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Rule – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The rule is one of those pieces of stationery that is not missing in any office or office. It doesn’t matter if we have to draw lines, measure distances or simply use it as an aid to read. A good rule is always helpful in our daily tasks, as long as we choose products with good quality, high resistance and the scale and size that best suits our needs. If you need a small-sized model, the Staedtler 563 15 ruler is 15 centimeters long in millimeter format and with a resistant metal construction that prevents it from breaking due to the stresses of use. If you prefer a ruler to work with different angles, the model PPX 4 Piecesit could be the convenient alternative, because it includes 4 rulers in different sizes and a protractor, which allows varied rotations from 0 to 180º. In addition, these elements are made of stainless steel.

The best rules on the market

When it comes to taking measurements on paper or drawing lines, the ruler is the most efficient solution. The best thing is that the market is so wide that we can find rulers in centimeters or millimeters, school or more professional, normal or with various measures and in all kinds of materials. Something that, however, can make it difficult for us to decide which is the best rule that we can find. So that this problem does not affect you, consult our list of the best rules of 2022 and you will see how there are options for all tastes and pockets.

ruler in cm

Staedtler 563 15

If you are one of those who think that the best ruler of the moment should be a small ruler, the Staedtler 563 15 model will probably interest you. This ruler in cm is suitable for measuring and making all kinds of lines and has a length of 15 centimeters, so it is somewhat more compact than the usual 30-centimeter models. Enough, however, to include a scale in cm and mm with a millimetric design and high-quality printing.

A product made of high-resistance metal and a format that makes it easier to hold. And as if this were not enough, this ruler is one of the cheapest at the moment, so we could be facing the best value for money ruler of our selection, at least within its size.

Let’s get to know some more details of this model, highlighted among the cheap rulers and coming from the best brand of rulers of the moment for a large part of the users.


Compact: Since we are talking about a 15-centimeter ruler, it does not take up more space than necessary on your table and is easy to carry.

Metal construction: The metal construction gives it a high resistance when using it.

Printing : High-quality printing makes it easy to see everything clearly when measuring.

With hole: Since it includes a hole, you will have no problem hanging it in case you need it.

Mixed design: The central groove of its design helps to hold the ruler more comfortably.


Support guide: The ruler includes a support base on the back to prevent slipping, although it requires some learning to take advantage of it.

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PPX 4 Pieces

Considered suitable for professional use, this product from the manufacturer PPX is positioned among the favorites of members of the user community, because it is used for versatile measurements and uses, in addition to its robust construction. 

This measuring ruler set is made up of a total of 5 pieces. Of these, 4 correspond to rulers with sizes of 10, 15, 20 and 30 cm, while the remaining element is the angle protractor, so it is versatile and multifunctional to obtain different measurements and precision in the results. 

Each of these pieces is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it a long-lasting and resistant set. Due to its characteristics, the model is recommended in different applications, from simple drawings, to works in the areas of architecture and engineering, since its measurement length ranges from 0 to 180 degrees. 

Some models have attributes that denote their quality. To identify these, we recommend you take a look at their pros and cons.


Units: It is a complete set, made up of 4 rulers and a protractor, which will help make infinite measurement calculations.

Construction: It has a resistant construction, made of quality stainless steel.

Uses: It can be used professionally or for simple measurements because it is versatile.

Measurement: The rulers are 10, 15, 20 and 30 cm, suitable for any measurement due to their rotation from 0 to 180º. 


Accuracy: Although it is an accurate game, if the necessary techniques and knowledge are not applied, its measurements will not be as reliable.

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Metalic ruler

Tajima 7222S300

In our search for the best ruler on the market, there is also room for the Tajima 7222S300 model. This metal ruler changes the appearance and finish of conventional models, with a format that is very suitable for complex environments or for those who are tired of the ruler breaking at the first effort they make with it.

