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Pacifiers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

One of the mechanisms that babies use to calm down is sucking. It is a natural act that is reflected by visualizing that the basis of their nutrition in the first months of life comes from the womb or, failing that, from a bottle. But, they can’t spend the day eating. For this reason, pacifiers were created as an alternative strategy to allow them that sucking process when it is not time to eat. However, with so many technological advances and the number of models available on the market, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of a few in order to clearly define which one will be the most appropriate for our baby. Consequently, we bring to present you the Philips Avent SCF172/51, a taste and odor free pacifier for babies from 0 to 6 months and with full color children’s designs. On the other hand, the Suavinex In the Sea stands out, whose teat is made of silicone, does not cause damage to the baby’s palate and can be used by children from 6 to 18 months of age.

Opinions on the best pacifiers

The use of pacifiers in babies is currently very widespread and with so many different designs and models on the market, we know that it is not easy to choose a specific one. That is why we present this comparison with the products valued by users as the best pacifiers of 2022 to help you make a smart investment.

personalized pacifiers

Philips Avent Classic Set of 2 decorated pacifiers

Philips Avent is a prestigious brand in the market known for the high quality of its products, designed for the well-being of mothers and children. Today he presents you with a set of two personalized pacifiers, made of BPA-free silicone, odorless and tasteless. It is a product designed with an anatomical, symmetrical and flexible teat, which respects the natural development of the baby’s gums, teeth and palate.

These are pacifiers that you can easily sterilize, as they are dishwasher safe and their design includes a practical ring that makes it easy to remove or hold the pacifier. Likewise, with the purchase you will receive 2 snap-on caps that cover the nipple, providing greater hygiene at all times. In addition, you can choose the set of your choice with attractive drawings; as well as the most convenient age range for your little one, from 0 to 6 or from 6 to 18 months.

If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality pacifier to soothe your baby, this model could meet all your expectations. Check its pros and cons.


Set: The manufacturer offers you a pack of 2 pacifiers with their respective hygienic hood made of transparent plastic.

Design: They offer an anatomical design that respects the baby’s oral development.

Styles: You can choose the set of pacifiers of your choice, from the available safari range or the I Love Mama style.



Colors: Higher quality in the printing of the drawings is missing; as they seem to tend to lose color faster than expected.

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Suavinex pacifiers

Suavinex In The Sea

If you are looking to know which is the best pacifier, this Suavinex model could help you answer that question. Its presentation in a convenient pack of two units gives the advantage of being able to use one while the other is in the cleaning process, or to solve any unexpected situation.

The teat of these Suavinex pacifiers is made of silicone material with a design that seeks to imitate the shape of the mother’s breast to give natural contact with the baby’s palate. This, in addition, is anatomical, which helps to conform to the normal texture of the mouth without causing discomfort.

In this case of Suavinex pacifiers, the model is available to be used by children between 6 and 18 months of age. Hence the robustness of its materials, since at this time the first teeth erupt frequently and babies seek to bite everything that is close to them.

To make a simpler and more specific tour of the characteristics of this product, we have prepared the following summary of pros and cons with which you can have a clearer idea of ​​its functionality and quality.


BPA-free: Part of the product’s safety is evidenced by the fact that it is BPA-free, making it suitable for use by babies.

Rings: Includes transparent rings to facilitate the handling of the pacifier when it is necessary to extract more easily.

Holes: At the top it has two holes that facilitate normal air circulation.


Design: It is only available in a style that tends to be more masculine, although it is actually about the underwater world.

Price: Without being the most expensive, this product may have a higher price than others presented in this comparison.

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MAM Pacifiers

MAM Jungle

It is a set of two pacifiers from the MAM brand, which are suitable for use from 0 to 6 months, although it is possible to choose another version that goes from 6 to 16 months.

As for their manufacturing materials, these MAM pacifiers have a teat made of silk silicone that, together with its rounded plastic edges, is quite pleasant for the baby’s palate, since it does not make a heavy or rough set.

