The best pillows for pregnancy

Pregnancy Pillows – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The constant changes that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy compromise, to one extent or another, her comfort at bedtime. For this reason, it is very useful to have products that facilitate rest. With the innovations in design and manufacturing, it has been possible to offer pregnancy pillows that are very useful to help in this difficult situation. An example is the NiDream Full Body, a model with a “C” format that provides excellent comfort to the mother’s body and is selectable from various colors and textures. Likewise, HBselect Cotton stands out, with an attractive and ergonomic “U”-shaped design that adapts to the natural curvature of the back.

Opinions on the best pillows for pregnancy

To make an intelligent purchase, we recommend you review the following information that details the most outstanding features of the products that our customers value as the best pregnancy pillows currently available on the market.

prenatal pregnancy pillow

NiDream Full Body

A pillow for prenatal pregnancy like this NiDream model could be your great ally to achieve a perfect rest during pregnancy and thanks to its flexibility and design, you can also use it postpartum as a breastfeeding cushion or simply to cradle and sleep your baby more comfortably.

It is a comfortable pillow with a “C” format, which adapts to the contour and figure of the maternal body; so it helps relieve the discomfort of pregnancy. It also offers a high-quality padding, for which it has soft, high-density silk cotton and its hypoallergenic cover, so it can be used by any user. In addition, its cover allows it to be easily machine washed.

On the other hand, since it has a multifunction design, it is a pillow that can be used by the whole family; especially for cases where body support and relaxation are needed.

If you are looking for a gift for an expectant mother, this pillow could be a great option. Learn more about this model.


Format and materials: Thanks to its “C” format and its cotton filling, it helps to eliminate the pressure and discomfort of pregnancy.

Zipper: It has two zippers, one on its inner lining and another on its outer cover; in order to be able to wash easily and adjust the padding conveniently.

Variety: You can select the color of the cover from a wide variety of tones and textures, according to your preferences.


Cover: It may be difficult to find a replacement cover with exact dimensions.

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With over 10 designs and colors from the manufacturer to choose from, this prenatal pregnancy pillow is a product to fit any style, taste and need. Its elongated and flexible structure favors being able to use it in various situations and postures, making it a multifunctional pillow.

It has an interior filled with silicone hollow fiber in the form of polyester particles, which provides an appropriate density for the comfort that the pregnant mother needs. Likewise, it has anti-allergy, anti-mite qualities and its removable cover is made of soft and breathable cotton.

On the other hand, it offers an ergonomic design that favors its use in the prenatal and postnatal stages and also as a support to keep the baby protected and safe. It is a pillow that has a total length of 190 cm, which allows users with different builds to use it comfortably.

By offering a pleasant aesthetic, softness and a multifunctional design, this pillow could be your great ally. Analyze its pros and cons below.


Versatility: Given its ergonomic design, it is an ideal pillow for the rest of the future mother, it is also suitable for breastfeeding and as a crib reducer.

Patterns: You can choose between various colors and patterns the pillow that you like the most.

Comfort: Thanks to its padding material and its cover made of cotton, it provides comfort to both mother and child.


Transport bag: A cover or transport bag that allows storage is missing.

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Other products

HBselect Cotton

It is possible that you have not yet defined which is the best pillow for pregnancy, so the invitation is to check the specifications of this “U” shaped design, which has generated a large number of positive comments in the pregnancy articles market. maternity.

The cushion has an anatomical shape that achieves a correct adaptation to areas such as the back, neck, shoulders, hips and abdominal area. In this sense, you will be able to dissipate the ailments by being able to acquire a good posture and rest throughout the night.

Among some specifications of the product, we have its width – length corresponding to 75 x 150 centimeters respectively. Likewise, the width can vary due to the fact that the structure attaches adjustment straps.

In its construction, a cotton textile cover with a side zipper and 7D PP polypropylene fiber filling stands out. This material provides comfort, an adequate level of rebound, is not noisy and is respectful of the environment.

When asked which pregnancy pillow to buy, you should know the pros and cons of this model patented by HBselect.