And it is that this ruler has been made of high quality chromed stainless steel, so you will not have to worry about the damage it may suffer. A quality product with a size of 30 centimeters and a millimetric design, which allows the ruler to be used to measure, as well as to make all kinds of traces without difficulties. This model is finished off with the usual hole for hanging, as well as a rounded finish on the side, which makes it more pleasant to the touch.

So that you are clear about everything that this metal ruler offers you, we give you some more details about its characteristics and functions.


Resistance : Thanks to its chrome-plated stainless steel construction, this model is one of the most resistant that we have analyzed.

Size : The standard size of 30 centimeters long allows you to work without problems as far as measurements are concerned.

Millimeter : Being millimeter, it is much easier to work with precision when making measurements and all kinds of lines.


Readings : The numerical scale located in the central part could be a little better as far as reading is concerned, especially considering the space available.

Appearance : The product differs a little from the finish of other models, although this has more visual weight than its practical utility.

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Slide rule

Blundell Harling 0655.37

So that you don’t have to worry about doing operations when reading maps and plans, the Blundell Harling 0655.37 slide rule puts at your disposal everything you need to make these measurements and the corresponding conversions directly and purely visually. To do this, this rule has different scales, so that it is easy to calculate variables of distance, speed and time with only two of them. 

A result calculated directly, without the need for operations or complications in the process. In fact, we won’t have any complications when viewing the data on the ruler either, thanks to its size, as well as the good quality of the printing, which simplifies work and avoids having to focus more than necessary. 

So that you know something more about this model, we leave you some details regarding its most outstanding characteristics.


No calculations: The model makes it easy to get speed, distance and time data by just measuring two of these parameters.

NATO Pattern: This rule maintains the NATO standard, making it easier to get quality results without problems.

Easy to read: The product has quality printing, which makes it easy to read the data clearly.


Applications: Due to its characteristics, we are talking about a rule with a specific use, for reading maps and little else.

Learning : It is advisable to spend some time learning how to use the ruler, to obtain reliable results.

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metric ruler

Silverline Tools MT69

If you are looking for a metric ruler, we could recommend that you consider this model from the manufacturer Silverline as one of your alternatives, because it is efficient and with a resistant construction, which favors its durability. 

This ruler has been made of stainless steel, hence it does not break easily, as in the case of plastic ones. Its finish is metallic with satin touches. On the other hand, this model has a hole in its structure that allows you to hang the ruler and its thickness is 0.8 mm, with a weight of 64 grams.

Has imperial graduations in 1/2″, 1/4″, 1/8″, 1/16″, 1/32″ and 1/64″ scales, as well as metric 0.5mm, 1mm and 1cm, which have been photo-etched in black in order to provide a better view. This also makes it possible to convert from metric to imperial.

Before selecting this model, you could take a look at its main positive and negative characteristics that we present below. 


Cover: This product incorporates a cover to store and protect the body of the ruler.

Construction: It is made to be durable because its body is made of stainless steel.

Scales: It is versatile and includes a scale in centimeters and inches, each with subdivisions, thus facilitating measurement in each system.

Engravings: Both scales are photo-engraved in black to be seen more easily.


Edges: Its use must be taken care of because the rule is cut at 90º with sharp edges.

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millimeter ruler

Westcott C8735532

The Westcott C8735532 model is an interesting T-shaped millimeter ruler with which you can be more productive when carrying out various activities. This T-zone can be slid along the ruler making it easy to create tables, columns and other more complex shapes on paper with good precision.

In addition, the ruler has a 30-centimeter-long design with a millimeter scale and in centimeters, as well as inches. A very complete format that is finished off with details such as its transparent construction, which makes it easier to see the paper you are working on. And in case you only need the ruler, you just have to remove the part of the square from the inside to dispose of it with total comfort. It is finished off with a hanging hole located on the main rule.

For those who do not know which rule to buy, this interesting T-model can be of great help in all kinds of tasks.


T -shaped design: The T-shaped design adds extra comfort when performing all kinds of writing or design tasks.

Removable : In case you do not need to use the T-shaped complement, it can be removed, leaving the ruler as a conventional model.

