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Ride-Ons – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When your child is growing up he wants to venture out to try new things around the house. But as a parent you examine every aspect to be able to give it free rein. All this serves to choose the ideal toy for your little one, and in this case we suggest the ride-on toy. These are available in various options, the simplest are strollers or motorcycles without pedals that move powered by your baby’s feet, while other more complete ones are walkers with an activity panel that incorporates various functions to help in the learning process. Of all the models on the market, the Chicco All Around stands out, which is presented in the form of a car, with very bright colors and wheels that can be rotated 360º. On the other hand, we have the InjusaNeox Red which is a fun motorcycle with wide wheels for better stability, as well as an ergonomic and safe design.

Opinions about the best ride-ons

The use of ride-ons stimulates children’s motor skills, as well as muscle development and the sense of balance and orientation, so more than just a toy, these products offer many benefits to children. For this reason, we present the selection of products recommended in this category by users as the best ride-ons of 2022.

Chicco ride-ons

Chicco All Around

Among the cheapest Chicco ride-ons in this summary is the Chicco All Around 360º Giro model, a compact and lightweight stroller, ideal for your child to use in small spaces. Likewise, it is designed for children from 1 to 3 years of age, as it resists up to a maximum of 20 kilograms.

As for the design, it is available in pink and blue with cute eyes, a mouth and the number 1, so you can choose the one your child likes the most. This ride-on includes four wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and this allows your little one to move freely.

In addition, this Chicco ride -on incorporates a basket under the seat, where your child can store all the toys and a speaker on the steering wheel so that he can be a real driver, as well as help with the development of motor coordination.

When choosing a ride-on, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of the All Around Giro 360º, a simple car with other typical benefits of Chicco products.


Movement: The wheels of this ride-on can rotate 360º, which will allow the child to move even on himself.

Weight: This model has the capacity to support a weight of up to 20 kilograms of children between 1 to 3 years old.

Basket: Includes a basket under the seat, so your child can store their toys inside it and take them from one place to another.


Functions: This model, unlike others in the summary, does not incorporate an activity center with songs, music that help with learning letters and numbers.

Small: Some users comment that the ride-on is smaller and lower than expected and for this reason it is difficult for their children to move it.

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motorcycle ride-on

Injusa Neox Red

Many users consider this to be the best price-quality ride-on, as it is a compact, lightweight motorcycle and one of the cheap toys on this list. This motorcycle ride-on has a weight of 998 grams, but a robust structure, so it resists children from 1 year to approximately 3 with a maximum weight of 20 kilograms, thanks to its 100% plastic manufacture.

The two wheels of this Injusa model are large and wide, offering greater stability to your child, as well as incorporating a Foot To Floor system so that they can reach the ground without problems. It also includes a handle to facilitate transport when you have to take it to the grandparents’ house or to the park, since its measurements of 73.5 x 27.5 x 49.5 cm do not take up much space when not in use.

There is no doubt that this motorcycle ride-on model has an ergonomic design and is easy to drive for your child. It is also available in red and pink, so you can choose the one you like best.

This is one of the cheapest ride-ons on the market and has several features that we describe in the next section so that you can learn more about this model and that corroborate its usefulness.


Design: This ride-on has an ergonomic design thanks to its weight of less than 1 kg and its measurements, being easy for children to move and drive, so your child can have fun without worrying about being behind all the time.

Foot to Floor: Due to its wide and large wheels, in addition to its Foot to Floor system, your child will be able to move properly and safely, since the ride-on is stable.

Mobility and storage: It incorporates a handle for transport, and thanks to its dimensions you can store it in small spaces.


Height: The motorcycle, according to some customers, is taller than they expected, so a 1-year-old child may find it uncomfortable.

Stickers: Other clients express that the stickers are not well placed and that this aspect needs to be reinforced in quality control.

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wooden ride-on

IM Toy Walker The Sheep

Wooden ride-ons stand out among their peers, for being timeless toys that remain valid over time, bringing smiles and providing fun to today’s babies, just as the models of yesteryear did. In this sense, this ride-on model has managed to win the attention of the little ones, given its attractive children’s design.

It has a sheep design painted in neutral colors, which favors that it can be used indistinctly by boys and girls. It is made of high quality rubber wood, strong and durable; It also has 4 rubber wheels that provide firmness and stability.

Likewise, it has a compartment under the seat that is ideal for storing small toys and thanks to its solid handlebar, it can be pushed safely. It has a quick and easy assembly and in addition, the manufacturer offers a wide variety of models to choose from, according to your tastes and the sex of the baby.

It is a recommended model from 12 months, so if you have a little explorer at home, this ride-on could be an excellent purchase option. Here are its pros and cons.


Materials: It is made of robust wood, with rubber wheels and decorated with paints free of toxic substances.

