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Pregnancy Test – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

After several days of delay and even some morning sickness, in most cases, the doubt begins about whether or not to perform a pregnancy test. That is why the fastest and most discreet way to do it is with an at-home test, but one that is reliable like Clearblue 8470001780355, which incorporates a total of two devices in its package that are easy to read by means of a “+” symbol. and “-” on its front face. In addition, it is a product with an ergonomic design for practical handling and with reliability in the results obtained of up to 99%. On the other hand, there are many users who trust and recommend the Easy@Home EZ1S-20T test.. This product comes with 20 quick tests that will be very useful if you are undergoing a fertility procedure and prefer to repeat the test several times before going to the doctor and giving the news.


The 8 Best Pregnancy Tests – Opinions 2022

If you think there is a possibility of being pregnant, you can get rid of doubts by using one of the products that we present to you in our selection, since we have analyzed their characteristics and user ratings to recommend them for their high rate of reliability, precision and ease of use. use. 

Clearblue Pregnancy Test

1. Clearblue Pregnancy Test Rapid Detection Test

Clearblue is a laboratory with a marked trajectory, whose products obtain good comments in the different purchase portals due to their high level of quality.

This is the case of the present pregnancy test patented by said brand, which has a high percentage of reliability of up to 99% in its results, thanks to the fact that it quickly detects the increase in the hormone hCG in the urine.

The product is made up of a pair of tests with an ergonomic format for practical handling and a spacious tip for rapid urine collection. In addition, they have been made of rigid polymer with a soft touch. 

On the upper face there are two circles with the symbol “+” and “-“, which provide easy reading. In this way, if you are pregnant, the area identified with the positive sign will be colored, while if the result is negative, it will be the minus sign that acquires color.

Using a home pregnancy test is a fairly discreet and effective method. Know the pros and cons of this product from Clearblue laboratories.


Package content: In the package you will find two pregnancy tests, so you can get more accurate results.

Waiting time: It is a quick test. To get a positive result you will need to wait just a minute.

Accuracy: The manufacturing laboratory indicates that this test has a 99% reliability, so the margin of error is very small.

Structure: The test has an ergonomic body that is easy to handle, so you do not have any problems.


Margin of error: You should keep in mind that there is a 1% margin of error in the test results, which will not always be decisive.

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2. Clearblue Early early detection 1 test

If you are anxious to find out if you have become pregnant, but your period is still several days away, you can use the Clearblue Early Detection Test which has high levels of accuracy, even 6 days before your due date.

The design with Floodguardtm technology prevents urine from entering the device, which is the main error that users report in the use of this type of test. For its part, the ergonomic construction of the device, with a longer curved rod and a wider tip, increases hygiene in handling the test. 

All these improvements that Clearblue has applied to the product offer a simpler user experience and that the users have positively valued in their comments, qualifying this model as one of the best pregnancy tests of 2022. 

In addition, due to its history and quality, Clearblue is also known as the best brand of pregnancy tests, so we invite you to see the summary of one of the best-selling products in its catalogue.


Detection: As it is a rapid detection test, you will be able to know if you are pregnant up to 6 days before your period.

Design: The long, curved stem design allows for a more comfortable hold, while the wide absorbent tip helps capture urine flow without damaging the device.

Results: The results can be accurately read 3 minutes after the test, so you don’t have to wait anxiously for a long time. 


Price: The value of the device may be high, compared to other products that include more than one pregnancy test. 

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Pregnancy test strips

3. Easy@Home Pregnancy Tests 20 Ultrasensitive Tests 10mIU/ml

A pregnancy test strip is very convenient when you have started a fertilization process and you need to check monthly if it has already given the desired result, without having to go to a laboratory, because you can do it in the comfort of your home.

That is what Easy@Home offers, a package with 20 ultra-sensitive pregnancy tests, capable of making an early detection of the hormone hCG. 

To use these strips, you just need to dip one into your urine for 5 seconds. Then you must wait 3 to 5 minutes to read the results. By not having an evaporation line, the margin of error is reduced, since two lines mean pregnancy and one line means negative.

If it is an early detection, the lines may appear very clear, but with the increase in the hormone hCG they darken and therefore it is advisable to repeat the test as the days go by.

