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Twin Chairs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

If you have twins or two small children without much difference in age, you know that when it comes to going out with them it is very difficult to hold them in your arms and carry everything you need to change them. For this reason, it is necessary to have a good twin chair, as this is very useful so that your children can lie down or sit down when they go for a walk or do the shopping. In addition, most include spaces so you can place bags and toys. In the market we find many options, among which the Britax Römer B-Agile Double model stands out, a chair with an aluminum structure and easy to fold, whose seats recline in different positions for greater comfort. On the other hand, we find the Chicco Echo Twinthat can be used from 0 months of age to 4 years, and its seats can be adjusted independently with one hand, so that each child is as comfortable as possible.



Opinions on the best twin chairs

If you want to go out with your twins for a walk without worries, we invite you to review our selection of the best twin seats of 2022 with the most outstanding products among users and parents who have made the same search with satisfactory results.

Britax Römer B-Agile Double

When we started looking for the best twin chair for our comparison, many users mentioned the Britax Römer B-Agile model, noted for its weight of 14 kg and for supporting up to a maximum of 30 kg. In this way, you can use it from the birth of babies until approximately 4 years of age.

In addition, its chassis is made of aluminum, while the seats and hood are made with a mesh panel, allowing better air circulation in summer, also including sun protection. The hood, for its part, has a window that will allow you to constantly see your children.

You should know that this chair has an adjustable and padded handlebar that offers you comfort during the ride. Likewise, its seats are reclining to adapt to the age of the children and their comfort.

In terms of safety, this model includes a 5-point restraint harness. Additionally, its handling is simple thanks to the front wheels with suspension, and storage is quick, since it has a compact and simple folding.

Several clients affirm that the Britax Römer B-Agile Double model is the best twin chair of the moment thanks to its different positive aspects and the few negative aspects that it has and that we summarize below.


Comfort: For the comfort of your babies, the seat reclines in different positions that you can select depending on their age, or if they fall asleep during the ride.

Safety: It has a 5-point safety harness, which can be adjusted to different heights and is suitable for children up to 15 kilograms.

Ventilation: The seats and the hood have a mesh panel that favors air circulation on very hot days. In addition, they have UPF 50+ sun protection.

Accessories: The chair includes a rain cover, a large lower basket and spacious pockets to carry what you need.


Size: A user states that despite the fact that the manufacturer indicates that the chair fits through standard doors, it is larger than many house doors and elevators.

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Chicco Echo Twin

If you are determined to buy one of the best twin chairs of 2022, you can review the Chicco Echo Twin model, as the brand placed special emphasis on the details to make this chair a functional and high-quality product.

First of all, it has two padded and reclining seats in 4 independent positions, so your twins or children of different ages can be comfortable in the position they want.

Similarly, each seat includes padded harnesses suitable for babies from 0 months to 4 years of age with a weight not exceeding 15 kilograms. On the other hand, this model has an umbrella-type folding system, offering you greater comfort when closing it when you are not using it.

Also, the chair incorporates a rain protection bubble in case the weather surprises you during the ride. It is worth mentioning that Chicco designed this chair with style, remarkable appearance from the embroidery, the colors, and other specifications.

Chicco has stood out over six decades for manufacturing various and numerous products for children, currently being considered by many users as the best brand of twin seats. That is why we have selected the Echo Twin model to describe its pros and cons.


Padded: The seats and harnesses are made of padded fabric to offer greater comfort to your little ones when they are sitting or lying on it.

Position: Each seat can be reclined independently in up to 4 different positions, which is ideal to adapt to the needs of each child.

Folding: This model incorporates an umbrella-type folding system, making it easier for you to close it when you are not using it.


Wheels: Some users claim that the wheels of this chair are very messy to handle and after a certain time they start to make noises. However, they recommend applying a lubricant to solve this detail.

Bar: A safety bar is missing, as some restless babies can come forward.

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Joie Aire Twin Nautical Navy

Thanks to the good finish and affordable cost, combined with the compact size and light weight, several customers claim that the Aire Twin Nautical Navy model is the best value for money twin chair.