Multipurpose: It is a ride-on that fulfills the function of a pusher, a car and also allows you to store toys.

Toy: Additionally, with the purchase you will receive a toy in the shape of a sheep.


Wheel brake: A brake mechanism that allows to control the speed of the wheels is missing.

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Vtech ride-on

Vtech Andandín 2 in 1 80-505667

In the search for the best Vtech ride-on we found the Andandín 2 in 1, an improved version that retains a fun style and interactive functions that contribute to the baby’s psychomotor development.

Its use is oriented from 9 months of age, a stage in which it is very entertaining as a removable game panel, which the baby can use to discover different activities such as the luminous piano, the toy telephone and the gears that activate sounds and melodies. All in Spanish.

When they are 12 months old, they can be assembled as ride-ons, so that the little one has the physical and sensory stimuli to start walking with more balance and independence. 

Regarding the improvement in this model, we must mention that now the folding legs take up less space for storage. On the other hand, it retains the speed regulator that adapts the ride-on to the baby’s physical dexterity. 

These and other characteristics are summarized in the following section of pros and cons.


Learning: The baby is stimulated to learn phrases, songs, recognize shapes and colors.

Safety: The speed regulation and the legs with non-slip wheels increase the protection of the baby, avoiding falls and incidents due to lack of control.

Removable panel: The little one can sit down to play with the activity panel, as it is removable and its size favors its portability to take on car rides.


Batteries: The batteries included are demonstrative, so their duration is poor. It is recommended to buy good quality batteries for the optimal operation of the activity panel. 

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Fisher-Price Ride-On

Fisher-Price Talking Zebra

Due to its zebra design with a robust base, the Fisher-Price model is among the most popular ride-ons of 2022. It also has four resistant wheels and an easy-grip handle to give your baby more stability.

This Fisher Price ride-on, like the previous model, is a walker and activity center, so it will motivate your child to take their first steps with different phrases, music and fun sounds.

On the other hand, it has various manual functions that will allow your little one to exercise their fine and gross motor skills, as well as sensory development. It also has different elements, such as a small book that you can turn the page, ball and spinning disk and light-up buttons.

This Fisher Price ride-on model will help the child in his process of learning words, teaching him letters and numbers, and for its operation it needs two AA batteries.

With a history of 88 years and highlighted by the innovation of its toys, Fisher-Price is the best ride-on brand according to many users, and this model is one of the most popular of the manufacturer, so we summarize some of its pros and cons in the next section.


Walker: The four wheels and the sturdy base give your child stability for their first steps. In addition, it incorporates various motivational phrases to keep you moving.

Activities: Includes various elements to help the child’s development, such as a book that can turn the page and thus activate different learning phrases and songs.

Stimulation: The different colors, as well as the lights, sounds and music that this model incorporates help to stimulate all of your baby’s senses.


Wheels: Some users claim that this model does not include a brake system on any of the wheels, so when the child walks and pushes the ride-on, it can go very fast.

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Other products

Clementoni Samson 4 in 1

For those parents who are looking for the best ride-on car, we recommend the Samson 4-in-1 model from Clementoni, a talking truck that can be used as a walker and activity center. The structure of this toy is made of plastic and is suitable for children over 10 months of age because it incorporates parts that can be ingested.

Likewise, it incorporates six large interactive buttons to activate the different sounds that will help with the learning process of letters and numbers, this can be done in both Spanish and English. In addition, it incorporates various light effects that are eye-catching for your baby.

This model has a rear box that can be raised to serve as a walker when your child is already standing up and can sit safely in the seat. As for its weight, you should know that it is 3.5 kilograms, so when using it as a walker or ride-on, it probably won’t tip over.

If you still don’t know which ride-on to buy, this model is highly recommended by several users thanks to its robust and versatile design, that’s why we summarize its positive and negative aspects to help you in your decision.


4 in 1: This model can be used as a walker by having the rear box raised, as a walker to help your child with his first steps, as an activity center and of course as a truck.

Language: You can select between two languages, Spanish and English so that your little one learns letters and numbers, expanding their bilingual vocabulary.

Safe: Due to its weight of 3.5 kilograms, this model is safe in walker or ride-on mode and will not tip over.


Price: It is the most expensive ride-on in this summary, however, we believe that its price is commensurate with its benefits.

Variety: Some customers express that the ride-on does not have much variety of songs.

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MOLTO 3 in 1  

A model that has not one, but three functions, certainly has to be the favorite of many buyers to be the best ride-on. In this way, fun and the best development of motor skills are guaranteed.

It is made of resistant plastic and weighs 2.90 kilograms, attributes that make it the most suitable ride-on for a 1-year-old baby. Its dimensions are 30 x 43.4 x 56.9 cm, in an innovative yellow truck-shaped model with attractive stickers. 