It is useful to point out that these models of MAM pacifiers have undergone rigorous medical tests, giving them acceptance among dentists and orthodontists who ensure that these pacifiers will not affect the normal development of children’s teeth as they grow.

Due to all these characteristics, this model has earned a good place in the popularity of users, which is why many consider it to be the best pacifier.

To work with solid foundations in a comparison, it is necessary to study different aspects of the variety of products in the same category. And, although many think that this is the best pacifier of the moment, we want to emphasize its pros and cons to validate this information.


Case: Both to receive the product and to transport it from one place to another, a case is included that keeps it sterilized.

BPA Free: The entire product, even the hardest parts, is BPA free, making it very safe for any baby to use.

Airy: As the external structure of the pacifier has holes, it is easier for the baby to expel the drool more easily, especially when the teething process begins.

Without washer: It can be considered a pro because it will give the baby comfort at bedtime, if he likes to do it on his stomach.


Drawing: Some users state that after several uses, the drawing tends to disappear.

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Nuk Pacifiers

Nuk 10178009 Genius My First Silicone Pacifier

Nuk has a good quality pacifier in its catalog that could become your baby’s favourite.

Nuk pacifiers enjoy a good reputation and the 10178009 model stands out for presenting an impeccable design in white along with a transparent teat. It is designed to be used by babies between 0 and 6 months thanks to the fact that the teat is extra soft, being comfortable to bite with the gums.

On the other hand, it is highlighted that both the design of the pacifier and the nipple are designed to reduce the pressure that these usually cause in the mouth, so that your baby has more space to play with it.

As for the manufacture of the nipple, it is made of silicone, which can withstand high temperatures in case you want to sterilize the pacifier completely when you go to wash it to give it to your little one.

Nuk offers you an alternative in silicone pacifiers with which you can calm your little one’s cravings:


Design: The pacifier is white in color and has a delicate design for the baby to use.

Simulation: Thanks to its shape, this model can simulate the mother’s breast for better acceptance.

Aspirator: It has a narrow aspirator through which the air can pass without problems.

Safe: The manufacturing materials used to make the pacifier are completely free of BPA.



Water: The nipple can accumulate water inside when it is washed, so you must be careful to avoid this.

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pacifiers with name

Boann Pacifier Chain

If you are looking for pacifiers with a name, we recommend you take a look at the Boann brand model.

It is a very practical, attractive and comfortable product to use, thanks to the chain with an integrated hook that will prevent the pacifier from falling to the ground if the child drops it. This will help keep it clean in case you want to put it back in your mouth.

You can buy it in a wide variety of colors depending on its availability and you will find the name stamped on both the pacifier and the clasp. In addition, it has a protective cap that will keep the pacifier free of dirt and germs.

On the other hand, you should know that it is quite safe, since the plastic and silicone used in its manufacture are free of both phosphates and BPA, which are contaminating agents of plastics.

In case you are looking for a personalized pacifier with your baby’s name, we recommend you consider the advantages of this product:


Design: Boann offers you a pacifier with a practical and comfortable design for your baby to use.

Colors: You could buy it in different colors, such as yellow, blue, fuchsia, turquoise, red and many more.

Hook: It has a chain with a hook that will allow the pacifier to be attached to the baby’s clothes in case it falls off.

Security: You will not have to worry about the materials of the nipple or pacifier, since they are free of harmful agents.



Robustness: The pacifier chain could be more robust, but it does its job.

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newborn pacifier

Philips Avent Soothie

This pacifier option for newborns offered by Philips Avent stands out for having a teat adaptable to the jaw of babies, in a flat presentation and with symmetrical characteristics.

To achieve this, the manufacturer is committed to using silicone and BPA-free material that has medical support, thus ensuring the well-being of children from the very day they are born, without causing interference in the normal eruption of teeth or in health. of the gums.

The shield that supports the nipple is flexible, which makes it easier to mold to babies’ faces as they grow. In addition, it has a very positive effect on the strength of the product, even when babies bite or squeeze it with their hands.

