation.  

Presentation: For its presentation and subsequent storage, the pacifier holder comes in a practical cloth bag that you can carry in the baby’s backpack.


Price: The cost of this product is higher than that of the packs of two pacifier holders. But, the fact of being personalized compensates for the increase in value.

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Ruby Star Custom

If you are looking for the best pacifier holder, we recommend the RUBY Personalized Star model, which stands out for its original design that combines a star, beads and up to a maximum of 6 letters made of antibacterial silicone, all in beautiful shades such as turquoise, purple, pink and fuchsia that They match.

Asimismo, este chupetero puede personalizarse, pues debes enviarle un mensaje al fabricante para escoger cada una de las 6 letras para formar el nombre de tu hijo, sin embargo, te dan la opción de agregar 2 letras más sin afectar su diseño.

Este modelo tiene un largo de 22 cm y en uno de sus extremos cuenta con una pinza para asegurarlo a la ropa y en el otro extremo un clip para el chupete de tu pequeño. También, es un chupetero mordedor, avalado por los certificados de calidad de la Unión Europea, pues está fabricado con materiales libres de BPA, PVC, Ftalatos, cadmio y plomo que lo hacen seguro para tu bebé cuando lo muerda.

Para muchos clientes este modelo es el mejor chupetero del momento, pues reúne diferentes características que lo hacen una buena inversión, algunas de ellas las resumimos a continuación.


Diseño: Está compuesto de una linda estrella y diversas cuentas, seis y hasta ochos de ellas son letras que conforman el nombre de tu hijo.

Materiales: El chupetero en su totalidad está fabricado en silicona libre de componentes tóxicos para tu bebé, como el BPA y el plomo.

Variedad: Este chupetero se puede encontrar en diversos colores, tales como el morado, amarillo, azul y turquesa. Así podrás elegir el que sea de tu gusto.

Personalización: El chupetero puede personalizarse con el nombre de tu hijo, solo debes enviarle un mensaje al fabricante al realizar tu pedido.


Tamaño y peso: Algunos usuarios afirman que para niños muy pequeños, este chupetero es muy pesado y grande, pues sus cuentas y estrellas son de gran tamaño.

Luchild Pacifier Holder

Por estar fabricado en silicona y madera natural alimentaria, libres de BPA, el modelo de Luchild destaca entre los mejores chupeteros del 2022. Entre otras cosas, este chupetero tiene un diseño que combina la moda con la funcionalidad, pues sus cuentas de diversos colores y formas no solo aportan estilo a tu bebé, sino que estimula el desarrollo cognitivo de este. También resaltamos que es un modelo adecuado para sujetar los chupetes de tu hijo, juguetes, anillos especiales para el proceso de dentición, paños y demás accesorios.

Por otro lado, su sistema de sujeción es de fácil uso a través de un clip que puede colocarse en la ropa de tu pequeño, la silla de paseo o incluso en el asiento del coche. Además, el chupetero es lavable para evitar la propagación de gérmenes que puedan dañar a tu hijo.

Por sus diversos artículos para mejorar todo el proceso de embarazo, nacimiento y crecimiento de un niño en cientos de hogares, Luchild es considerada como la mejor marca de chupeteros y el modelo Baby es uno de los más destacados en su catálogo, por ello te resumimos sus pros y contras a continuación.


Versatilidad: El chupetero no solo sujeta los chupetes de tu pequeño, sino que además puede sujetar paños, juguetes o anillos de dentición.

Moda y funcionalidad: Las cuentas tienen formas y tamaños diferentes para contribuir al buen desarrollo del cerebro de tu pequeño. Además, sus colores le dan un estilo único.

Materiales: El chupetero está fabricado en silicona y madera natural alimentaria, materiales no tóxicos y seguros para tu bebés.


Mayores de 6 meses: Es adecuado para niños mayores de seis meses debido a sus dimensiones, así que si tu bebé ha iniciado la dentición antes puedes buscar otros modelos acordes a su edad.

Metal: Si prefieres chupeteros de plástico, este modelo incorpora una pinza de metal, por lo que tendrás que buscar otra opción.

ElfieFate Pompón

Muchos usuarios consideran que este es el mejor chupetero de relación calidad precio, pues es adecuado para niñas por su lindo diseño original con un pompón color rosa. Sin embargo, está disponible en otros modelos para niños o unisex.

Asimismo, este producto de ElfieFate es de fabricación artesanal, hecho completamente a mano con terminaciones delicadas y de alta calidad, elaborado con tela 100% algodón, es de fácil lavado y seguro para tu bebé.

Este chupetero cuenta con un clip de seguridad para sujetarlo a la ropa de tu bebé, sin posibilidad de que este se lo quite. También, trae una cuerda que hace juego con el diseño para asegurar el chupete. Además, viene en un empaque de regalo, facilitándote la tarea si piensas obsequiarlo a amigos o familiares para celebrar la llegada del bebé.

Este modelo es adecuado para niños desde su nacimiento, así evitarás perder los chupetes del pequeño, ya que puedes colocarlo a diario y combinarlo con sus diversas prendas de ropa.

Te recomendamos revisar los aspectos positivos y negativos de este modelo, un chupetero que reúne las propiedades adecuadas para que tu bebé lo pueda usar sin problemas.


Artesanal: Este modelo está fabricado en tela de 100% algodón. Además, está hecho a mano con acabados delicados y de óptima calidad.

Clip: Incorpora un cierre tipo clip que es de fácil uso para los padres y no permite que el pequeño se lo quite sencillamente.

Embalaje de regalo: El chupetero viene en un pack de regalo, por si realizas el pedido como obsequio para familiares o amigos que van a ser padres o como regalo de bienvenida al bebé.


Dentición: Al ser de tela, este chupetero no es el adecuado para que el bebé lo use durante su proceso de dentición.

Sujeción: La sujeción del chupete es a través de una cuerda de tela, por lo que puede resultar algo endeble para resistir a los tirones del bebé.

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