Now we will show you some positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in this product, because we want to help you make the right purchase.


Quantity: This pack contains 20 pregnancy test strips, a good supply for someone who is trying to get pregnant and wants to track the results.

Simple reading If two lines appear the result is positive and if only one appears the result is negative.

Size: The format of the strips allows hygienic handling of the tests. 


Color: The intensity of the lines can vary depending on the concentration of hCG in the urine, being barely visible in some cases.

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Reliable pregnancy test

4. BabyColor 5 Ultrasensitive Pregnancy Test

If you suspect that you may be pregnant, we recommend you consider the BabyColor set in case you want to do a home test before going to your gynecologist.

This product consists of 5 pregnancy tests packaged in a safe and hygienic way to avoid alterations in the results.

Its use is quite simple, since it requires a regular urine sample to indicate whether or not you are expecting a baby. You can choose to urinate directly on the test or also collect the sample in a clean container to submerge the collection tip.

It should be noted that the results can be easily read, thanks to the fact that they are interpreted by means of lines: 2 is positive, 1 on the left is negative and 1 on the right indicates “invalid test” so that you can take another one and verify the diagnosis. In addition, it can be done at any time of the day, although it is more accurate if it is performed with the first urine in the morning.

In order to feel comfortable and confident when taking your pregnancy test, you must know the pros and cons of all the options:


Set: Includes a total of 5 disposable pregnancy tests that you can perform at home.

Hygienic: Each of the tests is individually sealed for greater hygiene.

Time: The test will be able to offer a result in a period of time between 3 to 5 minutes.

Simple: It is simple to use, since, like most, you only have to apply the sample and wait.



Accuracy: It is advisable to repeat the test to ensure the result, since its effectiveness is not 100%.

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Ovulation and pregnancy test

5. Femometer 50 ovulation test and 20 pregnancy test

Currently, many couples are looking for a baby but do not want to undergo medical treatment, and for this reason, many women prefer to do it more naturally with ovulation control, to know the right time to have sex. 

In this sense, having an ovulation and pregnancy test like the one from Femometer is a great advantage for carrying out an effective home treatment, since it is a pack that includes 50 units of ovulation tests and 20 of pregnancy tests.

Femometer’s ovulation papers are 3.5mm wide strips that are dipped into urine for five seconds and give highly accurate results, according to users, even if your period is irregular. For this, the Fermometer application is used, with which images of the strips are captured and indications are obtained to take advantage of the fertile days.

In this way, with this ovulation and pregnancy kit you can take advantage of your mobile device and use it as an ally to know which are the most likely days to get pregnant. Therefore, we invite you to know the pros and cons of this model. 


Quantity: Includes enough strips to do trial tests until you learn to identify the correct results.

Management: The tests are easy to use to keep track of your ovulation at home, identifying the most fertile days of your period. 

Price: The product has an adjusted price and is suitable for different budgets, taking into account that you can do 50 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy tests.


Instructions: The kit includes instructions in English and German. However, you will be able to get information on the Internet about how to use the tests correctly. 

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One Step Pregnancy Test

6. One Step 5 Pregnancy Tests 10 mIU/ml 

For those who want to buy a pregnancy test without spending a lot of money, this One Step product can be a suitable investment, since it includes a total of 5 highly reliable tests, which can be used up to 5 days before the period. 

For this reason, many buyers affirm that this is the best value for money pregnancy test, since the support of the brand, the quality of the product and the low cost allow you to acquire an easy-to-use test that will help you clear up any doubts from the start. the comfort of your home. 

It should be noted that the One Step pregnancy test can detect the presence of the HCG hormone if its concentration exceeds 10mIU/ml, to give an accurate result in 99% of cases. Likewise, the test can be performed 7 to 10 days after conception in a quick way, collecting the urine sample in a clean container and dipping the strip, according to the instructions.  

Due to its affordable price, some users think that this is the best pregnancy test for 5 euros, so we invite you to see the summary of its pros and cons.


Kit: Five pregnancy tests are included that have a sensitivity of 10mIU/ml to detect the hormone HCG up to 5 days before the period.

Language: The instruction manual for this test comes in Spanish, so it is much easier to use these tests compared to others. 