Filling: The cushion has 7D PP polypropylene fiber filling, which is a soft material that is free of toxic agents.

Cover: The soft cotton cover incorporates a side zipper that makes it easy to clean.

Dimensions: Its width – length is 75 x 150 centimeters, so it adapts to any body.

Benefits: You will be able to acquire a suitable position in which you preserve the natural curvature of your back without accumulating tension in the shoulders, neck or hips.


Smell: There are those who comment that the pillow gives off an unpleasant aroma due to the filling.

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Multifunctional Bamibi

Being able to rest properly during pregnancy is essential for the good health of both the mother and the baby, which is why this Bamibi pregnancy pillow is among those recommended.

It is a model strategically designed to be used before and after childbirth. It has dimensions of 45 x 43 x 15 centimeters, offering support for the tummy, at the same time that it can become a trundle bed, a nursing cushion or an anti-roll cushion depending on how you use it.

To adapt the product to the available modes, it has a wooden clasp at one end that attaches to a fabric fastener at the other, allowing the aforementioned forms to be adopted.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the pillowcase is made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton, so you don’t have to worry if your baby is sensitive to some fabrics.

Having good support to rest during pregnancy is strictly necessary and this option from Bamibi could be for you:


Multifunctional: The Bamibi model stands out for being multifunctional, since you can use it as a nursing cushion, nest bed or rest pillow.

Support: Offers the necessary support to increase comfort when sleeping or caring for the baby.

Closure: At its ends it has snaps that will allow you to close the pillow easily to use it as a trundle bed.

Cover: The cover is made of cotton, so it is soft to the touch.



Filling: It is a little sparse in filling to satisfy some tastes.

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Koala Babycare K Hugs

This model has been considered by some buyers as the best price-quality pregnancy pillow, being one of the cheapest products that you will find positioned in this list.

During the manufacturing process, high-end materials were used, such as 100% cotton fiber for the cover, as well as an inner lining in microfiber and silicone polyester to fill the cushion.

The structure has a length – width of 185 x 28 centimeters, which allows it to be adapted to different uses for the well-being of both the mother and the baby. In this sense, you can use it during the nine months of pregnancy when resting, acquiring a more comfortable posture in the back and legs. Likewise, it is possible to use it for the breastfeeding process, to support the baby after feeding or tie the cushion to the crib as a reducer.

This pillow is not only multifunctional and made of high-end materials, but it is also one of the cheapest.


Dimensions: The pillow has a favorable length – width of 185 x 28 centimeters.

Use: This multifunctional pillow can be used for the rest of the mother, during the breastfeeding period, as a nest for the baby or reducer on the edges of the crib.

Filling: The interior is made of comfortable and anti-allergic silicone polyester.

Cover: The manufacturer incorporates an inner cover made of microfibers and another made of cotton.


Length: The cushion could be too long for some short people.

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samay full body

A good number of users think that this is the best pillow for pregnancy since it has a 100% cotton filling that gives it enough softness to make it comfortable, at the same time that firmness is obtained, providing adequate support to the lower back and the belly as it increases in size.

On the other hand, it has a U shape that achieves a better adaptation to the normal curvature of the body, accepting that an appropriate position is selected for rest without having to change the angle very often.

Thanks to this shape, it is also suitable for use during breastfeeding, allowing both mother and baby to lie down and perform the activity in a very pleasant way. Also, it can be moved from one place to another, according to the convenience of the user, because it weighs almost 3 kg.

When you are looking for the best pregnancy pillow of the moment, it is necessary to study the pros and cons that are handled within its characteristics and that it is always possible to obtain from the manufacturer’s description or from the opinion of its users, as in this case in in which we summarize the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Cover: The pillow includes an easily removable zippered cover so it can be washed in a normal washing machine cycle.

Ergonomic: It serves as a backup to avoid the constant pain that occurs in the back area.

Design: The pillow is displayed in a clean white color that will be suitable for all types of decoration.

Versatility: It will not only be useful for sleeping, it can also serve as a support to watch television or read a book.


