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Pen – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

If there is a stationery item that cannot be missing in any office, it is the pen. Among other things because it is the basic element with which to take notes and write by hand everything you need. The best thing is that the current offer is so wide that you can find quality products at an adjusted price for the most common tasks or have high-end pens for those special occasions that deserve them or to make them part of your personal image. Among the most outstanding pens of the moment we find the Montblanc M164 model, an alternative recognized for being high-end, which has been made of black-plated resin and a structure that facilitates grip and portability with a hanger. Another attractive option for users is the modelBIC Cristal Original, an option available in a presentation of 50 units of ball point pens with blue ink.

The best pens on the market

If there is something that is not missing in an office today, it is a pen. A product with which you can write permanently with all the comfort offered by current models. The advantage is that the existing range of pens allows you to choose between different designs, formats, colors and styles, depending on whether you are looking for a practical product or something more elegant. A wide offer that is reflected in the products that we have included in this article, which cover practically the entire spectrum.

Montblanc ballpoint pen 

Montblanc M164

If we go to the most expensive and elegant pens, talking about Montblanc is almost a must. A manufacturer that offers us the M164 model, considered by many users to be the best pen of the moment. A product that has all the brand’s own image, as the original product that it is, with usual details such as its quality resin body plated in black or the gold details of the entire surface, including the hanger or the cap, among others. others.

All this without forgetting the star symbol of the brand, located at the top. The Montblanc ballpoint pen is compatible with the brand’s cartridges, so you will have no problem keeping it in use once the ink runs out. And to top it all off, the pen comes in an elegant, high-quality case where you can store it when you’re not using it.

Let’s see some more details about this model, manufactured by what is currently the best brand of pens for many users.


Details: As is the case with the models of this brand, it has various golden details in the tip area, the pin for hanging or the body of the pen itself.

Compatibility: The product is compatible with conventional brand cartridges, so that it is easier for you to continue writing without problems.

Case: To finish off the presentation of this model, typical of being the best pen currently on sale, it is accompanied by an elegant case where you can store it when you do not use it.


Price: Obviously, this model does not stand out among the cheapest options. Although it is already known that the class also has its price.

Body: Although the model responds to the conventional design of the product, the truth is that it is missing that the body is metallic and not resin.

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BIC pen

BIC Original Crystal

If you are looking for a model that is of quality and that stands out for having fluid scrolling and constant ink writing, then you should have this BIC ballpoint pen among your options. This option has a classic hexagonal design to improve grip. 

In addition, its structure is made of transparent polystyrene, so that it is possible to see the ink cartridge. In relation to the properties of the tip, the manufacturer specifies that it is a medium typographic point, with a 1.0 mm ball or round tip design. 

Meanwhile, the ink is oil-based for smooth writing, with the cap being the same color as the ink, in this case blue. On the other hand, it comes in a presentation of 50 units, so it is recommended for institutes, offices or places where there is a high demand for pens.

There are many pens that are of quality, but few are endorsed by users for being functional. Know details of this model.


Lid: For greater safety and to avoid unwanted scratches or ink stains, the model incorporates a cap. 

Tip: It has a rounded style tip that provides smooth writing and a constant flow of ink. 

Structure: It has a hexagonal-shaped structure made of transparent and resistant polystyrene.

Presentation: This model comes in a box presentation of 50 units of blue pens.


Quantity: A user stated that he received the box of 50 units with eight fewer pens than indicated, this being an isolated case.

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Swarovski pen

Swarovski 5354897

If while you write you want to attract attention with a touch of elegance and sophistication, then it would be wise for you to take a look at the properties of this Swarovski pen model that has been designed for classy writing with style. 

The European manufacturing house is recognized for its quality and brightness in each of the products it brings to the market and this pen is no exception, as it is designed with a delicate and feminine structure in silver and pink colors, to shine with each stroke on paper. 

The model is made of rose-tone lacquered metal with gold details, as well as a central ring of the same color with the brand’s engraved logo, followed by a large number of crystals treated with crystalline technology. Additionally, it includes a lead with quality ink for smooth strokes, which is easy to change. In addition, it includes a transport bag.

Many brands boast quality products, with Swarovski being a high-end manufacturer recognized by the user community.


Sheath: It incorporates a black velvety sheath to store.

Design: It has a design that has been made to show feminine elegance through a twist opening system.

Color: The pen combines the colors, pink, gold and silver in a delicate structure.

Hanger: To enhance its appearance and make it functional, the pen includes a hanger bracket. 


Case: Despite having a carrying case, this is simple and a more solid and elegant case is missing. 