As for cleaning, this is quite easy to carry out as they are pieces capable of withstanding their inclusion in a sterilizer or dishwasher.

This is one of the favorite options among consumers, which they support not only with the characterization given above, but also with the pros and cons that are right now.


Set: The package includes two pacifiers that have calming properties.

Lid: To protect them from dirt after washing, you can place the included protective lid that works under pressure.

Without discoloration: No matter how much use is given and washes that are made, pacifiers tend to maintain their color over time.


Without ring: They do not include the ring that allows the pacifier to be hung from a chain to prevent it from falling to the ground.

Weight: Some users report that the weight of the pacifier is quite high for products of this type.

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Chicco Pacifiers

Chicco Physio Soft

Among the advantages of using pacifiers is the relief of pain and inflammation of the gums when the teeth begin to come out. This, especially, when it comes to a soft material, such as the silicone that makes up this prominent model among Chicco pacifiers.

Its teat has been worked with a physiological compound approved by specialists in dental health, ensuring that it does not alter in any way the internal evolution of the baby’s mouth.

Another aspect that is valued positively is that it has an ergonomic shape that adapts to each area of ​​the mouth so as not to appear to be an intruder inside the palate. This has been one of the main reasons for considering that it is the best value for money pacifier, according to users.

Also, it includes an appropriate distribution of ventilation holes so that children can clear saliva from the contour of their lips.

It is not surprising that Chicco is valued by its customers as the best brand of pacifiers due to the good quality of its products and the valuable performance it has shown over time. Here we list the positive and negative aspects of this particular model.


Pack: The package includes two pacifiers that facilitate their use and cleaning.

Age: This model is formulated to serve babies from 6 to 12 months of age.

Robustness: The material is robust enough to withstand the teeth of babies and their constant biting.


Design: These pacifiers are designed with a single color throughout their structure, without decorations or childish drawings.

Size: Some users consider that they look too big for the indicated age, but they work normally.

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silicone pacifier

Dr. Brown’s PS11004-INTL

In addition to designing high-quality baby bottles, Dr. Brown’s has also embraced the pacifier category in recognition of their usefulness as calming infants. For this reason, it offers the PS11004-INTL silicone pacifier, a functional product developed with the same design as the brand’s reference teats so that the transition between the mother’s breast, bottle and pacifier is made easier for the baby without generating confusion.

This model is made of medical grade silicone, that is, a hygienic, safe and non-toxic material for your baby, in addition its butterfly shape has an ergonomic design to protect its face and nose, being suitable for use from birth. small.

It is necessary to mention that the entire pacifier is made of silicone, so it is normal that many babies who have developed their fine motor skills can even use it as a teether when the teething process begins.

Now we invite you to learn more about this silicone pacifier, designed by Dr. Brown’s, and for this we summarize some of its most striking positive and negative characteristics.


Design: The butterfly shape of this pacifier favors ergonomics during gripping, without affecting the baby’s face or nose.

Material: Being made entirely of silicone, the pacifier is very soft and the baby can nibble on it without hurting his gums.

Cleaning: This product is easy to sanitize, it can be washed in the dishwasher and sterilized normally.


Colors: For a user it is a disadvantage that the variety of colors is only limited to blue and pink.

Teat: Some mothers believe that the design of the teat is too long for newborn babies and therefore it is more difficult for them to grasp the pacifier.

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How to choose the best pacifier?

Pacifiers are items that babies will put in their mouths and that play a determining role in the development of their jaw. This is why your choice cannot be taken lightly and you must take the time to visualize the most relevant characteristics for a correct decision. With this objective we have prepared this guide to buy the best pacifier that we hope will be very useful to you.

Shopping guide

Fabrication material

Pacifiers are usually made, essentially, of two types of materials: latex and silicone, the choice of one or the other will largely depend on what is more pleasant for them.

A quality material will have a direct influence in determining how much a pacifier costs. However, it can also represent a clear message about the safety of the product, so it is necessary to choose the one that best suits our availability, but taking care that it meets a high quality standard.