Thickness: Because it is quite thick, it can be a bit uncomfortable, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, getting on and off it.

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Theraline 510110602

Theraline has a very practical pregnancy pillow for you, since it measures 190 x 38 centimeters, offering ample length so you can lie down comfortably when sleeping. By placing it next to you and supporting your weight on it, you can feel relief that will guarantee a better rest.

In addition to this, it is filled with polystyrene microbeads at a medium level, which, in addition to being soft to lie down on, allow the pregnancy pillow to be molded in order to adopt other shapes and give support to the back, lie down together with the baby or use it as a backrest when he starts to sit up on his own.

As for the fabric, it is made with a dark gray cotton cover and has a printed pattern of white stars that, in addition to being pretty, will also hide dirt. However, this cover can be easily removed for washing whenever desired.

With this Theraline pregnancy pillow you can enjoy more advantages, in addition to comfort:


Design: It has a practical design to adapt to the needs of the child or the mother.

Cover: The cover can be removed thanks to the zipper closure in case it gets dirty.

Cleaning: You can wash the pillowcase at home at a maximum temperature of 60 °C.

Microbeads: Its filling is made up of polystyrene microbeads that will provide you with comfort when lying down.



Amount of padding: The amount of padding could be higher, but this allows you a better level of molding.

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Vizaro 10005057

In this category, Vizaro presents this product that could be considered the best value for money pregnancy pillow, according to the opinion of several users. In the first instance, it is made of 100% good quality cotton, which makes it suitable for fulfilling this function, providing support and ergonomics, while being anti-allergic.

A good detail that needs to be highlighted is the versatility that it offers in its use, since it is not only suitable for a pregnant woman to sleep in, it is also possible to use while breastfeeding and as a security system for when the baby sleeps.. In this way, the worries of the little one falling out of bed or bumping into the bars of the crib will be eliminated.

For its part, the padding is quite spongy and can be used in two ways: elongated to support the entire body or making a loop to achieve a firmer support in the lower back and, above all, in the belly. In the second case, the support is firmer.

If you still don’t know which pregnancy pillow to buy, we suggest you review this model that Vizaro offers you, since its positive characteristics and minimal negative comments make it worthy of being among the most outstanding products in this category.


Design: It is a pillow with a gray background design and small white stars that give an original and very delicate touch.

Ergonomics: Its U-shaped construction gives enough support to the back to avoid constant discomfort in that area.

Weight: It has a light weight of 1.2 Kg, so it is quite easy to move from one place to another.


Length: The pillow reaches 190 cm in length, which may be an excessive amount in contrast to some conventional beds.

Hot: Its use can be compromised on spring and summer days due to the amount of heat it transmits to the body.

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Chuckle 2.7m

Another brand that is innovating in this type of product is Chuckle. Made of high-quality cotton, this pillow is soft enough to offer a timely rest during the most uncomfortable days of pregnancy, specifically in the last trimester. Its cover is also made of cotton, which complements the robustness and softness of the entire product. In addition, it is one of the cheapest pillows of those presented so far in this comparison.

The U-shape is the most used for this class of products, since it is the one that best adapts to our physical structure and can offer sufficient support to each area of ​​the body where it is needed.

In general, the pillow measures 140 x 80 x 18 cm. However, it can reach dimensions of 280 x 160 x 36 cm when fully stretched.

Whenever pregnancy pillow offers are studied, it is appropriate to review the cheapest ones, such is the case of this Chuckle model. For this reason, it will be convenient to evaluate all its pros and cons.


Packaging: To protect the quality and properties of the product from its manufacture to the moment of use, a vacuum packaging process is used.

Warranty: Thanks to the confidence that the manufacturer has in its products, it offers a full warranty plan for one year.

Versatility: It will not only work for pregnancy, it can also be useful when the baby is born or you want to do other activities such as reading or watching television.


Filling: A user has stated that the pillow’s filling is a bit scarce for what she expected.

Cover: Because it is white, it tends to get dirty easily, so it must be continuously cleaned.