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parker pen

Parker Jotter

Between low-cost pens and more expensive models, there is an intermediate segment where you can find quality products without spending too much. A segment where we find the Parker Jotter model. An elegant pen from a well-known brand and belonging to a special edition that gives an extra elegance to the product, so it could not be missing from our selection of the best pens of 2022.

Its quality is perceived in details such as its polished and laser-engraved stainless steel body or the beautiful lacquered cap in different colors with which to adjust the pen to your style. In addition, the pen incorporates Quinkflow technology, with which it is possible to write more fluidly and comfortably. All this finished off with a quality case where you can store the product when you are not using it.

If you want to know which is the best pen in the intermediate sector of the market, this model has a lot to offer you.


Stainless steel body: The stainless steel body with laser engraving gives an elegant image and high resistance to the product.

Lacquered cap: The lacquered cap on the top comes in eight different finishes, so you can bet on the one you like best according to your preferences.

Qinkflow system: This system allows you to write in a more comfortable, fluid and homogeneous way as far as pouring the ink is concerned.


Comfort: The engraving located on the bottom of the pen can be annoying during use, although it is all a matter of taste.

Balance and weight: Some comments point to a certain imbalance in the design of the pen, so that the writing may not be as good as it should be.

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erasable pen

BIC Gelocity Illusion


Within the current ballpoint market, the BIC Gelocity Illusion model is an interesting novelty. And it is that this ballpoint pen solves in a simple way correcting documents written in ballpoint pen without the need for correctors, nor the risk of damaging the paper of erasers. To do this, this product includes a new type of erasable gel ink that is easily removed using the eraser located at the end of the product.

An ink that does not deteriorate over time and does not affect comfort when writing. Improved comfort thanks to the rubber base located in the lower area with which to achieve better support. The erasable pen is finished off with a system of cartridges that you can buy separately, of which the product includes three, so you don’t have to change the pen when you run out of ink.

So that you have a clearer understanding of everything that this pen can offer you, we leave you with some more details about its main characteristics.


Erasable: This erasable pen does not break the paper or leave residues as it happens with other models or conventional erasing systems.

Gel ink: The gel ink offers a fluid glide when writing, giving you extra comfort while using the product.

Rubber support: The pen incorporates a rubber support in the lower grip area that gives you extra comfort when writing.

Refills: The product is accompanied by three refills, which in part reduces the cost of the product and helps you to have the pen always active without spending more.


Drying: The ink drying process is somewhat slower than it should be, which should be taken into account by left-handed users, due to the tendency to drag their hand over the writing.

Official documents: For security reasons, you should not use this pen to fill in official documents or others in which it is key to avoid their manipulation.

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cross pen

Cross Edge Roller

Within the mid-range models, the Cross Edge Roller pen is an interesting option that combines comfort and style. This Roller type pen has a twist tip deployment system, being more comfortable and resistant than spring-loaded push-button models. Inside we find a black gel-type ink cartridge that you can change when necessary and that gives a pleasant comfort when writing.

On the outside, the product has been made with an interesting combination of stainless steel and resin, with an elegant finish that is pleasant to the touch. In addition, you have 8 finishes to choose from with different current colors. All these finishes include high-class details such as chrome in the area of ​​the tip or the clip, in which we also have the manufacturer’s brand engraved. A complete design that is finished off with the corresponding box, where it can be presented as it deserves.

Get to know some more details of this pen, with which you can enjoy fluid writing and an elegant design that you will surely like to show off.


Tip Deployment: Unlike spring models, this pen has a more comfortable and resistant rotating deployment system.

Finishes: Among the finishes of the pen we have several chrome details and an elegant name of the manufacturer on the hanger.

Ink: The ink of this pen follows the usual gel design, with remarkable quality and offering good comfort when using the product.


Spare parts: Although you will not have problems finding spare parts for this product, some users comment that its price could be more adjusted.

Measurements and weight: According to some comments, the product is a little larger and a little heavier than the images suggest.

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Pilot pen

Pilot BL-G2-7

The Pilot BL-G2-7 ballpoint pen is a classic in almost any office, offering a high quality within today’s cheap ballpoint pens. Something that helps its gel ink system with a ball of 0.7 millimeters in diameter that offers a very comfortable and simple writing. This pen also features the push-button retractable tip system, so the tip will be protected when you’re not using the pen.

A complete product that comes in a box with 12 units, so it also stands out for being the best pen for value for money in our selection. By the way, you can buy it with different color cartridges, four in particular, depending on what you need, all of them offering adequate durability. So you can properly equip your office without too much hassle or expense.

If you don’t know which pen to buy but you are looking for a cheap and quality product, this Pilot model is already a classic for its good quality at an affordable price.


Gel ink: The gel ink gives extra quality when writing, with a fluid and pleasant glide.

Hanging clip: The hanging clip helps you to better place the pen in folders, notebooks or in your shirt pocket, for example.

