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Travel Cots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Traveling is a pleasure and it is always advisable to go on family trips that allow you to strengthen ties and share with the people you love. If you have babies, a good way to achieve this is by providing the little one with a space that is safe and that he likes both to play and to sleep when he is tired. That is why there are travel cot models, designed to be carried from one place to another, without the complications of traditional cots. An example of this type of crib is the Asalvo Children of the world, which can be used in different ways as a playpen and changing table, without having to make changes to its structure. Or the Jané One Level Toys, whose dimensions are suitable for babies from birth to three years of age, also providing ample play space. For easy portability, this product features two wheels, while the collapsible design makes it easy to store in its own travel bag.

Opinions on the best travel cots

To enjoy your family trips with the baby, you must provide the best rest, for this reason we invite you to discover some of the travel cots selected among the best and most popular, according to the evaluation of the users.

Asalvo travel cot

Asalvo Children of the world

Reviewing all the options of cribs to travel with your baby, it is normal for you to have the doubt of knowing which is the best travel crib, since it is normal that you always want the best for your children. This Asalvo travel cot has many qualities that make it a good alternative to invest your money for the comfort of your little one.

Its interior is made of steel and plastic, to give it greater stability and robustness.

In addition, this Asalvo travel cot integrates a padded base, a game arch, a removable changing table and two height options, allowing you to have a very versatile and convenient cot to keep the space clear.

On the other hand, it has a side ventilation mesh so you can keep an eye on what your little one is doing at all times, a cat flap so they can get in and out once they start crawling, and an outer pocket, suitable for storing toys or toiletries. personal.

With so many models available on the market, we know that it is not easy to decide which travel cot to buy. For this reason, we present a summary of the characteristics of this model of the Asalvo brand.


Versatility: It can function as a crib, changing table, playpen and playpen, all without making any structural changes to the product.

Wheels: Includes two wheels that allow the crib to be moved from one place to another in the room or in the house, with brakes on each one to improve safety.

Space: It is convenient to save space when it is in the upper height, since you can store, in the lower part, diapers, clothes and toys, thanks to its cat flap.


Changing table: The crib comes with a changing table as an accessory that is a bit difficult to install, even with the instructions, according to several users.

Mattress: This model does not include a mattress, but a padded base, so it is recommended to purchase a suitable mattress for the baby’s rest.

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Jane travel cot

Jané One Level Toys

During vacations with babies, the main concern of parents is to provide a safe and comfortable place for their little ones. In this sense, the Jané One Level Toy travel cot offers a comfortable bed, suitable for babies from birth to 3 years of age. In addition, it can be used as a play area during the day under parental supervision, thanks to the zippered window that makes it easy for the little one to access when they are already in the crawling stage. 

Regarding the dimensions of the crib, you should know that it measures 77 x 71.5 x 129 cm and weighs 8.6 kg. But, when it is folded, its dimensions are reduced to 24 x 24 x 81.5 cm, thus facilitating its transfer and storage.

Similarly, the built-in wheels also improve the user experience, especially when you have to move from one place to another in the airport. In short, this product offers interesting advantages that we summarize below.


Style: The design of this crib is unisex, maintaining a cute and delicate appearance.

Accessories: The crib incorporates a game arch: a removable mobile that attracts the attention of babies.

Visibility: The mesh sides allow you to observe the baby inside and vice versa, in addition to promoting air circulation.

Door: A zippered door serves as an easy access for the baby when he is learning to crawl.


Mattress thickness: Some users have decided to add a thicker mattress to the purchase of this crib, since the one that is included barely measures 2 cm.

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Olmitos travel cot

Olmites 1701

Positioning itself as the best value for money travel cot, this model has a design specially designed for the comfort and safety of your little one, maintaining padded areas and rounded ends.

Likewise, the color combination makes it a unisex Olmitos travel cot, facilitating its use for boys or girls, without distinction.

As for its folding, it is efficient and compact, which helps you to store it without problems inside the transport bag that comes with it.

In addition to this, it has qualities such as a changing table in the upper part of one of its sides, so that you can change diapers without going very far, the window with a closure to encourage the child’s freedom and his discovery of the world and a small external pocket, suitable for keeping your toiletries close at hand at all times.

Olmitos is positioned among many users as the best brand of travel cots, so we recommend you look at the pros and cons of this model below.


Transportable bag: Includes a bag so you can transport the travel cot with greater comfort and without problems of unwanted openings.

Confection: For greater protection and comfort of your little one, this product is made in a padded way.

Changing table: Thanks to its changing table structure, you can have a two-in-one with this product, crib and changing table.


Assembly: A user comments that the assembly and disassembly of the product can be somewhat complex, so it is advisable not to do it very often.

Mattress: It includes a thin mattress, so you may need to purchase one that can be thicker and more comfortable for your baby.