Length : The rule, separately, has a length of 30 centimeters, so it is suitable for large format works.

Transparent : Transparent construction allows you to see everything more clearly when drawing lines or taking measurements.


Materials: The product can be somewhat flimsy when working with it, care must be taken to prevent it from slipping.

Measurements : Sometimes, the rule can ramp with respect to the square, especially when using the T, making the process of making measurements or traces somewhat more complicated.

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digital ruler

Fixpoint 77001

So that you do not have problems when making precise measurements, the Fixpoint 77001 digital ruler is all you need. We are talking about a model made of metal, with a practicable length of 15 centimeters and that makes it easy to use both in conventional mode and in caliber or vernier caliper mode. The rule generates very efficient readings, with an accuracy according to DIN 862, whose error is encrypted in 30 microns. 

Making measurements is as easy as placing the two ends of the caliper where necessary, being able to locate the object to be measured between them if necessary. At the moment, the measurement is made and the result is displayed on the screen, with a scale of 0.01 millimeters. This screen includes an off button and a zero button, for separate measurements or in several sections, further simplifying the process.

Make measurements with high precision thanks to the digital display of this efficient clamp ruler.


Clamp system: The measuring clamp makes it easy to adjust the measurement to what we want to measure, eliminating the possibility of error.

Clarity : The LCD screen allows you to read the results clearly at the time of taking the measurement.

Manufacturing : The hardened stainless steel manufacturing has a high resistance to use and other external aggressions.


Size : The ruler has an extension of 15 centimeters, which can be scarce for certain jobs.

Durability: Some users comment that the product is suitable for domestic use, but perhaps not so much for intensive or professional use.

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flex ruler

Maped 027900

Compared to rigid plastic rulers, the Maped 027900 flexible ruler offers us a design that is hard enough to measure what we need and soft enough not to break, like conventional rulers. Therefore, it is ideal for the little ones, so that with this rule they have enough for the whole course. A rule with the usual measurements, 30 centimeters long in its scale area, as well as a rounded finish that makes it easier to use without snags. 

It also has two identical and inverse scales, so you don’t have to turn it over to use it as you see fit. To top it off, the ruler comes in three different colors, to choose the one we like best, presented in an individual bag, which makes it easier to take care of it while we are not using it.

If you prefer flexibility, we give you some more details about this model and what it offers you when making measurements.


Flexibility: Its flexibility is ideal for those who need a ruler that does not break, but also has a certain resistance.

Scale : The double scale, one on each side, is 30 centimeters long, in conventional format.

Transparency : The transparency level of the ruler makes it easier to draw lines and view the paper under it.


Price: The price is somewhat higher than that of other similar products that we have on the market.

Size : The product has a considerable width, so it may not be optimal for higher precision work.

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Other products

Maped 120159

The Maped 120159 rule is another of the products that are located within the metal rulers market, with which it is possible to carry out all kinds of work and measurements. A 15-centimeter-long ruler and streamlined design make it easy to move across the paper when taking measurements and drawing lines.

A task that is helped by the quality of its printing, with prominent marks every five centimeters, or the pad included in the back, which gives the product greater stability when supporting it. And so you don’t have to worry about its resistance, as it is made of anodized aluminum, you won’t have any problems with bumps, bends or accidental falls of the ruler. All this without the product weighing much more than a conventional model.

If you are looking for a ruler with a traditional cut and an adjusted size, this Maped model will surely interest you. Let’s see some of its most outstanding features.


Material: The ruler has been made of high quality anodized aluminum, so that it can adequately withstand the most intensive use without being damaged.

Non- slip : Includes a non-slip area, which makes it easier to make the lines without the rule moving.

Scale : The scale is not only easy to see, but also features prominent markings at each of the 5-centimeter marks.


Size : The ruler is only 15 centimeters long, so it is not the best option for those who need larger products.

Front design: The design of the front area is smooth and not ribbed, as in other models, so it takes a little more work to keep it in place.