Retractable Tip: The retractable tip keeps the tip protected and hidden in the head when you are not using the product.

Lot: This lot of 12 pens significantly reduces the price of each one of them.

Colors: The pen comes in four different colors (red, blue, green and black) so you can choose the one that suits you best.


Left-handed: Since the ink needs some time to dry, left-handed users may have some problems using this pen.

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custom pen

Aolun Silver

Quality and elegance are properties that come together in this alternative that is marketed by Aolun, as a personalized pen in which it is possible to add personal information to identify it, being a suitable black ink option for a gift. The ballpoint pen has a body with a shiny silver finish and is used to write fluidly, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a medium tip of 0.7 mm, guaranteeing ease and constant ink. 

As for its structure, it has a striking design with an adequate weight for a better feel and ergonomics, which will be reflected in controlled writing. In addition, the cartridge can be changed when the ink has run out. 

On the other hand, to improve storage, this pen incorporates a case with luxury properties, being a unique piece with a cap to protect the tip. The engraving is for rear and front personalization up to 15 characters.

This product is a ballpoint pen that combines quality and style in one piece that makes writing easy. Know its pros and cons.


Design: It has an elegant executive-type design with a lid and a metallic finish body. 

Engraving: Identifying it will not be a problem, because it can be personalized on both the front and back.

Tip: For smoother, more fluid writing, the pen has a 0.7mm medium tip.

Case: If you want to keep it safely stored, it is only necessary to keep it in its case.


Surface: It has been commented that the pen can have a very smooth surface, which is why it slips.

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Stainless steel ballpoint pen

Inoxcrom City

With a medium tip of 1.1 mm made of stainless steel, this Inoxcrom ballpoint pen is one of the leading preferences of the user community for having an elegant design and functional structure, which improves writing with smooth and defined strokes. The alternative has a retractable mechanism that protects the tip when not in use and incorporates a top metal cap, with a metal hanger that facilitates its portability. 

The pen has been designed with a silver metallic body, tungsten carbide ball, stainless steel tip and coating with textured engraving details on top for added elegance. 

As for the ink, it is equipped with a high-quality blue cartridge that marks evenly when writing on the surface. According to its specifications, it has a stable weight and a writing length of 4,150 m ± 15%.

Quality should not be neglected, but pens need to be priced competitively. Know the details of this model.


Ink: It has a blue ink cartridge, one of the most popular.

Tip: For better writing and fluency, it is equipped with a 1.1 mm medium and round tip.

Body: It has a body with a stainless steel coating, being silver in color, with textured details.

Mechanism: The tip comes out through a retractable mechanism that protects it when not in use.


Case: Unlike other models, this pen does not include a storage case.

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Faber Castell Ballpoint Pen

Faber Castell 149310

This Faber Castell ballpoint pen model has a striking and elegant design with a piano style. Meanwhile, its body is chromed and polished metal and silver, with two-color piano effect lacquer coating, black and silver. Likewise, this piece allows fluid and natural writing, thanks to its structure with ergonomic and light conical properties, which improve the grip of the pen through fine rings in relief. 

On the other hand, the pen has been equipped with a ball-type tip, with a medium typographic point for fine lines and black ink that dries quickly and provides smooth lines, being an elegant product for the office or personal use. 

The German-made model incorporates a kind of metal cap with the brand engraved on the structure. In addition, it includes a replacement cartridge, compatible with various models and brands.

For the choice to be adequate, it is necessary to look for design and quality. Learn more about this Faber Castell model.


Design: It has an elegant piano-style design due to the combination of colors on its body, with brand engraving.

Structure: Its body is made of metal, incorporating black and silver colors with a shiny finish.

Tip: It is made of steel, this being a ball style with a medium typographic point.

Strokes: It has a black ink cartridge for continuous, smooth and fluid strokes on paper.


Clip: Although the clip looks like metal, it is made of plastic with a chrome coating that falls off. 

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Bic ballpoint pen 4 colors

BIC 811909

For those who want to express their creativity or make a difference through color writing, it may be appropriate to take a look at this 4-color BIC pen model, which includes four different colors in one piece, which can be selected as desired.. 

With this model you can select another color in a matter of seconds, without having to change the pen, being possible to choose between the colors black, red, blue and black. Its tips are of a medium type of 1.0 mm and allow precise and fine lines.

As for its body, it has a classic and rounded style design in white and blue. In addition, it incorporates a side clip and a couple of buttons to activate the color of preference. Each ink has a durability of 2 km, for a total of 8 km. It has been manufactured using ecological methods and is available in a presentation of 3 units.

BIC 811909 is modern and versatile with a comfortable design for easy writing.


