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Sneakers with wheels – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Wheeled shoes are undoubtedly a very fun toy for the little ones in the house, since they offer the opportunity to move agilely while maintaining considerable speed. If you are looking for options, we invite you to learn about some models available on the market, among which the HEELYS 770512 stands out, capable of providing your girl with a very beautiful design due to the variety of colors present in its structure, for its part it has an outer sole double density, for the comfortable and ergonomic enjoyment of these shoes. Likewise, the Happy Home Products Double Roller modelIt is equipped with LED lights that, in addition to providing the product with style, makes it a very striking one, as well as the manufacturing materials that make it up are of quality.

Opinions on the best roller shoes

If you want to buy good slippers with special wheels to give to the smallest of the house, you must take into account each one of the details that they have to offer you. We invite you to learn about some models available on the market together with their descriptions so that you can make the right choice.

Girl’s Wheeled Shoes

HEELYS 770512

Roller shoes for girls have always been a very accepted toy by the smallest of the house, since they provide a considerable level of fun with each use, it is for this reason that we present the HEELYS 770512 model.

It is a product manufactured both in its exterior and in its interior lining with synthetic material, this being very durable and resistant, so that it tolerates frequent use. For its part, the outer sole of the shoes is double density, so your little girl can feel comfortable while wearing them. 

It should be noted that its design is very beautiful, since its structure has a combination of colors that make it a striking product. On the other hand, its lace-up closure system is easy to tie, so your girl can enjoy well-fitting shoes at her feet.

The choice of good shoes with wheels will depend a lot on each of the characteristics that the model that most attracts your attention can offer you, read more about this model below.


Manufacturing: This model is made of high-quality synthetic material, so it could be very durable and resistant to each use.

Outer sole: The outer sole of these shoes has double density, which means a much more comfortable use for your little one.

Design: Its design is very attractive, thanks to the variety of colors that are available in its structure.


Sizes: Regarding the size of these shoes, it should be noted that they are usually small, so it may be convenient to order one more number according to the size of the girl.

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Sidewalk Sport pink

Other shoes with wheels for girls that you could take into account in your choice are those of the Sidewalk brand, due to its casual and modern appearance, qualities that make it considered a very attractive model with which to offer your little girl many moments of relaxation. fun.

It should be noted that the shoes are available in a beautiful pink color with black details that stand out. Likewise, it has the brand logo as well as the name embodied in some areas of each shoe, to give greater prominence.

As for their materials, these are made up of high-quality synthetic fabric on the outside, which is a durable and resistant model for each use. On the other hand, its closure system is designed by means of laces, therefore, your little girl will be able to adjust the shoes as much as she wants to avoid any type of inconvenience while she slips.

For its part, it is important that you know that this model has two wheels to provide greater stability to the user, they are removable and easy to reposition.

This model has many advantages to offer to the smallest of the house, we invite you to know them so that you can deduce if it is the right one before making the purchase.


Design: These sneakers have a nice design available in pink with some details in black, such as the name of the brand and its logo embodied in its structure.

Composition: The shoes are made of high-quality synthetic material, therefore, they could offer you a long useful life.

Wheels: It should be noted that these shoes have two special wheels to provide your little one with greater stability before each use.


Finish: It should be noted that these shoes are available in a single color, therefore, you will not be able to choose the one you like the most among several.

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Shoes with wheels and lights

Happy Home Products Double Roller

Among the best shoes with wheels is this model sponsored by the Happy Home Products brand with many details that make it special when it comes to use.

To talk more about the model, we will say that it is a pair of shoes with wheels and lights that, in addition to being attractive in terms of aesthetics, can also be considered of good quality, because they are made of resistant materials such as breathable polyurethane and plastics. robust.

Likewise, their soles are made of rubber, which provides smoothness when walking and a non-slip design, with the intention of offering your little one a comfortable and safe model.

It should be noted that they have two hidden wheels that you can put into operation just by pressing a button that is available on the back of each shoe. In addition, the LED lights provide a special and striking touch.

If you want to know which shoes with wheels to buy, you could consider this model, since it is attractive and very functional, therefore, we invite you to know its most relevant characteristics.


LED lights: These shoes have LED lights that provide style as well as a striking touch to the design.