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Chicco travel cot

Chicco Goodnight

This Chicco model is among the best travel cots of 2022 thanks to the positive opinions of its users, who maintain their support for the brand after many years of experience caring for the little ones. Its design is simple, so it can be used by girls or boys without problems.

In addition, it allows you to take it from one place to another with ease, because its folding is adequate so that it does not take up a large amount of space.

In addition to this, this Chicco travel cot offers you the possibility of using it as a place to sleep or as a playpen, giving you a safe place to leave your child playing while you do other work.

Likewise, its aluminum structure gives this cheap travel cot resistance and stability, while its mesh sides allow air to circulate freely, making the environment pleasant inside it for the comfort of your child.

This model is among the cheapest travel cots, being convenient for low budgets.


Resistance: It is made of resistant materials, so you can always trust it.

Space: You can store it without problems, since folded it takes up almost no space.

Use: You can use it as a crib or playpen, with a good-sized area for it.


Instructions: A user commented that the instructions for this product are not entirely clear or easy to follow.

Installation: It is a travel cot that can be a bit difficult to install at first, but over time the process becomes easier.

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BabyBjörn travel cot

BabyBjörn Light 040213

One of the particularities of this BabyBjörn travel cot is how easy it is to assemble and disassemble, which will make your job much easier. Likewise, it incorporates a comfortable and manageable transport bag, so that you can take it wherever you want, because it also has a lower weight than most cribs of its type.

For its part, the structure and size make it convenient for when you make trips or short visits, such as at the grandparents’ house. Similarly, its design with mesh fabrics improve your visibility of the infant, while allowing air to circulate more easily, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

On the other hand, and to improve the cleanliness of the product, you can remove the mattress cover and the fabric of the crib when you need to wash it, avoiding bad smells, stains or accumulation of dust and dirt.

This is a crib with good features, which we invite you to analyze carefully, so we leave you some points below.


Assembly: The installation process is very fast and without problems, to speed up everything.

Versatility: Your baby can use it as a place to sleep at night and a place to play during the day.

Weight: Its structure is much lighter than other travel cots, making it much easier to move.


Height: The crib does not have a height adjustment, so the child will always be practically at ground level, making it difficult to get him in and out.

Price: This product has a fairly high price, so its acquisition should be closely analyzed if your budget allows it.

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Other products

Safety 1st Soft Dreams

When you think about buying a travel cot, you should think about the economy, which is why we present this Safety model considered the best value for money travel cot, according to users. Well, it is very practical, since it has a folding system and a travel bag, giving you comfort when moving.

Although this model is blue, it also has other colors such as: black, pop hero and red lines, making it a unisex crib. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, we recommend that this crib be used from 6 months and with a weight limit of 15 kg.

You should know that the crib comes with a mattress, very easy to transport too. In general, the crib has a weight of 8 kg and unfolded dimensions of 117 x 57 x 75 cm.

This is one of the cheapest cots available in our comparison, while also being one of very high quality, so we summarize its pros and cons here.


Safety: It is a very safe travel cot, since it has internal padding, convenient to prevent the baby from hitting its structure.

Capacity: This product can be used as a crib for your baby to sleep or as a playpen for him to play and spend time while you attend to your occupations.

Folding: Its folding system and its total weight make it a very easy item to carry from one place to another, without increasing luggage or taking up much space.

Support: This crib has a weight support capacity of up to 15 kg, so you can use it for a long time.


Comfort: Although it incorporates a mattress, it is not suitable for the baby to feel comfortable, because it is very thin and the support rods can be felt.

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Star Ibaby Sleep&Play

If we had to identify the best baby travel cot according to users, this could be the one chosen, since it is designed for newborns or slightly older babies, as it has a raised platform to make use with newborns more comfortable. and a low base, suitable for larger children.

Its platform is made of metal, giving it support and stability, while its interior is made of nylon, being comfortable and padded. As for the colors, it comes in brown and pale pink, appropriate for both genders.

In addition, its security system in each anchorage makes it a highly recommended crib, since it will be almost impossible for the baby to close it by accident. Similarly, when transported it only weighs 7 kg, maintaining folded dimensions of 76 x 23 x 23 cm.

For its part, the mesh sides allow adequate ventilation inside the crib so that your baby stays cool.

Due to its multiple qualities, this model has become the best travel cot of the moment, according to the opinion of users. This recommendation makes it a very good purchase option.


Uses: Although it is a suitable and convenient crib for travel, it can also be used at home as a traditional crib or playpen.

Window: It has a trapdoor-type zipper, so that the baby can get in and out of his crib whenever he wants.

Height: Includes a double height system, suitable for smaller babies, favoring its use in infants from 0 to 3 years old.


Instructions: From a user’s comment we can say that the instructions for this product come in English. Likewise, another client stated that his indications are a bit confusing.