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Queen Rose 144XLJGR

If you are still looking for the best pregnancy pillow, we invite you to review the characteristics of this Queen Rose model. The shape adjusts to the natural curvature of the body, giving the exact spaces to place each area and preventing any discomfort from affecting the precious rest of the pregnant woman.

This shape is also useful to help blood circulate properly to all parts of the body, avoiding the swelling and numbness that are common in the feet and legs.

As for its manufacturing materials, it is made of cotton, both inside and outside. In addition, it has a fabric lining that helps keep the padding firm, while the cover can be easily removed thanks to its zipper for machine washing.

The positive and negative aspects of the products are useful resources to be assertive when choosing the best one for our particular case. Therefore, we invite you to detail the following summary of pros and cons that characterize this model.


Mobility: It offers the pregnant woman the appropriate position in which she can rest all night, without having to move frequently.

Warranty: The product has a 1-year warranty valid for any defect generated during the manufacturing process.

Versatility: It is a pillow that can be used for various stages such as pregnancy, lactation and postpartum rest.


Smell: According to the comment of a user, it is advisable to wash the cover before the first use, since the factory smell is quite strong.

Firmness: Some users state that the product is a bit soft for their taste, although, in general, it seems to be very good.

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How to choose the best pregnancy pillow

There are many models on the market, but keep in mind that not all of them are suitable for the needs of future mothers. Therefore, it is advisable to review the specifications of various designs and poll the opinion of other users regarding their experience with the pillow. You may invest much more time than you had planned, but it is the only way for you to carry a multifunction pillow with high quality standards. In order to guide you, we present below a practical guide to buying the best pregnancy pillow.

Shopping guide

Design and benefits

Pregnancy pillows are generally multifunctional products that can be used during pregnancy, as well as once the child is born to breastfeed or support it. Undoubtedly, it is a product of great importance and capable of providing great benefits. Therefore, its design and benefits provided are a couple of features that cannot be missing in any comparison of pregnancy pillows.

Regarding the design, you can find U-shaped cushions that are quite spacious and completely fit the body, since you can support your back, head, belly, and legs. In this sense, you will be able to turn around in the middle of the night and maintain a good posture in your body while stimulating good blood circulation.

Likewise, there are the three-in-one cushions that are elongated, straight and very popular, because, in addition to improving the quality of the mother’s sleep by being a comfortable and ergonomic support, they can also be used as a nursing cushion, nest for the baby or as a reducer in the crib.

Textile material

There are certain specifications in a product that can influence how much it costs, this being the case of the raw material used to make pregnancy pillows.

Just as the models of this type of cushion are varied, so is the fabric used for the covers and the filling of said structures. Most manufacturers use cotton fiber for covers, as it is a natural fabric with a high level of breathability and a nice soft touch. Likewise, they include designs in velvety fabrics that are usually a little warmer and more convenient for the winter season.

Regarding the filling, you will find pillows with polyester interior, polypropylene fiber, three-dimensional cotton feathers or microbeads. Whatever the case, they are certified materials, respectful of the environment, as they do not have any toxic agent and with a high level of quality. In addition, they combine comfort with an adequate degree of rigidity, correctly supporting the back and adapting to different anatomies.

cleaning method

It is true that, when thinking about purchasing a pregnancy pillow, it is important that it is good and economical. However, there is a factor that we cannot neglect, this being the case of the cleaning method.

Let us remember that for nine months we will be in direct contact with the cushion, embracing it or supporting our body on it. In this sense, it is understandable that the textile begins to get dirty, due to daily contact, our perspiration, the dust in the room or because of a spill if we were to eat supported on it. So the most advisable thing is to verify that the outer cover incorporates a removable closure, which allows you to uncover the filling to be able to wash the textile and maintain the good condition of the pillow.


The subject of the guarantee is of great importance in any product that we acquire, since it can be considered as a quality guarantee that the manufacturer makes available to us.