Materials: Among the manufacturing materials available in these shoes, synthetic fabric and polyurethane stand out, capable of giving you a long useful life.

Soles: The soles of these shoes are made with rubber and non-slip grooves to improve the experience when used for walking.


Cleaning: According to its manufacturers, you will not be able to wash these shoes by immersing them in water, you can only clean them using a damp cloth.

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Sports shoes with wheels

Heelys X2 

Among the cheap models available on the market are these sports shoes with wheels, characterized first of all by their beautiful design arranged in different colors so that you can choose the favorite of your little one, since it should be noted that it is also a unisex model.

As for their closure system, it is important to note that they have laces, as well as a velcro strip that could provide the smallest of the house with a much safer and more reliable level of adjustment.

On the other hand, it should be noted that these cheap wheeled shoes are made of resistant materials such as synthetic fabric. This same is available both in its exterior, as in its lining and in the soles.

Finally, this product has a flat heel while its width is normal, so it could be easily adjusted to the foot of your girl or boy without any inconvenience.

These shoes are the cheapest available on our recommendation list, so you might want to take a look at each of the features they offer.


Unisex: These shoes are available in a nice design that is also unisex, so they can be used by both girls and boys.

Closure: Regarding its adjustment system, this model has a closure with laces and a velcro strip for greater security.

Material: The making of the model in resistant materials will prevent you from having to buy another pair in a short time.


Sizes: It should be noted that the sizes in which these shoes are available are a bit small, therefore, you should be careful when ordering the right ones for your little one. 

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Children’s shoes with wheels

Heely’s Split

Among so many models available on the market, you will surely want to know which are the best slippers with wheels that you could buy to surprise the darling of the house.

To expand your options, we present the Split model from the Heelys brand, children’s shoes with wheels that have a unisex design, so they can be used by both girls and boys. But if you wish, they are also available in pink.

It should be noted that this model has a single wheel so that your little one can move comfortably. In addition, in terms of their manufacture, these shoes have synthetic leather on the outside, while their lining is made of synthetic material. For their part, the soles are made of high-quality, wear-resistant rubber.

To provide comfort, the type of heel of these shoes is completely flat with a height of one inch, so they are considered comfortable and the lace-up closure system makes it very easy for children to put on the shoes.

The Split model roller shoes could offer your little one an appropriate functionality, therefore, they can be considered as a good purchase option.


Unisex: The design of these shoes is unisex, therefore, you could buy it for both your girl and your boy.

Wheel: This model has a single resistant and durable wheel capable of allowing your little one to slide easily.

Sole: The sole of the shoes is made of wear-resistant rubber and special to provide the little one with comfort before each use.


Functional: It should be noted that this model is not very functional since the wheels have to be removed, because they are not hidden on the sole of each shoe.

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Wheeled Trainers

MLyzhe 810-320-129

If you want to know which are the best running shoes for 2022, this model could be the best candidate, thanks to the variety of details it has in its structure.

This time we are talking about shoes made up of high-quality synthetic fiber mesh in the upper part. This same is capable of providing the shoes with an appropriate level of breathability to keep the feet always dry. Likewise, the material of the wheels is polyurethane for greater resistance and functionality.

It should be noted that due to their design and manufacture, these sports shoes with wheels are suitable for use in outdoor activities or even in gymnastics, since your little one will only have to press a button so that the wheel can come out and that’s it.

Finally, you should know that this model is unisex due to the tones of its exterior and has LED lights that, in addition to giving the shoes a striking appearance, are water resistant for greater durability.

MLyzhe could be the best roller shoe brand of the moment, as it provides its users with high quality and resistant products.


LED lights: These LED lights give a very nice appearance to the shoes, they are also resistant to water.

Use: Due to their design and manufacture, these shoes can be used during the practice of some outdoor sport, or even for gymnastics.

Material: Thanks to the synthetic fiber mesh available in the shoes, you can always keep your feet dry for greater comfort.


Price: You may find other more affordable models on our list of recommendations, but their looks and design might make up for the inconvenience.

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Boy’s Wheeled Shoes

HEELYS 770516

If you want to surprise the smallest of the house with a toy that, in addition to giving them fun, is capable of providing them with a long useful life, you could consider buying these slippers, since we are talking about the best value-for-money wheeled slippers available. among our recommendations.