Another important fact in this aspect is to make sure that the material is free of harmful substances, such as BPA, which is so common in products made of plastic. Knowing that this is a product that will come into contact with the baby’s saliva, the most appropriate thing is to make sure that it does not contain it in any area of ​​its structure.

To finish this point, it is necessary to ensure that the chosen material has good resistance to withstand the constant use that babies give it without easily degrading, an issue that can cause safety problems.

the teat

To ensure that a pacifier is suitable for use by a baby of a certain age, attention must necessarily be focused on the shape of the teat. Today, it is common to find that the best brands of manufacturers of this type of product bet on anatomical teats, which fit very well to the shape of the mouth and do not interfere with its normal development, making for that an adjustment similar to the shape of the lips and palate, so that it does not interfere with the eruption of the teeth.

However, it is also possible to find physiological teats that stand out for presenting a straight design and that is the one that has lasted the longest on the market over time.

Another matter to take into consideration when making a comparison of pacifiers is that the teat does not have any addition when it comes into contact with the baby’s palate, this means that they do not have an odor or taste.


Getting a good cheap pacifier is not very complex, since many brands already opt to offer their users the best features at a more than affordable price.

Regarding the design, the first aspect that comes to mind is the external shape of the pacifier. Well, many models have designs that are pleasing to the eyes of adults and that combine very well with the delicacy of infants.

However, there are other aspects that must also be taken into consideration, such as the fact that it is a single piece, as this will offer greater security when it comes to preventing the baby from dropping something and swallowing it.


Another aspect to check is that the size of the teat support is age-appropriate, this is to prevent the baby from introducing the entire structure into his mouth. In some cases, pacifiers include rings that can make the process of putting them on and taking them off easier, both for parents and for babies themselves.

Finally, make sure that the body of the pacifier has the necessary holes for ventilation, which allow the baby to be comfortable and not feel disturbed by the accumulation of saliva.


Within all the innovations that have been made in technological matters with pacifiers, the different functionalities that can be had with their use stand out.

With regard to this, there are brands that have put pacifiers on the market for night use, whose body has the property of glowing in the dark and are the most suitable for placing them while they sleep.

There are also those that have calming properties, whose teat is appropriate for them to relax after the crying that can occur when being detached from the mother’s breast or restlessness during the day, especially when their teeth begin to come out.

Finally, there are the pacifiers that are personalized, so that some vendors print the baby’s name on the body to result in a very original pacifier.

Frequently asked questions

1: What is a pacifier thermometer for?

Pacifiers with a thermometer represent a very original and safe alternative to know the temperature that babies can have. Many of them are reluctant to use normal thermometers and these types of products offer a more pleasant environment with which they feel much more comfortable. Obviously, they are pacifiers with a specific functionality, so it is not correct to use them on a daily basis.

2: Is there any relationship between the pacifier and reflux?

Some health professionals agree that the pacifier has nothing to do with reflux. However, others warn that its use greatly favors combating this discomfort as it stimulates the production of saliva, which is useful to help control the acids of the digestive system and, also, to avoid excessive movement of liquids.

3: How is the process to remove the pacifier?

Taking away from babies an object with which they feel identified is quite complex when they begin to have more relationship with the elements that surround them. That is why the most advisable thing is to ensure that the process to remove the pacifier is carried out before the first birthday, reserving it only for specific uses such as bedtime.

And, that after a year and a half or two years, this is completely withdrawn without this meaning doing it in a compulsory way, but rather with a gradual method, also seeking that the pacifier is not replaced by the finger.

4.: Is it good to use a pacifier, yes or no?

If the pacifier is chosen carefully enough and paying attention to each of the safety and quality features, the reality is that it is not contraindicated, as it can be useful for babies to be calmer.

What must be taken into consideration is that this should not be provided to the baby very soon, but after he is at least one month old. This is done as a preventive method to ensure that she complies with the process of adaptation to the womb and thus receive her food properly.