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Faber Castell 853-B

The Faber Castell 853-B ruler is the perfect companion for those who have to take all kinds of measurements or traces using different scales. And it is that this triangular design product has a wide range of different measurements and scales on its sides, so that we only have to turn the ruler to choose the one that suits us best.

A model with a length of 30 centimeters, more than enough to carry out these tasks with pleasant comfort. This ruler is made of hard plastic, so that it does not move or slide thanks to the support that the scales themselves make on the paper and that it adequately supports intensive use without losing the impression or deteriorating. As befits a product from a quality brand such as Faber Castell.

Although it already attracts enough attention due to its design, let’s get to know in depth everything that this particular ruler has to offer you.


Comfortable to use: Thanks to its triangular format, it is even easier to position and move the ruler as you see fit.

Printing : The high quality printing makes it easy to see each of the measurements and read measurements that you have to make.

Scale system: The scale system allows you to easily switch between different measurements just by turning the ruler.


Size : Due to its own construction, the model has a slightly larger size than other similar models.

Price: As with the size, due to its particularity it is not one of the cheapest products that we have valued.

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Guide to buying rulers

The pencil, the pen, the eraser and the ruler are basic elements that are not usually missing in any office, student or even various professional desk. In the specific case of the rule, this allows us to make measurements, draw lines and perform other tasks, depending on the nature of it. For this reason, our guide to buying the best ruler can help you, when it comes to making it easier for you to decide on the perfect product according to your needs and demands.

Shopping guide

rule type

The first aspect that we are going to look at is the type of rule that we need. Something that varies depending on the use that we are going to give it, with a large number of models regarding its characteristics and applications.

We can start with a model that is never lacking in any rule comparison, such as the conventional rule. This rectangular ruler is used to make lines on paper, make simple measurements or serve as a reading guide. Also useful for these measurements are the rulers for plans, which also usually include elements to make calculations almost “automatically”, in parameters such as distance, speed or travel time.

Another different rule is that of clothing. In this model we really find a set of several rules, designed to measure each of the parameters of each garment, such as sleeves, neck or similar. We cannot forget either the versatile rulers, made of metal or plastic with several mobile elements and that allow you to choose between different positions, with pins that block these mobile rulers when necessary. 

ruler material

As important as the type of rule that we are choosing, it is key that when looking for a good and economical rule we take into account the material of the same, due to the influence that this has on how much the product costs. The most common is that the ruler is made of hard plastic, this being the most common material in office or clothing rulers.

However, these rulers have the drawback of breaking off quite easily, which can be avoided with a metal ruler. These rules are usually made of steel or aluminum, which have a remarkable resistance when it comes to withstanding the corresponding tension during the measurement process but without splitting. A material that is essential when it comes to carrying out construction work and other more complex ones, where resistance is important.

In these circumstances, the use of the flexible rule can also be interesting. This ruler is made of vinyl or other similar material, and can be used in a straight line or curved in the way that suits us best. The advantage over the usual plastic tape measure is that this model maintains greater resistance and does not lose its position, as happens with the tailor’s tape measure, for example.

Other interesting aspects

Once we have the two basic elements regarding the search for our ruler, it is time to add some details that will make it easier to find the perfect product. One of these aspects is the size of the ruler, which we must adapt to the type of work we are going to do and their dimensions. Because the rule used by a bricklayer is not the same as the one used by a fashion designer or the one we use in our small office tasks. So it is always convenient to see the length of the ruler, especially if we go beyond the standard of 30 centimeters of the usual table ruler or if we need something very small.

Another aspect that we must assess is the impression of it. This impression must be clear and marked in centimeters or millimeters, depending on the work we are going to do. The higher the quality of that print, the easier it will be to see it at a glance, saving us time during the process. For users with vision problems or who need maximum precision, there are models with an LCD screen, which show the measurement clearly and are also very versatile.