Versatility: A single pen gives you the ability to switch between four colors in just seconds.

Tip: It is equipped with a medium type tip for fine and regular strokes with a size of 1.0 mm.

Ink: Each cartridge has an ink capacity equivalent to 2 km, so the total ink in the pen is 8 km.

Colors: With a single pen it is possible to write in black, red, green or blue, depending on the needs.


Jam: One user stated that the model can get stuck when changing colors between cartridges.

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waterman pen

Waterman Blue Obsession

If you are looking for a model that is classic and functional to write evenly and smoothly, you can review the attributes that stand out in this Waterman pen, which is among the best. This alternative has an approximate length of 13.4 cm, while its weight is adequate to give stability and ease to the hand while in use. 

Regarding its design, it has a body with elegant aesthetics and narrow properties, with a dark blue coating and silver details. Its writing mode is medium rollerball, a built-in technology that provides a finer tip for smooth writing and smooth gliding. 

It has a retractable twist construction, fountain pen tip, with blue ink. In addition, its structure has a clip to hold securely and it comes in an elegant and striking blue case that protects the pen.

A ballpoint pen is a piece for writing that must combine softness in the stroke and ergonomics in the grip. Meet this model. 


Clip: It incorporates a clip that is used to easily attach to clothing and leaves.

Design: It has an elegant design in blue with silver details, with narrow properties.

Writing: It has a fine line for smooth rollerball writing, with a fountain pen tip.

Case: Includes a large and elegant dark blue case to store the pen.


Cartridge: Although it is possible to change the cartridge, these are not universal and those of the brand must be used.

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engraved pen

Amlion 20181123-5

An engraved pen is a suitable option for those who want to identify it through personalization or make an eye-catching detail for a gift. If you are in this group, you may want to pay attention to the qualities of the Amlion model 20181123-5. 

The ballpoint pen has a delicate and elegant barrel in shiny silver lacquer, which can be personalized in two lines of 15 characters each. The model has a twist opening system, so it does not have a cap; it is only enough to rotate part of its structure and the tip will be saved. 

In addition, it incorporates a clip to hold easily and has a round tip, which allows a smooth line of black ink, with subtle and thin displacement. On the other hand, the pen includes a case of resistant properties and elegant style, as well as large dimensions, which serves to store the instrument when it is not in use.

Amlion 20181123-5 features a modern and elegant design. Learn more about its details.


Design: It has an elegant design in silver with shiny lacquer, clip fastener and twist closure.

Tip: It has a medium point that allows smooth writing and continuous strokes in black ink.

Case: For storage, it includes a black case that protects the pen when not in use.

Engraving: It is possible to personalize it through an engraving, with space for 15 characters.


Color: According to a user’s impression, the color of the structure is not as bright as expected.

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Guide to buying pens

Pens are one of the most used elements in conventional writing, so having one is always necessary when signing, making annotation, copying a number, among other situations. So if you are going to buy one of these, you need to consider and look for some properties that denote quality and that fit your needs. For this reason, we invite you to read the following guide to buy the best pen on the market, a section in which we explain some of the properties that you should know beforehand so that the purchase is efficient.

Shopping guide


Beyond a good and cheap pen, it needs to be functional and suitable for the needs of each user. So when making a choice it is important to consider which ink color is best for you. For example, there are some brands that incorporate red ink ballpoint pen promotions into the market. However, this color is rarely used and is not usually recommended when it comes to official documents or bank procedures, so its purchase would be inappropriate. 

In the market there is a great variety of colors that go from the conventional black and blue, to more avant-garde ones that can be green, purple, pink ink, among many others, which are used to add more creativity to projects or to organize a written material. So, before buying, it is convenient that you know and be clear about what color the ink is and if it is functional for your requirements.


The structure of a pen can be indicative of its cost, so if you are wondering how much a pen costs, knowing about its construction could guide you. Manufacturer brands have different standards, from simple pens for conventional use, to high-end models that denote quality and elegance, because they are built with metal parts and details that increase their overall cost. 

If the pens are for frequent and conventional use, it is prudent to select a simple model, made with a resistant polystyrene structure, since its cost is generally cheap. On the other hand, there are the mid-range and high-end pens, made with a metal or resin body with a lacquer coating in silver and bright colors that denote greater elegance. 

These models usually incorporate replacement cartridges and also have a construction in which shape and weight have been taken care of, to make an ergonomic and suitable product to guarantee ease, balance and stability while writing. Likewise, these alternatives tend to incorporate different materials, which have been treated with technology to provide greater elegance and efficiency to the pen.


Before making a random purchase, it would be convenient to make a comparison of pens by analyzing the design that it presents. In this sense, you can get options without further details, even some models that incorporate elegant designs that are much more than simple pens, to become a unique p

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