As for the manufacture of this Joie chair, the chassis is made of aluminum and can be folded together with the entire structure. Said folding is simple and can be done with one hand thanks to the automatic lock, remaining in a vertical position when you have closed it.

For their part, the seats can be reclined independently to a horizontal position, which is helped by the built-in footrest, which you can also adjust in two positions to make your children more comfortable.

For the safety of your little ones, it includes two 5-point harnesses that are adjusted to 3 different heights, while the wheels have a locking system when turning and includes a simple handling brake. In addition, it includes a hood with visor and removable window and a spacious basket to store what you need.

Of the various models in this summary, this chair is one of the cheapest and also has several benefits such as its adjustable footrest that make it a smart and comfortable investment. For this reason, we break down its pros and cons in the following section.


Hood: The hood incorporates a visor and window that can be removed if there is a lot of sun.

Footrest: This chair includes an adjustable footrest in two positions, so your children can place their feet without having to hang them.

Price: It is the cheapest twin chair in this roundup and includes several of the necessary aspects to make it a smart and lasting investment.


Handling: A user comments that the chair is difficult to handle when it comes to climbing curbs, as its basket also protrudes and rubs against them.

Assembly: Another customer points out that the chair comes with the wheels disassembled and it takes some time to put them on.

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Maclaren Twin Techno XT

If you still have doubts about which is the best twin chair and you can’t decide on one, take a look at the Maclaren Twin Techno XT model, as it is a robust and resistant chair that supports 15 kilograms of each child, for a maximum of 30 kg. of weight thanks to the aluminum chassis and its aerodynamic design.

This model, like others in the summary, incorporates seats and hoods that recline separately. Each hood is oversized and can be expanded for more coverage, plus it features a visor with UPF 50+ sun protection.

It also includes a security system called New Born System, suitable for newborns and for which headrests and shoulder pads are also included.

On the other hand, the aerodynamic EVA rubber wheels provide stability and good suspension on different types of terrain, while facilitating maneuverability so that the caregiver can safely handle this double chair.

This model is recommended by several users, so if you still don’t know which twin chair to buy, you can review its benefits, such as the robust and versatile design, which we list in positive and negative characteristics to help you in your decision.


Design: This chair is one of the most compact and lightest on the market, weighing 4.3 kilograms and folds easily for storage. Plus, it fits through standard doorways.

Comfort and safety: Due to its padded seats with headrests and cushions, in addition to the puncture-proof wheels, this chair is comfortable and safe for your little ones.

Protection: The hoods include a visor with UPF 50 + protection to prevent the sun’s rays from directly hitting your children’s face and skin. Also, they are waterproof.


Price: This chair is the most expensive in the summary, however, we believe that the price is in line with the quality of its materials and the functionality it offers.

Variety: The chair is only available in black and red, so there is not a variety of colors to choose from. However, these shades are completely unisex.

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Cosatto Super Dupa Go

Another model that stands out in this comparison is the Cosatto Super Dupa Go, suitable for children from 0 months to 3 years of age, so it is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 30 kilograms between your two children.

On the other hand, it has a self-locking umbrella-type fold so that it can be easily opened and moved easily, as it includes a carrying handle to load it and store it in the trunk of the car.

Additionally, the backrests of the chair can be reclined and the calf part adjusts in two positions for greater comfort for each of your babies. Also, you should know that the seat covers are easy to clean, and can be machine washed.

We can also point out that it includes a large basket at the bottom and a bubble to protect your children from the rain. This model is available in two attractive and colorful designs: the Happy Campers and the Lovestar.

This twin chair from Cosatto has several positive and negative aspects that we recommend you review, as it is a chair with a practical and safe design for you to go for a walk or go shopping with your children.


Mobility and storage: This model prioritizes the transfer when your children are not using it thanks to the umbrella-type folding, with a self-locking system and a handle to carry it.

Style: This chair has a fun and colorful design that you can choose from in its two presentations to go for a walk in style.

Cleaning: The seat covers can be removed for machine washing with their respective care.


Age range: This model is designed for children up to 3 years old, while there are more resistant chairs suitable for use by children up to 4 or 5 years old.

Unisex: Unlike the other chairs in this roundup, this model is available in colors that are more suitable for girls than boys.

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