In the case of pregnancy pillows, some brands include a warranty card valid for three to six months. During this time, you will be able to contact customer service, tell them if the cushion is defective or if you are not satisfied with its operation. In this way, they will process the change of the product and even the refund of the money. Of course, it all depends on the policies of each of the companies. So when purchasing a pregnancy pillow, the recommendation is to try to ensure that the selected model incorporates some type of guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is it really necessary to use a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are supports with specific design features, designed to provide a series of benefits to the future mother. In this sense, you can lie on the bed to fall asleep, read a book or watch TV in total comfort, since this type of cushion adapts to the natural shape of the back.

This is how your body will acquire a correct posture, quickly relieving pain focused on the neck, head, lower back, legs, among others. In addition, some models are multifunctional, so they will not only serve during the nine months of pregnancy, but also for the breastfeeding process.

Once all the positive aspects of pregnancy pillows have been clarified, you will need to know that their use, although not mandatory, is highly recommended. However, it is a completely personal decision, which is left to the mother’s judgment.

Q2: How to clean the pregnancy pillow?

To properly clean a pregnancy pillow, you will need to uncover it. So the first thing you need to do is identify where the zipper is in order to remove it. In general, this is located on one of its sides, thus going unnoticed.

Then, remove the padding and take the cover to the washing machine or rinse it manually. Do not forget to check the manufacturing label to verify what type of detergent to use and what is the most convenient water temperature for the textile. You can place the stuffing on the clothesline to ventilate a bit, while the cover dries.

Q3: Is it possible to use the same pillow for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, you can use the same pregnancy pillow when carrying out the process of breastfeeding the infant. This is possible because manufacturers have devised functional designs that can be perfectly adjusted to these two stages that are so important for both mother and baby. Of course, everything will depend on the model.

Q4: How to make a pregnancy pillowcase?

To make a pregnancy pillowcase, you will only need a piece of fabric, preferably cotton, a sheet of paper, scissors, a tape measure, a ruler, a pencil, a needle and thread, or a sewing machine.

It is important that you measure the width – length of the pillow and on the paper draw a pattern that has the same shape, being necessary that you add a couple of centimeters around the edge so that you can make the seams comfortably. Then, spread the fabric and in it the mold. Proceed to outline and cut it. You will now have a pair of faces that you need to join internally. By turning the textile over, you will have finished making the cover.

Q5: What advantage does a horseshoe pregnancy pillow have?

The horseshoe pregnancy pillows adapt to the woman’s body, allowing her to sleep on her side with greater comfort for the belly and adapting a correct posture in the back area. Likewise, this type of cushion facilitates your mobility when turning, improves blood circulation and is recommended both for falling asleep and for lying down during the day to read or watch TV.

Q6: How to make a pregnancy pillow?

Making a pregnancy pillow is an uncomplicated task that won’t take much of your time, as long as you have the fabric, patterns, and sewing tools at hand.

If you do not have experience, it is best to review some tutorials on the web. The most viable option is to make a straight and elongated cushion. So he traces the pattern on the paper and then on the fabric. Carefully cut the silhouette and join both pieces with the help of a sewing machine, always trying to take care of the finishes. Then, add the padding, which can be foam rubber or polyester fiber, since they are the easiest to acquire. Close the end where you inserted the stuffing or put a zipper on it and start enjoying your pillow.

Q7: Why is my pregnancy pillow pilling?

This situation is quite common in some textiles and is caused because we do not take the respective provisions when washing the garment. In this sense, the temperature of the water, the washing cycle and components of the detergent have an influence. In fact, some manufacturers recommend washing the textile manually to avoid deterioration and, therefore, the appearance of these annoying balls. For this reason, you should not let the recommendations printed on the label go unnoticed.

How to use a pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows have become very popular among new mothers, which is why it is a product patented by different brands and with a wide range of models. There are many benefits obtained by using this type of complementary cushions, being the case of the notorious reduction of ailments, improvement in posture and in the quality of sleep of women. When you have one, the most pertinent thing is to inquire a little about how to use a pregnancy pillow prior to purchase.

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