It can be used as a walker, being ideal for the baby to push it and improve its stability. Also, it works as a ride-on and also, the 10 building blocks stored in the seat are ideal for the baby to unleash the imagination and start creating.

Due to its three functions and above all for providing lumbar support during this growth stage, this model is an option to ensure fun at home, competing as the best ride-on of the moment. 


Structure : The structure provides great support to the back in any of its functions. 

Manufacturing : The highly resistant plastic ensures that the product lasts for more than 36 months. 

Accessories: The 10 building blocks included under the seat help stimulate the process of attention and learning.

Storage: The storage space located in the seat is suitable for both the building blocks and so you can store other of your favorite toys. 

Uses: The fun will have no limit because it can be used indoors and outdoors. 


Assembly: According to some buyers, the absence of some elements such as the stop makes assembly difficult. 

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ride-on motorcycle 

Boys Mini Custom

The attractive design that emulates a full-size motorcycle outperforms many similar models. This Spanish manufacturer has taken pains to offer the best experience to stimulate coordination and movement. For this reason, it is the favorite for many buyers as the best price-quality ride-on, being one of the cheapest.

This ride-on motorcycle is made of good quality plastic, which favors durability. Its structure has dimensions of 54 x 38 x 22.5 cm which, together with the weight of 1.34 kilograms, stands out for being very light and thus avoiding headaches when moving to parks and outdoors. Its 4 wheels provide greater stability and ensure that children have their feet on the ground at all times. 

If doubts persist when choosing one of the ride-ons, this one stands out for being one of the cheapest, so it is convenient to review the pros and cons.


Assembly: It is not necessary to invest a lot of time in assembly. Thanks to this aspect it can be used quickly, but without ceasing to be safe.

Weight : It is very light, since the weight is 1.34 kg, so it is easy to transport. 

Stability: The 4 wheels ensure that the child has good support, along with a handlebar with all the details for balance and protection. 

Manufacturing : The plastic used for manufacturing makes it strong and durable. 


Accessories: The model does not include additional accessories like other models, which could be a drawback. However, it can serve its purpose of improving the motor skills of the child. 

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Ride-on for girl

Feber Minnie Jumper

For girls from the age of 3 who want to explore and get to know everything around them, this model is one of the best on the market when it comes to entertainment, autonomy and contributing in a very positive way to their development, while still having good value for money. 

The stability of this ride-on for girls is not in question, because the wide wheels ensure balance at all times and its design is one of the most attractive on the market. The structure is made of high-end plastic, while remaining light, since it does not exceed 2.6 kilograms. 

Its dimensions are 63 x 33 x 45.5 cm and the distance from the saddle to the ground is 28.5 cm, allowing for proper space management. It can support a maximum weight of 25 kilograms, enough for the first years of the infant. Likewise, the fusion of colors together with a modern and attractive design will be the sensation among girls.

This ride-on is ideal for girls. In addition to being very stable and secure, it is another of the most recommended on the market.


Gripper: The handlebar is made of a rough material that facilitates grip and prevents hands from slipping. 

Wheels: The wide wheels produce stability on any surface, as well as good support. 

Manufacturing: It is made of resistant plastic, but at the same time it is light to be transported.

Uses: It can be used both inside the home and in patios and gardens. 


Storage: Does not include trunk or storage to store other favorite toys. 

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ride-on car

vidaXL Red

Every child’s greatest fantasy is to have a car adjusted to their size. With this model of the VidaXL brand it can become a reality. The model has an attractive red color that has become the sensation compared to other cheap ride-ons. 

Due to its dimensions of 66.2 x 28.7 x 38.4 cm, it can support a maximum load of 23 kilograms. It is made of good quality plastic to extend its lifespan. Stability and safety is guaranteed thanks to its four wheels. Due to its structure, it is possible for the child to get on and off with complete ease. In addition, these wheels move in time with the steering wheel.

Under the seat there is a space for storage of the little one’s favorite toys. While on the other hand, this ride-on car includes six sounds for never-ending fun along with stability and protection on all surfaces. 

With an attractive, stable and safe design, the child will spend hours entertaining and the parents will trust the protection and quality of this model, which has the following pros and cons.


Assembly: Assembly is not overwhelming because it can be completed in a few minutes. 

Wheels: The wheels offer stability, in addition to adapting very well to surfaces such as parquet.

Storage: The space to store toys is ample and is located under the seat. 

Sounds: It has realistic sounds like the horn, which make it much more attractive for children.


Activity panel: The toy lacks an activity panel or accessories, as is the case with other models. 

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How to choose the best ride-on?

A guide to buying the best ride-on will be a very useful tool in this management. These are products that babies will use at a crucial time in their lives where feeling safe, and at the same time being entertained, will play a leading role in deciding if the chosen product is really the most suitable.