Reliability: These tests have a high level of accuracy that exceeds 90% reliability, according to the manufacturer and the majority of its users. 


Lines: The sharpness of the result line can vary, sometimes it is very light or darker, which can cause some confusion in the reading. 

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urine pregnancy test

7. AFAC 20 Pregnancy Test 50 Ovulation Test with Urine

Nowadays it is very common to use a urine pregnancy test to clear up any doubts, especially due to its low price, ease of use and acquisition. In addition, the extension of these products with the use of ovulation tests makes it easier to follow your conception process at home, in a natural way, to know what is the best day to get pregnant. 

In this sense, AFAC offers a kit of 50 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy tests, in addition to 70 cups of urine to take the samples with the greatest possible hygiene. 

The precision of this product lies in the sensitivity of the 20mIU/ml tests to detect the hormones LH or HCG with the intention of avoiding false positives in case your body may have elevations of these values, after exhaustive physical activity. 

Although this is not a cheap pregnancy test, it includes 70 tests in total that are worth the investment, in addition to having international quality certifications. Therefore, we present a summary of its pros and cons.


Kit: This product includes 50 ovulation tests, 20 pregnancy tests and 70 containers to collect urine in a hygienic way in each test.

Results: The results are easy to read, because when it is positive, the two colored lines will appear: the Control line (C) and the Test line (T). If it is negative, only line C will appear.

Sensitivity: The strips have a sensitivity of 20mIU/ml to reduce the margin of error and false positives in the detection of ovulation and pregnancy hormones, respectively. 


Price: This model may not be the most affordable, if you compare it with similar products. 

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Ultrasensitive pregnancy test


8. Dothnix 7x Ultrasensitive  Pregnancy Test 

A few years ago, a cheap pregnancy test used to generate distrust in its use because it was thought that it was not made with good quality products and the reagents were deficient. However, medical technology has become so accessible that there are brands like Dothnix that offer a safe and reliable test. 

That is why this ultra-sensitive Dothnix pregnancy test is among the cheapest products that you can buy online, being highly recommended by users because it includes 7 tests that allow you to obtain results several days before the date of your period. 

This particular model has certificates from the European Community that support its quality, plus they are individually packaged strips in a sealed box to prevent damage from moisture or dust.

For its part, the instructions come in Spanish with simple steps to follow, which facilitates the use of the test with a quick reading of the results that do not take more than 5 minutes to appear. 

This product is among the cheapest in our selection, but that does not mean that its quality is inferior, on the contrary, it is a highly reliable test and for this reason we invite you to know its positive and negative aspects.


Packaging: There are 7 test strips that are individually packaged to avoid exposure to moisture.

Language: The instructions come in Spanish and explain in simple steps how to take the test.

Convenience: The strips are compact in size, yet easy to use and read the results. 


Illustrations: The illustrations accompanying the instructions could be improved to match the steps to be performed.

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Shopping guide

Many women know those feelings of uncertainty, fear, and excitement that come together when a pregnancy is suspected. For this reason, there is a need to have a reliable and cheap test at hand to help clear up any doubts. But, to achieve a good investment, we recommend that you read our guide to buying the best pregnancy test, which has the most relevant data on the tests that you can buy and perform at home.


Over the years and medical advances, it has become easier to take a pregnancy test in the comfort of your home, with reliable results and without having to go to a medical laboratory. 

In this sense, when making a comparison of pregnancy tests you will notice that the designs vary according to the brand, model and price. Initially, only compact test strips were available, which were immersed in a glass of urine for several seconds, so that the absorbent tip detected the presence of the hormone HCG.

Now, tests that come in the form of a plastic thermometer have become very popular and can be comfortably held to place directly under the urine stream for several seconds, since the absorbent area is wider and quickly impregnated with urine. 

Consequently, ergonomics has been taken into account to create products that are easy to use, with a firm grip and always maintaining the greatest possible hygiene. 


The pharmacy pregnancy tests that we use at home respond to the presence of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, popularly known by its abbreviation HCG.

This hormone is found in small quantities in non-pregnant women, but after conception or fertilization of the ovum, levels begin to increase, this being the main indicator of a pregnancy. 