Lastly, for those who are looking for a cheap ruler or want to equip themselves for less money, it is easy to find various ruler kits on the market, which include various models or compositions. Among them, we can find products with several rulers of different sizes or lots with ruler, square and bevel and other tools, so that we can reduce costs when buying several of these products.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a ruler?

Using a ruler is a fairly easy procedure. It is enough to place the value 0 of the ruler at the point from which we want to measure, orienting it towards the place to which we need to have the measurement, be it a point, a line or any other location. Next, we will see the distance that the ruler marks on this final point, thus obtaining the corresponding reading. It is key that the location of the ruler is precise, in order to avoid possible errors in this measurement process, which can later disrupt the uses that we give to said measurements.


Q2: How to make a measuring ruler?

To create a measuring ruler, it will be necessary for us to have another ruler, from which we will extract the corresponding marks for the new ruler. Since these measurements or marks must be precise, having a ready-made ruler as a reference is essential. From here, we must prepare the material for the new measuring ruler, which can be cardboard, metal, plastic or any other, extend it next to the ruler we already have and make the marks on it. Here we can add all the marks of the original rule or only those that suit us, depending on the use that we are going to give to that new rule.


Q3: How to measure the height of a tree with a ruler?

The process of measuring the height of a tree with a simple ruler is a fun mathematical pastime, which we can also apply to all kinds of height measurements. The process begins with a ruler, of known height, which we will place extended with a straight arm. We will have to walk until the tip of the ruler coincides with the end of the tree and measure the distance from the tree to where the ruler is, in a straight line with the ground.

With these data we no longer have to do the calculations for the height, since we will have two equivalent triangles. Specifically, we will have to multiply the height of the ruler by the distance to the tree and divide it all by the length of our extended arm. It is key that we always use the same units (meters or centimeters), so that the result is correct.

Q4: What is the millimeter ruler used for?

Unlike conventional rules, the millimeter rule also has the marks corresponding to each of the millimeters that are part of the total extension of the rule. Therefore, with this ruler we can measure with greater precision in those tasks in which the mere measurement in centimeters is not enough. A procedure for which there really are no differences, beyond having to take extreme precautions to avoid errors during this measurement process.

Q5: What is the error of a millimeter ruler?

Due to the precision with which a millimeter ruler is manufactured today, the base error of the instrument is usually zero, unless its quality is defective. However, due to the process used to make the measurement, a margin of error of plus or minus one millimeter is usually allowed, since it is quite difficult for the ruler to be perfectly positioned when taking the measurement.

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Fixkit Ajustable

La regla de medir de Fixkit es una polivalente herramienta, que tiene todo tipo de aplicaciones tanto en nuestra oficina como a la hora de realizar todo tipo de trabajos. Hablamos de un producto fabricado en una resistente aleación de aluminio, por lo que cuenta con toda la resistencia necesaria para trabajar sin problemas. 

También dispone de cuatro pasadores, con los que fijar la posición que requieras en cada momento y para dar más estabilidad al producto cuando sea necesario realizar trazos o marcas durante la medición. Una labor a la que también contribuye la calidad de la impresión, que no se borra y es fácil de ver, al estar impresa en blanco brillante sobre un fondo negro. Así que si necesitas una herramienta que se ajuste a ti, este modelo tiene lo que necesitas en un diseño compacto y de calidad.

Mide todo lo que necesites con esta polivalente regla de medir, que hace más fácil tu trabajo por su resistencia y comodidad.


Materiales: El producto cuenta con una resistente construcción metálica, que no se parte ni se dobla.                    

Fijaciones: Esta regla tiene cuatro fijaciones, con las que evitar el movimiento de las reglas cuando sea necesario.

Polivalente: Al tener cuatro lados libres, es posible colocar la regla en todo tipo de posiciones.

Fácil de guardar: Cuando no se usa puede guardarse cómodamente en su bolsa de terciopelo, debidamente plegado.


Medidas: El lado más grande tiene 25 centímetros de largo, en escala, quizá escaso para labores de mayor tamaño.

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