It should be noted that these shoes with wheels for boys are made of leather on the outside, while the soles are completely made of rubber, this detail implies the purchase of a quality product.

For its part, the available adjustment system chosen by the manufacturer for this is through laces, which provides versatility, also if you want to buy cheap but functional running shoes with wheels, this could be your best option since it is possible to remove the wheels so that your little one uses them on a daily basis without inconveniences.

If you are looking for the best running shoes of the moment, we recommend you take into account the details offered by the model that most attracts your attention, to ensure that they allow your little one to have fun and enjoy a quality product.


Manufacturing: Due to their manufacturing, these shoes could give your child a long useful life, since they are made of leather on the outside and rubber on their soles.

Adjustment: The system is lace-up, therefore, the smallest of the house will be able to hold the shoes very well on each foot.

Wheels: It should be noted that these shoes give you the opportunity to remove the wheels from the soles to use them as normal footwear.


Button: Some users miss the possibility of being able to press a button that allows the wheels to hide, without having to use a special key to remove them.

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How to choose the best roller shoes?

If you are looking for some shoes with wheels for your boy or girl, you must take into account different details that will help you choose the best among all and that, of course, adapt to the needs of your little one in terms of comfort. and security. In this way, we invite you to take a look at our guide to buying the best running shoes available on the market, where you will find adequate information to make a good choice.

Shopping guide


During the comparison of slippers with wheels for the use of the smallest of the house, it will always be important that you look at the manufacturing material of the model that most attracts your attention. As it is a toy of this type, it should be noted that the materials should be much stronger and more resistant compared to traditional slippers, since the use that will be given to them can be much more intense.

On the other hand, taking into account that your little one will need to brake with the same shoes, it will be essential that you lean towards that model capable of providing you with a durable structure as well as a wear-resistant sole. Although we cannot ignore the fact that it is also a comfortable material at the same time, with which your little one can enjoy a good wearing experience. 

In general, we will find that manufacturers usually choose rubber for the composition of the sole, since it is a resistant material, but at the same time it can cushion the step. That is why it can withstand the friction necessary to brake whenever it is required. 

As for the structure, the most common material is usually synthetic, since in addition to being resistant, it could provide an adequate level of breathability to prevent sweating of the feet.


When it comes to looking at a pair of roller shoes to provide moments of fun and entertainment for your child, you should not only look at how much the model that most attracts your attention costs, but also on the issue of the appropriate size for the child’s foot. your little one, because it should be noted that it is essential that your child wears the appropriate shoe size, to avoid discomfort in his feet that could lead to injuries, if they become too large or, on the contrary, too small.

In this sense, when we talk especially about the models for children, you should take into account that this product is generally arranged in American sizes, so it will surely be convenient to use a smaller number than you are used to, since the American shoe last is usually a little bigger than normal. However, if the manufacturer provides a size chart, we recommend comparing the dimensions of your little one’s foot against it, in order to find the most appropriate size so that they can feel comfortable.


Among so many details, you could not forget to take into account the type and number of wheels available in the shoes that most attract your attention, since this is an important issue to verify that your child will use a safe and stable product. Thus, the wheels must be of quality, strong and resistant, capable of supporting the entire weight of the user’s body in order to function comfortably.

It will depend on the level of ability of the little one that you determine if the model to choose should be one or two wheels, taking into account that the greater the number, the greater the speed and, therefore, the more attentive you should be in controlling your balance.. That is why our recommendation is that this type of model be chosen for the most experienced users.

closing system

In the market you could get good and cheap shoes with wheels, which allow your little one to walk comfortably while playing and having fun, however, you must make sure that they have a good closure system to prevent the shoe from moving out of place. its place.

In this sense, the most appropriate thing would be to look at a model that is equipped with a closure system using laces and accompanied in turn by a special velcro strip to provide double security. Although, if you cannot find a model with this feature, you could choose to make sure that you close it properly to avoid inconveniences.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to walk with roller shoes?

For many users this task is easy to carry out, although at first everything is a matter of practice. If you want to walk with your shoes with wheels comfortably, the first thing you should do is remove the caps that cover the wheels from your shoes and that in turn allow you to use the shoes as normal footwear. Subsequently, proceed to install the wheels by inserting them into the corresponding hole and applying a little pressure so that they enter, when you have heard a click sound, it means that it is already correctly positioned.

