The best ways to protect children when traveling by car

Whether you take the children to school or take long road trips, the use of tools that protect the little ones from the dangers of traveling by car is essential. For this reason, we have prepared this article with relevant information on how to provide little ones with the necessary protection, so that they stay safe in the event of a mishap while driving.

According to the laws in Spain, every child with a height less than or equal to 135 cm must travel in the back seat of the car, but in addition, the use of a child restraint system is mandatory according to the size and weight of the child. However, the General Directorate of Traffic, known by its acronym DGT, has carried out studies and delivered reports on previous years, revealing that 35 children between the ages of 0 and 14 lost their lives due to traffic accidents, only in the year 2017 In this sense, 13 of the accidents occurred in urban areas and the other 22 on interurban roads. Additionally, 346 children were hospitalized due to traffic accidents.

For this reason, it is normal that one of your biggest concerns while driving is taking care of the physical integrity of children in the event of a collision, however, this is only possible if you have the right accessories and use them correctly.

According to experts, the correct use of boosters, seats and safety belts can reduce the risk of injury by between 50% and 80% in the event of an accident, in fact, it is possible to affirm that the safety of children has improved with the passing of the years and the efforts of the institutions. However, in just 7 days of supervision, the DGT recently found that 262 children were traveling without any safety device, despite being of legal height, and 62 of them were traveling in the front of the car.

Basic recommendations for your children to travel safely in the car

As we have seen, it never hurts to insist on the best ways to protect the little ones during a road trip. First of all, it is good to emphasize the use of a child restraint system, but based on the weight and size of the child, since some manufacturers suggest the use by age, but not all children have the same size. Likewise, it should be remembered that the safety accessory must be placed correctly even if the route is very short.

It is important that the child restraint system has been approved by a competent authority, in this case, you should check the label and check its validity. It is worth remembering that the newest regulations are the most demanding, so the product will provide greater security. Although it is true that recognized brands generate peace of mind, we should never trust ourselves completely, since they may have some products that have not yet been approved.

Even if you have bought the best car seat, it is always good to read the installation instructions carefully, since many times the failures do not have to do with the manufacture of the seat, but with the errors made when assembling it. It is also important that you save the manual in case you need it in the future. If any doubt persists due to lack of information, it is essential that you solve it in a specialized center, either from the manufacturer or independent, so that they can explain the correct operation to you.

Another general rule in the use of child car seats is that you should replace them immediately in the event of an accident. In general, they are products that withstand a single collision, in this sense, although the price is very attractive, never accept a second-hand one either, since it will not be completely safe.

The car is also of great importance, since not all models are prepared for the different security systems. Therefore, it is recommended that before buying a seat or belt you check the type of anchorage that your vehicle comes with. In short, the product will be safe only if your car is compatible.

Some additional tips for a safer car trip

Certain considerations may seem basic, however, we have all witnessed some recklessness on the part of adults when carrying children in the car. That is why we give you some tips that are key to the well-being of the little ones in the house.

Remember that children should get in and out of the car on the safe side of the street, that is, on the sidewalk. This is important from the first years of life, so that when the child is a little older he has personal safety habits.

If there are already other children less than 135 cm tall in the rear seat and there is no other option but to carry one in the front, then you must deactivate the airbag of that seat and position the seat in the opposite direction to the March. It is worth noting that the belts and harnesses must be well adjusted to the child’s body, taking care that the neck is completely free.

Children up to 135 cm tall should not use the adult seat belt, unless you include a seat with a backrest to accommodate it. Many of the accidents have fatal results because the seat belt becomes a very dangerous element for children.

Even if you go on a short trip, make sure that the interior of the car is clear, that is, that you do not have loose objects that, in the event of an impact, could be thrown and cause physical damage to the child. Likewise, in the event of an accident, it is better to remove the child from the car inside the restraint system and not in your arms. However, in the event of a fire or other type of emergency, you should remove it as quickly as possible to ensure its integrity.

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