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Portable Highchairs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 2022

Highchairs for babies allow little ones to share at the table with adults, so that they can see and learn to eat properly. In addition, they facilitate the surveillance of infants in those hours when it can be easy to lose sight of them. Similarly, we can highlight that portable high chairs have a special charm, allowing you to take them everywhere, improving the process of feeding them. If you are looking for a portable highchair that suits you and your baby, it is best not to rush and take into account all the options you have. As we know that this is a long and complicated process, we have created this comparison especially for you, presenting you with products such as the Tuc Tuc 9586, a laminated highchair that is quick to clean and easy to transport, as its folding and lightweight design makes it very easy to carry like a bag. Or the Chicco Mode, which has a plastic tray suitable for eating and 3 adjustable heights, in addition to having a padded back and seat for greater comfort for the baby.



Opinions on the best portable highchairs

With a portable highchair it will be much easier for you to incorporate the baby to the table for family meals, as well as his training for complementary feeding, offering the versatility of being able to take it to your outings with the baby. For this reason, here we present several products recommended by our users for their functional designs and benefits.

tuc tuc 9586

This Tuc Tuc model changes the way conventional high chairs are seen, as it improves the user experience for babies and parents. First of all, it has a harness system that keeps the baby fastened correctly, to avoid accidents.

Similarly, its functional design of becoming a light and easy to carry bag is convenient to go out with your baby. In addition, based on user comments, we can say that the little one will be comfortable at all times, since it has a 100% polyester padding that improves the padding and support of the infant’s body.

You should know that its use is recommended for babies who can sit up to 4 years old or up to 15 kg, being valued as the best portable high chair, according to some customers, so that parents can eat with peace of mind wherever they are.

Thanks to its functionality, this could be, according to users, the best portable high chair of the moment, since it has many qualities that make it attractive and comfortable. Here we summarize some of them.


Space: This high chair has an interior space that facilitates the storage of the baby’s food utensils, allowing you to have them at hand when you need them.

Safety: The harnesses that come with the highchair adapt to the baby’s body, keeping it safely in place, so that it can eat safely.

Bag: This portable high chair has the ability to be carried like a bag, to facilitate its transfer from one place to another.

Integration: Thanks to its height and easy placement in almost any chair, this model allows your baby to integrate at meal times, facilitating learning and monitoring.


Adaptability: A user has commented that this model needs to be installed on chairs with a back and preferably without armrests, also pointing out that it is not recommended for folding chairs.

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Chicco Fashion

As one of the best portable high chairs of 2022, according to user opinions, we present this Chicco model. A product designed for the comfort of the little ones in the house at mealtime, as it has padding on the seat and back. In addition, it comes combined in different colors that favor its unisex design.

For its part, the safety straps are adjusted at three key points to keep the infant sitting in place. Likewise, it has adjustable height in three levels to better adapt to the table or chair.

It is worth mentioning that the Mode highchair weighs only 2 kg, which makes it manageable and convenient to take on any outing. It is important to note that it is recommended for children from 6 months of age, at which time they can usually sit up on their own and begin the experience of eating alone.

Chicco is recognized by users as the best brand of portable highchairs, due to its characteristics and the quality with which its products are manufactured. Below we detail the pros and cons of the Mode model of this brand.


Folding: Its folding system is very simple, to be able to move the highchair from one place to another without problems.

Adjustment: It is very easy to adjust on any chair, since it has a strap that secures the high chair regardless of the type of chair used.

Adjustable: It has the possibility of adjusting the height, which is convenient when you have access to low or very high chairs and tables.


Tray: The plastic tray that comes with the product is very small and fits tight, so sometimes the baby’s legs may be a bit tight.

Size: The chair can be a bit narrow for robust babies, so be careful when buying it.

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Munchkin 05169601

With a friendly and durable design, this Munchkin high chair is suitable to be able to go quietly with your baby to any place where you want to eat.