Now, it will be time to choose a suitable space where to start practicing. Adopt the main position that will be lifting the front of one of your feet off the ground, while the other will support you by being on the heel. If you want to start walking, it will only be enough for you to push yourself with one foot using the tip, that is, the area of ​​the fingers. If you can, try to skate in places where you can have close support in case of any inconvenience.


Q2: Are roller shoes safe? 

Although it seems like a very fun toy, it is important to mention that these slippers could represent a certain danger, especially for the little ones in the house. In this sense, the shoes with wheels during use provide considerable speed to walk the streets, they even help to gain agility in the person who uses them; however, you should be aware that integrity could be compromised if care is not taken. The most advisable thing would be to control the speed at which you could walk safely and do it initially in small spaces and that do not have reliefs or stairs, since you could suffer injuries, wounds or even fractures.


Q3: How to clean roller shoes?

Cleaning shoes with wheels is a very easy task to carry out, for this you will only need a brush with soft bristles, a damp cloth and a little soap and water. Start with the cloth, rubbing the soles of the shoes until you manage to remove all the dirt on them. To clean the rest of the surface, you could use the brush wet with soap and water. It is advisable to remove excess water from the brush and rub the shoes in order to remove the most difficult stains. Once they have been removed, you should pass a clean and damp cloth again, and finally let the footwear dry completely in a ventilated area.


Q4: How to fix a shoe with wheels?

If the roller shoes you own have been damaged, it is important that you consider that there are different ways to get a solution. In this way, you could easily take them to a shoemaker, but in case you want to fix them on your own, you must first verify what the problem is. If it is a change of wheels, you could search for videos on the internet about the model you have, since there are many available on the market, however, if it has to do with sewing, you would have to have a special needle to carry it out. such action.

Q5: How do you lace the roller shoes?

Just as you tie the laces on your running shoes, you should also tie your roller shoes to your feet, so that you can enjoy proper use at all times. Do not forget to tie the laces making the famous bow as a final touch. Depending on the model, you may also have some shoes available that use a different closure method, either with a magic or elastic closure. Everything always depending on the brand.

How to use roller shoes

It should be noted that roller shoes are not considered just another pair of shoes, on the contrary, they should be taken into account as an additional toy with which you can have fun for as long as you want. In this way, it will always be necessary for you to give the appropriate use to the model you decide to use in order to slide comfortably. Thus, below, we will provide you with a little information about the proper use of this product so that you can enjoy a great experience when using it.

prepare the shoes

Before you start skating, the first thing you should do is prepare your new shoes, taking into account that some models have a special cover that is located right in the hole where the wheel goes, in order to be able to use it daily. to them if you wish. If this is the case, proceed to remove the cover to position the wheel properly, once you are trying to insert it when you hear a clicking sound, you can be sure that it has fitted correctly. Now, repeat the same procedure with the other shoe.

Choose a place to start skating 

If you are a beginner with the use of these shoes, you should consider a space that, in addition to being wide, is smooth and without slopes, in order to avoid any type of inconvenience that could put your physical integrity at risk. In this way, sidewalks or corridors could be a good option. Of course, avoid frequenting very crowded places or where traffic is constant.

Assume the starting position

Now it is time to adopt the initial position, for this you will have to lift the front part of one of your feet off the ground, managing to rest on your heel, while the other foot will rest on the front area right where your fingers are. In this way, you would already be prepared to take your first steps, therefore you will have to gain momentum. To do this, place one foot in front of the other, this with the intention that your rear foot serves to push you without inconvenience while the front foot is completely supported on the wheel.

To achieve a full glide, you only need to lift both your front and back feet so that you’re only resting on the wheels so you can ride with ease. Surely at first it could be a bit complicated, however with practice you will be able to perfect your techniques when walking, the important thing will always be to be able to skate on both feet.

Learn to brake

To brake properly, once you are in motion, you could use two techniques that are extremely simple. One of them is to lift both toes until you manage to touch the ground with your heels, in this way the shoes would stop quickly. Now, if you want to do it in a different way, it could be by lowering the ends completely until they rest on the ground and that’s it.

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