In the market, many tests have a sensitivity of 20-25IU/ml of HCG in the urine, however, the interest in earlier detection with high levels of reliability has allowed the development of pregnancy tests that can detect 10-15IU. /ml of this hormone in the urine.

A woman usually takes a pregnancy test when her period is several days late. But, the highly sensitive tests are capable of detecting a pregnancy up to 5 days before the stipulated date of menstruation. For this reason, many users choose to look for these early detection products, regardless of how much it costs, because the truth is that the price does not vary much compared to conventional ones, so you can get a high-precision and easy-to-use cheap test.


Most test strips and thermometer-type tests provide easy-to-read results through lines that appear after a few minutes of contact with urine. 

Conventionally, pregnancy tests have two lines: the control line and the test line. The first should always be marked, if it does not appear after a few minutes it is because the test was done incorrectly. 

The second line is the one that will determine if the result is positive or negative, because if it appears marked, even slightly, it means that you are pregnant. Therefore, the absence of this line indicates that the result is negative.

Currently, there are advanced models that include a small screen on which the word Pregnant or Not Pregnant appears, these undoubtedly facilitate reading and reduce the margin of error. Also, this type of test comes with a conception indicator, that is, it shows the number of weeks of pregnancy with high precision. 


Like any pharmaceutical product, pregnancy tests must include clear instructions on how they should be used. Some are accompanied by illustrations that facilitate their understanding, however there are others that come in languages ​​other than Spanish and therefore their users comment that it is a flaw that must be improved.

The important thing about this aspect is that most manufacturers have video tutorials on their websites or a detailed explanation with images on how to use the test in different languages, including Spanish. In this way, you can consult the Internet if you have any questions.

The same goes for ovulation and pregnancy test kits, which will be of great help to those who want to track their fertile days at home. In this case, some products come with all their instructions, while others are supported by a mobile application to read the results and keep track of the ovulation process, sending notifications about the most fertile moment to try to conceive with high levels. of reliability. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a pregnancy test?

According to the sensitivity of the acquired test, it is recommended to use the first urine of the day. In other words, perform the test when you get up in the morning, since it is assumed that at that time the urine has a higher concentration of the hormone HCG in case of being pregnant. Therefore, some manufacturers recommend avoiding drinking a lot of fluids the night before performing the test, as this can dilute the concentration and make it more difficult to achieve an accurate result.

Q2: When to do the pregnancy test?

It is normal that because of the anxiety of knowing if you have become pregnant, you take a test well in advance, without getting a positive result. However, one of the first signs of a possible pregnancy is, precisely, a delay of several days in your period. But, if you are in a fertilization process or have kept track of your ovulation to get pregnant naturally, you can do the test one day before your period, since it is assumed that by that date your HCG levels have increased due to the conception. Still, you can also buy a highly sensitive test that can detect a pregnancy up to 5 days before the period.


Q3: How to know if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test?

As we mentioned before, the absence of menstruation is the main indication of a pregnancy. However, there are some signs that can occur, taking into account that each organism is different and none reacts in the same way. In this sense, the best known symptoms are morning sickness, disgust to some foods or aromas and even a darkening of the nipples. 

But, there are also some home tests that were used a few decades ago when pregnancy tests were not so cheap. One of them was with oil and consisted of using the first urine of the day, collecting it in a glass and then dropping two drops of oil separated from each other. If the drops join each other, it means a positive. 

Q4: How does the pregnancy test work?

Although they have different designs, urine pregnancy tests work in the same way. They include a test strip or an absorbent tip that detects the presence of the hormone HCG that increases considerably after conception. So, since the concentration of the hormone in the urine is higher in the morning, it is recommended to use the first urine to obtain more reliable results. So by moistening the absorbent tip with urine, according to the instructions, the strip will react if the result is positive, showing the two lines, depending on the type of test.  

Q5: When is a pregnancy test reliable?

Currently, most brands of pregnancy tests have high levels of reliability, exceeding 90%. Thus, many can be done even several days before the date of menstruation. But if you want to be more than sure, it’s best to wait several days after your regular period is late. 

Q6: When is a pregnancy test positive?

According to experts, the tests that we buy in the pharmacy or online are highly accurate when the result is positive, so if you are pregnant and the levels of HCG in your urine are enough to make the strip react, then the test will give an answer. fast and reliable, throwing the second line or the word pregnant, depending on the chosen model. 