Mattress: It has a fairly thin mattress, so it is necessary to acquire a more comfortable one for the baby.

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Hauck Dream ‘N Play Plus

Being one of the cheapest quality options on the market, this Hauck travel cot has different benefits designed for customer satisfaction. Its folding system makes it very manageable, being able to store it when it is not needed or is taking up a lot of space. In addition, it includes a folding mattress and a transport bag, suitable for storing the product and its accessories.

It is worth mentioning that the entire surface of the crib is washable, favoring the health of your baby through proper cleaning. Also, it includes an easy-to-read instruction manual so that mounting it is not a problem.

This crib has mesh sides that make it easy to monitor the baby and a zippered cat flap, so that the infant can get in and out of the crib when they have the necessary autonomy, that is, when they start to crawl.

Chosen by users as one of the best travel cots and one of the cheapest, this model is specially designed for the peace of mind of parents and the comfort of babies.


Folded: This crib takes up very little space when folded, which is convenient when traveling.

Colors: Its design includes two color combinations that are suitable for any gender.

Comfort: It can be folded or unfolded quickly and comfortably, so it will not be a problem to assemble and disassemble it at your convenience.


Zipper: Several users have commented that the zipper that allows the crib’s cat flap to open and close is very fragile, so care must be taken with it, since once it is broken, it is difficult to fix.

Mobility: This crib needs to incorporate wheels that facilitate its transfer, preventing it from having to be carried or dragged from one place to another.

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Hauck Sleep’n Play Center

Another outstanding model in our selection is due to the fact that it complies with all the aspects that could be expected from a travel cot. Its folding is very fast, practical and intuitive, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the opening and closing process. Also, it has a lifting system that makes it suitable for babies of any age, from 0 months and up to 15 kg.

This crib comes in a combination of neutral colors such as black and stone, being easily usable for both girls and boys. Similarly, its weight is 9.1 kg, so it can be comfortably moved by one person with the use of built-in wheels.

It is worth mentioning that the design of the crib allows greater independence for the baby thanks to its zippered cat flap.

Hauck is cataloged by users as the best brand of travel cots, since it combines many qualities such as: comfort, folding, safety and comfort. Here we describe the pros and cons of this attractive model.


Transfer: Thanks to the fact that it includes wheels, this folding crib is very manageable, especially because when it is stored in its transport bag, the wheels are outside, allowing you to carry the crib comfortably.

Elevation: It has the possibility of placing a lifting support for use when the baby is very small, so as not to have to bend down too much when placing it.

Fun: As a play area, this crib is very practical, since it has a zippered cat flap, suitable for the baby to enter and exit independently.


Mattress: This model indicates that it includes a mattress. However, several user comments let it be known that it is not suitable for use as a mattress, but it is convenient to place it as a base, since it is hard and firm.

Changer: From the opinion of a user we can say that the changer can be a bit uncomfortable to use.

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Travel cot accessories

travel cot mattress

Alvi folding 120×60 cm

If you are looking for a mattress for a travel cot, this Alvi model may be an option to analyze closely. Its polyurethane foam structure is of high quality, to ensure a comfortable and restful rest. Also, this mattress is silent and breathable, making it easier for your child to move without making noise and stay dry all the time.

To enhance its practicality, this model folds in three parts, improving its handling when traveling. In addition, it includes a carrying case so you can store it and take it wherever you need it.

Its cover can be easily removed by opening its zipper to wash it whenever you think is appropriate.

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playpen for travel cot

TecTake 402208

This travel crib playpen features a spacious design so your baby can play freely. Likewise, it is also suitable for sleeping, making a nap or night’s sleep comfortable with a 1 cm thick solid and smooth surface.

Its walls have mesh fabric so you can always keep your little one visible and you are sure that ventilation is appropriate.

In the same way, it gives you the ease of being able to assemble and disassemble it easily, so that you can use it at home or take it on a trip, ensuring that your child has a safe and comfortable place to spend time, play and have fun.

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How to choose the best travel cot

Going on vacation is an important part of family dynamics and when we have babies we always prioritize their comfort at bedtime wherever we are. For this situation, having a travel cot is very useful to ensure the space your baby needs to rest. That is why before making a comparison of travel cots, we invite you to know the most important aspects that the chosen product must have.

Shopping guide


The size of the travel cot is decisive for our purchase, since we believe that investing money in this product must be done intelligently and for this it must be of an adequate size to be used for at least the first three years of the child’s life.

For this reason, many cribs are more than a meter long, and have the width and height necessary for the baby to be safe inside them. In this way, travel cots also work as playpens so that the child has a supervised space to play during the day.


We believe that a guide to buying the best travel cot should include information on the resistance of the product. We relate this aspect to the construction materials and the structure of the crib. In this sense, and taking into account the folding design of this functional product, it is common to get models with steel and plastic structures to offer resistance and portability.

