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Sterilizers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Within the set of utensils for feeding babies, bottles play a fundamental role. These are used daily to give them milk, water, juices and soups. For this reason, it is necessary to always keep them very clean and free of any type of bacteria that can affect the health of our little ones. Previously, parents spent time boiling water to put the bottles inside, and in more than one family they forgot to attend to the process and when they realized the bottle was already melted. Today this situation is solved with the use of sterilizers. To know how it works in detail, we have selected the Reer VapostarIt has a simple design and a fairly simple and effective working mechanism for use in the microwave. Likewise, we find the Jané 070144C01 model whose ease of internal organization and the willingness to use it in any microwave have made it a mandatory reference among parents these days.



Opinions on the best sterilizers

To make a smart investment, we present the following comparative study with some of the best sterilizers of 2022, so you can learn about their features and benefits.

Reer Vapostar

It is a sterilizer with all the necessary functionalities to carry out this work. Its steam system is capable of eliminating all the bacteria that are present in common tap water, after the container is filled.

On the other hand, it can disinfect up to 4 bottles at the same time, thus making it easy to carry out other activities and trusting that the entire process will be carried out properly.

The basket has the right dimensions to store and disinfect all bottle accessories, such as teats, lids, among others. It also has a very affordable price that has made it stand out as one of the cheapest products in this comparison.

Likewise, the entire product is made of high-resistance plastic that maintains its shape even after being subjected to high temperatures. And, as it is transparent, the adult will have the possibility of supervising everything that happens inside.

The search for one of the cheapest sterilizers should not mean an uphill job. And, on this occasion, we present you one of the easiest to acquire due to its low cost and outstanding for its functionality.


Handle: The top cover has a handle that makes it easy to open and close the sterilizer.

Versatility: Thanks to its proportions and robustness of the manufacturing material, this sterilizer is suitable for use in different microwave ovens.

Time: With 200 ml of water, the sterilizer can work just 5 minutes in the microwave, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Easy to use: Since there are no major accessories or a complex system, the sterilizer can be used by anyone.


Odour : A user assures that after carrying out the sterilization process of his baby’s bottles, a plastic odor can be felt in them.

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Jane 070144C01

If you are looking for a model that you can use in the microwave without major worries, this Jané product should be among your most relevant options.

Mainly because it is a compact product that barely reaches 2 Kg in weight and has dimensions of 19 x 19 x 17 cm, so you will surely be able to take it anywhere you plan to go, whether it is visiting for a few days or the long-awaited vacation.

The design is quite simple with an ivory color on the base and transparent on the lid that has enough space to sterilize up to 6 bottles.

One of the most relevant aspects is that with the sole action of steam it is capable of eliminating all kinds of bacteria that are included in the water or in the bottles themselves.

For all these reasons, users who have used this model so far rate it as the best sterilizer.

If you are in search of the best sterilizer of the moment, the time has come to assess all the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Special tray: Includes a special tray where you can place the bottle accessories without them being attached to the bottles as such.

Easy system: Thanks to the fact that it does not have a very complex working mechanism, anyone will have an easy time using it.

Cleaning: Since it has few elements, cleaning the product itself can be done in a few minutes.


Small microwaves: Although people admit that in a standard microwave it works very well, in smaller ones it is necessary to remove the plate due to the height of the sterilizer.

Lid: A user states that there is no way to keep the lid open except by holding it, which can make handling the device and the bottles a bit more difficult.

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Tigex 80600622

When you want to know which is the best value for money sterilizer, different aspects must be assessed, such as the quality of the materials with which the product has been manufactured, work efficiency, among others.

This Tigex model stands out for the speed with which it develops the sterilization cycle, achieving that in just 3 minutes a complete batch of 5 bottles is absolutely free of bacteria.

In addition to the above, the support basket of the same equipment works as a draining mechanism to prevent the bottles from being full of water while waiting to be used for the baby’s next feeding.

And, if what worries you is how to use it, you should know that this sterilizer has a very simple mechanism that allows anyone to use it without major risks, neither for the user nor for the items.

When you ask yourself which sterilizer to buy, it is best that you value every positive and negative aspect attributed to it by users who have already used it. Therefore, we have prepared the following summary for you.


Steam outlets: The small chimneys integrated into its lid allow the steam to dissipate more efficiently, preventing users from burning themselves.

Safety: It works with a mechanism of side handles that allow the entire equipment to be blocked, preventing accidents from being generated when handling it.

Resistance: The manufacturing material feels robust to the touch and does not deform after spending time in the microwave or keeping the water hot.


Non-hermetic edges: A user states that great care must be taken when moving it with hot water since the edges do not close hermetically and part of the liquid can come out.

Organization: As it does not include any separator between bottles and accessories, they are all placed randomly, making it difficult to remove any in particular.

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Philips Avent SCF285/02

If users are consulted, they might agree that one of the best sterilizers of 2022 is represented in this Philips Avent model.

Its versatility, both to work according to the proportions of the pieces to be sterilized, and around the type of bottles, whether they have a wide or narrow neck, makes it easy for parents to use it with all the containers they have available.

It also has an intelligent energy saving system that prevents the equipment from continuing to work after the 6-minute cycle with which it normally carries out the entire process has finished. Unlike those presented so far, this sterilizer is electrically operated.

This model also does not need chemical compounds to achieve a deep and effective cleaning. Its fast steam system kills any agent that wants to violate the health of the little ones.

When evaluating the best brand of sterilizers, it would seem mandatory to have a Philips Avent model due to its extensive history in the manufacture of baby products. Still, it is better to take into account all the positive and negative aspects that users allude to.


Adaptable size: It allows adjusting up to 3 possible levels of use depending on the size of the objects that are going to be subjected to sterilization.

BPA Free: The plastic used to make this sterilizer is BPA free, which is a valuable aspect of baby products.

Order: The bottles can be placed upright along with all their accessories, facilitating the order of the pieces when you need to use them.


Cleaning: Although in general it is very simple, it is a bit complicated when you have to reach the bottom of the container since it is very deep.

Without manual shutdown: The equipment is timed to carry out its 6-minute cycle, so when it is turned on it will only turn off when its phase is finished.

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Chicco Sterile Natural 3 in 1

It is a novel product and quite pleasing to the eye. Its structure is adjustable in 3 heights to allow appropriate use according to the functions you want to perform: small, medium or large objects (full bottles).

In case you use it to clean the 6 bottles it has a capacity of, you will always have the opportunity to keep them ready for later use while the lid is closed, for a period of 24 hours.

Its strong vaporization system is very useful for eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria so, along with them, it will take away any kind of concern for parents.

Chicco has been characterized as a brand that deals in the manufacture of high-quality products for babies and, for that reason, this is a good option to answer the question of which is the best sterilizer.

This sterilizer has several features that are worth knowing, so we summarize them below, differentiating the pros from the cons.


Work time: It carries out the complete work cycle in just 5 minutes, making it easy to quickly have all the bottles ready.

Automatic stop: You will not need to pay attention to the work that the equipment is doing to turn it off as soon as it is finished, with its automatic stop system there will be no burning of bottles or accessories.

Design: This device is functional and versatile to create a barrier of protection for up to 24 hours for baby’s utensils.


Bottle size: A user indicates that bottles of more than 150 ml do not fit upright, which reduces the space to introduce the 6 units.

Drainage system: Apparently the drainage system after water condensation is not completely efficient and the equipment always has internal humidity.

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