Q7: What can alter a pregnancy test?

If a test is uncapped and not used, leaving it exposed to moisture or dust, the test strip may be damaged and when you decide to use the test the result may not be reliable. For this reason it is recommended to remove the packaging just before using the test. On the other hand, if you perform the test too early, you can get a false negative, because your body has not increased its production of the HCG hormone necessary for the test to detect pregnancy.

Similarly, drinking a lot of fluids a few hours before performing the test can also give a false negative, since the urine is diluted and the levels of HCG in it are altered. Another case may be that of having an abortion and the pregnancy test is positive, since there are organisms in which the hormone continues to increase up to 8 weeks after an abortion, spontaneous or not. 

Q8: Does an ovulation test work as a pregnancy test?

It is necessary to clarify that ovulation tests and pregnancy tests react to different hormones. But, some cases have stated that positive ovulation tests have corroborated a pregnancy.

The explanation for this fact is simple, the hormones LH (ovulation) and HCG (pregnancy) have very similar molecular structures, so ovulation tests can also react positively to the increase in the hormone HCG. However, it is best to confirm the result with a pregnancy test itself and for this, it is advisable to purchase ovulation and pregnancy kits that help you detect your most fertile days and also include test strips to know if you have become pregnant. after making your successful ovulation record.

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Blue Cross 10 x extremadamente temprano 10 mIU

Si has comenzado un tratamiento para quedar embarazada y necesitas comprobar con frecuencia si está dando resultado, puedes adquirir un test de embarazo en tiras, como este modelo de Blue Cross que incluye 10 unidades embaladas individualmente para que repitas la prueba las veces que quieras. 

Este modelo, en particular, es de detección temprana. Es decir, que puede dar resultados altamente precisos hasta 5 días antes de la fecha probable de tu período, así que si estás ansiosa por saber si has quedado embarazada o no, no necesitas esperar a que tu menstruación se retrase. Este puede ser el caso particular de las mujeres que se someten a fecundaciones in-vitro para tener un bebé, así pueden realizar todos los tests que quieran en la comodidad de su casa.  

Definitivamente, este es un test de embarazo de farmacia muy popular por su facilidad de uso, la confiabilidad de los resultados y el precio asequible que tiene. Por ello te invitamos a conocer los aspectos positivos y negativos que hemos distinguido en él. 


Unidades: Este producto incluye 10 tiras empacadas individualmente, para evitar daños por humedad.

Confiabilidad: El test es valorado positivamente por los usuarios gracias a la precisión de los resultados. 

Detección: Con este test puedes saber si estás embarazada varios días antes de tu fecha de menstruación, siendo adecuado para aquellas mujeres ansiosas que están realizando algún tratamiento de fertilidad. 


Línea de evaporación: Es probable que en algunos tests se observe una línea clara o borrosa que no permite leer el resultado real, pero esto sucede cuando la concentración de HCG en la orina es baja. 

Clearblue Prueba De Embarazo doble con fecha

La precisión y fiabilidad que ofrece este test de embarazo Clearblue se mencionan mucho en los comentarios de los usuarios, pues se trata de un producto con dos pruebas de embarazo, una tradicional y otra con diseño digital que muestra con palabras “Embarazada” o “No Embarazada” los resultados, evitando así confusiones.

Para muchos compradores, este puede ser el mejor test de embarazo, ya que la prueba digital incluye un indicador de concepción. Es decir, que dice cuánto tiempo de embarazo tienes según el nivel de la hormona HCG en la orina. De esta forma, el Smart Dual Sensor permite saber en un rango de 1-2, 2-3 o 3+ el tiempo en semanas que ha transcurrido desde la concepción, con una precisión del 93%. 

Debes saber que Clearblue ofrece en estas pruebas un diseño ergonómico, gracias a su formato de termómetro con una zona de agarre. Esta cualidad resulta cómoda para las usuarias y, además, al incluir una punta absorbente más ancha que las provistas en otros modelos se considera como un test higiénico y preciso. 

Con todas sus características, muchos usuarios creen que este es el mejor test de embarazo del momento y por ello resumimos sus pros y contras a continuación.

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