This model offers greater stability and safety to the infant, thanks to its non-slip pads, which prevent the seat from sliding from the chair due to movement, all this without having to spend more, since it is one of the cheapest high chairs on the market..

This table chair is very light and can be easily moved even when it is open. In addition, it has a functional compartment to store some things you need for the care of the little one.

For its part, the adjustable three-point harness is suitable for children from 12 months to 3 years. Also, we must highlight its design in blue, beautiful and attractive, completely unisex and its easy-to-clean materials so you don’t worry if your baby stains the chair.

Among the cheapest high chairs is this Munchkin model, suitable for use both inside and outside the home. So we present its positive and negative aspects below.


Height: You can always adapt its height thanks to the fact that this highchair incorporates small legs, to raise the child a little more if necessary.

Uses: It can be used as a high chair or as a bag to carry the baby’s things when going out to eat or visiting family and friends.

Seat: Its seat is made of plastic, which allows it to be easily cleaned and is rigid to prevent it from deforming over time.


Fastening: Some users comment that the fastening of the baby to the chair is a bit inadequate, since it does not fully secure it, so you must keep an eye on the little one.

Toilet: This model does not allow the covers to be uninstalled to wash them, which prevents a deep cleaning of the fabrics.

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Asalvo Go Anywhere Booster

This Asalvo portable highchair will be the solution for your little one to share the table with family and friends regardless of the place, since its adjustment system to the chair is almost universal, keeping it safely in place.

In addition, you can count on your baby to be comfortable thanks to the fact that it is a padded seat and with harnesses that hold it well. For its part, the 25 cm backrest is designed to prevent the baby’s head from coming into contact with the back of the chair.

This product is the best value for money portable highchair, according to the opinion of the clients, so it may be the investment you need. Due to its colorful design, it is suitable for both boys and girls, and its light weight makes it easy to move from one place to another without inconvenience.

In this comparison we try to help you decide which portable high chair to buy, showing you some very good options with their characteristics, such as this Asalvo model, whose main aspects we describe below.


Assembly: It is very easy to install in almost any type of chair, since it adjusts to the seat and back without problems.

Harnesses: Includes harnesses that hold the infant from three different points, to keep it securely fastened, improving safety.

Comfort: It is very comfortable, whether we are talking about the transfer or the comfort of the seat, so it will not be a problem at any time.


Stain protection: This model does not have adequate lamination to prevent annoying food stains, which are inevitable in products of this type.

Bag: It does not incorporate a bag-type compartment to store the baby’s utensils, like other high chairs, only a small mesh on the back, which does not offer much storage space.

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Jane Ourson

This highchair from Jané has the essential features of a functional and lightweight highchair, so this could be the option for you if you are still wondering which is the best portable highchair. Its comfortable seat allows your baby to spend time sitting without hurting himself or feeling trapped. In addition, it offers a high rate of adaptability to the most common chairs.

It also has a hollow structure that can be used as a bag to store the baby’s eating utensils or toys, improving the distribution of space. In this way, you will have to carry less weight on each outing, as it is light and easy to transport, with its double function.

We highlight its upholstery with anti-stain fabric and very resistant to washing so that you can complete the proper cleaning after each use. If you are also looking for a beautiful and elegant highchair, this model meets the requirement appropriately.

This product improves the experience of eating with your baby, since it allows you to sit him down at the table with the family and encourage him to learn to eat alone. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to read the pros and cons of it.


Rigidity: Its structure is rigid, which prevents it from deforming and improves the protection of the content that is stored in its compartment.

Upholstered: It is upholstered with fabric resistant to washing and slipping, which improves the safety of your little one at all times, being very comfortable to spend time sitting down.

Bag: It is easily transformable from a high chair to a bag, being able to transport what you need in its hollow interior, as it is manageable, comfortable and elegant to carry.


Price: This product maintains a very high market price, being one of the most expensive in this comparison.

Backrest: The backrest of this seat is a bit short, so it is possible that the baby hits the head against the back of the chair.

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