Shopping guide


There are very different ride-on models, so knowing the basic types can be useful to choose what best suits your baby’s needs.

In this sense, there are walker type and whose objective is that children push it by holding on to a bar. These generally include some functions on the front, so they are also often used for entertainment when you are not walking.

There are also those that are in the form of a motorcycle or car, so they allow the baby to ride on them, giving them a different perspective of the environment and making them have a very pleasant time. The choice of one or the other model will have a direct influence on determining how much it costs.


Another issue that you have to be very aware of when reviewing a ride-on comparison is the dimensions. These will depend on the place where you live with the child, since the most appropriate thing is that there is the necessary space so that he can enjoy all the fun that the ride-on generates.

In any case, for smaller spaces, it is best to have a walker type, since children will be able to enjoy the games part mostly, leaving the races for outings to the park.


Just as the dimensions are important, choosing the right ride-on for each age is also important. Although they all have a similar mobility function, you have to be aware of the possibilities that some can be a bit dangerous when babies are very young, so you have to pay close attention to the indications given by the manufacturer when describing the product.

In the case of ride-ons in the form of motorcycles or cars, you have to pay attention to the weight they are capable of supporting. In this sense, those that are walker style tend to have a longer lifespan, although they are also affected by the height that children take as they grow.


Ride-ons can include a good number of functions even if it is an economical model. This is possible thanks to the additions that are placed on the front of the walker types where there are often options to learn numbers, letters, shapes and colors.

On the other hand, those that are motorcycle or car type can include certain options such as horn sounds, the turning of the steering wheel or space to store other toys that are of interest to the little ones.


Most of the wheels used are made of hard plastic material, which gives them very good resistance and extends their useful life. In addition, these usually have non-slip properties that help to fix themselves better to the ground, preventing the child from moving faster than they should.

Some models include a simple but functional brake system that helps to keep the ride-on still when they are playing without using it directly and also to avoid speeding accidents.


All products that are chosen for use by children must meet a very high safety standard. In this case, the main thing will be to make sure that the materials are very resistant, both to support the weight and the indelicate treatment that children usually give.

Likewise, it must be ensured that all the parts are adjusted correctly, avoiding the risk of a screw coming loose and causing a fall. For this, it is best to carry out a periodic review.

If the product has electronic functions, make sure that the part containing the batteries is well protected and that there is no way for children to come into contact with them.


Last but not least, it should be noted that ride-ons with very colorful designs tend to attract much more attention from the little ones than those that are opaque or solid. Therefore, it is better to take advantage of the nice versions that manufacturers make available.

On the other hand, it is necessary to verify that they have an ergonomic structure, whatever the type of ride-on, where it is ensured that their use will not interfere in any way with the normal development of babies and, above all, their growth and posture.

Frequently asked questions

1: How to disassemble a Chicco ride-on?

The disassembly of any product of this type will consist of carrying out the reverse procedure that was carried out at the time of assembly. Therefore, it will be necessary to verify where the screws that fix the wheels and the handlebar are placed and proceed to remove them. This when it comes to a Chicco walker-style ride-on.

If it is a car type, the wheels and all the accessories it contains must be removed and the manufacturer allows them to be disassembled according to the instructions in the user manual. Proper disassembly of a Chicco ride-on can allow it to be carried from one place to another without taking up much space.

2: Are ride-ons good or bad?

Ride-ons have a specific use for which they have been created and that is to provide an alternative to traditional walkers that are believed to cause hip problems in babies.

In this case, it is a product that gives them freedom of movement, giving them support so that they can move while developing the necessary strength in their legs and advancing in the ability to stay balanced.

They also give them a higher level of independence, making it easier for them to get where they want to be as they take their first steps on their own.

3: How to make a ride-on?

There are many ways a person can make a homemade ride-on. Knowing that there are models made of wood on the market, for a carpenter it can be a very simple task to give the necessary touches to achieve a beautiful final product that will only have to be put on wheels and painted in bright colors.

A similar case applies for those that are shaped like a car. In any case, what will be most relevant is that very strict security measures are followed, so that everything is well polished, without splinters or protruding parts that could cause harm to the baby. In the same way, it must be considered that small parts, such as screws, are well secured.

4: Are ride-ons useful for learning to walk?

Without a doubt, this is the main function of a walker, to give babies a safe support from which they can hold on when they start to move on their own feet.

All this in a way that is pleasant for them, which is why they are also presented in fun ways and with some additions so that playing with their ride-on can always be among their favorite options.

5: What is an evolutionary ride-on?

There are many ride-ons available on the market that have the property of changing as babies grow. In this way, in a first stage, only the electronic activity board could be used, for example, all

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