The point is that if its use is advanced, it may be that you begin to prefer that experience and, therefore, you will like to consume your food in bottles more.

5: Which is the best pacifier, latex or silicone?

The choice at this point will go hand in hand with the baby’s preferences.

Latex is a very natural material that has been used for this purpose for a long time. It has the property of being quite resistant, so its use is recommended when babies begin the teething process. It should also be clarified that they tend to wear out more easily than silicone ones.

For its part, silicone ones are currently giving very good results because it is a very soft material and, when used correctly, offers a good number of benefits with its use. It is more used in small babies and its durability is quite extensive.

6: How do you make a pacifier?

The technology applied in the manufacture of pacifiers is very advanced. The different brands strive to create designs that are in line with the needs of the baby in all aspects: usability, resistance, safety and quality.

At the time of manufacturing them, they put on the table all the most advanced methodologies they know about the treatment of the raw material and its subsequent modification to create unique pieces.

7: Which pacifier is better: anatomical or round?

Anatomical pacifiers have the property that their tip is flattened. They do this in order to simulate as much as possible the womb. With this method it is very easy to take care of the baby’s palate and not affect its structure in any way.

The round ones, as their name indicates, are not shaped like the mother’s breast, but many babies like this design. As an advantage, their pressure in the mouth is minimal, so they do not tend to cause much damage.

In any case, what is best will depend largely on different types of issues: the preferences of the baby, the recommendations of the pediatrician and the taste of the parents.

8 How to sterilize a pacifier?

The ways to sterilize a pacifier are very varied and depend, to a large extent, on the conditions of use given by the manufacturer.

In general, they are capable of withstanding the heat generated from a normal home sterilizer for bottles. This work can also be done using a pot of boiling water and immersing it for approximately 5 minutes.

9: Does the pacifier take away hunger?

The function of the pacifier is to help the baby control himself when he feels upset or restless about something, since they are born with a need to suck, so the effect of the pacifier is quite efficient.

The good thing is that its use does not interfere in any way with feeding, since sucking this product will not restrict the need for food. Therefore, it is possible to ensure that the pacifier does not suppress hunger.

10: Are there incompatibilities between the pacifier and breastfeeding?

There are no proven incompatibilities with the use of a pacifier while breastfeeding. The issue rather lies in knowing how to choose the right moment for babies to start using it, so that the use of the mother’s breast as a source of food can be established in the first instance and, later, the pacifier as a calming mechanism.

11: Which pacifier is better: Avent or Nuk?

Each of these brands have very positive feedback from customers because they offer very good quality products. To decide on one in particular, it is best to consult the characteristics given by the manufacturer for a certain version and, later, prepare to validate this data with the experience of other consumers, because what may be very good for one may not be for another. be so much.

How to use a pacifier

A pacifier is a very useful tool to help babies in their early childhood. With them, they are allowed access to their main interest: sucking. In addition, it helps them to a great extent to calm down when the discomfort of teething begins.

The Pacifier Review

When selecting or receiving the product, the first thing to check is that the age reported by the manufacturer is the one that corresponds to the needs of our baby.

It is also important to take into account all the details provided on the packaging, such as the type of material, the shape of the body and the nipple, etc.

Likewise, it will be necessary to check that the pacifier is in optimal conditions when removing it from the packaging. If it is a single piece, it must be verified that there are no deformities or loose elements in the structure.

If it is made of several pieces, it will be essential to check that the fastening is firm, as this will prevent accidents from occurring when the baby uses it.

Cleaning and sterilization

Then, the corresponding cleaning and sterilization will have to be carried out before proceeding to give it to the baby. For the first case, it is advisable to use a non-abrasive soapy product and a soft sponge, since in fact there will not be much dirt to remove.

Likewise, it will be essential to sterilize them. This can be achieved with a home-use bottle sterilizer or by following a traditional process in a pot of boiling water. It is important that these two steps are also followed after each use.

Time to give it to the baby

Having well defined times when the baby will use the pacifier is very important. Many parents recommend that this be used, especially

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