Generally, the textile covering is made of nylon or another synthetic fabric, and most of these cribs have mesh sides to offer good ventilation to the little one and visibility for parents to know what the baby is doing when he is inside.


The comfort of the baby will always be a priority for parents, no matter how much it costs, that is why we must review the padding that the surface where the baby will lie down has, as some models include a very thin mattress and additional pillows must be placed to soften the platform.

Considering that travel cots are also used for newborn babies for various reasons, there are models that include a raised platform in which it will be more comfortable for the father or mother to lay the baby, instead of doing it on the lower surface. This item can also be useful as a changing table.


We have already mentioned the folding design that defines these cribs, and in this sense it is important to identify the dimensions of the product once folded, so you will know the space you will need in the car.

Likewise, it is convenient that the chosen model incorporates wheels that will help you move the crib more easily both folded and unfolded. Similarly, those cribs that come in a travel bag where you can store it and keep it in the closet until the next vacation are very useful.

Additional features

It is not illogical to think that these cribs also function as play centers for babies when they already know how to sit, get up and crawl, which is why many manufacturers have incorporated elements such as mobiles, removable toys, among others, into their designs so that the baby can be entertained. while awake in the crib.

Models that have a zippered opening on the side that can be left open so that the baby can get in and out of the crib as many times as they prefer, as long as they are under adult supervision, have also become popular.


To determine if a crib is good and economical, the aforementioned aspects must be considered, but there is also a very important one that is the design and aesthetics of the product, since there are many parents who give special importance to this issue.

This is how you will find a wide variety of models in various colours, unisex, striking, more discreet, with or without drawings, so you can choose the one you like best. In this case, it is always advisable to opt for neutral designs or unisex prints so that you can use the crib without distinction when the family grows and another baby arrives.

Cleaning and assembly

We know that all items and utensils that come into contact with the baby must always be clean and sanitized, and travel cots are no exception. For this reason, we recommend that the surface of the chosen model be washable, since it is very common for many babies to suck and drool on the side bars or the mattress, therefore it must be sanitized frequently and be able to dry without compromising its durability.

As for the installation of these cribs, the manufacturer generally includes an instruction manual that explains in detail how to do this process. However, most have an intuitive design that makes them easy to assemble, and you don’t need any tools to make adjustments.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean the travel cot?

Cleaning is an important part of all the elements that surround the baby and travel cots are no exception. To maintain its hygiene, the first thing to do is to disassemble the pieces of fabric and wash them separately in the washing machine using non-toxic products.

For the rest of the crib, the most appropriate thing to do is clean using safe cleaning products, following their instructions, or take advantage of natural alternatives such as a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and water. You just have to spray the surfaces with the mixture and remove it with a paper towel. Let dry completely before using.

Q2: I’m going on a trip in a few days and I can’t decide what I should take, which is better, travel cot or playpen?

It all depends on the actual use that will be given to it. The travel cot usually has smaller dimensions, since it is conceived as an option for the baby to sleep away from home, so if it has a simple folding system, there will be no major inconveniences when moving it from one place to another..

For its part, a playpen tends to be larger and allows the baby to play freely and even stand up and its padded edges prevent it from being hurt. Therefore, everything will depend on the real needs you have for each moment.

Q3: Are travel cots safe?

Generally speaking, yes, they are safe. The issue is to verify that the structure has the appropriate resistance to stand firm. In this sense, logic plays a fundamental role, taking into account the weight and size of the baby.

As babies grow, they increase their range of motion, and this can be somewhat dangerous. There are cases in which when using travel cots with the mattress in the highest position, it has fallen due to the movement and weight of the baby. This is why it is important to invest in a quality travel cot.

Q4: If I only want to make a purchase, can a travel cot be used as a playpen?

Although they can be used as a playpen, it is not recommended, since most travel cots have two opaque walls strategically designed to favor the baby’s sleep and rest, but it is precisely this characteristic that turns against being used as a playpen., as it limits the visibility you have. Ideally, this space should be used exclusively for the baby’s sleep.

Q5: Is the travel cot suitable for everyday sleeping?

The short answer is no. The mattresses that come in travel cribs are made of foam and lined with plastic, so they are not the best option for the baby to sleep for long periods.

Although they are a suitable option during trips, these conditions seen on a regular basis prevent the baby from sleeping comfortably, in addition to preventing perspiration. Keep in mind that they are quite basic mattresses.

How to use a travel cot

When you have a baby, a crib becomes an essential tool for your rest and yours. That is why having a travel cot is important so that they can leave the house without giving up that the little one has its space and you can have some freedom. In this sense, if you have a travel cot and do not know how to use it, here are some tips to get you off to a good start.

Product Overview

When products are purchased online, it is necessary to carry out a detailed ins

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